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Chapter 2 The First Video

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The kids and remus and sirius watch the first video

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Start of recap...

"I can't remember moony" sirius wined at the end

"OK fine" sighed remus he then stuck his want out and said "I Somenly Swear That I am up to know good"

The video started...

End of recap...

The golden trio sat on the floor next to each other, sirius was padfoot and half on Harry's lap and half on the floor.

Remus sat on one of the boxes but close to harry's side just incase, and Fred and george sat on the boxes behind.

The screen was Black for a few minutes before the video started playing, they heard voices but know picture.

In the video...

"hey guys why is it black" said a male voice, he was the one holding the camera everyone thought.

Another male voice was heard he sighed, there was a lot of shuffling before the screen wasn't black.

It was quite clearly the Gryffindor common room, everything was the same just a lot older.

"you idiot sirius you zoomed in on remus's shirt" said another voice, it was James potter.

Harry smiled at hearing his dad's voice.

"well sorry James" said sirius, as he gave the camera to James and pouted which the camera got.

Remus turned to harry "this is our first night In the common room" he said and turned back to the video.

The screen then changed again it was probably being taken out of sirius's arms, the camera zoomed out.

They saw the grinning face of James potter, Young remus with a book on his lap and sirius was pouting childishly at the person holding the camera.

"wow remus, sirius you both look so young" voiced hermione as everyone else laughed, remus and sirius grinned at their old selves.

Sirius then stopped pouting and leaped up from were he sat he pointed at the camera, remus could be seen looking up from his book.

"how about we use your camera to make videos about our time at hogwarts" said sirius.

James put his hand to his chin and thought before grinning "yes we should" he said

The scene changed to Peter putting the camera on a table or something and showing all four soon to be marauders.

They were all grinning and said

"Welcome to the Marauders life"

It then turned black remus then stood up and turned towards everyone.

"and that was how the marauders met" he said smiling.

Then Mrs weasleys voice could be heard, it was time for dinner and then there would be an order meeting.

Everyone but harry remus and sirius left,remus and sirius turned to harry to see him still looking at the box.

Smiling sirius walked over to harry put his hand on his shoulder and began to lead him out of the room.

"don't worry pup we will watch the others soon" said sirius.

The end

I've finally updated, hoped you have liked this chapter the videos have started the next one should be funny and I may include a few parts of my wolfstar oneshots into it as well.

Word count:  514
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