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Chapter 15

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I don't know why I'm still writing in this. I know the tour is over, and I know I've decided to never release any thing I write here, but for some reason, this is the most therapeutic part of my day. Pete was right.

Speaking of Peter, he and Joe are here right now duking it out over a game of Lego Star Wars. It's amazing to me that we've managed to make a one-player game so competitive. I love these guys. They're seriously my lifeline sometimes. Sometimes, though, they do things that remind me of him.

But, sadly, we're not talking about that, because really, that's just one of those things that constitutes for a journal burning. Last night was seriously some of the most fun I've had in a long time. Pete and Joe took me to dinner, and then we came back to my apartment for a long night of saving the galaxy. I can't remember the last time I had as much fun as I had with them yesterday. Seriously.

"C.J., you've got to get out of bed. It's almost 4. You're killing us." I was face down in my pillow, not ready to battle the day considering the events of almost a month ago. You know, the 400th time Patrick was a douche bag. Every once and awhile, i just got discouraged. It was weird. I felt water on my bare back, and immediately sat up, flipped them off, and moved over to a dry spot on my bed.

"Alright," Joe laughed, "We'll go get food without you." I fell out of bed.

"No, no. There's no need. You don't know your way around the city, and what kind of host would I be if I just let you wander off, completely unaware of your surroundings? A terrible host. I'm also a hungry host, so let me get dressed." They laughed and shut the door as I began to change clothes. 10 minutes later I emerged looking good as new. Actually I probably looked horrible, but nothing sunglasses and Chap Stick can't fix, right?

"You look..." Joe was laughing.

"Almost dead? Thanks Joe, I appreciate it." Peter rolled his eyes. I've gotten into this weird habit of calling him Peter every once and awhile, by the way.

"You look fine, idiot, get in the cab." It was cold. I couldn't really figure out why, though, because it was barely September. That's right. I'd known the guys for five, almost 6, months. I don't think I regret a lot of it. I know I regret some of it. I haven't talked to Patrick since the day he randomly showed up in New York. I think it's better that i don't. Pete has been talking to him more and more lately, though, and that makes me think something weird is going on. I'm doing my best to ignore that crazy notion.

"The Life Café?" I asked, as the cab came to a stop in front of my all-time favorite restaurant. This brought back stupid memories. I started feeling as sick as the last time I almost came to this place. If you'll remember correctly, I didn't quite make it. Peter must have remembered too.

"Don't get sick on the sidewalk, okay?" I laughed, and Joe held the door open for me to go inside. I ordered a Fruit salad, and vegetarian fajitas, while the guys did the same, because they couldn't find anything else that looked appealing.

"How can you stand this place?" I pointed across the street to a burger joint.

"How can you stand that place?" Joe just shrugged and took a sip of his water. Pete was staring at the table ripping apart his napkin.

"What's up, Peter? Why are you being all weird? You've been sort of...not" He just shrugged.

"You're going to be mad at me." Joe got uncomfortable. I couldn't blame him.

"Why? What'd you do? Tell me now, and I probably won't be mad."

"Never mind. Forget I said anything. There's a good chance nothing is going to happen." I let it go. I loved Peter, and wasn't looking for a reason to be pissed off at him. There's the reason for my aforementioned notion, though. Pete has to pull this shit all the time. Why? Why can't I just have a day where I don't get all curious and nervous? I seriously haven't seen one of those days in forever.

"How's the unemployed life treating you?" Joe was digging into his fajitas like he was never going to see food again.

"I'm not unemployed. Didn't you hear?" Pete and Joe both looked at me. Had I really not mentioned this?

"I know I told you." Joe shook his head. Pete spoke.

"I know you didn't. Where are you working?"

"I'm a columnist for AP now. Isn't that amazing? They're having me write reviews on C.D.'s. It's seriously the best job ever." Pete looked confused.

"When did you get this job?"

"Like, 2 days ago. That might be the reason you don't know yet. I don't think I'm going to tell my Dad. When he found out I was unemployed he upped the amount of money he sent me every month. I'm on salary now, so I'll take all the financial assistance I can get. That apartment doesn't pay for itself. My new apartment probably won't either." The both stopped eating.

"What?" I laughed.

"Joe, don't talk with your mouth full." He flipped me off.

"What do you mean new apartment?" Pete asked me once he had swallowed his food.

"I have to relocate. AP isn't in New York." Pete's eyes got as big as footballs. Kind of. Not really.

"It's in Chicago." I sighed and looked at my plate. I honestly wasn't looking forward to the move. Lord, please keep Patrick fucking Stump away from me. I should never throw the word 'fuck' into a prayer. Ever.

"You're moving to Chicago?" Joe was excited like a little kid.

"Yep. I have to be out in a month. Get ready, neighbors." Peter smiled. A new smile. Not a smile I'd seen before.

"You've been like my little sister who lives half way across the country, but now you're going to be my little sister who lives minutes away!" I smiled. I was excited, I had to admit. I just wondered if it was at all possible to keep this a secret from Patrick. I highly doubt it. We finished eating and talked about my new life in Chicago and how they were going to spend tons of time with me, and how Peter was going to come be my sweet new roommate, which I quickly vetoed, and how Joe was going to come over and eat my food. I told him that was fine as long as he bought it.

"You guys ready?" I asked, as I dropped a fifty on the table.

"Hell no, I'm paying." Pete shoved my fifty dollar bill down the back of my shirt and took the check to the register to pay with his card. Joe was laughing.

"Why do you laugh so much?" He looked at me seriously.

"Do you honestly need to ask?" I shook my head and laughed with him. When we got back to my apartment, Peter got the brilliant idea of having a packing party. So, before we got down to video games, we threw on 'The Weakerthans' and partied to packing boxes and throwing away most of my belongings.

It didn't take long before we were burnt out regarding packing, and were ready to play. I have to admit, though, we made a ton of progress, other than furniture, there wasn't anything in my living room, and my office and bedroom were almost completely packed away. I sat down on my living room floor and looked around.

"This is sad." Pete and Joe looked at me as they were unraveling controllers and picking out which game we were going to play.

"Not exciting?" Joe asked.

"No, it's perfectly exciting. But look at it the way I am. I've spent the past 4 years of my life depending solely on what's inside these walls. My furniture, my food, and me. It's weird that I'm leaving it behind. The more bare it becomes, the more I see how empty all of that time really was." All of a sudden, I started laughing.

"Please ignore me and my nostalgia. I probably just need to kick Joe's ass or something." Joe scoffed.

"Yeah fucking right." And as soon as those words left his mouth, we were immersed into a 5 hour session of arguing and laughing and Red Bull. Things are going to be okay, now. I truly believe that more than ever.

Now let's just see about shaking this notion that I've mentioned a few times already. I really wonder what that is. What the fuck was Pete talking about at dinner? Seriously. As long as he's not around, I have no problem being curious. It's actually really easy. Oh well. I may not be with you for awhile, due to the mass amount of moving and traveling I'm about to be doing. I'll update when I can, bitches.
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