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Beginning a relationship can be hard work. Suddenly, you are full of excitement and expectation mixed with a desire to flee on the brink of commitment. You take a dive….and plunge into your relationship. You thrash around to orientate yourself. Until the thrill dissolves into calm. You relax, letting it soak in getting completely comfortable, sometimes, too comfortable.

When you start a relationship, you want to be as close as possible all the time. However, being close all the time is not practical. Holding hands allows you to get on with things. But holding hands can present many challenges: sweaty palms, difference in height, obstacles, but… when you master it, you can do anything together. Safe with knowing that your love object is close by.

What is love made of? Some people make their love out of tears. They think love needs to be difficult, made of arguments and is a love made of shared misery.some people make their love out of a fiery desire, burning passion. It is made of sexy lust. But these loves are topsy- turvy because, when the flames have died down, and the tears have dried up, there's nothing left.

When we love, we often love one person, obsessively, no matter what. Sometimes we can become so clogged up by love, we are blind to others around us that could reciprocate our feelings.

What is the difference between love and friendship? Friends need to be relaxed together… two individuals who enjoy eachothers company. But love goes one step further. Beyond friendship, you become emotionally entangled. This makes love messier than friendship… but you also can do all the kissy stuff

Sometimes we feel a tiny love. This is nice. But it can grow and grow and without someone to share the burden, it can be unbearable. This is why it is called a “crush”.

Often we depend on love for validation but this kind of validation can come from you. We might look to the media for help, but this media distracts us from confronting ourselves.

See the blank square? Look deep into the silence and see your reflection in the are the star of this paragraph. Be the lover: love yourself, be the beloved: let yourself be loved by you. Congratulations! You now love you. And you don't need anyone else to feel good about yourself, just your own love of you. Then when you do find love from another, it will be a bonus.

Real people are scary. Fictional characters are much easier to care about. They are simple and easy to fill with love. They can be your IDEAL person, but they are unattainable. Let's break these barriers, get intimate with a fictional character! Kiss your screen now for maximum intimacy, connect with your perfect love object, and pretend they aren't just figments of your imagination. But don't do this for two long. You still have to live in reality as well.

A/N: hey guys, sorry i havent been updating lately, just been having alot of personal stuff happening. but im back and ready to write for you guys :)
- mikey
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