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Say Anything

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She was soaked to the bone shivering, with a fever.He carried her to the place he was calling home until they left for the next city.

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Jasmine gasped. A chill had gone up her spine. She hated that feeling. "What's wrong?" Gabby asked her. Jasmine's best friend sat across from her at the small out door cafe. She gave her friend a worried look through her sun glasses. "Nothing." Jasmine replied. She picked at her small peice of cheesecake and sighed. "Gabby why did you really invite me out today?" She asked her friend suspiciously. Ever since her and Joel had gotten together they'd been inseperable. "Oh well... Can't I spend some time with my best friend. I mean afterall you've been feeling down and I just thought..." She trailed off nervously. Jasmine looked at her with a blank expression. "The boys are planning something aren't they?" Jasmine asked dryly. "What! O-Of coarse they're not!" Gabby said even more nervously. Jasmine smirked and took a bite from her desert. "You know chica, you're a terrible lier." She said raising an eyebrow. "No I'm not." Gabby said said defensivly. "So they are planning something." Jasmine said. Gabby almost choked on her milk shake. "What is it." Jasmine asked after Gabby got done her coughing fit. "A surprise party." Gabby said sounding defeated. "It's because you missed your birthday." She added. Jasmine smiled. A surprise party just for her. She felt so loved. Five months ago she was Jasmine Crespo, a prostitute in down town Camden, New Jersy, and now she's Jasmine Crespo, Benji Madden's girlfriend, painter and future manga artist. Life was going pretty good except for that day. That one day when she was supposed to be happy. That one day when she turned twenty-two. That one day when she was supposed to be surrounded by her friends, and her new found family, it happened. Her eyes started to tear. "Jazzy." Gabby said touching her arm. "What..." Jasmine stared out, a little disoriented from her thoughts. "You ok chica?" Gabby asked looking concerned. "I'm fine." Jasmine said. "Let's pay the bill and go home. I promise I'll act surprised at the party." She said forcing a smile. She would act happy there, but inside she would be crying and wishing for death.
Benji put the finishing touches on the decorations. "Hey, Paul!" He called out into the living room. "Yeah?" His friend answered. "Is Billy back with the cake yet?" Benji asked. Not only was this Jasmine's birthday party but she had just gotten a contract with Tokyopop manga. This party was also to congradulate her. "Hey Ben, I'm back with the cake." Billy said walking through the door. "Ok, put it in the kitchen." Benji said stepping down from the latter he was on. "Joel!" Benji called to his brother. "Yo..." Joel said poking his head up from the basement. "Is every thing set?" Benji asked. "Yup." Joel replied walking up the stairs. Although he wasn't to fond of his brother's girlfriend, Joel did like to see them happy together. They heard a car pull into the driveway. "She's home." Benji hissed. "Everyone hide!" The four boys darted into different directions hiding behind furniture, plants, and Billy even hid behind a curtain. "I'm home." Jasmine said making herself sound as clueless as possible. That was the perk of being an actress. "Susprise!" Everyone yelled. Even though she was expecting it, Jasmine was a little surprised. She excepted hugs from everyone and a kiss from Benji. She looked at the decorations and took it all in. "Thank you" she said to her friends, surrounding her with beaming smiles. She was starting to feel happiness again. It wasn't the same amount she had before, but it was a start. She finally felt that she belonged somewhere. And she wasn't going to let that feeling go.
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