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Chapter 14 ( way short, but another chapter up really soon)

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this is sort of just a filler to make you curious as to what's going on.

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Dear Play, Radio Play,

I'm sorry to inform you of my resignation. Lately, I've reconsidered my employment at your magazine to such an extreme, that there is no sense in continuing my work. Furthermore, I have no intentions of releasing this year's tour diary. Looking back, I think that might be what instigated the decision I'm making, but it's what needs to be done. After looking over the diary, I found almost everything to be a sad reminder of a summer not-so-well spent, and there really aren't impersonal, public-appropriate sections of my diary that I care to release. Upon realizing this, I also realized that not turning in the only thing I was hired to do, would most definitely cost me my job. So, once again, I'm sorry to inform you of my resignation, and I thank you deeply for the past 4 years of employment and memories. Wish me luck. I hope the magazine eventually makes it above ground. But then again, maybe I don't. Maybe the best things are secrets. Maybe the worst things are revealed to you in a way that doesn't seem so bad. Thanks again!

Caroline Jane Daling.
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