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Part 2

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The unique abilities begin to awaken in other people.

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Inner Self 2

CHAPTER 1: The struggle continues, where's the villain?

Gavin found an old parking lot to lay in while the others sat on a street corner.

"My body is killing me" Oshima commented not moving from his position, "I can't-even make Trimo manifest" Marcia eventually stood up and walked over to the collapsed warrior,

"why did you help me? I could've been a lunatic or a heartless Outra user" The dark-haired teen looked up at her with his light hazel eyes and smiled.

"I didn't sense any dark emotions, so I was confident that bringing you back to a conscious state would be beneficial to both my team and obviously you"  As the three of  them walked through the destroyed city, unable to fly, they used the remaining strength they had to sense for any evil outrage that may emerge and attack them.

"We must find a motel or trailer to sleep in for the time being" Marcia commented, beginning to walk slower, losing her balance. She fell forward but was caught by Oshima. She looked up at him with her head against his chest and blushed.

"T-thank you she quietly said walking once more. It was around an hour before they saw a house that looked in well enough condition to sleep in for at least one night. There was only a small couch along with  worn-out bed, Levi took the couch immediately passing out while Gavin and Marcia laid on opposite sides of the bed. But during the night Gavin Oshima wrapped his arms around her, a pink aura glistened around them with pink particles floating around the room like small fire flies.

"What's going on?" Levi groaned lifting his head up looking at the two, he could see their outras standing in a corner with Maria's helmet off reveling a beautiful women's face. The two outras kissed filling the entire block with the pink light.

"What's happening!? I've never seen outras act like this, especially when it's user is asleep" The outras faded after the kiss. Levi could see their eyes glowing pink before going out, leaving them in the dark again. Minutes later Leviathan went back to sleep..time to move out" Gavin said as he splashed some water on his face from the old damaged sink outrage tiny bathroom of the house. As the three of them made outrage outside, Gavin could feel something out in the distance...In an instant the warrior was hit with a beam through his chest. Oshima bit the dust in that one hit.

"Shit, h, he’s down in only one blow?" Levi summoned his other waiting for the opponent's next strike. As the prepared warrior slowly shifted his stance, he heard a beam shoot out from the top of a nearby building. Levi closed his eyes before dodging the attack at the last second. The beam flew past his torso impacting the area behind them.

"Found you" the dark-haired user whispered, thee guy vanished in a cloud of black smoke leaving Marcia alone in the burning lot.

Meanwhile Levi had spotted the outra who had fired the strikes of energy, the creature was the size of a normal man but was dressed in armor, but it's head was a skull with flames around it. The warrior pointed at the enemy signaling for its outra to attack, Leviathan gripped it's scythe, flying straight for the opposing threat. A blade appeared in the foe's hand just before Leviathan went for the attack. The armored creature stopped the scythe and grinned at the cloaked fighter.         

"Enough of this, Leviathan...use the hologara!" Marcia looked up at them, "the...hologara?" Levi's other begun twirling the scythe up towards the sky causing the clouds to spiral all around the city.

"What is this-what are you doing!?" The creature shouted. Levi smiled.

"Hologara!" He yelled as his outra aimed his weapon right at the villain. A bolt of red lightning shot out from the ragging clouds, the creature dogged it but the attack followed it where ever they went.

"I can evade this!" It said still soaring through the sky not stopping but each moment the red bolt came closer.

"One chance" it said. The armored outra maneuvered for Leviathan flying as fast as it could. The foe went for an attack but went straight through him as if he wasn't even there.

"What!?" The outra stopped in surprise before the attack finally hit them in the back. Marcia and Levi watched as the creature hit the ground with electricity surging around him.

"I'm-not through yet" the being went for another strike before Levi's other killed them with a swing of his blade.    

"That takes care of that weakling" Leviathan fazed into his user as Levi walked over to Marcia who was trying to wake Gavin up.

"Move" he said laying the warrior on his back, his outra came out once more and placed the tip of his scythe on the hero's chest. A surge of electricity hit the guy's heart causing him to snap open his eyes breathing hard.

"W-what happened while I was out cold?"

"Nothing, just a nobody" Marcia helped him to his feet while hugging her friend tightly. Days later Marcia began to get sick, she vomited in a trashcan but it was purple for some reason, finally after a month her body was engulfed in a glistening purple light until a ball separated from her body, a baby's cry could be heard as the purple ball began to form into a baby.

"It's-a baby!" She exclaimed picking it up. The baby looked into her eyes with a giggle. Her eyes were purple and shined like a marble. "She's beautiful" the mother cheered playing with her new uniquely born child.

“Interesting seems she’s more outra then she is human” the father commented examining the baby. Weeks later the three of them were in New York enjoying the view from a tall hotel when the baby started crying for no reason, the mother looked at her daughter as she continued to let out loud crying whales. Just then the hotel shook violently.

"Hurry and get her out of here...I think I know why she's crying" Oshima's outra formed at his side just as the warrior leapt from 30 stories up, he descended down picking up speed each second. The hero stopped himself in midair just before impact, levitating a few feet of the ground.

"Where are you..." Gavin whispered to himself. Suddenly a beam went past him nearly going through his neck. It hit a gas station causing an explosion with gasoline going all over the street. The man could feel a faint aura near him, Gavin focused on the source feeling it move at high speeds until it vanished all of a sudden. As he was about to go search without the aura, it reappeared right next to him. Trimo stood between his user and the unknown adversary throwing a powerful punch.

"Well...seems I might have some good competition" the outra commented before drifting back a few feet. The foe had shiny blood-red skin with yellow eyes in light silver armor. "I may look weak, but looks can be deceiving" he smirked walking towards the hero with one hand on his side with the other swinging freely. Trimo threw his large sword straight for his target's face when instantly, they caught it with two hands. The sword's tip was just inches from its impact point.

"Surely someone of your stats can do better than that" Oshima sighed before taking in a big breath of air. He glared at the villain with a serious look in his eyes.

"Very well, if you want me to try my hardest then ready yourself for a technique that took me time to perfect" Trimo made two duplications of himself and they both went for an attack on their target, swinging their blades at him repeatedly.

"Come now this is low level strategy" the unknown outra taunted blocking every attack with his armored gloves. Moments later Levi and Marcia showed up but Gavin had escaped.

"Ah, so you two will be my new opponents? Seems that fool wasn't as strong as I thought" His two Trimos tried to attack him together yet again but were punched straight through the ribs. Gavin's copies vanished from the devastating blows to both of their chests.

The two heroes stood side by side starring down the powerful enemy. "By the way, you still haven't told us your name" Levi responded to the silence.

"Very well, my name is Harkaic and you both won't live to tell others about my incredible might"

Marcia whispered to Levi: I've been practicing my most powerful ability, I need you to fight him alone until I'm ready to use it"

"No issue there, just don't take too long" Levi walked closer to the outra who was still high up in the air waiting for their next move. Levi summoned his other commanding it to go on the offensive. Leviathan held its scythe for a moment then threw it straight for Harkaic. His sharp weapon spiraled faster and faster like a cyclone as it went past its target missing by an inch.

"Please tell me you meant to miss" the being responded trying not to laugh at the embarrassing mistake. Leviathan snapped their fingers, causing the scythe to duplicate into six spinning blades. Harkaic's eyes widened as the group of blades came flying right back at him. The being was forced to doge each one that was almost impossible from the speed and force of the scythes.

"I'm ready!" Marcia called out to her ally. She along with her outra put their hand up with the palm aimed at the dogging villain. "stop!" She yelled, suddenly a wave of pink light went in every direction like an EMP. When she looked around, both Levi and Harkaic were frozen in time. The heroine waved her hand in front of her ally but it had no effect.

"Darn it, I didn't mean to freeze you too" once she put her hand on levi's shoulder he snapped out of it and his scythes moved as well since they were being controlled by his outra. Each of the six blades pierced Harkaic's body multiple times then vanished with Leviathan's original scythe flying back to him. 

"Release time" Marcia announced with her hand aimed back at their enemy. Moments after her technique faded, blood spewed out of multiple areas of the red villain's body. He hit the road laying in a pool of his own blood.

"H-how is it possible...weaklings like you capable of taking down someone like me without much trouble. I remember evading the weapons when you said...that's it, you're capable of stopping time. I wish I could've figured it out sooner" Without another word, Harkaic died laying in his puddle of body fluids.

Years later...

Oshima sat on the roof of an old gas station staring out in the distance of the nearly abandoned city, “so quiet...” Just then the warrior’s daughter Kasada emerged from a sphere of light.

“Dad I want to battle you and mom at the same time” Gavin stood up, looking his child in the face with a serious expression before laughing.

“I don’t know if you’re ready to take us on at the same time” Kasada took off full speed headed straight for her father. She blinked before throwing her strongest punch, her eyes widened noticing Oshima wasn’t there anymore.

“ did dad move that fast without me realizing his movements!?”

“Over here!” a voice called out, the girl turned to see her mother standing next to her dad on a building about 20 feet away. “You aren’t ready to fight us, you just tried and failed”

“Alright...if you’re that confident then use your strongest attack on us” her father commented with a smirk on his face as he crossed his arms. Their daughter frowned before putting her palm in their direction, Gavin didn’t move from his position and nodded to Marcia signaling her to do it once more...

Kasada released a pink energy sphere the size of a hot air balloon in their direction, it proceeded slowly up until the girl made a fist, the massive ball burst into hundreds of smaller spheres that moved much faster towards its target. Marcia’s outra came forth and stopped time seconds before any of the projectiles made contact with either parent.
“I’ve been practicing with this ability for almost 16 years, to the point where I can do it easily then keep time stopped for about 10 minutes at the most” Mashida made her way past each ball pushing it aside until she was just a few feet away from her child. “Hmm, how can I disarm her attack while not hurting her too badly...” She pushed the girl backwards sending her a few feet before she froze in her staggering position since time was still at a standstill. “Now for those projectiles...” Mashida used her outra too seal all of the spheres in a cube shaped barrier of energy to keep them from doing any damage to anything.

Time began to move slowly then it’s normal rate, Kasada went sailing across the city into an old school’s football field. Meanwhile her parents watched all of the girl’s projectiles bounce around in the barrier until they all blew up in a flash of pink light.

“Nice work” Oshima responded. Marcia was a little dizzy but managed to keep her balance. “Are you ok?” the warrior asked.

“I’m fine, just takes a lot of energy to use attacks while freezing time at the same time” At that moment, Kasada landed in front of them.

“I think I've realized how you’ve been doing all this! of you is capable of time manipulation!”

“Well time freeze, but not able to reverse or go forward in time, just stop for certain periods of time” Their daughter clinched her fists in anger, looking at the ground.

“That’s not fair!” she fired a laser aimed at them but again they moved just before contact. Her mother grabbed her hand from behind keeping her from shooting any more projectiles.

“That’s not very nice, you should never attack your parents unless it’s part of a training session” Suddenly a man in silver armor descended down a few feet away, he had dark red hair, white eyes and gray skin.

“How touching, glad to see a family of outra users”

“What do you want Gavin demanded as his outra’s red energy began glowing around his body. His wife had him sit over on a curb so she could handle the situation.

“I’ve come to ask you three to hand over your outras please”

“Is this a joke?” Marcia replied holding her daughter close to her.

“I assure you this is no joke, I collect outras around the universe to add them in my collection of I suggest you relinquish your outras, or they’re be consequences”

Marcia stopped time and struck the man in the ribs with incredible force before letting time continue. Kasada watched as the man was sent flying backwards before hitting a truck half a mile away.

“V-very well, you’ve made your choice” He got up and stole their daughter before Marcia could stop time.

“Damn, looks like we’ll have to go hunt him down” The man sent his other up into the sky in an attempt to sense their daughter’s power... “Got it!” Gavin sored through the skies with Marcia following by his side. The feel of their daughter’s power grew as they came within range of her location.


Kasada’s kidnapper hooked the young girl up to a machine that kept her against the wall using large chains. “Now to draw out your hidden power that I know you’re keeping locked deep within you” He turned a dial from zero to five and the machine began draining her of power.

“Noooo!” she yelled trying to resist the machine’s influence. Just then the roof was destroyed as her parents landed in the room. “Mom, d-dad!” Gavin released a fireball that blew up the top of the machine his daughter was chained to. She fell to her knees free from its draining power.

  “Now Marcia!” Gavin shouted to his wife. The women’s eyes turned a pale blue as she unleashed her time manipulation ability.

“Very cleaver” a voice responded in the opposite side of the room. Mashida spun around to see the man that had taken her daughter. “Seems you’re getting better at your time freeze...however, it won’t work on me anymore”

“W-what...are you!?” Marcia replied in fear. Her foe grinned slowly walking past Kasada who was frozen in time, he put his hand on Gavin’s shoulder.

“They call me Carsin, the sage of power, now that I’ve drained your daughter of most of her incredible power, I’m immune to your time stop and have multiplied in power”

“Enough of this!” Mashida fired an energy blast from her outra as fast as she could but was easily deflected by Carsin’s index finger. “Impossible, how much stronger has this asshole become!?”

“Well, well...seems your time freeze is about to run out. When it does, you’re dead” Marcia knew once the time stop wore off she’d be weakened from her technique. It finally ended, letting time flow normally. Carsin moved at new levels of speed, Kasada’s aura gleaming around his body. Gavin grabbed his daughter about to escape when Oshima looked to see Marcia getting struck through the chest by the over-powered enemy. A tear ran down his cheek. Marcia released her outra from her body, sending it into their daughter. Oshima kissed the weakened girl’s forehead before infusing her with his outra as well and sending her through a portal to the other side of the planet.

“I will keep you from my daughter even if I no longer have my outra, I learned how to use some of its abilities without Trimo”  Gavin concentrated all of his energy into a blade of red burning Ki. With all his strength, the man dashed forward swinging the sword. It shattered into hundreds of red glass-like pieces. His eyes widened just before the villain backhanded him across the room through the steel wall out into the street. Oshima was bleeding horribly and without his outra, he was unable to heal as fast as he used too.

“Must you prolong this useless struggle? Without your full power, you’re basically a punching bag” The warrior lunged towards his foe, kicking the side of his face with all his strength. “Heh, was that really your full power?” Gavin was kicked in the stomach, sending him across the city into an old business building. The large tower fell burying him in a pile of glass and metal. “Now to find that brat!”

CHAPTER 2 : Alone & Confused 

Kasada awoke on a beach that was just outside a small city, she got to her feet before walking towards the city. “W-where are you mother...father? All I can remember is getting hooked up to a machine that drained my energy, the rest is a blur. Probably since I didn’t have enough power to concentrate” She made her way through the streets, watching cars go by like shooting stars of red light. After an hour of roaming the city randomly she knocked on a door with the house lights still on.

A woman looking to be in her late 20’s answered the door, “Is there something I can help you with?”  Kasada asked if she could use their guest room to rest for the night. The house owner thought a moment before her husband came to the door.

“Who’s she?” her husband asked rubbing his eyes since he had just gotten out of bed.

“This is...actually she hasn’t told me her name yet, she just wants a place to sleep for the night” he sighed in annoyance before allowing Kasada in. “Guest room is upstairs on the left, it should already have a made bed” She thanked them before going up the stairs and falling asleep almost immediately.

“You sure it’s a good idea to let a stranger sleep here, especially since she showed up at 1 A.M?” The girl ignored her husband walking past him then went upstairs to shut the guest room door before going to sleep herself...Kasada could hear her parent’s voices whispering to her, she found herself in a dream where she stood in an endless void of nothing.

“We’re happy you escaped” a voice said in the distance, that’s when Kasada saw her mother and father descending down in front of her. They were both pale also transparent like ghosts.

“M-mom, d-dad?” their daughter tried to hug them but she went right through them like fog. “What’s going on?”

“I’m sorry Kasada, but we’re only within your outras now, we may be dead but we can visit you in your dreams” her mother replied putting her hand on her daughter’s shoulder even though it went straight through and Kasada wasn’t able to feel it. Her father smiled standing next to Marcia when they suddenly began to fade away.

“No, don’t go please!” She sat up in bed with a tear running down her cheek. Sunlight filled her room as she fixed her bed head then made her way downstairs. “Thanks for letting me use your guestroom” Kasada relaxed her mind making her way outside, her purple aura appeared just before the young teen ascended into the sky. The heroine soared across the sky admiring the beautiful view when all of a sudden, she felt a dark energy not far from her. The warrior looked behind her to spot a figure not far behind. Kasada flew as fast as she could but still her chaser followed. She landed on a tall building before her foe did as well.

“Look who I found flying through the skies so casually...I'm sure you’re wondering who I am or why out of all people I targeted you” he pulled a small knife from his side pocket with a smirk on his face, “I am known as the Life siphoner, but call me Mitch if it makes it easier for you to remember"

“Stay back, I have no interest in killing a random person without a good reason” Mitch laughed as he played with the knife in his hand, tossing it up and down catching it by the tip. The assailant tossed the knife straight for the girl’s torso but was caught at the last minute. She threw it back as hard as she could, the knife spiraled out of control but Mitch caught it as if it were just a normal ball.

“How sad it is for you to think such an action could work on me, I didn’t even throw my blade with much force” He threw it with much more effort to the point where Kasada couldn’t keep track of it. The fierce moving blade made contact with her shoulder easily causing a large amount of blood to spew out. “Our we done playing games little girl?” Suddenly, she smiled even with blood dripping from her lips.

“A-actually...I have one last thing to show you, something my mother never fully master but could use it efficiently” She looked him in the eye before saying: “Stop” At that moment, Mike froze in time unaware of what was going on around him. Kasada was too weak to go for a surprise attack so instead went over into a window and laid in the hallway. She was too weak to keep her mother’s technique going so she took a deep breath just as time continued.

“Is that-” Mitch stopped as he looked around to see no sign of his target. “Where’d she go? Was it teleportation? no she said “stop” which means she was able to stop time!” The man went up into the air and pulled out four knifes, suddenly he duplicated his knifes to the point there were a thousand of them. “If she’s still in the city, at least one of these knifes is bound to pierce her wounded body to the point of death” Mitch clapped his hands together, sending all the knifes to fly off in every direction at incredible speed. The entire city was destroyed by his knifes as if they were falling meteors. Hundreds of innocent people were caught in the crossfire with multiple projectiles piercing through their fragile bodies...


Kasada Oshima Mashida opened her eyes to find herself in a destroyed city, her wounds seemed to have been completely healed as if nothing had happened but she was horrified at the sight of the city. She walked through the streets filled with corpses and parts from buildings. The sight sickened her, she began to fill with rage for the man who had caused so many innocent deaths. Mashida took off searching for the monster. As she was entering the next city she could faintly feel Mitch’s aura. “You’re through harming innocent people!” the heroine said to herself. She landed a few feet away and stopped time just as her foe threw a knife straight for her. She approached him walking past the projectile that was frozen in midair. “You’re finished!” the girl announced as she punched through her enemy's stomach. Mashida gripped the knife before letting time move once more.

“Ack! This pain is unbearable!” he fell to his knees with blood dripping from his mouth. Kasada threw the projectile straight for Mitch’s head killing him instantly. She closed her eyes in respect for his death before leaving. “Marcia Mashida and Gavin Oshida live on through me, I will not let their deaths be in vain, for I shall continue on as Kasada Oshida Mashida!”

CHAPTER 3 : Ending a Nightmare

It was a month before she finally found him, she had trained for this day, to finally rid the world of them man who killed her parents. Carsin was sitting in an old library studying ancient history when the heroine burst through the door.

“Ah welcome, seems tracking me down was an easy task for you, but you have no chance of beating me”

“If you’re that sure of that then you can make the first move” Carsin grinned before snapping his fingers, a wave of dark purple energy appeared before Levi emerged with his body in a zombie-like state. “What are you doing!?” Kasada responded shocked by what she was seeing.

“I have reanimated Levi from his grave, not only is he under my control, but still has his outra Leviathan. I now control both his and their outra’s every action!”  Levi pointed towards their opponent as his other appeared beside him, the outra dressed in a dark cloak with a scythe looking like death himself flew straight for the girl. She tried to stop time but was ineffective on both Levi and Carsin.

“Shit!” Kasada back flipped away just barley evading the blade’s contact. She summoned Trimo by her side, it clapped it’s hands together sending a wall of flames in Leviathan’s direction but the outra spun it’s scythe spreading the flames apart just enough to go past him with no contact.

“Time to show you real power” Leviathan released an attack that shot electricity from the sky aimed towards the girl. Kasada managed to evade it at the last second, along with sending her father's outra on the offensive. Trimo clashed blades with Leviathan, their power causing all around them to shake and crumble.

“Hmph, seems Trimo is nearly on par with Levi's other…very well, I’ll have to kick it up a bit, Leviathan, reveal your true self!” Suddenly his outra removed it's cloak to reveal a dark red skeleton with dark purple eyes. Mashida was confused on what removing a cloak would do, she had Trimo along with Puriara standing on both sides of her. It was taking a lot of concentration to keep both others out simultaneously. Leviathan went for a rush attack, throwing immensely fast blows with it's bony fists. It took the combined efforts of both Outras to deflect the onslaught. She made some distance between her and the over powered being.

“I need to hurry and end this fight” Trimo continued to deflect each of the being’s attacks when Puriara shot a beam out of it's eye headed straight for the reanimated user. Levi was hit straight through the head causing him to collapse. Their outra vanished instantly. “There, he's finally defeated” she turned her attention to Carsin who began to laugh behind his hand.
“You must be unfamiliar with the power of reanimation” Cars in pointed behind her, Kasada looked to see Levi get up, his wound closed in seconds. “As you can see, someone who has been reanimated can keep fighting from nearly any injury”  Mashida thought for a moment… suddenly her eyes twitched and Levi was put in a wrist lock as both Outras took one hand and put it behind the opponent’s back.

“let go!” Levi yelled trying to break free. Kasada went over…right as Leviathan was emerging, the girl placed her palm on her foe’s forehead. The outra began to withdraw back inside it's user when suddenly an aura that resembled blue flames outlined Levi's body until a ray of blue light shot into the air before fading. Carsin watched as the reanimated warrior hit the ground.

“What did you do?” he demanded looking straight into his enemy’s eyes.

“I took away his Outra”

“Y-you’re lying, Outras are apart of you, can't just take them away!”

“Actually you can, Outra’s are a manifestation of one's personality but also mental energy, one only needs to search the user's mind then extract that energy. Just like my mother and father gave me their Outras before their deaths”

“You little brat, now Levi is useless without his Outra” Carsin aimed his hand towards Levi causing a flow of violet light to leave the fighter's body. “Seems I’ll have to put in more effort in this battle than I originally hoped for” The heroine focused the abilities of both outras, multiplying her capabilities. Carsin was preparing to reverse his enemy’s attack when Kasada suddenly sent a massive blow to his back, he fell to his knees for a moment before rising back up. He could see that Mashida had made a duplicate of herself to distract him.

“Very clever, you were able to attack me from behind with a surprise attack...however, it won’t happen again” She smiled before two copies of herself went on the offensive, attacking their foe head on with quick melee attacks. Meanwhile Kasada concentrated on her outras...suddenly a pink aura circled around her when a burst of light shot out in every direction like an EMP wave.

The clones vanished as a grin appeared over her face.

“I’m curious to know why you’re so happy all of a sudden, what do you have to be happy about? Both your parents are dead and you have no friends to support you, maybe you’ve gone insane from the stress”

“Heh, if you think that’s the case...then come and end my life as if it were no trouble” Carsin smirked before dashing forward in her direction. As he went for a devastating strike to finish the fight, he instantly felt a sharp pain surge through his body. The villain hit the ground laying on his back.

“Really, that’s the best you can do?” Again, the combatant went for an attack but went staggering back from a fierce kick from Kasada

“I don’t understand, you were far below my level up until now. What could’ve changed in such a short amount of time!?”

“Out of all people I thought you would catch on rather quickly but guess not, reason why I've become so much stronger is because my parent’s outras aren’t something I summon or focus on anymore, they’ve become a part of me in full sync”

“What do you mean sync!?” he shouted as the foe rose to his feet.

“Meaning that whenever I attack, it’s as if both outras are attacking with me at once which is why I said in sync” Carsin flew off in an escape but Kasada just watched, she didn’t move or attack, just watched...

CHAPTER 4 : Understanding the true power of Will

Years later Kasada Mashida was now in her early 30’s, all of her abilities and power had increased nearly 20 times! She was capable of stopping time for 30 minutes at the most, depending on her concentration and the mental power of her target. She found a guy named Takioko Midori, he had red hair and gold eyes as if the sun were reflecting off them. After three years of being together, they had twins; one boy, one girl. The girl had dark blue hair with her father’s golden eyes. Their son had red hair with light blue eyes that seem to glisten in the smallest hint of light. Their names were: Misumi and Nobuko...

Both twins were 10 years old, they were young...but also growing mature rather fast compared to average kids. “Mom when can me and Misumi train with you? I don’t think we’re getting anywhere just playing together”

“Fine you can train with me, but no crying from either of you...and I'm only gonna use about 20% of my power” Misumi nodded as the twins stood next to each other ready for their new opponent. Their mother formed a small sphere the size of tennis ball then shot it straight for the two kids. Nobuko evaded the attack when his sister surprisingly caught it and threw it right back. Kasada protected herself with a violet barrier just as her attack erupted in a massive explosion, Masumi and Nobuko jumped back nearly getting caught in the blast.

“That was close” her son commented shaking a little from the blast. The boy flew towards his target but wasn’t that fast since he hadn’t practiced that much. She dogged the rush attack before catching her son’s leg at the last second. She laughed and threw him back to his sister. She caught Nobuko and sat him behind her.

“My turn” she took a deep breath when suddenly...Misumi made two duplicates of herself, they rushed in Kasada’s directions when their mother suddenly stopped time... She jabbed both clones while walking towards her daughter when suddenly, Misumi’s arm twitched! Kasada was surprised by this, normally when she stopped time others wouldn’t be able to move or even be aware that time had stopped. That’s when time started to move again, Misumi managed to duck under the incoming strike and tripped her.

“What!?” she managed to land on her feet and catch her balance. “How were you able to move Misumi!?”  she took a deep breath focusing her mental concentration only on her mother...

“I figured out your time technique, I’m only able to stop time for three seconds but seem to be able to move my body faintly while time is stopped”
Before her mother could reply a ray of light went past them, impacting the street. They turned to see Genoka, a long-lost friend of Kasada.

“Genoka…it’s been awhile, how’s your life been since we got through your situation years ago?” She didn’t respond, instead just stood there starring at them with a faint red glow around her irises.  Suddenly she took off at great speed in there direction, not taking her eyes off them.
“Look out!” Misumi cried out seconds before the enemy could strike, Kasada pushed her daughter out of the incoming threat’s path. Genoka rammed into the girl sending them backwards until they hit a office building in the middle of town. Tons of workers took of screaming, running down the stairs or trying to get the elevator open.

“Back off!” Kasada released an energy that covered the office floor in a ray of light. When it cleared, she saw her friend on one knee with scratches all over her body. Kasada thought it was over when the combatant was surrounded in an outline of red light. “What!?” The heroine exclaimed. Genoka’s wounds slowly healed as she rose back to her feet.

“Enough of this!” both fighters clashed with immense blows every second, glass shattering all around them like sparkling rain. Her once close friend smirked before grabbing Kasada by the fist, she was sent forward through the air until she hit a large semi truck hauling a large tank of gasoline. The warrior slowly got up realizing that the tank was leaking large amounts of dark liquid all over her.

“Shit” she commented trying to wipe most of it off. Genoka formed a fireball the size of a baseball before throwing it full speed towards the damaged tank. As soon as the sphere of flames made contact, the entire tank blew up in a large burst of fire and smoke.

“Mom!” Misumi cried out watching the blaze of fire travel across the pool of gas, as the flames quickly made their way towards the poor girl as the intense light made its way towards her, she couldn’t do anything but stare. Just then, as Misumi prepared to feel a deep burning…Nobuko grabbed her by the collar dashing over the wave of flames.

“Now Genoka…prepare to witness my sukaito!” The villain laughed with a hand over her mouth.

“Sukaito…sounds like a word you made up to sound intelligent you little worm” The boy closed his eyes while talking a calm breath.

“I assure you, this isn’t a bluff…neither my mother nor sister has seen this form, I promised myself I would only use this if it meant life of death for those I care about. Now let us reveal the Sukaito!” Suddenly the teen's  red hair changed to gray, along with his blue eyes going silver. “Now…shall I make the first move?” The women hesitated at first before regaining herself.

“Altering your appearance makes no difference!” Genoka created a shuriken out of her energy then launched it straight for the powered up foe. He managed to evade it moments before it made contact.

“Nice shot, time to show you my capabilities” Nobuko focused a sphere of energy in his hand before sending it off towards Genoka, she managed to deflect it away, sending it across the area into a home that happen to be an old two story house. Nobuko wasted no time and went to check out the damage. Luckily no one had lived in that house for years so there were no casualties.

Meanwhile Misumi found her mother out cold by a closed store, she laid there motionless as the girl approached her. Misumi walked over placing her palm on the side of her wounded parent's neck…

“She’s ok, she’s just unconscious” as she lifted her up and ascended up into the air their villain  spotted them, she attempted to fire a beam from her index finger.

“I won’t let you hurt anyone else!” Nobuko struck her hand causing a loud crack to ring out.

“You-you bastard!” she began firing a barrage of violet beams of energy towards the powered up warrior but missed each shot. As each ray left her hand, the thin line of light would pass the warrior by inches of contact.

“Enough of this” he aimed two fingers out in front of him before shooting beams Similar to hers as a for of karma. But as each beam left his tips, they, struck their target each time. Each beam went straight through her until Nobuko lowered his hand. She collapsed on the pavement with wounds all over her body. The hero walked over to his defeated combatant to see if they were still alive. Genoka laid there with blood coming from all over her body including her mouth.

“Why did you attack us…what’s your motive?” At that moment her eyes changed colors and the wounded opponent shook from the terrible pain.

“I…I was…controlled by….Silver Death” Tears Began running down her face as she finally died.

“Silver…Death, such a strange name…but I will find them and put an end to this pointless slaughter”

Nobuko started studying the name Silver Death. It was supposed to mean when an unknown cause would drive others to kill those close to them. The teen continued to dig deeper but couldn’t find much else.

“Hmmm…he’s covered his tracks well, doesn’t seem to have any events or Evidence that would help”

While Misumi watched over their injured mother, her brother searched for any clues to who silver Death would be…many days went by but still nothing was found… Nobuko finally gave up and stayed at his mother’s side.

“I’m sorry mother…I’ve failed you, I’ve looked all over but can’t find a  hint of your friend's controller. But don’t worry, if there's more enemies coming for us, ill beat them” He kissed his sleeping mother’s head and sat back down in the chair by the corner of the room…

Hours went by…Just then an explosion rang out in the distance.

“Was wondering when someone would appear” Nobuko commented as he rose from his chair. The fighter went outside when a vehicle came hurtling towards the house where they were staying. It impacted a few feet from the warrior’s location, he stood waiting… At that moment, a man appeared…he had navy blue hair with golden eyes, he was wearing blacks as well.

“Do you need something?” Nobuko responded with his powered up form rushing over his body for a second before vanishing.

“My name is Naberious Cassiel, I’m the most powerful Outra user in the world” Nobuko clinched his fists.

“What makes you think that?” he asked not looking away from his combatant. Naberious grinned as two separate Outras became visible on both sides of him. “That can’t be…even if you can hold multiple Outras within you, the user shouldn’t be capable of using them at the same time!”

“Well seems like I’ve proved that fact wrong” The hero unleashed his incredible power with sparkles of light appearing around his body. Naberious sent his left inner self at his foe as an offensive while his right created a large purple force field to protect its user from any surprise attacks.  His foe’s offensive contained potent levels of power that forced its target back with every strike, Nobuko could barley get a hit in from the overwhelming opponent. Suddenly Naberious’ outra found an opening, proceeding to strike the warrior in the chest.

“Ack!” The boy managed to gain distance but collapse in the street moments later from loss of blood.

“Such a pity that you'd fail here even with your amazing power” he placed his foot on Nobuko’s back putting more force on it every moment. “I will finish you off then kill your allies” Nobuko tried to get up but was to close to losing consciousness to escape his enemy's grasp…

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