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Book One Chapter 18: Prepare for the unexpected

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Haru and the girls were warned about a new threat.

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Last time, Haru and Megumi were being questioned about their previous actions. Aoi is still thinking about the fight he had with Haru.

Hey isn't your family that infamous for destruction? Natsumi asked. Yes, they are. Megumi replied. As the girls were talking Mashiro entered the dojo. Hey, dad is something wrong? Natsumi asked. You are safe, I am glad. Mashiro replied. Mashiro hugged Natsumi. Dad, why are you hugging me so tight? Natsumi asked. Hey, Megumi was this just the beginning? Yoshi asked. So Izanami is personally going to take out her other fighters above the Bara and others. Megumi replied. So you mean to tell me that the lady has fighter beyond fighters. I replied. Those are the real retainers and I really am concerned. Megumi replied. Megumi describes the retainers to us. I was kind of shocked at how she described them. I can only name a few of them. I met their parents when they were the Third Generation retainers of the Ono household. I heard they had kids but with women and men out their race so knowing the kid's names is another story. Megumi replied. I want you to beware because I felt the presence of one those damn monsters. Mashiro replied. Do you hear a man cowered in fear? Megumi replied. The Mashiro I know would never. Megumi replied. I don't want you fighting any of them Natsumi. Mashiro replied. Dad, how do you know these people? Natsumi asked. Before you girls were born, your father and I stopped were called to stop them. We nearly lost our lives in the process. Mashiro replied. Those people are dangerous and I refuse you all fight them. Mashiro replied. I refuse to let those people get under our skin. I replied. As Aunt Kaori once told me, "Men who cowered in front of their enemy shouldn't call themselves men". I replied. She's the same person who told off her superiors but that's not the issue. Gabriel replied. Dad, we will win and take the glory that goes along with it. I replied. It is getting late our heroines. Megumi replied. As soon as everyone went home. Haru encounters one of them. Little did she know what she got herself into. They were more conniving than what she thought.

Stay Tuned.
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