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chapter 20: Ego

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chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Ego

Thinking back on the moments just before roman aimed his weapon at the other containers of dust. Sarada knew she had acted on the impulse to save her friends. It was a knee jerk reaction. One moment she was fighting a pair of Faunus rookies, one a scorpion, the other a snake. The next, she dropped her guard at that moment. The need to protect her comrades overcoming her sense of self-preservation.
One eye bleeds to red and morphed into the kaleidoscopic blossom of the eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. The other morphed into an ever vivid purple with concentric rings and nine tomo, the Rinnegan. With this, the rush of her real power flowed through her veins. She saw and felt the locations of her friends. Even as a fiery pain exploded from her abdomen and chest. And her arms felt heavy. They focused her will on this one goal.
Using the control granted to her by the mastery over the Byakugō no In. Sarada pulled her friends to herself as she blasted the two she was fighting against away from herself in the same motion. Using a Banshō Ten’in in concert with a Shinra Tensei. Throwing the two Fang members away just as they delivered the most grievous of blows to her. As the scorpion had stung her with his tail as he impaled her on his sword. Just as the snake ran her through with his knife, he had bitten deep into her neck. The resulting forces acting on them ripped them from her flesh.
Forcing herself, ignoring the pain, Sarada pushed even more power into her eyes. Summoning her mighty avatar, the grand and ever-powerful Susanoo.
As the blast washes over her avatar. Sarada struggles to maintain focus due to her injuries. As a result, the avatar of power flickers out of existence moments after the blast.
Blood trailing from both eyes because of the lack of use of the avatar. Sarada collapses moments later, her wounds not healing like they should. She knows there is something wrong right away.

With a groan of “, is everyone all right?” from Yang propping herself up with one arm. While looking around to see the carnage brought upon the docks.
The blast had ripped through the docks. Making a perfect distraction for the white fang to escape. Off in the distance, she could see the airships fleeing the scene.
“Hugh, oh god Sarada!” Vella cried.
Yang and the others turn at her frightened scream of shock.
Panting heavily as her lungs filled with blood, Sarada was just glad they had realized something was wrong. As she channeled her chakra into releasing the Byakugō no In on her forehead. Using the stored chakra to use one of the signature Jutsu Tsunade. One passed from teacher to student As a mark of mastery. The Ninpō Sōzō Saisei — Byakugō no Jutsu as the markings appeared on her skin and her wounds regenerated rapidly.
Sarada’s focus was directed to the teary-eyed Vella, who was gripping her hand.
“Don’t worry, e-everything will be all right.” her partner cried, desperately trying to comfort the girl.
Hacking and coughing up a large amount of blood, Sarada struggled to speak.
“Weeesse... hack... gasp…”
Sarada grimaced as she withdrew the swords from her body. Coughing out more blood as the wounds closed and gasping in relief at fresh lungfuls of air. It was a disturbing tableau. She did not even hesitate to force her hand into her side, just below her ribs. To manually draining her chest cavity of blood. Channeling wind chakra. Aiding in the cutting of flesh. The only sign that it actually hurt was a small grunt of pain and the pinched expression she wore. As she allowed the blood to flow until the internal bleeding ceased. Easing her breathing as she removed her hand.
The act was so casually done that the others let out a grimace at sight. It was telling that for Sarada that this was not uncommon for her.
As soon as the wounds hissed and emit steam as they closed slower than average. Shock and disbelief turned to awe and wonder. And within moments, her injuries sealed themselves shut. And her body once racked with tremors stilled. As her breaths returned to her. As her Byakugō no In receded back to its diamond-like form.
It was not long before the telltale wails of the V.P.D sirens reached them. And like always, too late to do anything other than cleanup.
As the bullheads landed and professor port stepped out along with deputy headmistress Goodwitch. Drawing the teen’s attention.
“It’s rather fortunate that none of you were hurt. And thanks to you, we now know just who was stealing dust.” Glynda said as she watched the police round up the remaining white fang who had not escaped.
Slapping her riding crop in her hand, Glynda turned to the students in question. “however, while you are not in trouble for the actions taken tonight. I expect a detailed after-action report by tomorrow evening. Now get on the bullhead. It’s time to go.”
As they loaded onto the bullhead, Sarada lamented the fact that the only things accomplished tonight was the fact that they now know about the discovery of shinobi bearing the Uzumaki crest were in remnant and her ruined clothes.

In a flash of light, Naruto made it back to the room in the occupied Safehouse. When the once closed wounds burst open once more. Naruto bit back a curse as pain flared up in his arm once more. The door to his room was kicked in by Emerald. Pointing her guns in his direction.
Eyes widening in disbelief, Emerald took in Kitsune’s battered and bloodied form. As she let out a gasp of surprise as she lowered her weapons.
As Kitsune strode forwards without a word now that the girl had lowered her guns. Grabbing a scroll near the door, he opened it on the bed. As she watched him in fascination as he unsealed the scroll and withdrew a slip of paper from it.
It was such an odd sight that Emerald could not help but voice her curiosity. “Um, what are you doing? And is there anything I can do to help?”
The questions caught him off guard, and he paused midway in his application of the seal. Thinking about how he would answer this.
The silence was one that only lasted for a moment. Before Naruto answered in the negative.
“No, I don’t need any help. This seal will take care of my biggest problem and siphon off the corrosive aura in my wounds.” Naruto said with a shake of his head. And applying the seal to his arm.
The moment Naruto applied the seal to his arm, it hissed with steam. As his wounds rapidly closed. It was rather lackluster for Emerald. She had thought there would have been more to the show than what she saw.
Naruto flexed his arm, making sure that everything was working correctly. Nodding his head, he stood and walked to his shower. Almost forgetting the girl in his room.
Turning to her with a grin hidden under his mask. Naruto said as he stripped, “you know unless you want a free show, leave.”
Emerald blinked at his non sequitur. Flushing red, she quickly turned and left. A reaction that caused him a bit of joy as he tapped the seal on the door, locking it. He then took off his mask and armor, sighing at his ruined flack jacket. He then headed to his shower. With the events of tonight on his mind.
It was an amusing sight for cinder to see Emerald come rushing out of the only other room bedroom in the Safehouse. Her face tinted red. Running past the kitchen where she sat nursing a cup of coffee. It meant only one of two people had returned. And she needed to have a conversation with Kitsune. It was better not to put this off.
With that in mind, Cinder made her way to his room.
In her attempt to open said door, she found that it was locked. Casting it off for the minor inconvenience it was. She attempted to pick the lock. Only for that to fail moments later when she felt the telltale pins of the simple lock click into place. Yet the door remained locked. When she attempted to unlock the door, it stubbornly remained closed. Even using brute force and trying to kick down, the door failed.
Out of options, Cinder waited by the door, sorely tempted to burn a hole in the wall. The only thing staying her hand from this action was the fact that Kitsune was her current benefactor.
It had only been ten minutes that she had been waiting when the man she was looking for stepped out of the room.
Now dressed in a pair of black pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Along with his ever-present ANBU mask clipped to the side of his belt. While wearing a halve mask covering most of his lower face. Presenting cinder with a view of his eyes. Now dyed a vivid purple flecked with the barest hints of blue and red. If one were to look closely.
Naruto quirked an eyebrow at her presence. As she flushed in embarrassment, having been caught staring. Now giving him a glare that would threaten to anyone else but him.
Cinder let out a Huff of exasperation before growling out, “we need to talk.”
“Ok, lead the way.”
Cinder turned and led him into the kitchen, all without saying another word.
Naruto sat down, still maintaining his ever-present grin. While waiting for cinder to begin this conversation . And if, on queue, it hadn’t been over five minutes before she gave in to her anger.
“I would like to state that I won’t give up my maiden powers.” Cinder almost hissed at Kitsune.
It was a statement that had almost caused Naruto to laugh in disbelief. It was as if she thought she had a choice in this matter. Before the air of congeniality. He had about him faded and was replaced by an air of finality in this matter.

“No, I am afraid it is you who does not understand your situation. There are only two options for you at this moment.” Naruto said, letting the silence and his serious tone tell her just how bad things will get.
“The first choice you have is that you give up the stolen portion of the fall maiden powers. And save your own life. The other is you die when those incomplete powers you have tear you apart.” Naruto explained, trying to impart just how bad things will get for her.
Out of frustration or anger, Naruto did not know, but when cinder had heard this bit of news. She let a growl of anger rumble from her chest. As she slammed a fist into the table. As she hissed out.
With that action, the tight leash the girl had on the powers that were slowly killing her. Slipped and her eyes glowed with power and killing intent.
Undaunted by this display of anger and the paltry amount of intent, he could feel Naruto felt that he should remind her just who she was speaking to.
His eyes flashed red, and for a moment, cinder felt like she was dying. Drowning under the vast weight of Naruto’s killing intent. As her life flashed before her eyes.
And just like it was never there, the visions of death and despair, unending pain, and suffering, oh so much suffering. Just disappeared. And cinder slumped back into her seat, hunched over, gasping for breath. And shivering and rubbing her arms, curling up in on herself for warmth like she was freezing.
Naruto knew that this conversation would go nowhere now that tempers were raised. And while thinking of how to proceed so he could save her life. Kurama interrupted his train of thought.
“Oi, brat, you know what the girl really wants.”
“Yeah, I know she wants power, Kurama. And the only way to open her eyes. To just what is going on is to give her what she wants.”
Now that he was looking at her, Naruto noticed just how odd it was that a girl like Cinder would be involved with Ozpin’s enemies.
“Naruto, let me talk to her. I have an idea.”
“What! No, that’s definitely not an option Kurama.”
“Brat!!! You can let me talk to her, or I’ll make all your ramen taste like cardboard.” Kurama threatened his partner.
“... you wouldn’t dare.” Naruto hissed.
With a smug grin, Kurama knew he only needed to give a little push, and this would be his victory. “Try me…”
With an audible sigh and a grumble of “stupid bastard fox.” the air in the room shifted as Naruto let Kurama take control.
It was something that did not go unnoticed by cinder as she stared across the table at now slit red eyes.
“Ah, so you noticed, did you,” Kurama started with a wide grin. He was about to continue when he felt something off. And he paused as he was staring into her eyes. Kurama noticed something off about cinder.
Within the depths of the seal, Naruto and Kurama conversed.
“Oi, brat, you feel that.”
“Yea, I do, Kurama.”
The two worked together channeling chakra bursting into a vibrant display of flame-like clothing. And six orbs of obsidian. Naruto’s eyes taking on the telltale ripple pattern of the Rinnegan but not turning purple. Kurama was still in the driver’s seat.
Their collective eyes widened as they stared at the half fall maiden. What they had felt was not the maiden powers within the girl. But a magic of all of her own. No, not magic, Kurama corrected himself. It was magic, yet not. While it was tightly bound and suppressed, it was still there. And they were the very reason the maiden powers were rejecting her.
“Hahahaha, so this explains so much!” Kurama exclaimed as he cackled with glee.
It changed the plan a bit, and Kurama wanted to put forth an offer. “Girl, I have a deal for you.”
When Kitsune’s eyes had changed and taken on that odd pattern, she felt it. In the back of her mind. The sensation that she was only an ant to the being before her. So when he addressed her for the second time in that deep guttural voice, cinder opted to pay attention to his words.
“Y-yes.” the half maiden timidly asked.
As the cloak sputtered out of existence, Kurama brought forth his proposal. “Give up that paltry amount of power and abandon whatever goal you have against Beacon. And for that, we will grant you power beyond your current comprehension.”
When Kurama mentioned Beacon, cinder found courage in her anger once more. “No! I want my revenge. Ozpin must pay. He needs to suffer.”
Kurama ran a hand through his fur within the seal as he took in her words. As he and Naruto conversed internally about this new revelation.
“Kid, she at the very least believes that she is in the right on this. And to do it, she wants the beacon to fall.”
“Yea, Kurama, I felt it as well; she’s not lying. However, I know this is a step we need to take.”
With the path set, Kurama relayed their intentions. With an audible sigh, he spoke. “Cinder, we have chosen to give you the power you seek for the maiden power. However, when you are ready, we need to discuss just why it fixates you, this obsession you have with Ozpin and beacon.”
She had given them a tentative nod; What choice did she really have? It was give up her half of the maiden powers or die. And for a survivor like Cinder, it wasn’t much of a choice at all.
“Ok, I-I Can work with that.” Cinder agreed.
“Come with me.” Naruto replied.
Standing up, she followed Naruto out of the kitchen and down the hall to a door that strangely she had never noticed.
Upon opening the door, she walked into a large room. One that was larger than it should be. The walls were made up of panels of a stark white stone.
As she watched Kitsune walk to the center of the room and make odd hand signs, the room lit up with a seal script, and a separate chamber and door appeared off to her left as the panels shifted. Directly in the center of the room, three shelves arose from the ground to his left, right, and one to his rear. A slate just more prominent than a rose before him.

“You should go into the room over there bathe, and when you come back here, leave your clothes and any jewelry in the room.” Naruto explained as he gathered his supplies. And walked around the raised slab.
With a blush, Cinder quickly headed for the door. Once inside, she immediately took off her dress and underwear. And hopped into the rather large bathtub without a second thought.
Once, she had focused on cleansing herself. Cinder had calmed down and focused on the simple task before her. It helped her put things into perspective.
Yet this ended all too soon. With her ablutions finished, Cinder quickly dried off and noted the silk robe that was where her clothes once were. And regarding it for the act of kindness, it was she wrapped herself in the gown. And stepped out into the white room.
She noted the complex script on the small dais. Amazed at how fast Kitsune must have worked to accomplish this in the mere fifteen or so minutes, she was in the other room.
Naruto took notice of Cinder the moment she had entered the room. For Naruto, it was a rather odd sight to see the confident woman he had met reduced to this shell of what she was when they had first met.
“The first thing we will do is remove the maiden power. I don’t expect any complications from that.” Naruto informed her.
“So, if you will take a seat on the table.”
Cinder nodded to Kitsune’s instructions, and in one swift motion, she let the robe pool onto the floor and sat down on the dais.
Naruto walked around to the front of the table. As he did so, his eyes gained the concentric rings of the Rinnegan.
Cinder had closed her eyes as Kitsune placed his hands on her shoulders and activated the power of the Preta Path. As he did so, a bond of sorts formed between himself and cinder.
Drip... drip... drip.
It was to the odd sound of water that Cinder heard. As she opened her eyes to what looked like a massive sewer.
It was strange, but something told her to head deeper into the depths of the dark sewer. Left with no other choice but to proceed. She began the walk forwards in almost a daze.
It was not long before she came upon a set of massive gates. Left wide open.
Cautiously, she stepped into the darkness of the gate. And into a massive forest that stretched on as far as the eye could see.
A power like Cinder had never felt before. Was pulling her in the center's direction of the forest. From what she could feel from the mountain path leading up to a set of torii gates. That she had just exited from.
So like before, she started her trek down the mountain. She only hoped that the journey was faster. And as if the word answered her wish, suddenly she was in the center of the forest just before the base of a shrine with the same torii gates Nine in total.
As Cinder entered the courtyard of the shrine. She came before the man who was aiding her in her time of need. The infamous Kitsune unmasked. Meditating with a small fox in his lap.
As Cinder took in his appearance. She felt the fluctuation in power. And when Kitsune opened his eyes, she stared face to face with cerulean orbs rather than purple or red.
Naruto quirked a brow in puzzlement. As he wondered whether or not she was naked. “How odd.” he voiced aloud.
“Just what is odd, I assume you are the one who brought me here.”
“No, I did not.” Naruto denied, “you came here of your own accord. You could have turned back.” The sage explained.
Leaving just what that implies up to Cinder herself.
“However, I am curious why are you naked.” he inquired as he gazed at her naked form with an ever-widening grin. “This is a mindscape, and since we share a bond, you have a small bit of control here. Even if it is my mindscape.”
Flushing with embarrassment, Cinder wished she had something that would cover her form. Within moments of that fervent desire, it clad her in a simple white summer dress.
With a grin, Naruto snarked, “there, see that’s not so hard.”
Cinder just scowled at him for his candor. Despite knowing that if this is what he was like regularly. Cinder preferred it to what she had thought was his typical cold, off-putting personality.
It was only after Cinder had calmed down that she noticed his most prominent trait. Three whisker marks on each cheek. “So you’re a Faunus. It would explain why you call yourself Kitsune.”
With a laugh, Naruto shook his head.” no, I am not a Faunus. These are just birthmarks.
“So just what are we doing here, anyway?” cinder asked.
Naruto rubbed his head and grimaced briefly. “Ah, that well to put it simply, you are resisting the removal of the maiden power. Or rather, some part of you is clutching on to the belief that you need it. And just ripping it away from you when it’s unstable and in your weakened state is bad. So we will solve the mystery of why you need this power.”
Crossing her arms, Cinder let out a huff of irritation. “So, just how do we do that?”
“Why that’s an easy one, Cinder. We look at your life, and we have to start from the beginning.”
Upon his words, her anger flared. As Cinder thought to herself. “How dare he, this insufferable man dares to tread upon my past…”
As she scowled rapidly, thinking of a way to get out of this. At least until it occurred to her that to do this, Kitsune obviously needed her consent. It gave her an angle to work with.
Sitting down next to him, looking as petulant as a child. Cinder worked her angle. “Fine, but I get to see your memories too.”
Naruto nodded, knowing that if that’s what it took to save the stubborn girl, then it would be fine.
“Ok, then if that’s what it takes, then I’ll start my name is Naruto Uzumaki I Am a Shinobi, and this is my story…”
With those words, the world around them faded to black...
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