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Used to Hate Biology

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Just a story about a really inteligent girl who falls in love.

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I awoke to my alarm clock screaming at me, signaling for me to get up and get ready for my first day of high school. I was so excited that I jumped out of bed, literally jumped. I enthusiastically walked over to my closet grabbing the tight, black T-shirt and dark, ripped jeans that I had picked out the night before.
When I was done dressing myself, I ran down the stairs to the kitchen seeing my mom making breakfast, pancakes and sausage, the traditional meal for first days. I ate all of my pancakes and one sausage before I grabbed my bag and ran out the door to catch the bus.
I got on the bus and sat in the first open seat on the left. I stared at all the passing trees and buildings on the way to school.
I started thinking about how my day might go when all of the sudden, the bus stops. I looked up as Jeremy Holt stepped on and the whole world froze. He was flawless, with his chiseled jawline, bright, beautiful, green eyes, and candy sprinkled cheeks. Did he get more attractive? He walked down the aisle, while smirking at all the swooning girls, and sat next to his best friend, Troy King, in the very back seat of the bus.
I sat there and stared back at his gorgeous figure, daydreaming about how I was going to get him to notice me this year. I disruptively got pulled back into the real world when Jeremy smirked and waved at me. I instantly went back to staring out the window with a deep blush spreading across my face.
When I finally arrived at the school, all of the kids pushed and ran to get off the bus, so I just sat waiting to be the last one off. The line had filed down and I got up to walk off to the school.
As soon as I walked into the school, I went to find my locker. It was on the second floor and next to all the sophomore lockers, because my parents always waited until the last minute to enroll me. I put all my books and supplies in my locker and then grabbed out everything I would need for my first class, Honors Biology, with Mr. Wyatt.
I found the science room, which was back down on the first floor, walked in, and immediately regretted being in advanced classes as I saw Jeremy Holt across the room looking at me with an amused smirk.
I looked away and sat down in the first empty seat I saw, which just so happened to be in the front row on the right side of the room. I could feel eyes burning into the back of my head, so I looked back and saw Jeremy, sitting four seats directly behind me, staring at me with a look of embarrassment on his face from being caught. I smirked at him and turned back to the board as Mr. Wyatt walked to the front of the class.
"Hello class, my name is Mr. Wyatt, and I will be your biology teacher this year. Today, we will be playing a game to get to know everyone a bit better since there will be a lot of groups, and you will have to work with everyone at one point or another," Mr. Wyatt explained, "First, we will go around the classroom and everyone will state their full name and favorite dinosaur."
He started with himself and then to the redheaded girl sitting in the back, left corner of the room. I learned that her name was Scarlet Frazier and that her favorite dinosaur was a velociraptor. The order then went down the row to the front, then over to the front of the next row to the back and so on.
I didn't really pay attention until it was Jeremy's turn,"Hi, my name is Jeremy Holt, and I guess my favorite dinosaur is a T-Rex." He did not just say that his favorite dinosaur was a T-Rex, he didn't even say the full name, and there are way better dinosaurs than that.
Three people later it was my turn, and I felt Jeremy's eyes on me again, making me nervous. "Hello, I'm Tanya Edwards, and my favorite dinosaur is an Oviraptor," I said with a slight blush.
After everyone went, Mr. Wyatt identified the game to us. "I will give everyone a Post-It note, and on that Post-It note, you will put down the answer to a question that I will provide. After everyone is done writing their answer, I will collect the Post-It note and number all of them randomly, one through twenty-six, as there are twenty-six students. You will then number a paper one through twenty-six and wait for me to read the answers off. You will have to try and guess who's answer it is and write it down. Does anyone have a question?" He explained, not really looking for an answer. "Okay, we will get started then," He said while handing out Post-It notes.
"The question is, what is your biggest fear?" Mr. Wyatt asked. I immediately began pondering which fear of mine is the largest. I couldn't decide between clowns and losing my family, so I decided to write down 'Clowns Taking My Family Away From Me'. I then got out my notebook and started to number the page one through twenty-six, like he directed us to.
By the time I was done numbering, everyone had their fear written down and handed to Mr. Wyatt. He started to read them off and a lot of them were things like heights and some type of bug or animal. Some of them were a bit unique, saying things like enclosed spaces and elevators. I wrote down a name for every single one, not really caring if they were right or not, and wrote down my name for mine.
When Mr. Wyatt finished going through all of them, he started telling us the correct answers and with every answer, there was a smart comment from somewhere in the room. After mine was said, I heard Jeremy behind me, "Ahhh, is Tanya afraid of clowns?"
I looked back with a faded blush, "You do know I'm a Freshman right?" I remarked with a cocky tone. I turned back to the front of the class and spaced out until I heard the bell ring, indicating that class was over.
I rushed out of class and headed straight towards my homeroom, which was in the History room with Ms. Smith, which really worked out perfectly, seeing as I have World history next hour.
I walked in to instantly have eye contact with my best friend, Alec Stone. I hurried over to him to tell him about my morning, and to hear about his. I told him all about the bus ride and Biology class. I took in that his mom was still a hippy and still made him drink herbal tea every morning, and his dad was still a douche that still didn't have a job. I also learned that his first class is Geometry, with Mrs. Bailey, and he sat right next to Benny Walker, the cute, shy boy that everyone flirts with just to see him flustered.
We sat and talked about everything and nothing at the same time until the bell rang, and second period started.
In History, we got our textbooks and started some notes on the review chapter. We weren't assigned any homework by the end of class, so I went to put all my new stuff in my locker, grabbed the book I was currently reading, called It's Kind of a Long Story, by Ned Vizzini, and headed to the library for Study Hall.
I walked into the library, checked in, and went directly to the back of the library to read. I sat down,on the floor, leaned back on the shelves behind me, opened my book and immediately got hypnotized by Craig Gilner's hectic life.
I had just gotten to page two-hundred and fifty-seven, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked directly up to see Jeremy Holt standing there smiling at me.
My heart started to race and my palms got sweaty, he has never touched me to engage in conversation before. "Can I help you?" I asked, instantly regretting it.
"Uh, yeah. Could you please stop blocking the A Series of Unfortunate Events section, please?" He asked sassily.
My cheeks went red with embarrassment, "Oh, sorry, I didn't realize." I said moving out of the way.
"It's fine, I'd rather look at you than them anyway." He flirted, making my face turn the deepest red ever created. He chuckled, grabbed a book, winked at me, and then walked up to the checkout counter.
For the rest of Study Hall, I couldn't do anything except think about Jeremy flirting and his wink. My thoughts got interrupted when the bell rang for fourth hour.
I walked to Composition Studies and sat in the back next to Scarlet Frazier. The teacher, Mr. Turner, walked to the front of the class after the bell rang and started explaining what we will be doing in class. I wasn’t really paying attention until he started talking about the essay that we were going to start.
“It is an essay that will be about someone in the class. You will be examining their life, following them around and getting to know them. Then you will write about what you observe and present it to the class. This is my way of getting to know all of you, and my way of getting you all to know each other,” was exactly what he had said.
This essay really piqued my interest, I get to see someone else’s life and then compare it to mine. He walked around the room and started pairing everyone together. When he got to me, he looked around and then paired me with Scarlet, who is one of Jeremy’s friends.
Scarlet looked at me and just smiled, very creepily. I could tell that she liked this and she now had a plan set in her mind, but what is she going to do?
After everyone got into pairs, Scarlet and I started talking about who was going to follow who on what days.
“Okay, since today is monday and this is due in two weeks, I think that we should both get four days of observation and then the whole weekend after to write, that way we both get equal amounts of time to follow and write,” Scarlet planned out.
“That’s fine, but who is observing first?” I questioned.
“You can if you want,” she offered.
“Okay,” I agreed, “but I can’t tonight, I have to ask my mom.”
“Yeah, me too. I have to ask my dad if you can come over,” Scarlet told me.
We just talked back and forth until the bell rang, signaling that it was now time for Physical Education, my least favorite class. I collected my stuff, said goodbye to Scarlet, and went to my locker. I placed my things in an organized manner and closed my locker.
On my way down to the gym, I noticed someone walking behind me. I turned to look and found that it was Jeremy, he caught me looking and winked at me. I looked away and could feel my face begin to turn warm. I began to walk faster and turned into the gym and went straight into the girls’ locker room.
I changed into some basketball shorts and a white t-shirt, and changed my shoes. I walked out and started to walk around the basketball court alone, waiting for the other students to finish. I had finished one lap and was passing the boy’s locker room when Jeremy came out with his gym clothes on and started walking next to me.
I could feel my heart start to beat faster when he placed his hand on the middle of my back. “Hey,” Jeremy said.
“Um, hey,” I said back awkwardly, a light blush spreading up my face.
One by one, people filed out of the locker rooms, filling up the gym slowly. The gym teacher, Mrs. Havana, walked in with a bright red dodgeball. Oh no, dodgeball, the sport of the devil. I’m pretty sure part of my soul just made its way to hell.
Mrs. Havana had us line up on the outer basketball court line. “Today we are playing dodgeball. I’m sure you all know the rules, but it seems sometimes a few of you forget,” she said while looking at Jeremy, “so I will explain them anyway. Rule one, no headshots. Rule number two, if you get hit you are out. Number three, if you throw the ball and someone catches it, you are out. And the last rule, no ball hogging.
“Now, let's break us up into teams. Tanya and Jeremy are team pickers.” She announced.
Oh no, I’m a team picker, this cannot be happening, I don’t know anyone’s name. Jeremy and I walked in front of the line of teenagers and faced them. Jeremy first picked Troy and I chose Scarlet. Jeremy seemed to pick all of the jocks, but Scarlet told me which names to call out.
All of the names that escaped my lips matched with faces which then built a team of misfits. I was confused as to why she told me to choose all of the unathletic people, but I soon understood.
The game started with the other team rushing towards the center to collect the dodgeballs. Our team quickly lined up from shoulder to shoulder with our throwers behind us. As the jocks threw balls at the line, we dodged and caught them, giving the throwers ammo. With the line blocking the view of the throwers, the other team didn’t know where the balls were going to be coming from, allowing us to have an advantage.
We soon dwindled down their team to only a few players and the game was quickly over. I went back into the locker room and changed back into my regular clothes. As the whole class began making their way to the lunch room, I stayed in the gymnasium and waited for Alec to finish eating.
Ten minutes later the gym doors opened and Alec walked through accompanied by Jeremy. As they walked towards me Alec said in a sing-songy voice, “Tanya, someone was looking for you.”
Jeremy stopped in front of me and looked over at Alec to sygnal to him that he wanted to talk to me alone. Alec nodded and started to walk all around the gym knowing that he was going to get every detail later.
Jeremy sat next to me and began by saying, ”So, you’re a Freshman, huh?”
“Uh, yeah,” I replied.
“How are you in Honors Biology?”
“My parents have been putting me in advanced classes since as long as I can remember, I didn’t even have to go to high school this year.”
“Wow, that’s cool,” He stated awkwardly.
I chuckled, “Yeah, it is pretty cool.”
“Sorry, I wanted to talk to you to see if you had anything planned for Friday after school. So, do you?”
“Well, kinda. Scarlet and I have to observe each other’s lives for a couple of weeks, so I will have to be with her,” I said warily.
“That’s fine. Scarlet is cool, she’d let up on a couple of hours,” He reassured.
“What are we doing?”
“That’s a surprise,” He said while getting up. “Just be ready for it.”
“How am I supposed to be ready for it if I don’t even know what it is?” I yelled after him.
Alec ran over to me as the door closed behind Jeremy. I filled Alec in on what happened and he just smiled suspiciously in response. As I was about to ask him what he was smiling about the bell rang and he sprinted off.
I made my way to Food Science and zoned out for the entirety of the class. The bell indicating that class was over brought me out of my day dream and I quickly made my way to the class I was waiting all day for, Art.
I walked into the art room and sat at an empty table. Students filed into the room one by one and sat around the room. Soon the teacher, Ms. Kemper, stood from her desk and began passing out supplies and explaining what our first project entailed. “Our first project is a self portrait. You may use any art style accessible. This will be due in three weeks from Friday. Be creative and have fun.”
Once I got my paper, I decided that I was going to go for a realistic sketch style and began outlining the shapes.
By the end of class, I had the full outline done and had started the facial details. After the bell rang I headed to my last class, Calculus, after I stopped at my locker. I sat in the front row and waited for class to start. We got our textbook and played a math game to get introduced.
After class I went to my locker and packed my bag. I headed out to the buses and sat in an empty seat in the middle of the bus. Jeremy got on after me and sat across the aisle from me with Troy. I stared out the window, periodically looking over at Jeremy to see him peeking over at me as well. I smiled and waited for my stop.
I got off the bus and headed home. When I got inside my mom was in the kitchen searching through her cookbook to find something to make for dinner.
“How was your first day, hun?” She asked as she heard me enter the room. I told her what had happened today and asked if Scarlet could come over for the essay. She stood there and listened to me and said that Scarlet could come over.
I went up to my bedroom to work on homework while my mom was cooking dinner. My mom called up the stairs when the food was ready. I rushed down the stairs and helped set the table. We sat down and ate my mom’s classic cooking. She had made Broccoli Chicken Casserole and it was delicious.
There wasn’t much conversation during dinner and afterward I cleaned off the table. Once I did the dishes, I went back up stairs to continue working on my portrait and thinking about what might happen tomorrow. Once I finished with all of the detail lines on the face I looked at my alarm clock and saw that it was nine thirty. I got up and headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I brushed my hair before heading down stairs to see my mom asleep on the couch with the television still on. I shut off the T.V., put a blanket on my mom, and turned all of the lights off.
I headed back upstairs and changed into some pajamas. I layed in my bed and fell asleep thinking about the events of the day.
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