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Chapter 18: of preparations and plans

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Chapter 18: of preparations and plans

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Chapter 18: of preparations and plans

It was dark and cold in the sunless realm she ruled over. Salem could admit that. Oh, how she longed to bathe in the sun's brilliant rays once more. Yet when she looked to the horizon, all she could see was the ever dark veil that sealed her to these lands.
Thinking back to when it all went so wrong, and these two square miles of land became her home, her prison…
It was nearly two hundred years ago when a group of mear men, all with red hair, came before her. At the height of her power and laid her low. Just as she was to unleash her horde of Grimm unto the world anew. They had tracked her to the very pits on which she built her castle. Making this her prison. It had taken years to figure out just what the man had done. Whatever otherworldly magic they had cast, it was meant to hold her. Yet it did not stop her servants and her pets from going through and doing her bidding. So that is what she had them do. While she spent her time studying the unique characters that were given life to stop her. As she waited, After all, that was time to an immortal. For soon, she would be free eventually.
The wait for the airship to get to Vale was some of the most stressful ten minutes of her life. Had it not been for her friends and teammates of RWBY and the girls of AACM, SLVR, and NNPR. Yang would have had to say that. She would have been crawling up the walls. She was definitely going to have to give Weiss her thanks in private.
When the airship finally landed. Yang and her teammates made their way to their first destination. It was a small boutique in the heart of Vales shopping district called cloak & dagger. Rather well known for its leather apparel. It was here that they began their shopping spree with Ernest.
Finding a low cut cream-colored leather vest, she liked Yang paired it with a black cropped jacket with gold bands on the cuffs. And the most adorable skirt she could find. And a pair of boots with ribbons on the back.
When Weiss had picked out another dress, Yang knew that the heiress required a change in her wardrobe.
"Hey, Weiss, let me help you out," Yang said, effectively taking over picking out the heiress clothing choices. Despite her protests to the contrary.
"Uh, no, I think I am fine. It's you who needs some help," Weiss said, pulling out a yellow sundress that had the other girl frowning.
"In case you haven't noticed, I am not exactly the dress-wearing kind of girl. Besides, we're going for a ride. Now, how about you try these on I'm sure Naruto would like to see your ass in this." Yang said, pulling out the smallest pair of short shorts she could find, forcing them into her princess's hands, pushing her to the fitting rooms. Giggling with glee upon seeing Weiss's face flame cherry red with embarrassment.
As everyone else tried to ignore the spectacle, the two girls put on. Enjoying the fact that they were not the focus of the blonde brawler.
Between the hours the girls had spent shopping in the stores in the shopping district. Yang had found a few pairs of high heeled boots along with a nice jacket and a few skirts and other accessories. She was not the only one to have bought something the other girls had their hands ladened with bags as well. At least until Sarada pulled out a pair of scrolls and unraveled them setting the bags on the scroll and pushing her chakra into the scrolls. Their items were sealed away.
While looking for the next store to shop in, they came across a dust shop with its windows smashed in and crime scene tape barring entry.
One of the detectives noticed blake amongst the crowd and made his way over to the group of girls.
"You, their girl, do you know anything about this?!" the officer asked rudely.
"No, I don't," Blake answered cautiously.
"Ha, like you filthy animals don't know." the officer sneered.
He had only backed off because of the detective in charge of the scene calling out, "officer! Get your ass back to your post now!"
It had been a shock for the group to have seen that blunt racism. It was an even greater shock when a Faunus boy had retaliated. By throwing a banana peel at the said officer making a fool out of the man. And leading the police away from the scene on a merry chase.
"Well, that happened," Weiss stated, trying to hide a smile at the young man's antics.
The others broke out into giggles at the boy leading the police on a chase.
Wanting to see just what was happening, Yang gave chase, followed by the other girls. Turning the corner, Yang ran headlong into a smaller girl in an attempt to see how the young Faunus boy was embarrassing the boys in blue of the vale PD.
"Owww," Yang groaned. Looking down at the girl who she had run into.
"Are you two okay?" Ragora asked.
"Yea, I'm fine. Did you see where they went?" Yang asked. Looking around for the prankster and his pursuers.
"Oh, I'm wonderful thank you for asking!" the odd girl exclaimed.
Helping the two to their feet and taking her odd behavior in stride.
"Hello, I'm Penny." the young girl cheerfully introduced herself.
It was with that introduction that the girls would meet the odd and even-intriguing penny. It was this meeting that would lead to a collision of worlds.

Raven was in a bad spot, having been forced to spy on the undisputed ruler of the underworld kitsune. Thinking back, this all started with a raid on a village that had gone horribly wrong. The defenders the town had been on a retainer had seen the Branwen tribe coming from miles away. They called themselves Uzumaki shinobi. Needless to say, it was a trap. And the only way to save her people was to agree to the terms of a binding contract. Calling it a binding contract was an understatement, to be honest. To be sure she had kept her end of the deal, they had marked her with something called seal brand they called a juinjutsu: Kinkoju no Fuda above her heart. While she still had free will, it compelled her to do as they said.
So when they called in her debt. To spy on some blonde, no name kid.she thought that this would be easy, then she would be free.
Their reasons apparently, this kid had triggered some kind of alert, and it had taken them two years just to track him down. Now they needed information.
The most startling thing she had found out was this no-name kid was the ever-elusive Kitsune. The god damned boogie man of the underworld. It was almost enough for her to call it quits and leave this country and find a hole somewhere to hide the seal and it's compulsion be damned.

At least until she had seen him with her children. She had always watched over Yang and ruby from a distance. The only reason why she had left was because Summer went missing. Then she had inherited the maiden powers during her search for the one she cared about more than anything. It was then Raven swore to protect both Yang and Ruby from a distance, even if it meant going back to the tribe. After all, they where the legacy she and summer would leave behind.
She was a mother, and she would protect them no matter what.
It was why, after observing the young man and his companion from a distance. She knew for a fact that they had a violent falling out with the extremist group known as the White Fang. And they were now actively hunting down any White Fang weapon caches. It was likely that the Fang would strike at the latest shipment of dust to restore their stock. It made an even bigger target was that the scheduled delivery was being managed by the SDC. It was just the right kind of mark for the Fang.
Flipping out her scroll, she dialed her Uzumaki handler. He picked out after the second ring as always.
"Talk," he demanded.
"There is likely going to be a raid on a shipment of dust by the White Fang tonight," Raven answered immediately.
"And this concerns us why?"
"Based on what I have gathered, the 'boy' you had me look into is the Kitsune. As you know from my reports about what had been going on in Vale. the masked man Kitsune is likely the boy you have had me watch for the past two months."
It took a moment for him to respond, but when he did, Raven was relieved.
"Right, we will have a team sent to take over and make contact if at all possible. The team will arrive in Vale with in the next six hours. Until then, you are to remain on standby. Once they make contact, your services will no longer be required. You will be released from your contract…" the man had said.
It lifted a weight off her chest after today she would be free…
Ending the call with Raven, the man looked out the window of one of Vale's many skyscrapers in the upper-class tech sector of the commercial district. He had to remark that despite the beautiful view. He would rather be out in the field, fulfilling his purpose as an ANBU. But he was given this assignment for the betterment of Uzushiogakure.
With that in mind, he opened his laptop and attached a drive with seal script on it. The seals flashed red, then blue, and spread to the computer. Securing the device. He pulled up the roster of teams for his area of influence. And had to grimace at his prospects.
There was only one team available for a sortie within the time frame. He just hoped that she would follow the mission directives. Despite being a prodigy, she had a habit of going a bit overboard. When the missions that were given involved the clan.
He opened a messenger and began typing.
~Tenko: I have a mission for you Bakeneko.~
~Bakeneko: you know I hate that code name Akira.~
~Tenko: please don't use my name. We stick to code names for a reason.~
~Bakeneko: okay, you're no fun. What's the job this time?~
~Tenko: you are to go after the target going by the name Naruto Uzumaki aka Kitsune. Bring him in if possible…~
~Bakeneko: are you sure this kid is an Uzumaki?~
~Tenko: no, it's why we want you to bring him in. Your team is the closest and most reliable team currently in Vale. You will make contact with the informant. To get the rest of the mission details. And per the agreement, she is to be freed from service.~
~Bakeneko: by freeing her do you mean…~
~Tenko: no you are not to kill her undoing the seal and letting her go will suffice.~
~Bakeneko: right, I will get to Vale as soon as I can with my team. We are four hours out. Bakeneko signing out.~
The now named Akira let out a sigh. Hoping that things would go well this time around. Grumbling to himself, he lit up a cigarette. And took a long drag then exhaled. As he thought to himself, "God, I need a vacation.
With this one simple act, the wheels of fate would be set into motion once more.
For one James ironwood looking at his fleet of airships, it had once brought him pride. Knowing that with this fleet and the Atlassian paladins and knights, his people would be safe. But now, when looking at them, all he felt was a sense of building dread. Shipments have begun to go missing. And it meant that there was a leak in his military.
It was why he was on his way to a meeting with one of his oldest allies and best friend, Ozpin.
Stepping out of the elevator and into the large office. James knew that this would be one of many conversations he was not looking forward to two.
"Ah James, right on time. Come sit, we have much to discuss. Can I get you some coffee or tea, perhaps?" Ozpin said, pouring a cup of coffee for himself.
"No, that won't be necessary, Oz. I have gone through the documents you sent me, and to be honest, I find it rather troubling. That you are recommending letting in that young man know about solemn and the maidens. We had a plan, Oz, and I don't think that we should abandon it so soon." the general said.
"James, for once, I feel that you are indeed right. However, I would like you to watch these videos. We can discuss what to do after." the headmaster proposed a counter offer.
Pulling up the first of many videos. The pair settled in to view the first of many videos on the candidates in question.
After watching the first of the videos where he watched as the young Uzumaki mended flesh and bone. With the grace of a surgeon without any of the tools in the field no less. The general could say he was in awe at the young man's skill. But the hits just kept rolling after watching his many fights in the combat class. James knew he wanted this young man. If they had access to his skills. Then they would have to push back the darkness.
But what had puzzled him even further was when Ozpin had pulled out a paper scroll and unraveled it showing an odd pattern on the scroll.
"Oz, what is that exactly?" the general had asked. Finding it odd that Beacon's headmaster would have a scroll of all things.
"This James is what that young man called a storage sealing scroll. Now watch." the headmaster said with an odd tone of excitement in his voice.
He then pressed his hand on the odd markings on the scroll and by pushing his aura into the scroll. He unsealed the contents of the scroll in a puff of smoke.
When the smoke cleared. On top of the scroll was a book. One that read Uzumaki fūinjutsu for dummies. All said, it was a rather amusing sight for the headmaster. To see one of his oldest friends looking at him with no clue of what was going on.
With a smirk, Ozpin decided to elucidate just what the small demonstration meant for them. "James, this is fūinjutsu or the sealing arts. A method with the potential of manipulating the very fabric of reality. A power so strong that it may very well rival the power of the maidens themselves."
Ironwood was stunned at the information. And just what this meant for the world if this young man sided with them. It implied that they could finally be able to deal with Salem once and for all.
With this clarity, the general tentatively relayed his hopeful thoughts on the matter. "Oz, does this mean that we can finally put an end to this conflict?" the general asked, hoping beyond hope that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.
Nodding his head in confirmation, the headmaster relaid his thoughts. "Yes, James, from what I understand about fūinjutsu, is that the only thing holding back a user of the art. Is the amount of aura they have and their imagination."
From their things went rather well in the meeting. The only thing that darkened their mood was when the general relaid the information about a mole in the military selling proprietary military secrets and munitions to the Fang. It was something that both men agreed needed to be dealt with and soon.
Things for Blake had been somewhat surreal today. With her team accepting her for who she was. Despite the faults of her past and telling them that she was a Faunus as well. It was why between meeting the moderately eccentric girl by the name of Penny. And hearing about the rash of robberies that had allegedly been committed by the White Fang. That rather interesting Faunus boy. She had been slightly distracted by the rumors that it was the white Fang. That had been behind the break-ins. It was something that the Fang of not more than two years ago would never have gotten involved in.
When they had found an excellent outdoor cafe to sit down for lunch. Blake was still going over everything she knew about the recent rumors of the White Fang. While she did respond when spoken to. Yang could tell that her partner was not interested in the current conversations. It was annoying and something she wanted to fix.
"Okay, Blake spill, just what are you trying to work out in that pretty little head of yours," Yang said exasperated with her current mood.
For a few moments, Blake just blinked blankly. Gathering her thoughts on what she wanted to say. And for a moment, it looked like she would refuse to talk about her troubles to them. It felt like they were going to go back to how they were before. Blake becoming more withdrawn and hiding her feelings from them.
With a sigh, Blake started to explain just what was bothering her. "For a long time, I believed in the cause of the White Fang. Since I was old enough to walk, I could remember my parents taking me to rallies and protests. Always telling me to do what I felt was right. Then things slowly started to change."
Pausing to take a sip of her tea, she continued. "The Fang at first, was all about gaining equal rights through peaceful protest. And when they had a change in leadership. The peaceful protests turned into violent riots and attacks. For a time, it started to work. We finally were being taken seriously. As the Fang began to become more and more radicalized. I became more disillusioned with their goals. Eventually, I left, and here I am hoping to do what is right regardless of who it is I help."
In an attempt to give the other girl some comfort, Yang reached a hand over to grip hers in a sign of support.
Taking the blonde's hand in her own, Blake gave a small smile. Assured in the fact that her friends would be there no matter what happened.
"In the end, it does not matter why if the White Fang is behind the recent string of robberies or not, I would like to see if it was them."
It was a tense moment of silence that was only broken by the most unlikely of people. "Well, if that's all you want, then I may be able to help," Weiss said.
"How?" Blake inquired.
Hesitantly Weiss relaid her answer. "Well, there is a shipment of dust from the SDC coming in today. I know because I get a regular shipment of dust from the company."
While the girls were making their plans to stake out the docks. Sarada had to hide a frown. It seemed as if the white Fang was becoming more and more active. It meant that more would have to be done, and their agents had not given them any actionable intel. With Adam playing things close to the vest. It meant that the Fang was all the more unpredictable.
"Hold up, before you take things any further. If we are going to do this, then we need to do it right. And make things clear we are only doing this to gather intel." Sarada said with a tone that broked no arguments.
It was to this that the group gave a unanimous agreement that these simple rules would be followed to the letter, and they set off to head back to Beacon to gather their weapons. Prepping for what would be unbeknownst to them a fateful collision of worlds.
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