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Red Blood Cell Gets Infected

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Red Blood Cell gets infected with a Green Haters Virus and now she must find a cure. She does but she must make it with WBC if not she'll get caught and killed by Killer T Cells. I have this story...

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It was a regular day in the body Red Blood Cell AE3803 has just finished delivery and now she has the rest of the day off.
RBC: Yes I'm done. Now I can relax. Maybe I could get some ice cream.
RBC was heading towards the ice cream vending machine and while she walking she see's Killer T Cells marching.
Killer T Cells: YES SIR!!!!
RBC: Wow those guys are so intense. I'd hate to be an infected cell.
Then she walked off to the ice cream vending machine and cooled off with a pink ice pop.
RBC: Ahh that's so nice.
When she finished it she walked around enjoying herself. That's when she heard a weird sound.
Virus: Chaha Chaha.
RBC: Huh is someone there?
Virus Chaha Chaha.
RBC: Hello who's there?
Then the virus which looks like a green glob with teeth jumped up at her.
Then everything went black for RBC.
RBC woke up on the ground.
RBC: What the heck?! Was that just a dream? Weird?
Then RBC got up and started walking home.

The next day she was getting ready for work and when she was about to put on her white gloves she noticed something green on her hands.
RBC: What the heck is this?? She then tried to wash it off, but it wouldn't.
RBC: What the heck is happening to me??
She then turned around and looked at the clock.
It said 8:00.
RBC: I'm going to be late for work.
She then put on her gloves and ran out of her apartment.
She then started delivering nutrients around the body.
WBC's all over the body were wondering what was happening because their hats were reacting when RBC was around.
WBC U-2001: Where is that germ?? He turned around and saw RBC.
RBC: Uhhh Hello there.
U-2001: Did you see a germ here today.
RBC: Nope. She shook her head.
Then she walked off.
RBC: Ok one more delivery of nutrients and I'm done then I could go to the library and find out what's going on.
RBC walked across the bridge and the White Blood Cells that were at the bottom of the bridge had their hats reacting to something.
U-2048: What is it?
U-1196: It's a germ??
U-2626: Where is it??

RBC: Here's your nutrients.
Cell: Thank You.
RBC: Your Welcome.
Then RBC headed for the library. She searched and searched until she found something.
RBC thought " Green Haters Virus: A Green blob virus that effects Red Blood Cells. The virus goes inside the Red Blood Cell and their skin starts turning green".
RBC: "GASP!!" That's what's happening to me!
She keeps reading.
"The only cure is the DNA of a White Blood Cell and mix it into The Best Green Tea (Heated) and the Red Blood Cell must drink it".
RBC: Oh okay so WBC DNA and Green Tea mixed together and drink it. Disgusting, but it can still save me.
Then she started reading more.
"The infected Red Blood Cell that's been turned green will start to be getting spikes coming out of them. The Infected Red Blood Cell spotted by immune cells will the chased around the body causing chaos. There will be cells fighting rather the Red Blood Cell should be cured or killed. It includes Heat and Itching Problems to the body."
RBC: Oh My Nucleus I've got to get WBC so he can help cure me.
She closed the book and walked off. That's when her skin started to turn more green a over.
RBC: Oh No!! It's getting worse. I've got to hurry.
Then she started running and that's when a Dendritic Cell spotted her.
DC: Oh No I've got to warn everyone its Green Haters Virus.
Then he contacted Dendritic Cell the one who snacks a lot on cookies.
RBC started running towards the exit, but she got a little lost. She walked through a door and saw a lot of Killer T Cells on the other side of the room.
Squad Leader: Men the White Blood Cells told me about a weird germ that hasn't been caught so look out for anything out of the ordinary.
Killer T Cells: Yes Sir!!
RBC thought"Oh My Nucleus not Killer T Cells!"
****************Montage: Play Shrek Escape Dragon Soundtrack****
DC: Yes .
DC 1: Send a message to the body that there is Green Haters Virus on the lose. And to look out for a green Red Blood Cell.
DC: Got it.
DC got on the monitors and speakers.
DC: Attention body there is a Green Haters Virus on the loose. Look out for a green Red Blood Cell.
Killer T Cell 1: Did you hear that some kind of virus?!
Killer T Cell 2: We've got to go find a green Red Blood Cell.
Squad Leader: Remember if you see it ANNIHILATE IT.
Killer T Cells: Yes Sir!!
Naive Cell: Squad Leader there it is. He pointed towards RBC.
They all turned around and saw RBC trying to sneak by them.
Squad Leader: HEY GET BACK HERE YOU!!!!
Then RBC started running she ran through doors and slammed them.
RBC: Somebody help me I don't want to die!!!!
RBC kept running until she reached a supply closest she locked it then she grabbed a bendable metal tube and wrapped it around the door knob.
RBC: Ok "PANT PANT" that should hold them out.

RBC: Epp!!
RBC: NO!!!!
RBC looked around and saw a latter with a sign that said " Secret Passage To The Roof".
RBC: Oh Heavens I'm saved.
She started climbing the ladder up to the roof.
Killer T Cells: YES SIR!!!!
Then they broke the door down.
A few went inside, but couldn't find her.
Squad Leader: Dang It Where Are You!!??
Then he saw the ladder.
Squad Leader: Your Not Getting Away From Me That Easily!!!!
He turned around.
Squad Leader: Lets Go Men!!!
Killer T Cells: YES SIR!!
*****************Stop Music*****************
RBC finally reached the roof she was panting like crazy.
RBC: I've got to get cured and fast.
She looked around the roof hoping to find a way down.
RBC: Maybe I could jump off a roof?
That's when she heard the sound of foot steps coming up the stairs to the roof.
RBC: Oh No The Killer T Cells!
Then the door was smashed open.
Squad Leader: HA! We've found you!
RBC: Oh No!!
RBC looked at the Killer T's and the ground.
RBC: Here goes nothing.
Then she jumped off the roof.
Then she landed on the ground.
RBC: Ow!!
Then she got up and started running.
Squad Leader: You can run, but you can't hide. We'll find you!!
RBC: Just keep running!
RBC kept running until she reached her apartment.
She grabbed some green tea and put it into a water bottle.
RBC: Ok now to find White Blood Cell.

RBC: Oh NO!!
Then she opened the window and jumped on the balcony and then climbed down the ladder.
The Killer T Cells slammed the door down.
Squad Leader: Where Are You??!!
He looked around the room and saw the window open, he ran towards it and saw RBC climbing down the ladder.
RBC: "Gasp!!"
Squad Leader: HEY!!
RBC slidded down the ladder and ran off.
Squad Leader: Oh No Your Not!!!!
Then he got on the balcony.

RBC started running faster.
RBC: Come on White Blood Cell where are you?!
That's when she slammed into someone coming around the corner.
WBC: Ow!
RBC: OH My Goodness Sir I'm sorry I......
She looked closer at him. It was WBC.
RBC: White Blood Cell it's you.
WBC looked up at her.
WBC: Red Blood Cell what happened to you? His hat beeper was going off.
RBC: Don't freak out ok. I've been infected with a green virus, but I can be cured. I just need your DNA in this green tea. She pulled out the water bottle of green tea.
WBC: Okay.
RBC: Thank you, but we have to hurry the Killer T Cells are after me.
WBC: Yeah sure.
He grabbed his knife dagger and rolled up his sleeve and cut himself. RBC opened the bottle and some blood got mixed into the green tea.
RBC: Okay I think that's enough. But the tea is cold we need to find some where to heat it up and fast.
Then she closed up the water bottle and put it in her red pouch.
RBC: Okay where can we heat it up? We can't go to my place, because the Killer T Cells are there.
WBC: Don't worry we'll think of something.
He rolled up his sleeve.
****************Montage: Play Hit Me Baby One More Time******
That's when he heard a bunch of foot steps.
WBC: Oh no we've got to run and find somewhere safe. The Killer T Cells are coming.
RBC: Oh No!!
WBC grabbed her hand and started running with RBC.
They exited the corner and they turned their heads and saw the Killer T Cells.
Squad Leader: Well well looks like we've found you again!
WBC: Time To Go!!
Then the started running as fast as they can.
Squad Leader: GET BACK HERE!! The Killer T Cells were hot on their trail.
RBC: Where are we going White Blood Cell?
WBC: We're going to the Bone Marrow. The Killer T Cells will never find us there.
RBC: Good Idea!
She looked behind her and she could hardly see the Killer T Cells.
WBC: Over here!
They turned through a corner and entered a sewer tunnel and kept running until they reached the bone marrow and opened the sewer tunnel lid.
They ran into the bone marrow building and reached the kitchen.
RBC took the green tea and heated it up in the microwave.
****************Stop Music******************
RBC: Come on Come on heat up already I don't want to die today.
WBC: Your not going to die today I promise I'll protect you.
RBC: "Gasp!" Thank You White Blood Cell.

RBC: Its Ready!!
She grabbed it out of the microwave and drank it.

RBC: Yuck!!
She looked at herself and she was still green and covered in tiny spikes.
RBC: Why isn't it working!!
WBC: It is. It's just slow. Look.
RBC's skin was turning a little bit back to normal.
RBC: Your right it is.

**********Montage: Play Hot 'n' Cold*******************
RBC: What was that?!
They turned around and saw a bunch of White Blood Cells, Killer T Cells, N.K. Cell, B Cell and Macrophages.
Macrophage: Oh My it looks we are in a bit of a pickle,it's my little lost Red Blood Cell.
RBC: Oh no they found us.
WBC: Run!! He grabbed her hand and they ran off of the other door.
B Cell: Hey get back here you two!
RBC and WBC ran out the Bone Marrow kitchen and headed towards the roof.
WBC: Quick to the highest point!
RBC: Right! But I can't run anymore. I'm too tired. She went down on her knees.
That's when more slams came.
N.K. Cell: Well look we have a pair of love birds here.
RBC: Snap!!
Then WBC carried RBC in his arms and ran off with her.
The Immune Cells circled around the roof, but couldn't find them.
B Cell: Where did they go?
Macrophage: Oh I hope she's not hurt.
Squad Leader: GRRR!! I'm getting tired of this little Romeo and Juliet running route, where are they?!
Squad Leader looked down and saw WBC holding RBC with one arm and using his other arm to hold on to a statue holding them both in the air.
Squad Leader: HEY I FOUND THEM!!!!
They all ran towards Squad Leader.
Naive T Cell: Are You Two Crazy?!
Macrophage: Please stop running away. You two are going to get hurt.
WBC: Oh No I'm slipping.
RBC: Oh No NO!!
Then they both fell, but at that second RBC was cured and her green skin and spikes were gone.
That's when out of no where right when they were going to reach the bottom a bunch of cute little Platelets were holding a huge soft blue net to catch them.
Platelet: We've got them.
All Platelets: YES!!
***************Stop Music*******************
WBC and RBC got up.
RBC: I'm cured and alive.
WBC: Are you alright?!
RBC: Yes Thank You!!
Then the doors slammed open it was the Immune Cells .
Macrophage: Are you two alright??
WBC: Yes. And you guys can stop chasing Red Blood Cell, because she is cured.
RBC: Yep no more green skin and spikes.
Squad Leader: Well next time it won't be so east for you. You've doughed a bullet today.
RBC: I know.
DC Leader: Squad Leader!!
Squad Leader: Yes Sir.
DC: The orders were to look out for the Red Blood Cell NOT Kill her.
Squad Leader: But I was....
DC: All Killer T Cells back to the Lymphatic Vessel.
Killer T's: YES SIR!!!
DC: We'll talk later O.K.!
Squad Leader: yes sir.
WBC: Come on RBC.
RBC: Sure.
*******Montage: Play I want to know what love is 0:50-2:00***********
They walked away from the Bone Marrow and went to get some green tea and sat on a bench.
RBC: Oh White Blood Cell how could I ever Thank You.
WBC: Protecting you is my job Red Blood Cell.
RBC then gave him a kiss. The kiss got deeper and deeper as WBC put his hand on her face.
That's when the sound of a camera clicked.

They broke the kiss.
RBC: Huh?!
WBC: What the..?
Memory Cell: Hey there love birds.
RBC: Oh gees!!

***************The End********************
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