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On The TV

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The 7 heroes have now grown up, graduated from highschool they all went their seperate ways. Jay thinks about theresa from time to time. So does Theresa. What will happen when Jay see's Theresa o...

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Jay sat on his couch...He was thinking back to the old days. Where him and his gang fought Cronus, he remembered how Theresa was always behind him. How he and Odie shook hands by making fists and hitting them together. How he always called Herry buddy, how Atlanta and Archie always fought, and how Neil always made stupid silly funny jokes.\n\n\nBut his mind was set mostly on Theresa. How he missed her so much...why didn\'t he stay in contact with all of them? Why hadn\'t he stayed in contact with Theresa mostly.\n\nHe turned on the Tv, flipping through the channels. Then he stayed on Hot Music, he remembered watching that all the time as a teenager and wanted to see what kids his age now listened to.\n\nTHe spokesperson annouced a new singer...he didn\'t catch the the name but then the screen turned into a video. \n\nA R+B guy came up singing some words until a girl popped up. Her long beautiful hair blew in the winds and her eyes sparkled on TV. She was singing a song about her missing a guy and why she left him. She wished he cam back into her mind and heart. The music in the background had an awesome beat until jay realized...It was Theresa!! Theresa was the pretty lady on TV singing those words!\n\nHer hair moved tj=his way and that way. Man! she was more beautiful themn ever! Then another guy came into the video. Her and this guy pretending to be Jay and Theresa singing how she spent her days with him and how she missed him. He knew she was talking about him. He just did. The video seemed exactly how they spent times together. Theresa hopped on \'Jay\'\'s back and laughed together in the video as Theresa sang those words.\n\nIt left a mark on his heart a loving mark that could only be touched by Theresa.\n\n\nAfter 2 minutes the video ended and the spokesperson cam eup again. He said she made that song all by herself and there was a contest to win a day just hanging with her in Greece. In the song it talked about Greece so that\'s where the winner would be flighted to to meet her. He said to call a number Jay quickly wrote it down and shut off the tube.\n\nHe grabbed his phone and pushed in the numbers.\n\n\"Hello this is Hot Music hotline? Woukd you like to fill your name in the contest?\" a voice said.\n\n\"yes please, the name\'s Jay, I live in Anaheim, california. My number\'s 678-9274.\"\n\n\"Okay thank you, the winner will be anouced on Hot Music and 3:30 PM exactly next week. So pleased watch Hot Music on channel 18 thanks for submitting your name in the contest!!\"\n\n\"Kay thanks!\" said Jay.\n\n\nJay hung up. He still couldn\'t wait to see Theresa, he thought.\nNext week! He had to go see her now! He couldn\'t stand another second now not being with her.\n\nHe raced to his room grab a luggae with barely any clothes. He grab a wad of cash and took off.\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`\n\n\"The flight to New olympia Greece leaves in 10 minutes!\" said the annoucer.\n\nJay quickly ran into the plane and grabbed a seat by the window, it was one seat that wasn\'t seated next to anyone. Which was good for Jay.\n\nThe plane took off, he starred out at the sky looking at his home-town and saying goodbye. He would be a long ride..but worth it!\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\nTheresa sat in her trailer thinking about the song she just performed once again. She was tired. She sat my her desk thinking about Jay. She had become such a good artist and was drawing a picture of jay as best she could. She closed her eyes...the face...the eyes.......the nose and his hair looked from the back...and how he moved his bangs to the his strong arms wrapped around hers to make her feel lovingly his voice sounded as he talked with his lips.\n\n\nHow he walked..talked...breathed...and even fought.\n\nHow he laughed or maybe even got was all perfect to her in everyway.\n\n\nHow she starred into his eyes made her wander off in dreamland.\n\nBut oh! ..How she missed him!\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\nJay thought over the song Theresa played how she danced in the song. How sad she looked as she sang it.\n\nWhy was she sad? You could barely notice it, but since Jay knew her for quite awhile he knew that frown. She could have the biggest smile on her face and he could see the saddness in her eyes.\n\nIt had been 10 hours and was finally in Greece! Once again!!!\n\nHe stayed in the hotel they had stayed in when Herry met the foreign beautiful vampire. Syberus fountain. He looked at it once more. How Theresa was there beside him. He could imagine it as she was there right now. He turned around it was just a lady. He remebered all his pals right now there beside him. He remembered the day they actually fought this beast.\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\nTheresa took a awalk in the park with agents secretly pretending to be normal people running in the park watching her. She had a disguise on so no one would disturb her peace trying to sit by the pond thinking about Jay once more.\n\n\nShe remembered when jay quit being a leader and made her mad. She pushed him in the pond. She smiled. Man I was mean he laughed.\nShe knew she wouldn\'t hurt jay\'s heart or feelings.\n\nBut she wished she\'d be able to do that even once more. No matter how mad he would get at her.\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\nJay took a stroll remembering the city once more, he walked pass the docks where his sailboat has always been. Theresa had a boat too but it was a motor boat.\n\nHe remembered many trips there. Going to see Poseidon\'s underwater kingdom, being lost and stuck on an island at Calypso\'s island, Theresa trying to search for them.\n\nThere we\'re many memories there.\n\nHe walked off towards the park.\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\nTheresa stood up from the bench she was sitting on. The guards move a bit closer. She walked pass all the kids there and the many couples and adults. She wondered..Have Jay seen her video yet? Does he still live here?\n\nA man bumped into her.\n\n\"Oh sorry\" she said.\n\nshe continued walking. The guards kept a close eye on her.\n\n\"That\'s okay.\" The man said back.\"I wasn\'t watching where i was going i was thinking..about--something\"\n\nShe went passed him not even bothering looking at the man\'s face.\nShe stopped. The voice was sooo fimiliar just a bit different more low.\n\n\"theresa?\" It said.\n\n\nOh great someone recognized me she thought.\n\n\"Yes, would you like--an auto..graph...\"\n\nThe guards ran for her.\n\n\n\"Jay?\"she said in relief.\n\n\"Theresa!\"\n\neveryone heard and looked their way.\n\n\n\"Jay!\" she whispered to herself but still shouted it off.\n\nThey hugged.\n\nThe guards stopped.\n\nThen they saw people running their direction with books and pens in their hands they made a circle around Jay and Theresa.\n\nThey ley go.\n\n\n\"\" Theresa said.\n\njay let out a chuckle.\n\nThe body guards said one at a time and wouldn\'t let anyone pass.\n\nA girl was first she didn\'t say anything instead she shrieked everything.\n\n\"EEE!!!!\" she said.\n\n\"uh..hehe, want an sutograph\"\n\n\n\"EEEEEE--hee hee hee!!\"\n\n\"Okay then.\"\n\nShe signed her name in her book.\n\nshe spent an hour signing, talking and taking pictures.\n\nJay watched froma distance waiting for her to be done.\n\nIt was Theresa! He couldn\'t believe it!!!!\n\nTheresa was getting tired but it was worth seeing Jay\'s face again.\n\nAfter an hour she was done.\n\nThe body guards said no more autographs for the day.\n\nTheresa grabbed Jay\'s arm and brought him to her trailer.\n\nThey had lots of talking to do.\n\n\n\"Jay i don\'t believe it\'s you!! Do you still live here? Did you see my video?\"\n\n\n\"Yeah..i did.\"\n\n\n\"Did you like it?\"\n\n\n\"Yeah totally, I was thinking about you i signed up on the contest and I still couldn\'t wait, what if i didn\'t win..i had to see you at that very moment!\" he said kind of blushing.\n\n\nShe blushed too.\n\n\"I missed you Jay..and the others oh so much!\"\n\n\n\"Well we better get chatting and talking, maybe we could contact the rest of them since your famous almost you could do a commercial asking them to come visit once more!\"\n\n\n\"Jay that\'s a awesome idea!! And you an be with me in the video!!! Oh Jay! Please stay here! Stay here for a couple of weeks would ya?\"\n\n\n\"Yes Theresa i most certainly will.\"\n\nshe felt litt;le tears in her eyes but didn\'t let them out. She blinked.\n\n\"Come on Jay! let\'s go tell my boss that I want to do a commercial, let\'s go\" she pulled his arms to the studio.\n\n\n\"Dale! Dale!\" theresa shouted to her director.\n\n\"This is Jay1 The real Jay!!\"\n\n\n\"That\'s..that\'s splendid!!\" he said excited!\" Nice to meet you yound man!\' He said shaking his hand really fast.\n\n\n\'Uh..yeah you too\" he said holding his hand.\n\n\n\"How did you?\" the director started.\n\nTheresa explained everything.\n\n\n\"Wow! This could be a movie! You two will be stars!!! And I will be the director of all of it!!\"\n\n\ntheresa giggled.\n\n\n\"Actually we thought we would do a commercial just together by ourselves to just ask our friends we met inhighschool to come back, without evem reciting it...\"\n\n\n\"That\'s fne with me!! As long as I get to direct further commercials.\" he said withan excited face on.\n\n\n\"haha, yes Dale you can.\"\n\nThen she hopped on stage with Jay.\n\nThere was a background of a field filled with flowers.\n\nThe camera men raced to the stage and Dale odered them action!\n\n\n\"Atlanta Hunt, Archie Agilit, Herry Strongarm, Odie Smarts, and Neil Narciss. This is Thersa and Jay. We love you all and miss you so much! Come to New Olympia. I\'ll pay the flights and everything just come visit me..and Jay\" she turned to him with loving eyes.\n\n\"I saw Theresa\'s video and came all the way down here to see her, fans..there will be a movie starring Theresa and me..and the rest of our friends..we may not be famous, but we\'re close friends to your favourite singer. See how she grew up to be a star with us. How we went to school\" Jay said trying to ignore all the propecy and then being heroes they would just skip all that.\n\n\"Please enter my contest and watch Hot Music channel on channel 18. If you have satellite, it\'s channel 235. To my dear fans, i love you all an be patient to my first video starring me and my best buds.\" \n\n\"Thank you..\" Jay finnished.\n\n\nThe camera shut off.\n\n\"Excellent!!\" Dale said.\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\nAtlanta just took a jog in the woods she plumped herself on her couch. She loved the smell of the woods. She turned on the Tv and saw Theresa!\n\nShe sat up, mouth opened.\n\nThe video ended and Theresa and Jay we\'re on a commercial.\n\n\"Theresa? Jay!\"\n\nShe ran to her room and quickly got out the door to the airport she left the answering machine saying a message that she would be gone to Greec for a while.\n\nShe couldn\'t believe all this! going back to greece! Repeating the days in highschool again. \n\n\"Theresa, Jay I\'m coming!!\" she said as she got on the plane.\n\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`\n\n\nArchie came back from the gym. He went to his kitchen and grabbed a glass of juice he turned the TV on while sipping down the orange fruit flavour.\n\nUntil he saw theresa and Jay pop up on the TV, he choked down some juice with it going down the wrong tube.\n\n\"ah! cah cah cough...theresa? Jay?\"\n\n\n\"I gotta get to Greece!\" He looked at his clock. \"the plane leaves in 30 minutes! he grabbed his emergency luggage and headed out the door.\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\nOdie and Herry had always kept in contact and they we\'re now close neighbours.\n\n\nOdie ran to Herry\'s house furiously knocking on his door and ringing the doorbell.\n\n\n\"C\'mon herry!!\" he said with his slippers still on with his coffee in his hands, it was obvious tp see he just woke up and read ythe newpaper.\n\nA sleepy Herry opened the door.\n\n\"Odie what could it possibly be to wake me and Sylvia up? (his girlfriend)\"\n\n\"Take a look a this!\" He pointed a finger at the newspaper he was holding.\n\nIt had a picture of Jay and theresa on it. he read it over.\n\n\'we gotta get to Greece!\" He said.\n\nhe ran to his girlfriend kissed her on the cheek on told her he\'d be back in a couple of weeks it was impotant.\n\nShe agreed and layed there sadly but she knew he missed his long-lost friends.\n\nThey took off with their lugagges and headed for the airport.\n\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\nNeil was busy shooting photos when one of his workers came up to him showing him a newspaper.\n\n\"Neil! Isn\'t this your name? And the poeple you\'ve been talking about?\"\n\n\nHe scanned the paper.\n\n\n\"My dear employees, I need a plane, stat!\"\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\n\n\"Atlanta?\" Archie said. He saw a women, god she was beautiful and it seemed much like Atlanta but much older.\n\n\n\"Archie?!!\" She starred at the blue-eyed cutie.\n\n\n\"Atlanta!!\"\n\n\n\"Archie!!!\"\n\n\nThey ran to each other with clinging luggage bags. The hugged.\n\n\n\"It\'s so good to see you!!\" Archie said.\n\n\n\"Yeah i know!! Did you see jay and Theresa\'s commercial!! I don\'t believe it how they met again is like a love story and they looked so cute there I can\'t wait to see everyone again!!\" Atlanta exclaimed.\n\n\n\n\"I know! Come one let\'s walk together. Talk about what\'s going on with one other.\"\n\n\n\"Well I coach people on Archery and my life\'s basically coaching and going to the gym to practice running. I\'m also still part of the green alliance and everyweekend I go hunting, rockclimbing or bike riding.\"\n\n\n\"Seems, like a great life\" Archie said. \"I work as a teacher for English class, I help people on poems, I\'m also a gym teacher helping people work on their agility.\"\n\n\n\"That\'s great!\"\n\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\n\"Odie come on bud!\" herry said racing towards the Taxi.\"\n\n\n\"Uhh Herry look over there.\"\n\n\n\"What at the limoscene?(forgive me i have no idea how to spell it i just call it limo).\"\n\n\n\"And whos inside it??\" Odie said.\n\n\nHerry looked carefully. \"Neil!!!\"\n\n\n\"Neil! Neil! It\'s me Odie/Herry!!!\" They called out.\n\nNeil looked out his window.\n\n\nAnd there stood his buddies Herry and Odie.\n\n\n\"Richard stop the car!\" Neil said.\n\n\n\"Herry? Odie?\"\n\n\n\"Neil! buddy!\" They never thought they say that.\n\n\n\"Dudes!\"\n\n\n\"You read the paper? Or seen the video and commercial?\"\n\n\n\" I read the paper I have absoulutely no time to glance at the Tv anymore, Come! take a ride in my..ride!\"\n\n\n\"haha, sure\"\n\n\nThey told the Taxi driver they would prabably drive another time thank you. He was pretty upset but whatever.\n\n\n\"Nice car man!\" herry said.\n\n\n\"Yeah thanks, hey you still got that baby of yours?\" Neil asked about his truck.\n\n\n\"Yeah! It\'s sitting at the airport back home waiting for us.\" Odie said.\n\n\n\"Nice\"\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`\n\nTheresa waited at the school for the rest of their friends. They we\'re supposed to be met there today. Of course many people knew that, and they crowded around wanting more autographs from Theresa. They knew Neil was coming too so they waaited around for him.\n\n\nSoon Archie and Atlanta came passing by.\n\n\n\"Archie? Atlanta!!\" Theresa shouted as she was in the middle of signing Ther.\n\n\"Theresa!!\' They eyed the pretty lady who they haven\'t seen in a long while then they saw Jay!\n\n\"Jay!!!\" the two said.\n\n\nTheresa and Jay walked towards the two cute looking couple while everyone watched them hug.\n\n\n\"wow! good to see you!!!\"Theresa said.\n\n\n\"I know!\" Atlanta said.\n\n\n\"dude, man how long has it been?\" Jay said.\n\n\n\"Man, I\'m just glad I got another chance to see you guys again!\" Archie replied.\n\n\nThen they saw a limo pull up.\n\n\nEveryone screamed Neil!! A model and a Actress/singer in the same place at the same time!! How lucky these people we\'re.\n\n\nSome people actually even fainted.\n\n\nTheresa and Neil we\'re way busy signing autographs now they even wanted autographs from Jay, Atlanta, Archie, Odie and Herry.\n\n\nThey\'ve been signing for 2 hours and the wrist we\'re totally soar. Theresa ad Neil we\'re very use to it now and they signed for a few more minutes.\n\nNow it was 3PM and had the rest of the day to hang again.\n\nThe team was now back together again, as the Class of the Titans.\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\nNow 7PM They had spent the whole day together as a group.\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\nJay turned on the TV as Theresa and his buds sat next to them.\n\n\n\"Today is the annoucement of the winer to meet Theresa Minos.\n\nYou all know that her long lost friend part of the song. They had gotten back together and are now making a movie about their lives growing up. Now for the winner....\n\n\n\"Helen and Zack Johnson from New Olympia, canada.Congradulations!! And you get to bring along 2 friends.\"\n\n\nThe turned the TV off.\n\n\"I wonder what Helen and zack are going to be like..can\'t wait to meet them\" theresa exclaimed.\n\nThe rest just shrugged.\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\nA week later\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\n\nToday was the dau to meet Helen and zack and their friends.\n\nTheresa and the gang waited in the studios.\n\nThe 6 friends were also now part of the contest.\n\n4 people walked in front of them.\n\n\nThey all gasped.\n\n\nHelen was an old lady...\n\nZack was an old man...\n\nAnd the two friends were very young.\n\n\nOdie hugged one of the friends. (Surprised??)\n\n\nTheresa hugged the other.\n\nJay hugged the old lady and everyone elsew hugged the old man.\n\n\nThey weren\'t Helen and Zack at all.\n\nThey were Hera, Zeus, Hermes and Persephone.\n\n\n\"You guys!!\" Theresa said surprised.\n\n\n\"We couldn\'t wait to see you young heroes again.\" Zeus said.\n\n\n\"Sadly we could only bring two and I had broughten Hermes and Persephone with me\" hera explained.\n\n\n\"Don\'t worry i\'ll call my agents to send them over and tell them they are part of the contest!\" Theresa answered.\n\n\nSo they all smiled and laughed. All rejoiced again. The 7 heroes with their mentors..the gods.\n \n\n\n-----------------------------------------\n\nHope you loved it!! R+R!! and lots of it!! To everyone who reads this!!\n\nClassoftheTitans_fan, And my username isn\'t called that for no reason!
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