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Part 3

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The battle continues as they grow stronger.

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Inner self 3

It’s been years since the world became aware of the outra, a physical form of one’s mental strength. Nobuko, the son of Trimo and Puriara was the first hybrid outra. The average outra user must awaken their inner self, however Nobuko was born by two outras. Making him a pure outra hybrid able to live without a user…

CHAPTER 1 world Wide Outras

After so much time had passed and all the commotion, the secret to acquiring an inner-self was known throughout the world instead of just the U.S. Nobuko was believed to have been killed by Naberious Cassiel, but his death was never official…along with the location of his surviving allies…

New York, 5:00 A.M… Sumiko Toyoko was a 15 year old boy who was one of the few people that learned about the inner-self at a very young age, especially since they were online very often. He had red hair, green eyes and pale skin. He also seemed to wear his favorite black hoodie wherever he went. The teen walked through the busy streets, echoes of cars and sirens. Just then he paused in his tracks, standing on the icy pavement of the sidewalk.

(I can feel an outra nearby, their power has a strong feeling, as if it’s making my insides tingle) He used his outra’s force to launch himself into the air, landing on a rooftop close to the source of the user’s energy. That’s when he saw a dark figure making their way down the street.

(Strange, New York doesn’t have may outra users, if he’s usually around here I’m sure I would’ve felt this kind of power before) Sumiko dropped down in front of the mysterious man. “Where are you headed may I ask?” He questioned. His target slowly looked up revealing to be Cassiel. His navy blue hair blowing in the wind, with the street light reflecting light off his golden eyes.

“I don’t need your assistance” he responded. Suddenly a large buff black outra emerged and threw a fierce punch. Sumiko’s other finally showed itself, a large cyborg-looking figure with silver armor and gold light in the center of it’s chest. His other managed to block it but went staggering back down the street causing immense damage to the area.

Citizens began to leave their cars, running away. “Sadora fire!” his outra did as commanded, the large armored being formed a large launcher on it’s shoulder. “Target locked” it said in an A.I voice. Sadora shot a powerful missile made out of gold energy aimed toward the villain. Cassiel had his dark inner-self stand in front of him as cover. It put it’s palm out to catch it but as the projectile made contact, it blew up sending a shockwave of electricity in all directions. Cassiel was paralyzed by the wave while causing his other to vanish.

“W-what!?...why can’t I move!?” The boy grinned before pointing at his opponent, signaling his other to fire an all-out attack while he was defenseless. “Command received, commence attack” his giant cyborg formed his hands into machine guns and began firing at an incredible rate, the area being destroyed by the tsunami of bullets. Cassiel was shot over 100 times before Sumiko recalled his outra back inside his body.

“Are we finished here?” he asked crossing his arms. Just then his foe started to laugh. Sumiko was horrified about this, how could he be laughing drenched in their own blood at the brink of death!? That’s when the villain faded away like smoke.

“No, that couldn’t’ve been an outra, I’ve never seen anyone have more than one. Could he be doing what I think he is?”

“Correct, I’m using clairvoyance to see through their eyes while I’m in a safe distance, you may’ve given me a great deal of damage, but nothing that can’t be healed in due time” Sumiko searched the area but could not find a trace of Cassiel or his outras.

“Darn it, there’s a possible murderer on the loose somewhere but he’s out of range of my sensing ability. This is just great, not only does he have two outras, he can have one disguised as him!”


The real Cassiel walked down into a large prison-like area where Nobuko was being kept prisoner. “Ah Nobuko, do you know why I’m keeping you alive?” The bruised and wounded warrior just glared at him. He attempted to fire an energy ball from his hand but couldn’t seem to keep it strong enough to attack. “You poor boy, when will you realize you’ve lost this war? Just be glad I haven’t found the others yet…but when I do, they’re dead. I keep you alive only because you’re the only outra hybrid there is” The villain walked back up the steps and slammed the door leaving his prisoner in the dark with just tiny windows across the room.

Nobuko sat there, barley able to move, hearing rats scurry around the ground by his feet... (W-wait…where’s Misumi!?”)

Sumiko was still searching when he felt a random source of energy. He went to street and found an abandoned shelter made out of steel, he found it’s location in the city streets suspicious. As he walked cautiously through the living room he felt as though something was watching him, he summoned Sadora and had it do a bio-scan of the area, it sent out a wave that could pick up any sign of life in a mile radius.

Just then his outra picked up life in the basement. They raced downstairs to find Nobuko laying in his cell still badly injured.

“Are you ok!?” Sumiko said starring at the hurt man. The red-haired man looked at him, his blue eyes seemed as if they had darkened. “Y-yea…just in a lot of pain and can’t focus my abilities to get out” Sumiko nodded as his outra turned it’s arm into a saw beginning to break through the bars of the cell. Suddenly Cassel came into the basement. “Heh, I knew you would come try to be the hero and save him. Alas, yours and his deaths are coming ever closer”

“Casadora electric field!” His outra stopped sawing turning towards the tyrant and released a protective barrier from their foe. Meanwhile Sumiko struck the weakened bars attempting to get through or open the door.

“your insolence will be the end of you!” The villain drew out his Outra, it was a buff dark-armored creature with blue eyes. “My offensive Outra will tear through that barrier like cardboard!” The dark other sent a barrage of blows to the shield, it seemed no matter how hard or how much his Outra hit Casadora's barrier, he was unaffected by the electricity. Nobuko could only lay and watch motionless as their protection began to crack from the immense stress.

“Defense S.N.S!” The boy commanded. His stand came out of the barrier as it's core turned red, heat built up so much Casadora's body also became dark red. “Activating S.N.S” The A.I voice announced. Cassiel had his Outra stretch both hands out in both directions to Shield the user as the warrior's cyborg blew up in a fierce explosion. Once the smoke cleared the villain’s other stood there still in place but shaking from the pain. Finally it collapsed on the ground withdrawing back inside it's user.

“D-damn it…I took more damage than I anticipated” As the assailant was about to retreat, he hit the ground out cold.

“Good that gives me some time” Sumiko aimed his hand at the remains of his Outra…Nobuko watched as all the pieces began putting themselves back together until his other was fully repaired.

“I-I was wondering why you weren’t destroyed along with him” He commented. They broke open the bar door and Sumiko helped the paralyzed warrior to his feet taking him away. “Casadora…keep your weapon locked on him while I get Nobuko out of here”

“Primary Objective : Guard Cassiel” it responded. After 10 minutes of carrying his wounded ally they rested inside a pizza café that still seem to be in business. The boy checked his wallet to see if he had any money, luckily he had $100 left. “I'd like a large stuffed crust pizza with garlic bread and one two-liter of soda. He handed the casher the money and sat with Nobuko at a handicap booth since he was still mostly paralyzed.

“Here's your order. By the way did either of you hear that explosion in the distance earlier? Freaked me out nearly dropped my phone”

“Y-yeah” the red-haired man replied weakly reaching for the pizza.

“You sure you don’t want me to help you?” Toyoko asked. His wounded friend shook his head managing to get the slice of pizza in his mouth and began eating it.

“Target is regaining consciousness what is your orders?” The teen could hear in his head. (Retain) he commanded…

Back at the destroyed shelter Casadora shot waves of electricity that pinned the enemy to the ground like cuffs on his hands and feet. The assailant summoned his Outra but was struck in the torso with great force. The pain went from his Outra back to him. Blood dripped from his lips while his other faded away.

“T-this can’t be happening…I’m the strongest outra user in the world!” Suddenly Casadora announced : “Order received : Terminate Cassiel” The cyborg aimed it’s large hand at the pinned villain. A massive blast of power shot out of it's hand completely annihilating the evil target. “Target destroyed objective complete” Casadora activated his jet back taking off for their user…

Meanwhile Toyoko and his friend had finished half the pizza and soda. The cyborg landed in the street faintly shaking the ground.

“Do you guys feel that?” The casher responded looking at them.

“Feel what?” Toyoko replied as if the man was crazy. The casher shrugged and went back to work. The teen smirked and had his cyborg open the door and go in by separating it’s parts then putting itself back together. The cashier shook with fright when the door opened and closed by itself. The two outra users tried to hold in their laughter at the paranoid employee. Even with his injuries Nobuko couldn’t help but laugh…

It was about a week until Nobuko was finally well enough to move around normally. Along with being able to use his abilities once more. It was then that Casadora had picked up police reports of strange things happening, not only around the U.S, but around the world.

“Hmph, seems more and more people are awaking their outras, this could be really bad. A lot of outra users seem to be evil or selfish instead of using their ability to help others” Sumiko commented before they took off for the latest report…

They detected a disturbance in Japan near shibuya. As Casadora landed letting Sumiko off with Nobuko right behind him, they couldn’t help but notice how crowed it was in Japan compared to the U.S. Toyoko had his outra do an area scan for any outra energy in the range. But Casadora responded “ There is no threat in the current area”

“Should’ve known it wasn’t gonna be that easy. We’ll just have to keep looking or wait until the user acts again” However it wasn’t long till another occurrence transpired. But this time it happened just across the street from where they were. The two men shot their attention to the disturbance having Casadora once more scan for outras. This time they managed to locate a outra, it was like a dark angel. It moved fast, Sumiko commanded his outra to track and follow the other not to let it escape.

The dark angel moved quickly, knowing it was in possible danger. It bobbed and weaved around buildings and through side streets. It doubled its speed almost instantly with its power. (They will not catch me) it thought. Sumiko focused through his outra’s vision watching as their suspect was getting farther away.

(No, I won’t let this happen) he thought. With a hand swiping motion Casadora fired multiple projectiles toward them. Multiple missed lighting up the dark night when one blew up around their target’s waist causing them to lose balance landing in a small ally. Nobuko along with the outra descended down in front of him while Sumiko watched through Casadora’s eyes.

The dark angel got up from the ground of the alley and launched Upward into the sky.  He looked down at his foes before flying off in a panicked hurry. “I must be more careful!” He continued to soar across the sky till they reached the highest point in the city. Nobuko reached the very tip near the outra while Casadora hovered nearby with it’s jetpack.

(Better take these pests out before they locate my user!) The mysterious outra took a deep breath then blew a green toxic gas into it’s hands. The gas formed into a sphere-shaped object. The foe shot it straight for Nobuko since he knew gas wouldn’t effect a cyborg. Nobuko held his breath jumping off the side of the gigantic sky scrapper. While falling, he charged up electricity in his left palm. Throwing his arm forward the warrior shot a fierce bolt of lightning straight for his target. Their enemy’s toxic orb burst, releasing a wave of gas while Nobuko’s lightning strike continued to ascend upward towards it’s target. Dark angel was struck by Nobuko’s lightning attack, causing him to fall from the high altitude.

Just as the assailant was moments from impacting the street, they managed to grab a street light. It took most of the force of his fall before braking, causing him to hit the street, luckily with less force. As it was getting up, Cassadora shot a tracker to the outra’s back…

Sumiko met up with them eventually. Nobuko told him how the fight went since his outra only watched from a distance.

“Luckily I put a tracker on him, though it won’t be much good for long once his user calls him back” After resting for a few minutes, they continued tracking Dark angel with Sumiko’s outra. Once they were close, the signal randomly vanished. Luckily they were on the end of town where there weren’t anywhere to go or hide without being seen.

Nobuko carefully searched the area while Sumiko was using his outra to scan the area for either life or an outra’s energy. The outra user’s eyes widened as they detected not one but two figures, both with outras as well. Sumiko and his cyborg turned their attention toward the new outra figure that was moving at incredible speed. The hero knew that his target was headed for Nobuko.

“Nobuko!” He commanded his outra to fire a missile straight for the mysterious outra headed for the ally. It shot from Cassadora’s fist aimed toward the figure. Nobuko spun around to witness an outra that looked like a man in crusader armor without a helmet, deflect the fast projectile. He went for Nobuko. But just as the other went for a slash with his sword, the warrior caught it clapping his hands together.

Blood dripped from his hands. But it was better than getting hit head on by the fierce blade.

“Is that really all you got?” The crusader responded still forcing his blade toward his foe. Suddenly the hybrid outra kicked the blade out of the crusader’s grasp letting Nobuko jump back still holding his combatant’s blade. “So you have my sword, wouldn’t make much of a difference”

The warrior dashed straight for the crusader holding his sword tightly in both hands. Just as it seemed Nobuko was going to hit him with his own blade, the warrior instantly stopped in place as if he were in some kind of sleep paralysis. He could move his eyes and hear, but couldn’t move any other part of his body.

“Awww you poor boy. Looks like you can’t move” They both watched as the outra walked closer toward the stunned man. Sumiko ordered Cassadora to protect their ally at all cost.

“Order received” the cyborg announced. It suddenly split into pieces headed for it’s target. The opponent threw his fist toward Nobuko when the cyborg suddenly attached himself to the ally like a battle suit. Cassadora took most of the force of the blow. Sumiko fell to his knee with all the air knocked out of him.

“W-wow, what power” He commented. Luckily the boy stood back up catching his breath.

“Seems your outra is stronger than I gave it credit for” He turned toward Sumiko who was now defenseless. “Looks like you’re wide open!” The crusader went for the teen when Nobuko blocked his path still protected in Cassadora’s parts.

“Stay back” his ally responded before punching their foe full force in the ribs. Nobuko’s strength combined with Cassadora’s power and armor sent their opponent staggering backwards across the city until impacting an auto garage causing the entire area to go up in flames. Nobuko dashed over to the wave of flames waiting for his target to show himself.

Sumiko slowly made his way towards the area when a beam of purple light shot out of the wall of flames. The open boy was hit through the chest causing him to collapse with blood running from his wound.

“Sumiko!” His ally raced over making sure another one wouldn’t reach him. Cassadora’s parts fell from Nobuko turning transparent before fading completely. Tears filled the man’s eyes as he watched his only friend pass out. Nobuko quickly took his dyeing friend over to a field filled with tall grass and laid him down gently. “Don’t worry my friend…I’ll be back for you.

He returned to the burning street when the crusader emerged from the blazing wall of fire. “Who are you?” The man questioned.

“My name is Kasadus…this fight will finally end with your foot under my heel!


Sumiko opened his eyes to find himself laying on a small piece of land surrounded by a foot of water. Unsure where he was Sumiko slowly stood up walking through the puddle of water looking for anyone else. After a few minutes he saw a dark-haired man sitting on a flat circular rock like a chair.

“Excuse me sir” He stood just a few feet away from the man.

“I see you’re lost” he responded opening his eyes. His eyes were light hazel that seemed to shine in the faint ray of light.

“Where am I?” Sumiko asked. The man continued to calmly look at him replying: “You’re in the sinara world”

“The-the what?” he asked puzzled.

“The sinara world. It’s like the spirt world between life and death” Sumiko nodded beginning to understand.

“Is there anyway I can get back to my friend and help him?” The man nodded replying: “I allow those who awaken here a 2nd chance at life. But if you come back…I won’t be able to help you get back. He got up from his rock, placing both hands on the warrior’s face…His body began to become transparent like a spirt.

“Also, I’ve given you something to help in your battles. Make sure to stay alive this time” He finished. Moments later the hero awoke back within his body. Sumiko was still hurt but managed to get to his feet making his way to the battle. He called for his outra but couldn’t see or hear him.

“Where are you Cassadora!?” His user looked through his outra’s eyes to see them moving much faster than usual. The outra leapt from a nearby building aimed for their threat. Nobuko didn’t have much left, he stood a few feet from Kasadus barley able to stand. As the evil outra went for yet another blow, a hand caught it. Cassadora was standing between Kasadus and Nobuko. But, the once large cyborg was now a smaller human-size artificial human-like robot.

“Haha! Your outra looks more puny than it was earlier!” Cassadora grinned replying: “Yea, earlier” suddenly Kasadus was struck in the torso with far greater strength than he though possible. The outra was becoming transparent.

“No, I won’t let this happen!” The other took off as fast as it could with improved Cassadora right behind him. The user of the crusader managed to call him back so Sumiko’s outra couldn’t trace his enemy’s aura any further. However, his tracing capabilities had grown far better than it’s original self. The robotic outra scanned the area until picking up a human’s heat signature just a mile away.

He kept locked on to his target without much trouble even with all the shops and homes blocking some of his view. “Where do you think you’re going” Cassadora taunted blocking his foe’s path. The outra user was in his 30’s with dyed purple hair and green eyes. Looking as though he belonged to a punk rock band. “Hmph, didn’t expect you to look like this. Your outra looks more heroic than you. Normally it’s the other way around, like mine. Barley anyone trusts artificial robots” The user summoned his outra going for a rush attack but was quickly deflected just by smacking his hand away. Sumiko scanned the rebelling man’s brain, striking that area of his head disorienting him. The assailant tried multiple time to call his outra from his body but nothing happened.

“It’s no use, I’ve hit the part of your brain that focuses the outra. It won’t manifest for awhile until your wound is less damaged. Now…where’s your ally, the user of Dark angel?” He shook his head as if he didn’t know what the boy was talking about.

“Liar, I can sense his aura…his outra is nearby!” Suddenly Cassadora spun around, stopping an immense sphere of fire from impacting them.

(Just how much stronger has this outra become!?) The user thought shocked that the robotic outra realized the incoming threat and stopped it with one hand. The user knew all he could do was watch. Without his outra, he was pretty much useless. Finally it erupted in a dome of light. When the light and smoke cleared, there stood the evolved outra. It looked as though the attack hadn’t effected him, no cuts or wounds just some ash and dirt.

Both villains stared at their improved foe.

(How much stronger has this thing become) Dark angel thought beginning to doubt his power compared to the hero’s. Dark angel turned to his ally to notice that Kasadus had manifested next to it’s user. Both assailants used eye motions to plan an attack. Finally both outras went for a rush attack against the overpowered robot but were both utterly evaded. The outra stepped out of their way causing both fighters to strike one another across the face.

They laid there disoriented when Cassadora pushed both of them away with a wave of force that seemed like a rush of immense wind. Kasadus smashed through a window of an office building while Dark angel hit a truck.

“I-I can’t take much more of this” The user of the crusader outra responded barley able to stand.

“You could always give up so we could find other criminals misusing their outra” Sumiko commented. Before he could respond, Kasadus’ user collapsed on their face out cold, causing their outra to vanish once more.

“Looks like one of them is finally out of the picture. Now we just need to deal with Dark angel and finally find his user” Nobuko backed away, giving the two outras space. Dark angel stood motionless it’s black body with dark wings on his back. Sumiko motioned his hand to attack. Casadora clinched his fist, throwing a punch in their enemy’s direction. A vast shockwave of force rushed forward, causing the street to crack apart and nearby loose objects to go flying back like a horizontal tornado. Dark angel managed to stay on the ground, but could feel himself get pushed back a few feet.

(That was just a long-range punch!? Just how strong has this guy’s outra become in such a short time!?) He looked at the user who was still in bad condition, blood dripping from his wounds, but still managing to press on, controlling his inner-self without much trouble. In his condition, a user wouldn’t normally be able to sustain their outra for very long.

“Your outra may’ve gained tremendous power, but I know the truth…you’re bluffing, buying time. Look at you, you’re covered in your own blood shaking. I wouldn’t be surprised if you lost consciousness!” The evil being aimed his palm outward, facing Sumiko. (Alright, let’s see if I can get an opening) Dark angel fired a single fire ball headed for the wounded hero. Just as the sphere was a foot away from it’s target, the flaming sphere split into four smaller orbs.

The artificial human managed to reach his user in time, deflecting three of the projectiles. Just then Casadora realized only three of the fireballs were destroyed. (Where’s the last one!?) At that moment the flaming orb came flying out of nowhere, this one seemed different. Cassadora crossed his arms in blocking position. In a violent explosion, the hero’s other was blown away by the attack’s immense power.

Sumiko fell to one knee with one hand on the ground holding himself up. “C-can’t take much more” Toyoko responded out of breath. Suddenly the pain began to nullify, he managed to rise to his feet once more. The user looked to the right to see Nobuko sending his energy to him. Sumiko could feel his strength returning. A blue aura lit up around his body.

“Now, Cassadora, show this tyrant your full power!” His outra’s eyes turned red with light around it’s dark blue skin. He moved swiftly for his assailant. Before angel could react, the humanoid unleashed rapid blows to the outra’s torso then lowered his fists.

“Heh, seems you’re full power wasn’t enough” just as the villain said that, he collapsed in the middle of the street. “Ack! I can’t move!” Cassadora smirked replying: “You’re foolish if you haven’t realized what happen. I struck your weak points rapidly until I wore them down”

The outra scanned the area for Dark angel’s user…finally he detected a human out in the distance. “Cassadora, get him!” His outra took off in the direction of the user. Meanwhile Sumiko had Nobuko watch the stunned outra while the hero followed his other.

Toyoko raced after his outra when finally he saw the android cornering a man in a dead-end ally. The user wore a black office suit, had blonde hair and wore shades. The guy reminded Sumiko of an FBI agent. “Talk, who are you and why are you having your outra run around the city carefree!?” His target looked at him, his shades reflecting the light off a nearby red electric sign.

“My name is Toragami Arako, I am an agent of A.O.I.S corp. We master our inner-self, gathering info on other users in case they get out of control and we have to keep them in check.

(Yea sure, didn’t seem that way when he was running away and then attacking, I’m sure a rational officer would try to talk it out) Sumiko thought suspicious of the man. “If that’s so…what’s the abbreviations stand for?”

“Stands for: “Awaken Our Inner-Self” Toyoko crossed his arms but decided to believe him. The boy replied: “Well if you’re telling the truth, I’ll leave you be…but if I see you cause any trouble, I won’t hesitate to have my outra attack you. Funny, you would think this would be what you’d say to me” The teen left heading back to find Toragami’s other gone, But it didn’t surprise him, why keep your outra outside when you know they’ve located your true self.

They headed outside of the run down part of town where they rested in a coffee shop. As they enjoyed their cups of coffee, Sumiko explained to Nobuko how the man told him he was part of a corporation called: A.O.I.S though the teen was skeptical, that man didn’t seem like part of a peace-keeping company. “He’s probably lying to cover up dark intentions. Though we don’t have proof to convict him of anything, so our best course of action is to wait and see if he makes another move”

“Agreed” His ally replied finishing his drink…Days pasted, nothing seemed to pop up. Once in the afternoon and once at night, Sumiko would have his inner-self scan for outra users. Normally he would either not find any activity, or the citizens with an awakened outra wouldn’t even use them, at least not in a criminal way. Only outra activity Toyoko managed to catch was a man opening doors and doing stuff with his other he was to lazy to do himself.

“I know he’s not causing in problems, but that guy just irritates me, the fact he’s lazy, abusing the power of his outra just because he doesn’t want to put in the effort!” Sumiko nodded agreeing with his friend.

“It’s true, to think such a great power would be wasted like that…people like that shouldn’t be given such a special gift, I’m sure there’s plenty of humans that would use his outra the way “we” believe it should be used” Just then the young user had an idea. “Cassadora, go to that man and deactivate the part of his brain that controls his outra, that man needs to learn not to rely on such a great ability”

Nobuko stood by his ally, watching Cassadora descend from the cliff they were perched on, down to the man’s front yard. It knocked on the man’s door. Once the user answered, the humanoid chopped the fat man on the side of the head before walking back toward it’s user.

“What the hell!? You think you can just hit me and walk away!?” The out of shape man aimed his hand toward the outra and made a clinching motion…nothing happened. “what is this…why hasn’t my ability taken effect!?”

Cassadora turned around replying: “You can no longer use your outra anymore, I may be a hero…but watching you misuse such an ability is sickening you don’t deserve such a power” The out of shape man fell to his knees beginning to cry while the humanoid returned to his user.

“Hmm…are you sure we did the right thing? I know I started this, but are you sure we had to attack that man?” Nobuko commented. His ally turned to him, his red hair covering the right side of his face replying: “Don’t worry, only his outra was sealed away, the man hasn’t lost any other brain functions. Cassadora’s robotic accuracy makes him perfect for nulling a person’s outra”

CHAPTER 2 A coming storm  

Both men sat on the edge of an apartment building’s roof when Sumiko’s outra detected an outra’s energy out in the distance. Both went straight for the source, a few streets down they came across a man dressed in a black tuxedo with a rainbow rose in the right side of his torso. (This has got to be an outra, a normal man wouldn’t just be walking around town in a fancy suit with a rose that doesn’t even exist unless it’s fake)

“Cassadora scan!” His other’s eyes lit up red, scanning the being that just stood there smiling at them. “Results: Non-human, possible outra” His inner-self reported. The being rolled it’s neck around then held it’s hand out.

“Hello my friends, to what may I ask is the reason you’ve taken such interest in me”

“We know you’re an outra, we’ve come to see what you use your inner-self for. If you have evil intentions, we will find out!” Nobuko responded.

“Ah how noble of you, but I’m afraid I can’t help you, isn’t my business my own? There for I bid you farewell” The outra blew a cloud of pink glitter towards the two warriors. Nobuko’s eyes filled with a pink light, he stood there paralyzed. Toyoko managed to order an attack before being paralyzed by the gas as well. Cassadora rushed through the cloud of smoke going for an attack. As the outra went for a blow, it became transparent before vanishing.

Sumiko tried to break free from the paralysis but it was no use. The suited outra bowed to them like a gentlemen then ascended up into the blue sky flying away. After they couldn’t see him, the paralysis wore off. Both heroes hit the ground, their body in pain from trying to fight the effect.

“D-damn it…how could he escape our grasp so easily!?” Toyoko shouted in anger. They quickly got up, heading t the top of a building in attempt to find the suited being. However, they saw no trace of him. “Great the man’s vanished and we have no way to track him unless he uses an ability in my outra’s scanner range”

They now had two targets to watch out for: Toragami and the strange magic man. They spent a lot of time in a small store, mainly since a man had a radio on and they were hoping to hear of any problems popping up.

“We’re getting nowhere” Nobuko complained putting his face on the table in annoyance. His friend agreed, they had waited days for anything to occur but so far no sign of an outra has sprung up. Finally the red head told his ally to search the city and just alert him when he finds something.

Nobuko nodded heading out into the large city as it began to get dark. Sumiko sighed just listening to the radio…

Nobuko soared through the skies, carefully checking every street he could. After about two hours of searching, the warrior was about to head back when he was electrocuted out of nowhere. The guy fell from high above the city, impacting the streets below leaving a crater. Looking up, Nobuko found himself in front of the mysterious outra.

“It’s you, the Magic man!” His assailant smirked with his hands behind his back replying: “Mmmm, Magic man…I like the sound of that. I hadn’t given my outra a name yet but that will suffice. I was hoping you two would split up to look for me. With only one of you to deal with, this just got a lot easier”

Magic man lifted Nobuko up from the street, holding him up by his neck. “Poor boy, to think you’ve gone through such hell already” Just as the warrior tried to call out to his partner using telepathy, the tyrant transfigured his right arm into a large blade. It pierced Nobuko’s torso, sticking out the other side. “Adieu my friend, you’ll see your friend soon…once you’re both dead”


Toyoko sat there wondering what was taking his friends so long. The boy finally decided to leave and search for his partner. Just as the user walked outside, he noticed Magic man standing out in the distance with yet again a smile on his face, wearing his black tux. Without warning, the villain fired a bolt of electricity in Sumiko’s direction, luckily it missed him by an inch. The hero could feel the power rush past him, blowing up a dark-blue truck a few feet behind him. The young fighter felt his body frozen in fear, no matter how hard he tried, it was as if he was paralyzed again.

(Fine, if my body won’t move, Cassadora will!) His android other took off at full speed for the murderer. Just as the outra went for the attack, Magic man touched Cassadora’s torso with his index finger, completely freezing the other in time. “You monster!” Toyoko cried out. Using his anger and desire to avenge his friend, the hero broke from his fear running towards the tyrant full speed.

Suddenly Sumiko was sealed in an aqua colored barrier. He saw a man standing in front of him between Sumiko and Magic man. The stranger wore a black jacket with jeans and gray shoes. Also they had black hair. “Stay back…I’ll take care of this psycho” his new ally commented in a serious tone.

The young fighter could see an aqua-colored aura emanating from the man’s body. (Could he be a mastered outra user? Capable of using his inner-self’s abilities without summoning them?!) He watched in amazement. His ally approached the Magic man slowly without hesitation. The foe once more blew a wave of pink glitter-like gas toward him, however it rush past him as if he were inside an invisible barrier.

“Hmph, you’ll have to do better than that my friend” Just then the stranger moved at incredible speed, right up to his opponent. Magic man found himself unable to keep up with his new target’s speed. Just then he felt as if his chest was getting struck repeatedly. The suited outra turned his head to the side to see his foe standing on the sidewalk watching. Finally the blows stopped and Magic man fell to one knee clutching his chest from the great pain.

“H-how were you able to attack me from over there without moving!?”

“You must be dull if you didn’t realize it was a delayed attack” The unknown warrior responded with his arms crossed.

“D-delayed…attack?” Magic man commented. His target sighed replying: “A delayed attack is an attack that takes a few seconds to take affect, which means you were two seconds behind me” Sumiko saw the once smiling outra filled with rage from being treated like as joke. Their opponent clinched his torso from the fierce pain running through his body.

“I-I was hoping this day would go by smoothly, but I see I’ll have to retreat for the time being!” Holding out his right palm, he unleashed a powerful shockwave, the others watched as the world was turned gray. Toyoko was frozen in time, along with everything else in the entire city.

(This is my strongest outra ability, it also takes a lot out of me, but hopefully it’ll buy me time to escape) He checked to make sure the two heroes were still motionless. Finally he proceeded back to his user that was inside a hospital miles away. As his outra withdrew inside him, he heard a voice.

“Wow a hospital, I didn’t think you’d be hiding in here” The man turned around, shaking in fear. “H-how did you find me!?” Magic man’s user cried out, unable to move from his growing fear. The unknown hero walked toward him replying: “Tisk, tisk, you really are dumb. Here’s a tip next time you use your time manipulation…Try wounding them to make sure they’re not just faking”

The villain just stood there with his jaw hanging down. The warrior formed a blue blade made from his aura around his hand, dashing forward. In one attack, he killed the magic man’s real self. Blood splattered across the white room’s wall, running to the floor forming a puddle. A small pink orb began to rise from the man’s body.

“This must be his outra, the power of Magic man…”He held it in his right palm for a moment then crushed it in his grip. “His outra did have great power…but to take it for myself would just be selfish. I have no need for such sin” With the tyrant defeated, the user made his way back to his ally. Sumiko stood confused on what had happened. His ally explained he became frozen in time just long enough for the outra to get back to it’s human-self. But was defeated just moments ago.

“Thank you! I probably would’ve beaten him if you hadn’t shown up” Toyoko responded with a smile on his face even with his injuries. Their savior replied: “No worries, I’d never let such a pure user be killed by one so greedy. That man had it coming, therefore I brought the karma that awaited him in time”

The boy walked over to his deceased friend, his body still laying in a pool of blood. A tear ran from his face onto the corpse’s chest, a faint light lit up where the tear had landed. Suddenly a green orb rose up from Nobuko’s body. Sumiko wiped his tears slowly reaching out for it. “What is this?” The boy asked feeling great power emanating from it as it levitated in his hands.

“That is the power of Nobuko’s outra when it’s departed his body” The stranger placed his hand on Toyoko’s shoulder. “I’m sure he’d want you to have it, you were his one true friend. When he was killed you didn’t care how strong your foe was, you went head-on, to avenge the one you lost…that is a true hero and friend. Take it, and become one with his outra’s essence so he may be with you even after death”

Wiping his face once more, the young man took a deep breath, absorbing the energy of his fallen friend. He could feel it flow into him. That’s when he saw Nobuko’s spirt standing in front of him smiling. It walked over placing it’s hand upon the boy’s cheek saying: “Don’t cry over my death, I had a long life, it may have been hard, but I’m glad I met you. Farwell Sumiko my last and greatest friend” The user couldn’t help but cry out loud as he watched his only friend rise up to the heavens then vanish in a faint flash of light.

“It’ll be ok, remember, he said don’t cry over him. I was touched the guy said he was glad to have met you, that’s a big complement, especially as someone’s last words” Cassadora’s user stood back up taking a deep breath.

“You’re right, I shouldn’t go against his dying wish. Nobuko was a great friend. I helped him when no one else could, I brought him back to full health when he was hurt and weak. I shall never forget him…Rest in peace Nobuko. I hope you have joined all your lost friends on the other side…”

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