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A Wolfman called 'Lyca'

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Does your dad hate you? Does he call you a freak becuase of what you can do? does your dad beat you? Mine does.

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Daddy's little freak
Chapter 4
A wolfman called Lyca

Disclaimer: I do not own Darren Shan or any of the DS saga's characters. I
only own Sarah and any other characters I decided to put in.

Hey everyone, sorry this chapter took such while but I've been busy with
other fics and pics plus I'm back at school now and I'm a senior, so, you
know, busy busy.
Anyway, thanks for all your reviews they mean a lot, the next lot of
reviews I get I'm going to leave the replies on the next chapter, just to
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love all of you.

"Guys, hurry, you have to see this!"

Late at night, the show's over, everyone's relaxed or asleep and I'm
running at top speed to a pair of Vampires, a little person a snake man
looking like I'm going to piss myself. (please tell me I'm not the only
one who finds this a bit out of the ordinary, even though it's my life
we're talking about) And since when did I refer that lot to 'guys'?
Doesn't matter. Too excited. They have to see this!!

They followed me to one of the more secluded tents in the camp.
The wolfman's tent.
They shouted questions as we ran, Mr Crepsley even threatened to have me
change Lilia's nappies for the rest of the month if I didn't explain, but
I still ignored them. I'll regret that later.
Once we reached it, I suffered a few slaps to the head and kicks to the
shins. It was worth it though. When they saw what I was so worked up
about, it was as if I could hear their apologies echoing form paradise
itself. Hallje-fucking-lujah!

"How much do think Sam would have loved to see this, Evra?"
Their mouths hung lower than granny pants-no wait, nothing's that saggy.
I'll think of something better later-it was something hard to believe

The wolfman; a vicious man/animal that devours anything it sees until it
dies. A raging beast with no thoughts, feelings or cares is playing! ( no joke here) And not on it's own. It was playing with Sarah!
"Uh.Sarah?" Squeaked Vancha "What are you doing?"
" Playing mirrors" she answered gleefully. And truthfully she was. Her on
the outside of the cage-really close to it by the way-mimicking movements
with the wolfman. They were unbelievably close to each other, she was a just few centimetres from actually touching his hand. The mimed their hands in
circles, crouched low the ground and spun around on their knees. I
couldn't believe it when I'd seen it and neither could they. The wolfman
doesn't go near anyone unless hypnotised or about to eat them. But, here
he was; yapping and playing like a puppy!

"It appears Hibernius has found himself a wolfman tamer" said Mr Crepsley
with a slight smile. I'll never get why he's so objective to showing a
little amusement.
"What's that?" asked Sarah suddenly. I laughed a little at her naiveté. It
makes you feel so much older when someone younger than you asks you
something you thought everyone already knew. I momentarily forgot where I
was when I took a few steps to her. I started to answer her question when
the wolfman sparked into life. His usual self looking more enraged and
blood thirsty than before.
He threw himself at the cage with such a force that it knocked the lock
clean off the bars. Barely time to think-the wolfman lunging towards me


I blinked. My train of thought slowing down enough for me to think.

The wolfman stopped immediately at that loud howl. I took a stupid chance to look behind me to see who might have just saved my life. As I glanced at them a voice called out,

" Come here Lyca" I swung my head back to see the wolf just an inch from my nose. He took my slip-up to move closer and now his rotten flesh, smelling breath was huffing into my face.

Instinct screamed at me to bolt it but that could set the wolfman off again. His eyes never wandered from mine and vice-versa. I was too afraid that if I looked away from him for even a nano second, he'll gut me. He crouched low, I suddenly had an image of my stomach lying on the ground at my feet. The desire to eat me burned evidently in his yellow, silt eyes. My fear reflected in the drool dripping from his snarling fangs.

Everyone says that the wolfman has no memory, only instinct and hunger. I doubted that so much right now. He remembered me and I would bet Vancha's green hair he could smell Sam's blood in me as fresh as the days he ripped him open.

Instead of attacking like I had anticipated he moved backwards, so slowly that you would've barely guessed he was moving.. He then made a swift turn, leaped from the spot and landed on top of Sarah! I darted after him, but stopped when I heard giggling. Giggling?

Yeah, giggling. Instead of gashing her throat and feeding on what spilled out he lapped her face with his tongue. The word 'ewww' sprung to mind but Vancha beat me to it. I expected the wolfman to react to that, however he just continued playing.

I edged away, hoping sarah would be safe long enough to get the wolfamn back in his cage. I whispered to Harkat to hurry and find a new lock. Evra went with, he could find his way about the camp quicker than Harkat can.

I stood silently with Mr Crepsley and Vancha. All we could do for now was just stare. I desperately wanted to get that creature away form her before it changed it's tone.

It was never this difficult to predict what the wolfman would do. Bark, growl, eat and bark more. Pretty much just that if kept in the cage. Out side the cage; not exactly tough to figure out- kill at random will. The wolfman climbed of her aftera few minutes and sat crouched just like a dog. I swear I saw him smile, maybe he could, he was part human afterall. Sarah patted him on the head and scratched his ears s if he really were nothing but a harmless dog.

I think she forgot we were even there we were so quiet because she gave a loud yawn and rubbed her eyes (having frequent nightmares, she mustn't get much sleep) then the wolfman lay down in front of her and she cuddled up next to him. The both curled up together and they appeared to be asleep within a few minutes.

I could finally take full breadths again. My ribs felt like they would crack at the pressure of my pounding beats. Harkat and Evra arrived with the lock and Mr Tall.

How often is this group going to be this girl's unintentional audience? Mr Tall was able to separate the pair without waking them. How, I will have no idea. Lets' just what the imagination can think of.

He put the wolfman away easily and fitted the new lock in no time. He scooped Sarah up and made a silent gesture for us to leave. While Mr Tall dropped sleepy Sarah off I sat with Evra and Harkat at the camp fire, which was nearly out. We must have been away a good while, that was in full flame earlier. Morning was breaking, so Mr Crepsley and Vancha decided to head off for their coffins( well, Mr Crepsley anyway)

We were having an early breakfast when I was struck by a sudden thought.

"Do we have to call the wolfman Lyca now?"

I know, kind of cheesy. Try and guess how I can up with the name Lyca and you'll see that it wasn't all that creative. Oh well, thanks for all the reviews so far and remember to keep doing so. I'll try to update a bit more frequently. Promise.

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