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The marauders videos

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I've read so many of these, basically the kids and remus and sirius in Grimmuld place fine the marauders videos and decide to watch them Also wolfstar is in it so it Jily obviously

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Chapter 1 The Findings

1995 12 Grimmuld place

Harry's pov

"morning everyone today I thought we will clean the attic so up you go" ordered mrs weasley a me Fred, George, hermione, Ron, sirius and remus walked away

Everyone (apart from Mrs weasley) groaned but went up anyway,

I swear  I love Mrs weasley but sometimes she forgets that she's not my mother or that this is her house.

Sirius unlocked the Door to the attic and we all piled in, we then split into groups I went with sirius and remus

Hermione and Ron went together and lastly the twins went together. "how about we all start at different corners

And also be careful since even I don't know what's in here" explained sirius everyone nodded and went to different corners.

And they began cleaning as we did I heard sirius shout something to remus

"Hey moons guess what I found" yelled padfoot happily

Remus pov

"Hey moons guess what I found" padfoot yelled happily

I then dropped what I was holding to the floor and walked over to sirius, I smiled upon seeing what he found.

Sitting in front of padfoot was a huge brown box filled to the brim with bewitched pictures that are actually filmd and in big bold letters the box read

'Marauder stuff'

I smiled remembering when me sirius,James and Peter used to make videos with Peters camera when we were at hogwarts

"Bloody hell I can't believe I still have theses here" padfoot said, I then helped him pick up the box and bring it to the middle of the room.

Third person pov

Remus and sirius dropped it carefully on the old dusty floor, before opening it and looking at it contents.

There were loads of pictures that read 'number 1'  it looked to be more than ten of them.

There was out old stuff toys I had a Wolf, sirius had a black dog, James had a light grey stag and Peter had a rat.

"i completely forgot about all this" sirius said.

Sooon harry walked over to see what was in the box, he w as amazed with what he saw.

"can we maybe watch them padds" asked harry nervously,sirius smiled widely

"of course we can prongslet" sirius smiled and reached into the box, he then grinned widely when he found the first one.

Remus then enlarged it and put a sticking charm on it so it will stick to the blank wall.

"how do we get it to play" asked Ron

"I can't remember moony" sirius wined at the end

"OK fine" sighed remus he then stuck his want out and said "I Somenly Swear That I am up to know good"

The video started...

Chapter 1 is done!

I hoped you have liked this I got the idea from reading a fanfic called 'persuing lily evans' on fanfiction net


Word count : 483
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