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she's got it all. But has she really?

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Taylor is popular, loved by everyone, smart and a really good Athlete. some people would say she has it all but the one thing she wants is the one thing she shouldn't have. please read give it ago.

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A normal Friday morning for Taylor Copland. she got up and 6am to go and look after her horse Mushy she had to feed, him muck him out and take him out to the field. After she had done Mushy for the morning she would go back home have a shower and get ready for school. At 8:30 her best friend Jackie would come to knock for her to walk to school together. Knock at the door.

Taylor's Mum: Taylor Jackie's at the door for you!
Taylor: Ok be right with you!

Taylor runs down the stairs grabs her bag and they begin walking to school Jackie and Taylor talked about everything Jackie's relationship with Danny the really cute drummer in the rock band their friends are in, Taylor's relationship with her trainer Tom, Taylor's training and schoolwork. Taylor is and excellent athlete her special events are hurdles and high jump; she has her own personal trainer Tom who was once a champion eventer until his knee injury meant he could no longer compete so he began his career as a Taylor's personal trainer and she trains with him every night after school. Taylor wants to be a top athlete when she's older but her parents want her to become a chemistry teacher. Taylor and her parents have many arguments over her future career. Taylor's parents are good friends with Taylor's chemistry teacher and head of year Mr Williams. Mr Williams doesn't like Taylor and has it in for her.

When they arrive at school they meet up with Danny, Sam, Greg and Fiona.

Gang: Hi guys
Taylor & Jackie: Hey
Greg: Taylor what you doing tomorrow?
Taylor: doing mushy and going training
Greg: oh we though you might like to come watch us play at the iced out club
Taylor: sorry don't think I can make it with the big competition coming up I need all the training I can get

Taylor and Jackie look at each other with a smirk on there face for a second

Fiona: is there something you two aren't telling us
Jackie & Taylor: no
Danny: you go training everyday can't you have just a few hours off to come watch us
Danny, Greg & Sam: Please
Taylor: ok I'll see what I can do
Greg: Great
School bell rings

Fiona: we going to form then now
Taylor: suppose we'll have to. Oh great we've got chemistry first lesson

Taylor wasn't pleased but Fiona looked really happy

Fiona: I like chemistry
Taylor: Yeh but you don't have Williams on your back all the time
Jackie: Yeh he does kind of have it in for you I don't know why though you're so good at it

At home after school Taylor's mum waiting to take Taylor to training

Taylor's mum: Are you ready yet Taylor I'm waiting'
Taylor: Yeh coming now'

Taylor rushed out of the house and got into the car


At the gym Tom was waiting for them Taylor jumped out of the car and rushed over to him.

Taylor: Hi sorry I'm late
Tom: it's ok I'm used to it
Taylor: yeh it's kind of a habit of mine fashionably late

They both laugh as they walk of to the sports hall

Tom: well you're defiantly ready for the competition
Taylor: oh good there's something I need to ask you is it ok if we give training a miss tomorrow because the guys are playing at the iced out club and they really want me to be there is that ok
Tom: yeh fine but seen as we won't see each other tomorrow then we'll have to make up for it now

Tom and Taylor start making out on the high jump mat


Taylor and Jackie walking to the stables to do Mushy the next morning

Jackie: Well did you get the day off training today
Taylor: of course you know I can be very persuasive when I want to be

Taylor started giggling

Jackie: and what do you mean by that
Taylor: I think you can use your imagination

They arrive at the stables Taylor & Jackie do the work together & then after Taylor tacked Mushy up and Jackie tacked up her horse Willow & They hacked out Together. When they got back they noticed Tom's car in the drive way.

Jackie: hey is that Toms car there
Taylor: yeh I wonder what he wants

That ride over to him

Taylor: Hey what you doing here
Tom: I got the papers to allow you to go to the competition next week
Taylor: really great
Jackie: well done Taylor
Tom: I'll give you a ride home if you want when you're ready
Taylor: oh thanks that would be great be with you in about 20 minutes you can come with if you want
Tom: no thanks I'll wait here


At Taylor's home getting her mums permission to allow her to go to the competition

Taylor: come on mum please let me go I can take my take book with me to study and it's in a 5 star hotel spa and if I win which I'm planning to I can get £2000
Taylor's mum: I don't think so you have really important exams coming up soon and 4 weeks is along time to be away
Taylor: mum I'm 17 and josh has been away for the same amount of time with his football competitions before and he's only 11
Taylor's mum: oh yes that's right I forgot all about it Josh is going the same place with the football they have a competition at the same place and time
Taylor: so can I go then
Taylor's mum: I suppose this once but I want you study as well and if you don't do as well as you should in the exams you'll give up eventing for a year
Taylor: a year you can't
Taylor's mum: I can so you'd better make sure you study and not just waste time
Taylor: fine then
Taylor's mum: and I want you to make sure you take care of your brother while your there too


Saturday night out side the Iced out club Fiona, Greg, Sam, Danny and Jackie were stood outside waiting for Taylor. Taylor comes running down the street with one shoe on and putting the other one on as she was running the gang started laughing

Taylor: really sorry I'm late again
Greg: its ok shall we go in now that where all here

They go in the show was brilliant

Taylor was all packed and ready to go to the competition. She hared Tom pull up in his car outside and rushed downstairs

Taylor: Tom's here I'm going now bye mum bye dad

She kissed them both and went outside to put her bags in the car

Taylor's mum: don't forget your brother
Taylor: oh yeh come on Josh hurry up

They arrive at the hotel Taylor & Tom check in the hotel. Taylor was sharing a room with her brother and Tom was sharing a room with Mr Williams. Outside Toms room

Tom: I don't get why the hotel messed up I was meant to have my own room. Whys Williams and your brother here anyway
Taylor: it's the football competition too and Williams is the coach I hate him so much he's got it in for me bad so we'd better watch out no messing about with people around
Tom: great can't wait to share my room with...
Taylor: sshhh

Williams comes round the corner with a boy the same age a Josh

Boy: Hi Taylor
Williams: Hello Miss Copland
Taylor: hi sir hi Jason

Williams and Jason walk off

Taylor: I don't know who I hate the most out of them two
Tom: who's the boy?
Taylor: Ambers little brother he's friends with Josh and on the football team Williams' golden boy don't know why josh can kick his ass
Tom: you're terrible for calling people
Taylor: no I just speak my mind
Tom: what ever

They laugh. Taylor's phone rings

Taylor: it's Jackie I wonder what she wants... hi Jackie...hold on Jackie slow down... oh no what did they say to you...ok no you did nothing wrong...thanks for the heads up see you later bye. She said she thinks m parents and Williams are on to us
Tom: What why what do they know
Taylor: she said that they were asking her a lot of questions about what she knows about us and the competition and that the football competition was meant to be last week but when Williams hared about my competition and that we would be her together he put it back to this week she didn't give anything away
Tom: ok we just can't let on about us to anyone and stay as far away from Williams as possible
Taylor: yeh great I'm gunna go unpack now see you later

Tom whispers in Taylor's ear

Tom: meet me by the pool to night no one will be there I privately booked it
Taylor: ok see you later

Taylor went down the corridor to her room


When Taylor got to the pool Tom was swimming Taylor got it ducked under to wet her hair back

Tom: hi
Taylor: so we're all alone then
Tom: yep
Taylor: well in that case...

She grabbed hold of him and they started making out


The next morning at 11am Taylor went down to the restaurant and had canned spaghetti on toast her favourite. She went and sat with Tom.

Tom: Afternoon glad you decided to get up and it's good that your having a healthy breakfast

He said sarcastically

Taylor: what's wrong with this the way I see it is the spaghetti is pasta which is healthy and the toast is brown bread which is good for you and well the butter's bad but I'll get over it
Tom: what you like no one would believe that you were an athlete
Taylor: what because I'm always so bothered about what I'm eating and how to improve my performance living with strict rules and having no fun yeh that life style sounds fun not
Tom: yeh sort of
Taylor: anyway explain what happens in this competition then
Tom: What the hotel guy told you before
Taylor but he sounded so boring I wasn't really listening
Tom: right well we train thought the week and on every Sunday you have a competition if you come 1st you get 15 points, 2nd 10 points and 3rd 5points and an extra 5 points for a personal best then at the end of the 4 weeks you go home for 2 weeks then we come back for the final competition and the champion of champions
Taylor: champion of champions what's that
Tom: all the people who come 1st in every event compete in the 100m sprint the winner gets a big trophy
Taylor: oh ok cool so we going training then because it's Friday which means I have my first competition in 2 days
Tom: yeh come on

They spent the rest of the day training

At the first competition Taylor came first in both hurdles and high jump. Taylor and Tom walking to the rooms after the competition.

Tom: you did really well today
Taylor: I'm shattered now
Tom: hopefully not too much I've got something to show you come on

Tom grabbed hold of Taylor's hand and starts walking of really fast down corridors then stops at an old unused cupboard and goes in

Tom: we can be alone in here nobody comes in here or down here no more
Taylor: yeh and there's a reason no body comes in here have you seen it
Tom: yeh but here we can be sure no one will find us
Taylor oh really
Tom: yeh come here

They start Making out


Morning in the restaurant Taylor's already sat eating a bowl of serial when Tom arrives

Tom: what you doing up so early
Taylor: josh had training this morning because they have a match later so I got up with him and went for a run but don't get used to it I like my lye-ins
Tom: I know

At Joshes football match Tom joins Taylor watching josh. Josh scores the winning goal

Taylor: well done josh you did really well
Tom: yeh you're both winners
Taylor: it must run in the family come on josh lets get you cleaned up then we can go for something to eat


Day of Taylor's second competition she came first in both competitions again which meant that she was at the top of the leader board Tom ran over and lifted her up as he gave her a hug. Williams walked over.

Williams: I'm not interrupting anything am i

Tom put Taylor down

Taylor: no why
Williams: no reason you did well to day keep it up

He didn't seem to convinced or sincere but Taylor didn't care

Tom: meet you in the cupboard at 9
Taylor: can't wait see you later


8:50 Taylor left her room and set of to the cupboard but on her way she seen Williams

Williams: What are you doing out this late Taylor
Taylor: going for... for a swim swimming helps relax me
Williams: Very well goodnight
As he began to set off and Taylor set back off for the cupboard but then Williams stopped and turned back

Williams: Taylor where are you going the swimming pool is that way
Taylor: Oh yes I'm still finding my way around here
Williams: Well in that case I will have to escort you to the pool then shall I
Taylor: Yes thank you sir if you have time

She said to avoid suspicion. When they got to the pool Williams finally left Taylor then when he was out of sight she ran off back to the cupboard it was 9:10

Tom: I was just about to give up and go back to my room I thought you'd stud me up
Taylor: I'm so sorry...your gunna have to give me a minute to catch my breath
Tom: What's the matter you look like you've ran a marathon
Taylor: I was nearly here then Williams spotted my looking very suspicious wanting to know where I was gong so I lied and said the pool then he offered to escorted me when he seen me coming the wrong way so then when we got there I had to wait till he was out of the way then run all the way back here but I'm here now so lets make the most of it

In the 3rd competition Taylor came first again. 2 days before the 4th competition Taylor and Tom walking back to their rooms after training

Tom: you can have the day off tomorrow if you want
Taylor: oh great because Jackie's coming down to spend the day with me and she's gunna stay over night to watch me in the competition then go home after the competition because she's gotta look after Mushy for me


Next morning Taylor goes down to the lobby to meet Jackie

Taylor: hi
Jackie: wow it's really posh here isn't it
Taylor: yeh you should see the spa as well
Jackie: you're so lucky
Taylor: shall we go for a walk and you can catch me up with all the gossip

Taylor and Jackie chatting in the hotel gardens

Jackie: well the bands doing really well they've had another 3 gigs since you've been away and Fiona's hibernating in her room we think she's not left her house all the holidays because she's studying oh yeh and Greg has a thing for you so any what about you how are you doing in the competition
Taylor: hold on go back a second what did you just say about Greg
Jackie: well the band we're rehearsing at Danny's house when Fiona and me came in but we walked in on Greg's confession that he likes you
Taylor: really
Jackie: yeh kind of puts you in a pickle because as far as he's concerned you free and single but that's not the case is it
Taylor: nope anyway I don't need to say anything unless he says anything to me but if he does then I have a problem
Jackie: yeh you do
Taylor: anyway how's Mushy doing
Jackie: he's fine missing his mum though
Taylor: oh great. You wanna get something to eat
Jackie: sure

They set off for something to eat


It was the day off the 4th competition Jackie and Tom was watching as Taylor once again came first in both competitions. Jackie and Tom came down to congratulate her.

Jackie: well done you're at the top of the leader board and you we're worrying that you wouldn't even come 3rd
Tom yeh she's doing brilliantly
Jackie: well I'm gunna have to leave you now my trains due soon
Taylor: ok thanks for coming I'll see you when I get Home
Jackie: ok see you
Taylor: bye

Taylor and Tom walked back to there rooms. They stop out side Toms door.

Taylor: I missed you yesterday
Tom: me to
Taylor: there's no one around

She gave him a quick kiss but just then Jason came round the corner and caught them

Jason: oommmm I'm telling
Taylor: Jason no
But it was too late he'd bumped into Williams

Jason: coach, coach Taylor and her trainer were kissing
Williams: Taylor whats all this about
Taylor: nothing sir nothing happened
Williams: so are you calling Jason a liar
Taylor: no he just got the wrong end of the stick
Williams: why what really happened
Taylor: Tom just gave me a peck on the cheek congratulating me
Williams: Jason is this what you saw
Jason: no she's lying they where kissing properly
Williams: Taylor I'd suggest you start telling the truth immediately
Taylor: well so what if we kissed it's not against the law
Williams: no but I don't think your parents would see it that way do you
Taylor: your not going to tell them are you
Williams: they need to know what kind of trainer they've got for there daughter but then again I don't think your too innocent in this do you and if I wasn't to tell your parents I don't think I'd be able to let this go remember you have a very important chemistry exam coming up that your parents expect you to pass be a shame for you to let them down wouldn't it
Tom: you can't do that
Williams: I'd watch it if I were you it's your job on the line too
Taylor: you can't fail me for this
Williams: just watch me so what's it going to be tell your parents or fail exam
Taylor: you can't do this I can get you done for black mail
Williams: yes you could but you'd have to tell everyone what I'm blackmailing you with then wouldn't you

Tom lunges towards Williams to hit him but Taylor stops him

Taylor: No Tom it's not worth it fine then call them see if I care
Williams: I will and I think you do care

Williams goes to the phone and Taylor and Tom walk off

Tom: so do you think he really will tell them
Taylor: yeh he's a dick
Tom: you should have let me hit him
Taylor: what and let him add GBH to his story too

Taylor and Tom laughed

Taylor: yeh but there's nothing they can do I'm gunna be 18 next month we've done nothing wrong
Tom: doubt your parent's will see it like that
Taylor: so I can move out then they've got nothing to do with it at all
Williams: Taylor your parents are here

Taylor went down to the lobby to great them and took them to her room
Williams followed them

John: I think we can deal with our daughter without you here thank you

Taylor's dad said to Williams and he left

John: now is this true what Mr Williams has told us that you and Tom are in a relationship
Taylor: yes
Julie: how could you he's way to old for you and not to mention he's your trainer not for much longer though
Taylor: no you can't sack him
John: calm down dear. Why didn't you tell us about this?
Taylor: why do you think the way she's reacting?
Julie: can you blame me what about the age difference among a million other things
Taylor: 4 years isn't that much there 9 between you and dad and it's none of your business anyway I'm not a child no more
Julie: when you live under my roof you live with my rules
Taylor: well that can be soon sorted I'll move out
John: now hang on a minute Julie she's right we can't tell her how to live her life no more Taylor wait outside a minute please wile I have a word with your mum

Taylor walked outside but listened through the door

John: we can't tell her what to do any more whether we like it or not and they've not broken the law it's just your bubby Williams trying to get her into shit again why do you listen to him
Julie: if it wasn't for him we still wouldn't know about this thank god he told us
John: yeh and I bet him telling us must have killed him. Shouting at her and trying to control her will just push her away more whether you like it or not we'll have to accept this
Julie: fine then but I really don't like this and oh no what will the family say
John: so screw them there not perfect Taylor you can come in now and stop listening through he door
Taylor: how did you know?
John: I know my daughter

John gave her a big hug and Julie joined in uneasily


Later Taylor goes down to the lobby to tell Tom the news

Tom: well how did it go?
Taylor: horrible they're sewing you and I can never compete again
Tom: They didn't
Taylor: nah I'm just kidding
Tom: waiter give me a heart attack what did they really say no meeting this time

They both laughed unaware that her parents were watching

Taylor: mum didn't take it too well but dad was totally on my side
Tom unbelievable
Taylor: I know but there is one down side I'm not allowed to see you until the exams are over
Tom: but don't the exams last for the two weeks that you're at home between the competition
Taylor: yeh I know but if we don't want them to completely flip and stop us seeing each other and me competing that's what we'll have to do I can still train though but without you


The day of the final competition Tom and Julie and John were in the stands watching Taylor come first in both competitions again. Taylor in her room packing; talking on the phone to Jackie.

Taylor: yes so I'm on my way home and when I get home I can't see Tom till after the exams which means he won't be able to train me for the final of the competition which sucks because I' gunna do crap now after missing two weeks of training... yeh well I can still train myself but the whole point of having a personal trainer is for them to help you improve...ok see you when I get home see ya.


First day of exams. Taylor and the gang walking into the exam hall

Taylor: I believe you've become miner rock stars while I've been away
Danny: yeh you should have seen it we were brilliant even if I say so myself
Fiona: yeh they were so good the school booked them to play at our leaver's party
Taylor: really that's great

Just then amber Rachel and Laura pushed past them

Amber: well look who it is the slapper herself
Taylor: fuck you Amber

Amber Rachel and Laura carried on walking

Jackie: you ok Taylor
Taylor: yeh fine as if I'm gunna let a jealous bitch like her bother me

They go to there seats for the exam. When the exams over Jackie meets Taylor outside

Taylor: we going the stables now
Jackie: yeh ok

At the stables Taylor and Jackie tack Mushy and willow up and go hacking out

Jackie: did you notice Greg wasn't his self today
Taylor: yeh well can you blame him
Jackie: yeh I know poor thing
Taylor: I mean up till a 3 days ago he thought he had a chance with me now he finds out about Tom bit of a shock don't you think
Jackie: yeh you seem a little stressed too
Taylor: a little stressed I'm a bit more than that I'm not allowed to see Tom not even to train until I've finished these exams which means I'm really gunna suck in the competition which might affect my chances at eventing but then if I mess up these exams there will be no eventing my heads spinning.
Jackie: don't worry your brilliant at your school work you'll ease pass them and ask for your eventing have you seen how well your doing you don't need to worry much there either just do what Tom's always taught you.
Taylor: I spouse by the way I have ticket for all of you to come watch the final if you wanna come
Jackie: yeh that'd be great


On the last day of exams Jackie and Fiona come running over to Taylor when the exams finished

Taylor: hey guys what's the rush
Jackie: Greg's asked Amber to go to the leaver's party with him
Taylor: what whys he done that they hate each other
Fiona: probably to get at you
Taylor: get at me I get why Amber might but why Greg
Fiona: dunno
Jackie: because your with Tom and don't want him
Taylor: he's never even asked me out whys he doing this
Jackie: probably to hurt you
Taylor: well that would make sense try to hurt me like I've hurt him
Fiona: you've done nothing wrong though
Taylor: that's not how he she's it

Just then amber walks past with Laura and Rachel

Rachel: what did you say you'd got to the party with Greg for he's mingin
Amber: to get back at Dave for dumping me I'm so gunna ditch him in the middle of the party to get my credit back.
Jackie: did you hear that
Taylor: yeh the bitch
Fiona: Taylor you've gotta tell Greg
Taylor: what why me
Fiona: he'll trust you more
Taylor: fine

Taylor seen Greg as she was walking out of school

Taylor: Hey Greg wait up
Greg: what's up?
Taylor: I heard your going to the party with Amber
Greg: so what if I am
Taylor: your not going to like this Fiona, Jackie and I heard Amber bragging how she's only using you to get her credit back after Dave dumped her she gunna dump you in front of everyone
Greg: I don't believe this
Taylor: I'm sorry
Greg: you should be why make something like that up
Taylor: I'm not ask Jackie or Fiona or better yet Amber

It was too late Greg had walked off


Taylor, Jackie, Fiona in changing room ½ an hour before Taylor's competition

Jackie: so did you tell Greg
Taylor: I tried to but he wouldn't listen he thought I was making it up
Fiona: why would you lye about that
Taylor: because I hate Amber
Jackie: well he knows the truth it's up to him to make a decision now
Taylor: yeh and we'll have to pick up the pieces after

There was a knock on the door Taylor's dad popped his head in

John: Taylor there's someone here to see you

He opened the door fully to reveal Tom standing there

Taylor: I thought I couldn't see him till after the competition
John: well I thought you cloud do with some training before the competition
Tom: come on lets not waste time if we want you to win
Taylor: ok

Taylor and Tom did some training. Then it was time for Taylor to take her position in the hurdles race. As she got into position John, Julie, Jackie, Fiona, Sam, Danny and a reluctant Greg stood in the stands watching her with Tom at trackside. The race started Taylor did really well but unfortunately come 2nd.

Tom: well done you did really well
Taylor: yeh but I didn't make it into the champion of champion's race though did I?
Tom: didn't you? Because of your success in the heats you couldn't be caught even if you came last in this tournament
Taylor what really so I actually won
Tom: you sure did go get your medal

Taylor went to the awards giving. She then went over to her friends and mum and dad with Tom to celebrate before she had to compete in the 100 metre sprint. After some time with them Taylor went down to the 100metre sprint which she won by 1 second. Jackie and Tom were the first two people to go over to her out of the stands

Jackie: you did it
Tom: thanks for the heart attack
Taylor: I'm knackered now though

The others join her and give her hugs. She then goes to accept her trophy with Tom and then Tom, Danny and Sam lift her onto there shoulders.


The night of the leaver's party at the iced out club Taylor getting ready while chatting to Tom

Taylor: so are you ok to give me a lift to this thing then
Tom: yes the answers not changed since the last time you asked me
Taylor: sorry I'm running late and I can't be late tonight
Tom: is there anything you want me to do
Taylor: well if you can put on make-up for me and do my hair that'd be great
Tom: I don't think so
Taylor: no me neither now where's my other shoe
Tom: you're so disorganised you know

He said handing her the shoe

Taylor: yeh thanks

After an hour

Tom: Taylor are you ready to go or you really will be late you've been getting ready for and hour and a ½ already

Taylor comes running down the stairs

Taylor: yeh how do I look
Tom: beautiful
Taylor: great stop catching flies and let's go
Tom: cheeky

They leave to go to the party

Tom: here we are so pick you up at 11 right
Taylor: yeh
Tom: It's a bit early isn't it?
Taylor: yeh it sucks but you know Mr Killjoy Williams organised it what do you expect I lucky to even be invited
Tom: well how about you and the gang come back to mine after and have an exclusive party for a bit after
Taylor: you sure is that ok
Tom: yeh I'll go and get everything set while you're here
Taylor: that's great Thanks a lot

She leans over to give him a kiss then there a knock on the car window

Jackie: hurry up it's freezing out here

The gang was outside waiting for her

Taylor: hey guys guess what after here Tm said we can all go back his for an exclusive party what do you think

Everyone agreed apart from Greg

Greg: sorry I can't I've made other arrangements with Amber
Taylor: oh ok then

They all had fun dancing together and the band does really well

Jackie: so when do you think the wicked witch is gunna ditch him then

As they watch Amber and Greg dancing

Amber: I'm sorry I don't want to be with you no more
Greg: what did you say?

Amber walked off Taylor ran over to Greg and took him to a table

Greg: I'm sorry I should have believed you
Taylor: its ok she's a bitch what do you expect your not upset by here you didn't really like her did you
Greg: no just my pride and if I tell you the truth I only asked her to make you jealous
Taylor: if wanted to make me jealous you could have picked someone better than Amber
Greg: yeh that's right
Taylor: so are we ok the
Greg: yeh if you still want to talk to me after that
Taylor: of course

They hugged

Taylor: wanna dance
Greg: sure
Taylor: so do you want to come back with us to Toms then
Greg: if the offer still stands


At the end of the party they go back to Toms. Taylor and Tom talking in the kitchen. Greg talking to Tom's cousin Sheree, Jackie cuddled up to Danny on the sofa and to everyone surprise Fiona sat on Sam's knee kissing. When Taylor and Tom came through to join everyone else Jackie pointed out Fiona and Sam to Taylor and Taylor raised her eyebrows in surprise.
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