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chapter 19: hard choices and confrontation

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chapter 19: hard choices and confrontation

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chapter 19: hard choices and confrontation

For Emerald, it was hard seeing Cinder like this. The woman she swore to serve in all things. Broken and looking so small. Knowing the only thing she could do for Cinder right now was wait and pray she makes the right choice. When Cinder woke up, everything would change. It was the one thing emerald knew was a fact as she watched. The comatose Cinder on the bed.

Memories flashed in her mind of a little girl with amber eyes. That seemed to glow even in the light.

"Mama, wait for me!" the girl called out. Only for the woman to fade into darkness with red eyes.

When she turned to run, the ground was covered in blood. It was a nightmare, the walls, floor, and even the very sky rained with red. Dying everything a verdant inescapable crimson as far as the eye could see. As the sky rained red, the girl ran through the city streets desperate to find her mother. Not caring of the bodies that littered the streets or the smoke in the air. She tried to hold back her tears and her fear as she ran the red eyes just around every corner. She had only stopped once she made it home. Only it wasn't home anymore; the house was on fire and the red eyes were prowling out of the front door. Dragging the still form of her mother pooling crimson behind her cooling body.

In that one moment, the girl's whole world fell apart. In her earth-shattering despair, something happened.

For a moment, the world stood still. Her despair and grief turned to rage. Furry in its most pure form. As something inside her snapped.

Letting out a cry of rage and anguish all at once. The earth shuttered under her anger. Bent to her will spires of metal, glass, rock, fire shot from the ground. Snuffing out the fires and silencing the monsters with the red eyes and anything else in the village. Save for the lone girl all alone in what is now a silent grave.

Emotionally drained and spent, she collapses in on herself. Utterly exhausted, unable to lift even a finger. When a winged red-eyed monster lands.

She thinks to herself in her last moments. "At least I will see you soon..."

As her vision swam with darkness in those final moments. Terror filled her, and Cinder awoke with a fright. "AAahh...."

Terrified and left gasping for air. And a searing pain in the back of her mind. As the vivid nightmare faded from her memory. No matter how hard she tried, the visions slipped from her as if they were loose grains of sand. Leaving her sullen and hollow.

Hearing the scream, Emerald dropped her glass. Taking off headed for the room Cinder was in. Opening the door in a rush.

"Is everything ok?" Emerald questioned.

And for a moment as their eyes met in the silence. Emerald could see the real Cinder Fall for the first time. What she saw honestly disturbed her. It wasn't the haughty and charismatic woman that she grew accustomed to. But a woman who needed help to restore some semblance of normal to her life.

Then like magic, the mask fell into place. Confidence returned to her features despite her state. It saddened Emerald to see Cinder like this. Always on guard looking for even a hint of betrayal.

"Yes, I am fine. Em, where are we?" Cinder inquired. It was the first of many questions Cinder had for the other girl.

Emerald took a breath to calm her rapidly beating heart and put her words in order. Just wondering how to tell Cinder that she had requested the help of Kitsune. Someone who was diametrically opposed to their goals. Yet he still went out of his way to give them his aid.

"Well, there was something wrong with you, and I was desperate. You were barely even breathing. So I got help." Emerald tentatively answered.

While Emerald had not answered directly. She did solve one of many mysteries. And after a self-check of her person. She noticed that the pain and migraines were gone. At least for now.

But that had brought up even more questions like just who emerald had gotten to help.

"Em, just who did you get to help us, and again where are we?" Cinder prompted. Disregarding Emerald's attempt to dodge the question.

Emerald took another breath to settle her nerves. Knowing there was no way to avoid this question.

"Ok, I'll tell you, but you have to have a clear and open mind about this." Emerald reasoned.

Cinder just glared at her for a moment, annoyed that she was dancing around the question. Before giving her a curt nod of approval. After all, it was Emerald's actions that had led to her improved condition. The least she could do is keep an open mind about things.

With that tentative approval, Emerald went on to explain just how they got here. "When you were unconscious, I made the decision to call Kitsune. I hoped that he could help you, and nothing we were doing was helping you get better."

At the mention of one of the most unexpected unknowns to hamper her plans. Cinder did not expect that it was Kitsune to act on his own and aid them. While it put many of her questions to rest, it also brought up so many more. Like just why did he help, and how?

Feeling tired just from the simple conversation and its many mysteries. Cinder opted to end this discussion here. After all, if Kitsune was really an enemy, then she doubted that they would still be able to draw breath. For if there were anything Kitsune and Ryu where it was decisive and efficient.

"Em, I think I need to rest more before we continue with the conversation." Cinder said. The exhaustion was showing on her face. It was amazing that she was even able to carry the conversation as well as she did.

Emerald made her way out of the room to let Cinder rest. When Cinder spoke up before drifting off to sleep, "Em, thank you..."

Emerald left the room with a smile on her face.


It had been hours they had been staking out the docks for over eight hours now. And no one had yet to show. It was starting to get a bit ridiculous. Yet the group had not noticed. The shadow who had been watching over them since the girls had gotten there.

It was boring, and it was official for Ruby stakeouts sucked. Letting out another sigh for the fifth time in the last hour. Pouting at the fact she and the other girls. Aside from Blake and Sarada had been made to wait in a building nearby. With the lack of a view, she couldn't even see what was going on.

Even if what Blake and Sarada were currently doing was watching the S.D.C. shipping containers just full of dust. It would be a challenge for them to steal this much dust on their own. And it meant that if the fang was to come, it would not be by land. But by the sea or more likely using an airship.

Naruto had to frown when he had gotten to the docks. From his perch, he noticed his classmates staking out the docks and had to sigh of exasperation in defeat. They were definitely not supposed to be there. There was nothing he could do in this situation but wait.

Night had fallen, and the guards were nowhere in sight. Most likely, amid a shift change. When it happened, the first ones to notice the incoming aircraft was naruto and Sarada. Roused from his meditation by the faint sound of the engines in the distance.

Not wanting the others to be caught off guard, Sarada made a snap decision. "Blake, get everyone ready there coming," she said to the other girl.

It wasn't more than a moment later that Blake heard the sounds of the approaching airships. With a nod, she leapt off the back of the roof and out of sight. Heading to notify the others.


Roman took a drag from his cigar, calming his nerves hoping that things would go well tonight. Without Neo at his side, he knew it would be more difficult. Especially with rookies from the white fang joining tonight's heist. She, after all, had her own job to complete tonight.

Leaning over to grab the microphone, Roman announced to his men. "Get ready; we will make land in two minutes. Don't screw this up!"

It was a rather short two minutes for Roman and his crew of newbies, but this was supposed to be a milk run for him a chance for the rookies to get their feet wet. When they made landfall Roman made a final announcement. "Gentlemen, get ready cause there is no turning back now."

When the bullheads set down, he, along with the first wave of his crew, disembarked from the ship.

Wanting to get this done in the ten-minute window of time he paid for Roman knew he had to get them to hurry.

"Come on, come on, hurry it up; we only have nine minutes. And I, for one, don't want to be here when V.P.D. shows up. If that container is not attached in the next minute, we will fall behind." Roman yelled. Knowing that if they did not have the first three hooked up soon, they would miss their window, and the boss would make an appearance soon.

The plan was to steal only three containers, which would only take a handful of minutes. Then Kitsune would show up putting the fear of god into these rookies. By then, the fanatics would arrive and be violently suppressed by Kitsune and handed over to the V.P.D. It was a rough plan he had put together. His only hope was that Kitsune would know to hold back and not break these poor sods too badly. After all, the whole part he wanted Kitsune to play in this was to scare these mooks right. They were just civilians, after all.

As the men hooked up the shipping containers, Roman had to smirk at least until things went to shit.


Upon notifying the rest of her friends to get ready. Blake waited for the airships to land, peering out of a window.

When the first man stepped off the airship, her heart sank. It was the white fang, after all. Seeing her distress, Yang rested a hand on her shoulder in comfort, giving her a soft smile.

"Hey, you don't have to worry. You have us now." Yang said.

With a nod, Blake hardened her resolve to do what is right.

With their preparations set, the ladies of teams RWBY, NNPR, SLVR, AACM readied themselves to stop the white fang.

Naruto's attention was drawn away from the docks by a surge of incoming chakra. It was something that should not even be possible. It was approaching his position fast. Giving him little time to act as he leapt out of the way of several incoming fireballs. With no other perches to land on, he had no choice but to land right into the midst of the white fang. Flipping out of the way of several thrown kunai.

Naruto had no choice but to flip through hand seals as several water dragons were shot his way. Making the hand seals Tiger → Hare → Boar → Dog and intoning (Doton: Doryūheki) crouching down and slamming both palms onto the ground. Shielding himself and the others on the docks from the mystery chakra users with a massive wall of earth.

Not caring about how it happened, one of the fang rookies had managed to get behind him in the chaos. Upon hearing the cocking of the hammer of the handgun now aimed at his head. As the rookie streaked. "Don't you fucking move!"

Naruto reacted quickly. And with brutal efficiency dodging the bullet by a hair's breadth. As it grazed his neck. Only due to the shaking hands of the grunt.

Spinning into a leg sweep knocking the man off his feet and driving his fist into the man's head with considerable force. Cracking the pavement with the blow.

As Naruto leapt away from several more kunai and shuriken. He caught a flash of blonde in his peripheral vision. As the ladies charged into the fray naruto let out a curse. "Fuck!"

Flipping out of the way and landing into a crouch. Kitsune drew his tanto, blocking several more thrown kunai.

In the shadows, he spotted a silhouette and narrowed his eyes. Pulling out four shurikens, he threw them coated in wind chakra in that direction. And dashed off into the direction of his hidden foes.

They met in the middle as his foe lept from the shadows. Managing to stop naruto's tanto with a dagger of his own.

In the moonlight, Naruto came mask to mask with the unmistakable mask of an Anbu. One he did not recognize. Eyes widening in surprise naruto lept away just in time to avoid another masked Anbu whose katana almost ran him through.

This was going to be a tough fight Naruto, though, as two more masked people shunshined into the docks.

Naruto took a breath in and exhaled as he glared daggers at his new adversaries. Raising from his crouched position, he growled, "just who are you?!"

The smallest of the group stepped forward. "We are here to get answers. As for who we are, you should know if you recognize these masks. Just like you, we are ANBU," she announced.

Naruto focused all of his attention on them as he readied himself for what may be the hardest fight in a long time. Taking in every detail of their apparent leader.

Noting that despite their masks and similar dress of the standard flak vest in black. With a sleeveless shirt and the barest hint of mesh armor on underneath it. The only real difference in dress was unlike her subordinates. She was wearing short shorts rather than cargo pants. And the feature that set her apart from everyone else was the fact that she was a cat Faunus with a spit tail and ears.

The thing that made him pause was that once the clouds in the sky broke. Illuminating the docks with lunar light, he saw it his clan's crest was emblazoned on their Hitai-ate. And his blood ran cold with fury. It was then that everyone on the docks was exposed to his killing intent. Forcing them to freeze in their tracks. Then in an instant, it was gone all that malice and rage that only spelled death was silenced. By force of will alone, Naruto calmed himself down. And drawing on the power of nature, taking it into himself.

Settling down his turbulent emotions with the peace of mind, nature gives him. He exhaled, and with it, all the tension left his form.

Now with a clear mind, he looked over his opponents once more. Noting their vibrant red hair. And with his sage mode enhanced senses, he could feel their power. And it was definitely not Aura; it was chakra. It answered some of his questions. As Naruto let the power of sage mode slip away. He was left with even more questions.

While he was seemingly distracted the ANBU rushed him. The one wearing what looked like a tengu had reached him first.

It was a rather impressive feat of speed. Made all the more perfect by his use of his katana, drawing it from its sheath in one fluid motion cutting through the spot that Naruto was in just missing him by a hair. Naruto stepped to the side of the oncoming strike. Gripping his sword with both hands, he followed through intending to cut Naruto from shoulder to hip.channeling wind into his blade. Forcing him into his team's trap. As his other two teammates made use of the same technique Naruto had used earlier. Having maneuvered themselves into position to either side of Naruto, the ladies flashed through the hand signs Tiger → Hare → Boar → Dog and intoning (Doton: Doryūheki) pining naruto in on either side forcing him to leap backward to avoid the strike.

As he lept back, Naruto was surprised when he felt the swell of chakra. It was unmistakable now. On who these people were now. As he was wrapped in chakra chains. It confirmed at least one of his questions. They were Uzumaki or at least the Faunus girl was an Uzumaki.

Walking up to the restrained Kitsune. Bakeneko had to smirk behind her mask. This was easier than she had thought it would be.

"You're Uzumaki, aren't you?" Kitsune inquired. Showing no signs of distress despite his bonds.

When she heard his tone, it triggered something deep within her a primal part of herself that she did not like. As her instincts were raging telling her that something was wrong, it had come a moment too late as in a flash of light, Kitsune exploded.

Naruto had thanked his good graces that he had replaced himself with a shadow clone when he had lost his temper. As their teamwork was flawless had it been anyone else they had been after, it would have likely ended with one of those chains impaling the poor bastard. Rather than attempting to capture him

Bakeneko bit back a curse as she was blown away from her teammates in the explosion. Flipping in mid-air to orient herself with the ground. As she flew just beyond the dock, landing perfectly on the water's surface. She scowled as Kitsune alighted right in front of her. This was going to be difficult. And she knew it. Just based on what she felt from his now unleashed chakra. He was a monster in human skin.


When the fireballs hit the docks roman was shocked; all of his plans went down the drain in less than five minutes.

"Damn, damn, damn it fuck this shit alright gents grab what you can we are moving out now." roman snaps out with a growl.

He knows with those explosions, the time frame they had to work with has just been cut in half, and he only has rookies to work with. Then a shot rang out across the docks just missing him by a hair. Grazing his cheek. Causing him to let out another growl of frustration.

When he sees the students of beacon charging his men. With a quick glance around, he sees only two containers have been hooked up to the bullheads, and there are eight more shipping containers. With his original plan of having at least three of the containers hooked up. Then by the time the boss showed up. The veterans of the fang would have been a prime target to be made an example of.

But now with the kids from beacon showing up and with that explosion. Roman knows it's only a matter of mere minutes now. Before the V.P.D. shows up soon. And to top all that those damn kids will tear right through his current forces.

Crushing his cigar out of frustration, Roman barked out his next set of orders to the men next to him. "Hold those kids off, while the pilots ready the bullheads we only need a few minutes to secure the cargo we have."

Tossing the remains of his cigar to the ground, Roman strode forwards to his quickly crumbling front lines. His only thoughts on the matter were on just how bad his luck was.

Aiming his weapon right in between the students and his rookies, he fired off several rounds using his Semblance to enhance his shots. He carved a trench into the ground stopping the advance of the kids.

"And just what are a bunch of beacon firsties doing here?" Roman drawled as he made his entrance.

When Blake saw Roman make his entrance with the white fang at his side, it brought up so many questions. But she knew it would have to wait.

"Oh, hey Red fancy meeting you here," Roman snarked, Recognising Ruby in the group of students.

Firing off a blast from his cane roman charged into the group of girls singling out Ruby. He was soon followed by his men in his attempt to buy time.

Only for his approach to be cut off by a blade that nearly took his head off. Had he not ducked it by the narrowest of margins. His hat fell to the ground, completely shredded.

Looking up, Roman glared into the eyes of an oddly smiling girl with orange curly chin-length hair.

As more and more of her blades came out of her backpack, Penny declared for everyone to hear. "I'm combat-ready!" pumping her fist into the air.

With the grace of a dancer, she leapt into battle, immediately putting the white fang on the back foot. Dancing around shots and directing her floating array of blades to dance to a tune only she could hear. Effortlessly blocking sword strikes and incoming fire. With the greatest of ease.

Seeing all this in action, Ruby exclaimed: "wow, Penny; you're amazing."

With a grin, Penny replied as she directed her blades. Her fingers dancing, controlling the many weapons in concert with her will. As she slid underneath a sword and headed her four of the swords, she commanded with a slashing motion of her hand. Shield her from a barrage of gunfire. "Didn't i tell you, I'm combat ready!"

As the other students took on the other grunts with his lines collapsing. Knowing it would only be a matter of minutes now. Roman chose the better part of valor and made a quick retreat. Calling out to his pilots. "Damnit, take off when I give you an opening. we will have to make do with the three containers we already have."

With confidence backed by the skill, he parried a strike from the bow wearing Faunus of Team RWBY. Opening her guard, he thrust the end of his cane into her gut, pulling the trigger point-blank.

Blake only escaped what would have been a severe injury by quickly switching herself out with a clone. However, she did not avoid the blast entirely as she was sent skidding backward.

"Damn, damn, goddamnit, just why are you kids doing out here?!" roman snarled. His gate even as he strode towards blake cane raised aimed at her head. His building frustration making his blood boil.

He knew he had to get out of here fast, or all his efforts tonight would be for naught. With that goal in mind, he quickly shifted his aim at one of the cargo containers, not hooked up to the bullhead.

Everything went silent in that one moment as he grinned. And with a squeeze of his trigger, everyone watched on helplessly as he fired a single shot. With a single shot, he gave his men the time they needed.


She let out a cackle of manic glee as her blood pumped through her veins, and her eyes dilated and became slits. Her fingernails lengthened into claws as she tapped into her Semblance, and her purple eyes turned a vibrant amber. As she was enveloped by a chakra shroud. Hunching over ready to pounce.

With a more bestial growl, Bakeneko called out to her team, "he's mine, don't interfere, Tengu!"

As her transformation took place, the water underneath her feet rose to boil. With a nod, Tengu and the others of her team lept down onto the sea with her. Getting into a position to intercept should anything go wrong.

The pair stood there facing off against each other, waiting for the other to show even a hint of weakness. When the sound of another set of airships broke the stillness of the water as they came to land. At that moment, Bakeneko lept with claws extended she slashed at the air. Igniting the air sending a torrent of what could only be described as blades of flame at Kitsune.

Drawing his tanto Naruto channeled chakra into his tanto, mixing wind and lighting chakra, forcing the blade to vibrate and make a keening wail. As he employed what Naruto liked to call his oscillating blade technique.

Naruto decided to meet power with power and slashed at the blaze with his sword. And as the forces collided, it was clear that the balance of power was not even as Naruto's sword began to chip against the pressure. As it began to push him back. Tapping into the wellspring of his power, Naruto forced even more energy into the blade, causing it to give a cry before slashing through the blaze with an explosion. Shattering into pieces soon after.

When the smoke cleared, the results of the clash were evident on Naruto's arm as he dripped crimson into the waters below as his arm began to emit steam as wounds started to close. Leaving behind, not even a scar. Making the only evidence of his injuries the tattered arm guard and glove.

As Naruto glared at the now animalistic cat girl. As she stalked back and forth, ready for his next move. Far more cautious than ever. He knew the girl was strong. The only question was just how strong she was .As he decided to up the ante.

Withdrawing two of his tri-pronged kunai. Naruto rushed her faster than before. He threw one of his kunai at her channeling his chakra into the blade. Seeing it coming, Bakeneko drew a kunai and threw it at the odd kunai. In an attempt to intercept the weapon.

Only to be stunned when the weapon sheared through the kunai without resistance. As she stared at the quickly approaching kunai in disbelief. Everything screamed at her to move.

Her mind, instincts, even her very being screamed at her to move, yet her body refused to follow her commands.

With the blade quickly approaching, she knew she had no other choice. Drowning out all others in that single moment, she closed her eyes. She delved into her inner world to the source of Semblance. Her own cursed power.

When she opened her eyes, she was standing before a shrine. The doors bound in seals preventing any from entering. She knew she had no other choice but to open the door even if it was just a bit. Any amount of power she could access would be a boon. Walking up to the shrine that suppressed her nature, she placed her hands on the sliding panels. Grimacing in pain as what felt like acid ran through her veins just from touching the doors. Bakeneko pushed through the pain forcing the panels apart inch by inch. Her features changing slowly.

Her tail split into two. Her canines lengthening as fur began to coat her arms, and her eyes began to glow even brighter than before. The shroud started to take a humanoid shape.

When Bakeneko opened her eyes again, she felt the swell of power along with the pain as her body began to reflect what happened in her inner world.

It all happened in a moment with the swell of power drowning out her hesitation Bakeneko reacted quickly. Ducking under the kunai, allowing it to slip right through the crimson tresses of her hair. Trusting even more of herself to her instincts, she spun and lashed out with a kick. Catching the flash of red in her peripheral vision.

But more importantly, she felt her leg make contact with the flash. Sending Kitsune skipping across the bay with the power put behind the blow.

Naruto had to let out a curse as he was sent flying from the unexpected blow. Had he not sacrificed his arm to block the blow. He would have likely been taken out of this fight for the moment.

Standing back up onto the surface of the water, Naruto gave his opponents one of his most withering glairs. As he did a self-check of his injuries. Despite the ruined bracer and glove, naruto knew that his arm was only dislocated and covered in severe burns hanging limply at his side, and three of his ribs were broken as well. He let out a held breath as his wounds began to rapidly close, letting out steam in the process. As his eyes shifted to the telltale bar-like pupil. And with the sound of a sicking crack, naruto tested his arm even as the burnt flesh began to flake off, revealing pink skin underneath.

His injuries healed in a mear moment, Naruto directed his gaze away from his opponent. Only a moment looking towards the docks and the battle that was quickly coming to an end.

Knowing he had to deal with this annoyance first before he could do anything about the fang on the docks.

With his decision made, he charged the foe before him. Bakeneko meeting his charge with one of her own.

Confident in her own skills, Bakeneko met his charge head-on. Trading blows with Kitsune and dodging by the narrowest of margins at least until she ducked under a right hook. When her instincts screamed at her to move.

That was when she felt it an invisible blow drilled right into her masked face. As Bakeneko was sent flying backward. She felt a force act on her whole body as she was ripped from her flight and pulled back towards Kitsune.

Bakeneko knew she had to do something, or her teammates would interfere. And this Kitsune was someone they would not likely be able to handle on their own, let alone as a team. So with no other choice, she opened the gates that held back her power even more. Despite her quickly slipping sanity and the madness subsuming her will. With a cry of rage, she opened the gates as far as she could with one thought in mind. "Protect them!"

Naruto felt the blow before he felt the sudden surge of power filled blood lust.

The moment she delved deeper into the wellspring of power, Bakeneko lost her tenuous control. And her teammates sprung into action. The aforementioned Tengu taking the lead.

"Yuki-onna cage her and seal her movements, Nurarihyon buy us some time!" Tengu barked out to the two other women.

The team moved in with swift efficiency. Tengu and the now named Yuki-onna dashed towards Bakeneko. As soon as she saw them, her attention was immediately directed towards the pair.

With a roar of a challenge, she met their charge head-on. Yuki-onna slid to a stop and flashed through hand signs. She then clapped her hands together intoning (Makyō Hyōshō). As Bakeneko charged the pair, she was cut off by panels of ice that sprung up on all sides.

Tengu slashed his right hand with a kunai and charged at her his hand alight with a blue flame. The flames soon flickered out. As he ducked a slash that would have taken off his head as soon as he got close.

This was the moment that Tengu was looking for. When she had overextended herself with that last attack he called out to yuki-onna. "Yuki, now!" Tengu cried out.

With a single hand seal, she intoned (Hyōrō no Jutsu) flash-freezing Bakeneko's legs and arms.

With Bakeneko immobile, he charged his fist with all of his chakra. And slammed his palm into her chest, and it glowed a brilliant blue flame and then shifted to a corona of gold. As the seal script flowed out the color of his blood.


Knowing that her time was short, Nurarihyon acted quickly, casting one of her strongest genjutsu. Making the tiger hand sign she intoned (Kokuangyo no Jutsu). Drowning Kitsune's senses in total darkness.

While trapped in this genjutsu, Naruto idly thought it was a unique application. From the moment it was cast. Sound, sight, smell, and even touch was gone, yet he knew if he chose to activate his Rinne-Sharingan, make use of the six paths chakra, or also make use of Kurama's chakra. Yet this genjutsu made him curious as to just what they were up to.

It was why he opted to let this play out, relying upon his sage mode enhanced senses. Those same senses enabled him to duck a sword strike that would have taken his head where he anyone else.

Relying on what he could perceive through his sage mode enhanced sense, he sidestepped a thrust. Then nimbly leapt away from what felt like a horizontal slash.

At least until he felt his blood flowing from a wound on his chest. It was strange, so strange Naruto felt he had to voice his curiosity. "It's strange this Just is definitely the second Hokage's technique. But there is something different about it. I can sense you, but it's almost like you're there yet not. So that means that you're enhancing this somehow to the point it is not only cutting off four of my five senses. but distorting my ability to sense chakra as well..."

Naruto said as he began to smile behind his mask. With a flair of chakra, he broke out of the Jutsu. Just as her blade came in intent on taking his head.

Leaping back just out of reach once more. Yet her sword managed to connect with his mask despite the distance. Digging a deep furrow into his mask.

Opting for a jutsu as a retaliatory strike, he quickly flashed through the hand signs Rat → Snake → Horse → Snake → Dog. Intoning (Fūton: Shinkū Renpa). Sending highly compressed blades of wind in her direction. Yet as if she were a mirage, she remained unharmed by the attack. And soon faded into mist along with her companions. As if they were never there.

With the withdrawal of the apparent Uzumaki Anbu. Naruto turned his attention to the docks and the battle being waged. Pausing only for a moment gazing at the new illusion of the woman known as Nurarihyon before him.

"You are just as strong as we hoped. It has been an honor to do battle with you Naruto Uzumaki. We hope to see you again one day." Nurarihyon said as her form began to fade once more.

Naruto quirked a brow underneath his mask as a massive grin began to form on his face. "You know the next time you want to fight, you just have to ask." Naruto sarcastically shot back, As he broke character for the first time that night.

Turning his attention back to the docks, he leapt back up onto the docks just as the battle ended.

As he was mid-air, he heard the telltale crack of gunfire than the cacophonous sound of an explosion. Unable to do anything about the oncoming shockwave. Naruto opted to curl into a ball, letting the shockwave of the blast carry him back into the water with a slightly rough landing.

Swimming back up to the surface of the bay, Naruto was just in time to see only two of the four bullheads take off their cargo in tow.

Scowling naruto pulled himself onto the surface of the water. Glairing in the direction of the fleeing bullheads and the smirking figure of one Roman he hung from the end of one of the containers.

Amidst the heat of the blaze and the sounds of sirens blaring off in the distance.

Naruto knew he could not remain any longer. The whole mission was a with a single tiger hand seal.

He vanished without leaving a trace...

AN/ so guys I have some news 1st is I am not dead yay. but I recently fucked up at work like a dumb ass not thinking about what I was doing and cut off a small bit of my finger at work. while I am fine and have all my digits it will, however, affect my typing speed for the future. due not worry though I will still work on my fic as always. injuries like this are not uncommon in my chosen profession and are not a big deal just annoying (I've had worse almost cut off a thumb once that was bad compared to this).
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