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Book Two Chapter 1: Entering the Casanova of Luxuria, Zhu Bao

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Haru and Orchid have encountered Bao Zhou and Min-Ji on the way home.

Category: Drama - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Published: 2020-02-26 - 410 words

Last time, Haru and the girls were warned about a new threat.

Well, I see that girl is supposed to be Haru Higashiyama. Salem replied. Which one of you wants to play with her a little? Salem asked. I think I might meet her. Bao replied. You just want to go after her because she's beautiful. Salem replied. So I also want to know what was going up against. Bao replied. Just let him go. He might be a flirt but he is capable. Min-Ji replied. When Orchid and I were walking to the bus station, a person came behind her. Who are you? I asked. Well you see, I wanted to meet you Haru Higashiyama. You are a sight for sore eyes. Bao replied. I'm flattered but if you put your hands on it wouldn't end well for you. I replied with a smile. I see your hard to please. Bao replied. Let me, guest, you are one of the retainers we heard about. Orchid replied. Yes, my name is Zhu Bao and it is a pleasure to meet you. Bao replied. I would love to bruise your pride right about now but I am on my way home. I replied. As Orchid and I walked further, he came out with his Dao and almost cut me in half. I turned into a shadow. So the rumors are true you do use that Dark Magic. Bao replied. I summoned my katana. They began to clash swords. A flash of crimson light broke them up. What the hell are you trying to prove by attacking her? Min-Ji asked. Stay out of this Min-Ji. Bao replied. Who are you, are you working that guy Sayuri? I asked. What if I am, what will you do about it? Min-Ji asked. I will make you pay ten times over for what you all have done to my friends. I replied. Are you angry that they are weak? Min-Ji asked. No, they aren't but you better be happy Natsumi didn't hear you say that. She would have let you have it. I replied. Well good night, I have to go to school in the morning. I replied. Orchid let's go. I replied. I will not let that wannabe Casanova slide with attacking you like that. Orchid replied. Orchid, I let him attack me on purpose. I replied. I still don't like it. Orchid replied. Well, we can tell Megumi in the morning.

Stay Tuned.
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