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The Day That I Die

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She was soaked to the bone shivering, with a fever.He carried her to the place he was calling home until they left for the next city.

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A/N: sorry it took so long to put up a new chapter. I've been busy. I hope you enjoy this.

"Suddenly Seymour, is standing beside you..." Jasmine Belted while cooking dinner. "You don't need no makeup. Don't have to pretend." She was, of course, watching another musical. 'Little Shop of Horrors' was on. She loved this musical. She especially loved the song 'Suddenly Seymour.' It kind of described her situation right now. She was an Audry, coming out of an abusive relationship and not feeling like she was worthy of anyones kindness or love. Benji was her Seymour, taking her from that dark place she was in and showing her that she was worthy of love. She greatly appretiated it. "I miss him." She sighed draining a pot of speggheti. She ate dinner alone agian that night. Benji was gone on tour with The Pink Spiders. It was his last day on tour. He would come back tommorow. 'I'll be here waiting my love.' She thought as she watched the "fairy tale ending" to the movie. Jasmine sat on the couch with her sketch pad trying to think of something to draw. Vampyres and and her own original characters were her fortai. She also liked fairies. 'I'll draw a fairy.' She thought to herself. "No, infact I'll drawme and the guys." She said, a trace of excitement in her voice. She started the faces and bodies. Hers was curvy and busty. Benji and Joel's were built. Billy's was skinny so she had to make the clothing a bit more baggy on him. Paul's was a bit thicker, but she didn't want to make him look to fat. 'This should be interesting. Seeing your self as an anime character.' She said to herself. 'Yeah. It should.' She answered back to her mind. She got so caught up in the drawing, shading, and coloring she didn't notice what time it was. "Holy shit it's three in the morning." She said yawning and stretching. "Time to turn in." She heard a little whimper come from one of the dogs. "What is it Chocolate Ball?" She asked figuring he just wanted to go outside or something. "You need a potty break?" She asked patting the dog on the head. "I think he just heard me come in is all." A voice said making her jump. She looked behind her and saw Benji. "Oh My God!!!" She exclaimed. "If you keep making surprise returns like this you'll give me a heart attack." She breathed. Benji frowned. "What? No hug, no kiss, no 'Benj, I've missed you so much, you big handsome godly man?" He said jokingly. "Ohhh... come here." Jasmine said hugging him tightly and kissing him all over his face. "So you left early again?" Jasmine said walking with him towards the bedroom. "Yeah. Joel decided to stay." Benji said dragging his luggage to the door. "Why'd you come back early?" Jasmine asked, opening the door for him. "Because I missed you." He said hugging her from behind. She instantly went numb. "I missed you too." She saidd softly. She took his hands in hers and turned around so that she faced him. "I love you." She said placing a kiss on his soft lips. "I love you too." He said returning the kiss. "Come on, let's go to bed." Benji said picking her up and placing her on the bed.
The next day Benji woke up to the smell of strawberries and pancakes. He pulled on some clean clothes and walked to the kitchen. He saw his angel making strawberry and banana crepes and watching the the morning news. "Mornin' miho." she said, placing a plate in front of him. "Mornin' miha." He said looking at the tv. Jasmine put a plate down for herself and watched the news with out any interest. "The weather will be clear and sunny, with highs in the mid-sixties." The weather girl said. "It's gonna get cooler." Benji said stating the obvious. "Well it is October." Jasmine said taking a sip of milk. "Back to you Mark." The blonde on the screen said. It quikly panned over to a middle aged man the was obviously the lead anchore. "Thank you Suzie. Our top story this morning. A young man about early to mid- twenties was found dead last night in an ally." Jasmine paid a little more attention to the report. "The man is identified as Jonny Ramirez, the rapist of twenty-two year old Jasmine Crespo, girlfriend to guitarist Benji Madden..." Jasmine dropped her fork and gave all her attention to the tv screen. "Police believe that he had committed suicide and was found with a bullet wound to the head." Jasmine turned away from the screen and looked at Benji. He was shocked as was he. He turned off the tv and shakily walked over to his girlfriend. He hugged her gently. "It's over." She whispered. "Yes. It is, finally over." Benji said. "I want to go to my father's grave so I can let him know that I'm alright." Jasmine said forcing back tears. "Then I'll take you there." Benji said stifling back tears of his own. They made plans to travel to New Jersey in another month. Jasmine could now finally be happy.
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