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The next day as planned Jamie came to help Jenna, Max eventually left after making sure a thousand times that Jenna would be ok and as forecast the storm arrived. Gail force winds and rain came making sorting the horses a bigger task than normal due to battling the weather and the horses being spooky and more highly strung in the winds. Jenna was leading Klaus one of the bigger more temperamental competition horses back to his stable when a tree branch cracked causing him to jump and spook in the door way Jenna handled him well and calmed him however in the process the door slammed and her finger got caught in it. Jenna made sure Klaus was safe then got herself out of the stable to look at her finger.
“fuck that hurt.” She muttered to herself.
“that doesn’t look good you should really get it checked out.” Jamie said walking over to check on her.
“No it’ll be fine lets just get the horses sorted before the weather gets any worse.” Jenna said flinching in pain as she tried to move her finger.
“I really think that needs checking out it could be broken.” Jamie insisted.
“it’ll be fine I’ll just tape it up. let's get the horses sorted at least first.” Jenna said.
“ok I’ll make you a deal we sort the horses then you have to let me take you to get your finger checked out if I don’t you know max will kick my ass.” Jamie said.
“ok fine.” Jenna gave up. They finished the yards and as promised Jenna let Jamie drive her to get her finger checked out. It was in fact broken so they strapped it up and instructed her to take it easy. Which as you can imagine wasn’t on Jenna’s agenda.
“I can’t believe you’ve broken your finger.” Jamie laughed.
“hair line fracture.” Jenna corrected playing it down. “I can’t believe they think I’ll be able to take it easy.” Jenna laughed.
“you really need to try to take it easy otherwise it won’t heal properly. I can come and help out at the yard more if you need it.” Jamie offered.
“oh you don’t need too...” Jenna started
“no honestly it’s fine I can come help you need to be as fit and well as you can be for the nationals.” Jamie insisted kindly.
“thank you it’s appreciated.” Jenna smiled gratefully.
“I’m just glad it was you holding Klaus and not me. He's a handful at the best of times never mind in gale force winds and rain.” Jamie laughed.
“aw I love Klaus bless his big scaredy cat heart.” Jenna laughed. “I can’t believe how bad these roads are flooding so quickly.” Jenna said looking round outside the windows.
“yeah they said it was going to get pretty bad tonight. Good job we've got the farm land rover or I don’t think we’d have made it through.” Jamie said. It wasn’t long before they arrived back at the farm and the weather was worse than ever.
“thanks for your help with the yard and... the hand.” Jenna laughed.
“No probs I’ll walk you in I’m sorry I'd have stayed over so you don’t have to be here alone but I have to go and check on my grandma.” Jamie said.
“ah don’t worry about it I’ll be fine, don’t get out the car in this weather.” Jenna said starting to get out.
“are you sure?” Jamie asked to be sure.
“yeah yeah you get off be safe getting home and don’t rush in tomorrow if the roads are still bad.” Jenna smiled.
“ok go in and lock the door I’ll wait till your in.” Jamie said.
“yes mom.” Jenna laughed and walked into the house locking the door.
Once Jenna was in the house she went a picked herself a bottle of wine and ran a bath. Almost two hours later Jenna was out the bath with some much needed pampering after being on the yard all day in terrible weather. As Jenna walked into the kitchen to top up her wine she heard the horses start to act as of there was someone on the yard then the yard dogs started barking from in the kennels. Jenna looked out the window to see what was going on surely no one was crazy enough to be out in this weather. To her surprise she seen a figure on the drive way walk towards the stables. Jenna rushed out grabbing the first thing she could as protection... a frying pan and put on her large yard coat. She heard the person round the corner waited then stepped out to take them by surprise then froze in shock when she realised who it was.
“Jesus Christ Benji! I nearly caved your skull in! What the hell are you doing here?” Jenna exclaimed blinking through the heavy rain battering down on them.
“I had to see you.” Benji said.
“well you pick your times in the middle of the worse storm off the year.” Jenna said but was relived that it was him and not someone up to no good.
“come on you need to dry off.” Jenna said taking sympathy on him he looked soaked through to the bone and freezing. She turned and walked into the house Benji following her. Once inside Jenna took her coat off she was dry under it then went and got Benji some towels from the down stairs bathroom handing him some and wrapping one around his shoulders. There was a very awkward tension between the two of them. Benji stayed stood in the hall as she went to turn up the fire in the living room.
“you can come through you know.” She said with a little laugh as she walked through drying what bit of her hair that got wet with a towel. Benji smiled and followed her through to the kitchen. He could tell she was angry at him and closed off to him still for all that’s gone on between them but she was too much of a nice person to throw him out in the storm.
“what are you doing here? Or well more to the point how did you get here?” Jenna said baffled knowing how bad the storms where. The roads where so bad not many cars would manage them at the moment if any. She knew he and none of the other guys knew the address to the farm, she thought she was sure none of the circus guys would have told him without checking with her first and surely no one who knew the area would have advised him coming out in the middle of this storm.
“I erm Paul sort of found the address on Seraya’s sat nav but please don’t be angry with either of them Paul was just trying to help and Seraya probably still doesn’t even know. I just had to come see you, you wasn’t answering any of my calls...”
“normally that means the person doesn’t want to speak to you.” Jenna couldn’t help her cold outburst.
“... I know I’m sorry call me selfish if you want but I had to see you and try to explain... apologise...”
“Benji your dripping all over the floor, go and get a shower I’ll put your clothes in the dryer.” She shut him down before he got any more into the ‘talking/apologising’ that she really didn't want to get into hence the not answering his calls. She wasn’t ready to open that can of worms of talking to him forgiving him and risking getting hurt again. She would rather build her emotional walls to keep it out and protect herself. Benji paused noticing that she was shut down to the subject, gave a slight nod and walked to the down stairs bathroom.
“leave your clothes outside the door I’ll come get them in minute. There's a clean robe in there and I’ll bring you some spare clothes of Max’s for now.” Jenna called after him.
“thank you.” He said quietly realising how much she was hurting because of him and that it was going to be hard rebuilding all the damage.
Jenna sighed to herself resting her head in her hands elbows on the kitchen counter having a mental battle with herself. She wasn't ready to deal with this now, she loved and cared for Benji no matter what she always had and always will. She hated whenever they fought they’d been through so much together, she hated when they disagreed. She hated that he’s caused her so much hurt and pain, she hated that he was hurting because she was angry at him, she hated snapping at him and being short with him but she knew if she didn't he’d think things where ok and they where not ok. she hated not getting along with him but she had to protect herself too she couldn’t just risk dropping her walls again because the only times she did first Karl took pride in ripping her heart and soul to shreds and by the time she'd managed to pick them up and piece them together with lots of help from those closet to her and rebuild those walls she thought she was safe to let them down again around Benji who she used to always be able to trust whole heartedly for him to then let her down. He broke them apart on his terms the least he could do was give her space to sort her own head out before he came trying to fix things. She went upstairs to Max's room picking some spare clothes out for Benji then went to the down stairs bathroom picking up Benji's soaked clothes and leaving Max’s in replacement. She took Benji’s clothes and put them in the dryer as she walked back into the kitchen to retrieve her wine glass she noticed her phone was ringing (she always kept on silent so it didn’t ring and spook the horses if she forget when she was on them and also didn’t like being bothered by it 24/7) she seen it was Max calling and realised with the storm, breaking her finger and Benji showing up she had for got to call him so he was probably getting worried by now.
“Hello.” She answered putting on her best everything's fine voice.
“Jen are you Ok?” Max asked sounding slightly concerned.
“yeah yeah I’m fine sorry I was just About to call you I erm I had a good bath and pamper and lost track of time.” Jenna said not technically lying.
“Ah bout time you had a good scrub.” Max joked with a laugh.
“cheeky fucker.” Jenna laughed shaking her head.
“how’s the storm?” Max asked.
“pretty bad a few trees and branches down and roads flooded.” Jenna said.
“well at least I don’t need to worry about anyone getting onto the yard then.” Max laughed. Jenna just laughed back knowing otherwise having Benji currently in the shower.
“was Jamie Ok?” Max asked again
“yes max everyone and everything is fine so go and enjoy yourself please and stop worrying.” Jenna said not wanting him to continue asking questions in case she tripped up and also wanting him to spend the time he has away with Lexi with Lexi and not asking how she was on the phone.
“ok, ok I get the hint I’ll go and leave you in piece, I’ll see you tomorrow try not to get yourself into bother.” Max said.
“I won’t.” Jenna laughed looking at her hand strapped up knowing he’d do his nut when he found out.
“take care see you tomorrow, bye.” Max said.
“Bye max.” Jenna laughed putting the phone down on a reluctant Max, Benji had just walked into the kitchen over hearing the last of her phone call. As Jenna seen Benji in Max's clothes she couldn’t help but give a little laugh as they both couldn’t get any further apart in tastes.
“I take it Max doesn’t know I’m here.” Benji said clearing his throat.
“no.” Jenna said simply getting up walking toward the kettle switching it on.
“Do you want a bru?... or something stronger?... maybe both.” She said eyeing him he looked tired and still cold.
“whatever’s easiest.” Benji said not wanting to be a burden.
“sit down.” She said nodding toward the dining table and chairs near the fire as he stood awkwardly again slightly regretting coming as he could now tell Jenna wasn’t ready to see him but not regretting wanting to make things right with her. Jenna made him a coffee and put a shot of whiskey in it for good measure, both of them in the awkward silence whilst she did. She placed the cup down in front of him whilst grabbing her wine glass and sitting opposite him at the table. They sat in silence for a minute Benji didn't have a clue where to start, Jenna was just trying to figure out where to go with this she was angry she was hurt she loved him but she didn’t know whether to shout at him, cry, scream or what.
“so how did you get here?” Jenna asked quietly. He turned to look at her hopeful that she was making conversation with him.
“I um flew over, I booked a hotel in the town and got a taxi here but the taxi dropped me off miles away saying he wasn’t risking going any further in this storm so I ended up walking here as he said he wouldn’t take me back to the hotel either as it was the opposite direction to where he was going.” Benji explained Jenna felt a bit more sorry for him being somewhere he didn’t know in the middle of no where in the middle of a massive storm and having a less than useless taxi driver.
“what an asshole. However I don’t blame him, no one goes out in these storms until they've past.” Jenna said still being quite stand off-ish as if talking to a stranger rather than an old friend/lover.
“I know that now.” Benji said shaking his head with a little laugh. “I just need to find a taxi that will pick me up or if I walk back down past the flooding...” Benji started not wanting to out stay his welcome with her.
“that won’t be happening. You can't walk all that way it's too dangerous and no taxi will be out and about now.” Jenna said taking a sip of her wine Benji just looked at her unsure of what she meant or what he was to do. On one part he was glad she cared enough to not let him get into danger.
“you’ll have to stay here the night.” She said.
“are you sure?” Benji asked slightly happy but still knowing it wasn’t that easy to forgive and forget for her.
“yeh there’s the horse box keys it’s right out there.” She said with a straight face, he looked a little taken a back. She let out a little laugh shaking her head.
“I’m joking the spare rooms made up.” She said looking him in the eye for the first time that night then quickly looking away. If she looked him in the eye for too long she’d risk falling hard and fast for him.
“thank you.” He smiled relived and loving seeing her laugh with him again even just a little. They lulled back in to an awkward silence again.
“what happened to your hand?” Benji asked breaking the silence looking to her fingers strapped together with concern.
“The wind brought a tree branch down as I was leading one of the more highly strung horses to his stable he spooked and whilst I was trying to calm him down the door slammed on my hand, two hairline fractures.” Jenna said matter of factly.
“ouch.” Benji said with a flinch Jenna nodded sipping at her wine.
“where’s Max and Frankie?” Benji asked wanting to try and keep her talking to break some ice.
“Frankie’s away on holiday whilst me and Max are home she can take a break as we can look after the place for her. She won’t leave it with anyone else. Max has gone away for the weekend with Lexi.” Jenna said.
“Lexi? Are those two ok now?” Benji asked trying to hide his surprise knowing the last time he’d seen them was when basically Lexi and himself basically split up with Max and Jenna under the suspicion there might be something more between Max and Jenna if not now maybe in the future.
“yeah pretty much they’ve talked a lot and rebuilt their bond and trust.” Jenna said unable to help the dig at Benji that came along with it. Benji just nodded receiving the dig loud and clear but trying to hide it as he know it was the least he deserved.
“I'd like that for us too.” Benji said quietly trying to catch her eye. She caught his eye and looked away quickly he could see all the emotion behind her eyes. Her beautiful eyes framed with her long lashes and dark make up that held so much hurt and pain too.. because of him.
“it’s a bit more complicated than that though really isn’t it.” Jenna said quietly.
“it doesn’t have to be.” Benji said hopefully.
“seriously Benji Lexi questioned and was unsure of Max once , just once when they first met back up. She went to him and spoke to him about it and since then they have worked through it. You, you’ve done nothing but doubt and question me over and over when all I've ever done is be completely honest with you. You even lied to me to begin with and cheated on your girlfriend with me. So no Benji I'd say we’re a lot different to Max and Lexi.” Jenna said quite angrily but you could hear all the hurt and pain in her voice and see it in her eyes which broke Benji’s heart. He’d fucked up with her big time and he had to find a away to make it right.
“I’m sorry...” Benji sighed shaking his head at himself.
“your sorry! No Benji I’m sorry, I'm sorry I ever trusted you enough to believe you thought any better of me than Karl, my family and everyone else.” She said more out of anger than anything else and it hit him like a bus. Years ago they could share anything with the other in confidence and knew they could trust the other would be there for them no matter what. Her last statement hit him hard as he knew she meant she didn’t feel that way any more he'd let her down big time.
“Jenna I am really truly sorry I’ve messed up big time and I want to do all I can to fix it.”
“I don’t know if you can.” Jenna said really quietly almost in tears, you could have knocked Benji over with a feather at that moment.
“well I’m not going to give up trying, ever.” He said just as quietly.
They both sat in silence for quite a while letting what the other said sink in thinking of their past when they was young how close they where, meeting back up again at the festival the highs and lows, the fall out and then their last words to each other then. Then suddenly a power cut snapped them out of their thoughts.
“oh for Jesus Christ.” Jenna exclaimed as if ‘could things get any worse.’
“do you know where the trip switch is?” Benji asked.
“yeh it’s under here.” Jenna said putting the torch on on her phone and going over to the cupboard in the kitchen where it was. “but I doubt it’ll be much use it’s probably all out from the storm. Yep it’s the storm.” Jenna said closing the cupboard door after checking the trip switch. Luckily Jenna had previously lit the wood fires in the kitchen and living room and there was plenty of wood in the house for them. “I’m sure Frankie has candles in here somewhere she’s obsessed with them.” Jenna said starting to look through the cupboards till she found some.
“want some help?” Benji said walking over to her.
“here.” She passed him some of the candles their fingers brushed against each other’s for a moment like electricity through each other’s body they both got caught in the moment for a second or two.
“we're probably best through here.” Jenna said breaking out of their moment first and walking through to the living room with the large fire. Benji followed her silently. Jenna pulled her lighter out of her pocket and lit the candles around the room to shed some more light then got comfy sat on the large sofa Benji followed suit. They sat in silence for a little while Benji watching Jenna fidgeting.
“oh my god I can’t stand the silence, we need to talk.” Jenna said impatiently.
“you never was good at just sitting doing nothing was you.” Benji laughed.
“nope.” She smiled in a you know me well way. “my inability to keep my big mouth shut has a habit of getting me into trouble as you well know.” Jenna laughed.
“yes it does. It also saved my ass plenty too with that whit and sarcasm.” Benji smiled fondly remembering those days when he’d be getting shit in school or off his dad and Jenna would just pipe up at the right time with the right clever one liner or even get herself in the way to protect him.
“when your surrounded by people who think so little of you and have such low opinions of you, you don't have anything to loose by saying and doing exactly what you want.” Jenna smiled.
“well I couldn’t have appreciated you more, you was my rock through all that high school shit.” Benji said sincerely.
“it was mutual.” Jenna said honestly making Benji's heart skip a beat. “whoever says high school days are the best times of your life, I strongly disagree. Couldn’t make me go back for anything.” Jemma said downing what bit was left in her wine glass.
“If I could go back to change one thing I would. I'd let you know how much I loved you back then too.” Benji said truthfully. Jenna looked and him and looked away quickly. She'd always known he had feelings for her more than friendship as she did for him too. Neither acted on it due to the circumstance they was trying to get through in every other aspect of their lives it just wasn’t the right time to get into a relationship.
“I need a top up.” Jenna said slightly awkwardly not really wanting to get into anything too deep with him. “Beer?” she asked as she stood walking towards the kitchen.
“please.” He nodded slightly disappointed that she shut him down again. Jenna came back in moment later with a full glass of wine and a beer she handed to him.
“thank you.” He smiled as she caught his eye for a moment again and you could see all the love she felt in them amongst the hurt and pain then quickly looked away as of to remind herself not to let her guard down.
“Jenna I...” Benji started as if he was going to start trying to apologise and explain things again.
“no I don’t want to get into that with you when we’re stuck in here and I can’t leave or throw you out when you piss me off.” Jenna said bluntly but ended up with a slight humour Benji smiled and gave a little nod. They lulled back into a silence for a moment he notice Jenna a tempting to adjust the bandage on her fingers frowning.
“is it sore?’ he asked breaking the silence nodding towards her hand.
“yeh a little. More annoying than anything else.” Jenna said.
“will it affect the nationals?” Benji asked just realising they was coming up and the next few weeks.
“not really. Won’t be easy but I'll push through it and worry about it afterwards.” Jenna said and they laughed a little at her stubbornness and determination.
“you need to be careful though.” He said caringly.
“I’ve competed through worse I did the internationals a few years back three weeks after breaking a rib.” Jenna said without thinking that he’d then want to know why.
“what really?” Benji looked shocked.
“yeah wasn’t easy at all but I'd qualified and there was no way I was missing out as it put me in the line up for the Olympics.” Jenna said Benji nodded.
“how did you break it.” Benji asked expecting her to say it was like a horse related accident.
“I erm... Karl.” She said quietly the abuse she went through from Karl was not her chosen topic of conversation but she never hidden it if it came up she believed it made her stronger facing it and hopefully discussing it helped it to not be a taboo subject with people and in turn hopefully helping anyone else in that situation to get help.
“w-what?.. he...?” Benji looked even more shocked and concerned about her. He knew what she meant happened but he didn’t want to believe it. From what he’s heard already from Jenna and the others it was mental abuse he didn’t realise there was physical abuse too.
“yeah.. a few times, but you know it is what it is.” She said at piece mostly with it now aa days.
“oh my god I am so sorry I don’t know what to say.” Benji said.
“you don’t need to be sorry it’s not your fault.” Jenna said knowing in Benji’s mind he probably blamed himself for not being around.
“How come it went on so long did no one...” Benji started unable to understand how the circus guys hadn’t done anything sooner.
“no one is to blame. I hid it well and he knew how to hide it too and put on a persona. They all started to figure something wasn’t right but the pieces they saw just wasn’t enough until Max walked in on me getting changed on day by accident and seen my bruises. He put two and two together and made four. He totally lost it kicked the shit out of Karl...” Jenna explained.
“good..” Benji couldn’t help an outburst.
“Max got arrested for it, Jackie went to see Karl and still to this day no one knows what was said but the next thing Karl drops the charges and Max was realised. I owe a lot to the both of them otherwise god knows where or how I'd have ended up.” Jenna said reliving some of the hardest times of her life.
“how come you didn’t just leave him when it all started?” Benji asked knowing Jenna was usually tough and would stand up for herself.
“It’s just not that simple when your living it. It’s all about control and messing with your head. He could be in the wrong, go out on a bender with his bit on the side then come home beat the shit out of me and somehow make me believe he loved me and it was all my fault. In that situation there’s always the threat of if you leave everything will get worse.” Jenna said solemnly.
“I really don't know what to say I’m so sorry that you’ve been through all that.” Benji said quietly really wanting to just give her a hug but reminded himself not to over step the line. He was starting to realise more now what everyone was saying to him about how tough she’s had it and she’s didn’t need the shit he’s caused lately on top of that. He felt awful as she was one of the only things that got him through the worst of his days when they was younger and then he left living the dream in band whilst she continued to have tough times and he wasn’t there. Then to top it off he’s been a complete idiot the way he’s handled things since they met up again at the festival.
“it’s all in the past now. I’m through it and happy enough to discuss it. If my story helps just one other person then it’s worth talking about.” Jenna said. Benji nodded still in a bit of shock at hearing what she'd been through but there was one thing niggling in his mind from earlier...
“You compared me to Karl...” He started sadly.
“and for that I am sorry. I shouldn’t have. I was angry and just...”Jenna said apologetically.
“.. wanted to hurt me... like I’ve hurt you recently accusing you and doubting you.” Benji nodded regretfully.
“I am sorry though it was a bit of a low blow.” Jenna said knowing she was wrong there.
“no you don’t need to be it's me that needs to be sorry.. for everything.” He said he eyed her to see if he could risk bringing up the festival he decided to chance it. “I've handled things so badly since the start of the festival.”
“Benji..” Jenna started.
“no please let me explain.” Benji gave her a pleading look she just looked at him she didn’t stop him again so he carried on. “I love you, I’ve always loved you. I regret not telling you years ago...”
“I think we both knew the feeling was mutual there was just so much other shit going on too .” Jenna said Benji paused then nodded before continuing.
“I also didn’t have the bottle to tell you as you was just so awesome I thought you deserved better.” Benji said voicing his own insecurities.
“you never needed to think like that your more than enough for anyone.” Jenna said not liking him putting himself down.
“I can’t help it it’s just whenever we where together I'd sometimes think it’s too good to be true after all the shit luck we had growing up. Then Rachel played on that and I know that’s no excuse I should have known better to listen to you and trust you. When we first bumped into each other at the festival I was so happy I thought we'd been given a second chance at being together. I shouldn’t have lied to you about Mia I could have handled it better than I did. I was just so happy that we was finally getting together that I didn’t want to ruin it or loose you which ironically my stupidity did in the long run. I shouldn’t have let Rachel get in my head, I should have trusted you and I take it you've probably already heard that Rachel was doing it just to split us up as revenge. I should have just listened to you.” Benji trialled off head in his hands. Jenna sat looking at him for a minute she knew and had known all of what he’s just explained the whole time (the only thing she didn't know was about Mia at the start that was a genuine shock) She knew him well enough to read him and his emotions. As for Rachel's input Jenna and almost everyone suspected she was up to no good out for revenge. She knew all of that and understood it. She knew he loved her but it didn’t make it any easier to just forget and move on.
“I erm... I need a top up.” Jenna said clearing her throat mostly needing a an excuse to break the silence not really knowing what to say to him. Jenna walked into the kitchen topped up her wine and stood for a minute resting her hands on the counter trying to gather her thoughts. Her heart wanted to just forgive and forget but her head was telling her not to rush into anything to avoid any more hurt. She didn’t notice Benji walk up behind her.
“you know I think the world if you Jenna...” Benji said quietly she could almost feel how close he was behind her. She turned slowly making the mistake of making eye contact with him. She was lost in his eyes before she knew it he slowly placed his hands on her cheeks and leant in and kissed her. For a moment of weakness she kissed him back then her head kicked in. She had her hands placed on his chest as she broke away from the kiss head down.
“I'm sorry I just can’t do this now. I accept your apology I just cant forget quiet so easily, not yet, it’s too soon.” She said quietly. He could tell it was hard For her and accepted that she needed more time. She felt him do a little sigh and nod as they was still centimetres apart. Then he pulled her into a hug wrapping his arms around her tightly which she recipitated she had her head on his chest her arms under his tight round his back and he had his arms around her shoulders and rested his head against hers enjoying the smell of her hair it would seem she'd never changed her shampoo or perfume and it smelt so comforting to him as she had comforted him back then too.
“I’ll never give upon us.” Benji said quietly as they was still in their hug. Jenna didn’t reply but they stayed in their embrace for a while longer.
“I’ll um go get us some blankets, we'll be better staying down here with the fire it’ll be cold and dark upstairs.” Jenna said and they released each other from the hug. Jenna put the torch on her phone and went to the utility room to get two blankets. When she returned Benji was sat on one of the large sofa opposite the fire. Jenna passed him a blanket and sat on the opposite side of the same sofa as him with her blanket, he took that as a positive sign as there was the option of the other large sofa but she chose to sit on the same one as him... baby steps.
“this is a lovely house.” Benji said to break the silence. Jenna looked at him with a smile and a little laugh.
“you've hardly seen the house it’s pitch black.” She laughed knowing he was only saying it to break the silence as she hated sitting not doing anything.
“guilty just trying to break the silence. It is lovely what I’ve seen of it though.” Benji smiled.
“yeah Frankie did a great job and renovating it but keeping it’s authenticity.” Jenna nodded.
“when does she get home?” Benji asked.
“Wednesday then it’s all systems go for the nationals.” Jenna said.
“does Frankie compete?” Benji asked enjoying that their conversion seemed to be coming more naturally now.
“not in vaulting so she won’t be competing at the nationals. Frankie events, I used to event too but then the circus and vaulting sort of took priority. We help each other out though and support the other in training, the horses and competing.” Jenna explained feeling more relaxed talking with him.
“Its good that you all have the support from each other.” Benji smiled. Jenna nodded.
“so how's the guys?” Jenna asked genuinely interested as they was good friends of hers too.
“they’re all good we’ve not been up to much just enjoying a bit of time off...” Benji said.
“time off what's that?” Jenna joked as she was never not do If something with t he horses. They both laughed.
“well you see it’s where you just don’t do anything and enjoy it.” Benji laughed.
“really? You enjoy it. Doesn’t sound like fun to me.” Jenna pulled her face with a laugh. They was both enjoying talking with each other, enjoying each others company as if none of the shit had happened between them.
“well no I suppose it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. There’s always the minority.” Benji said carrying on their banter.
“I'd rather be the minority and be happy any day.” Jenna smiled proudly.
“and we wouldn’t change you for the world” Benji smiled.
“there’s a fair few that have tried but luckily I’m a stubborn cow too.” Jenna laughed.
They chatted for a good while longer reminiscing about old times even though they’d both had a shit time growing up they still had plenty of laughs between themselves and including Joel Paul and Billy too.
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