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A Bet

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Y/n makes a bet with Lee

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“Don’t worry,” I assured the small group of students surrounding me. “Gryffindor doesn’t stand a chance against us. Most of them smiled and nodded. Most of them.

“Please, with the Weasley Twins on the team? If Gryffindor doesn’t win by 10,000 points, I’ll be amazed!” announced Lee Jordan, the Quidditch commentator.

I rolled my eyes. “Oh, yeah, wanna bet Jordan?” Jordan grinned.

“I’d love to,” he said, rubbing his hands together, “How about the loser has to kiss someone of the winner’s choice?” I snorted.

“Fine, I’d love to watch you snog Malfoy,” I replied with a smirk. The two of us shook on it. That’s when the twins showed.

“Hey, Lee. Hello, y/l/n,” greeted George. I nodded to them.

“What are you doing?” asked Fred.

“Making a bet,” Lee said.

“Oooooh, what are the stakes?” George put an arm around Lee’s shoulders.

“Lee’s going to have to kiss Malfoy if he loses!” I told him gleefully. George made a sour face.

“Oh, that’s just cruel!”

“But if I win,” said Lee, a smile slowly growing on his face, “y/n kissing Fred”

I made a face, pretending to throw up. Fred seemed just as displeased as I did.

“Mate, why? I thought it was a punishment for her, not for me!” Complained Fred. I nodded in agreement

“Sorry Freddy, but I think y/n won’t like it more than you won’t” I shuddered, proving Lee’s point. Fred nodded, but still seemed uncertain.

“Don’t worry, Freddy boy,” I told him, leaning against his shoulder. “You got nothing to worry about. “ I smiled and walked closer to Lee, “because I don’t lose,” I whispered to him darkly. He laughed nervously. I couldn’t wait to see him kissing Malfoy.


We were up by one point, but just as our seeker was about to grasp onto the snitch, Harry Potter ripped it from our fingers. We had lost, but most importantly, I had lost. I sat on my broom, glaring at Potter as Fred flew up and leveled his broom with mine. Lee’s voice rang across the stadium.

“NOW KISS!!” He cheered gleefully, dancing away from Professor McGonagall who wasn’t even trying to stop him at this point. I sighed and looked at Fred.

“I’m sorry about this Weasley,” I said before grabbing the front of his robes and pulling him towards me. As our lips connected, I felt fireworks exploding in my gut, and Fred smiling into the kiss. His tongue entered my mouth and I fought with him for dominance, before I gave in, allowing him to roam my mouth. A mix of cheers and boos rose up from the crowds, but Lee’s excited roar overpowered the rest.

I looked at Fred. “How long has he been planning this?” I asked. Fred shrugged “Honestly, like half a year ago. Ever since he knew I had a crush on you,” I smiled.

“Oh, so you admit that you like me?” I teased. Fred broke down laughing.

“I’m sorry the kiss didn’t display that enough,” he said leaning forward again.

“I might need another just to make sure I didn’t miss it,” I said, closing the space between us.

It was the best bet I had ever lost.
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