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Many Sleepless Nights

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Toph can't sleep due to some...very active neighbours.

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Toph rolled around within her stone tent. Once again, she couldn't sleep. This was begininning to drive her mad. She hadn't a decent night's rest in weeks, and although she couldn't really tell she suspected it was beginning to show.

She'd tried everything; wrapping her hands and feet in cloth hadn't kept the vibrations out, nor covering the ground she slept on with her clothing. She could still feel it through the fabric. Now she was reduced to curling up and covering her ears, as if it were sound she was trying to keep out.

Sound was no problem. Toph had very good hearing, but they were careful to be as silent as possible. Faint rustlings were the most of it, except for every now and then when one of them forgot his or herself and cried out. Easily ignored. The problem was, they always forgot who she was. With Sokka fast asleep-the poor boy did his best, but when the sandman called he always answered immediately-and with Toph safely out of sight inside her stone tent, they thought they had their privacy. Not that Toph could see anyways, but they would probably feel a bit...uncomfortable with her watching, even if her eyes were glazed and sightless.

But they forgot. As long as they were touching the ground, Toph could see them. She didn't want to, all she wanted was a good night's sleep, but she couldn't shut them out. Thrusting, grinding, clutching, was more than she could take, night after night.

When they'd first started, she'd 'watched', curious and fascinated and completely confused as to what was going on. Then, when she'd realized what they were doing, her hands had shot to her mouth to muffle her gasp, her cheeks had burnt a deep scarlet, and she'd felt somewhere between ashamed and mortified to have been looking in.

She hadn't done anything like that again, but even if she didn't focus on them she could see them, as though out of the corner of her eye. It wasn't like actually looking at them, where you could at least turn your back. No matter what she did, as long as she was touching the ground she could see them.

For a moment the relentless pounding stopped, and Toph dared to hope that they were finally done. The respite was unfortunately brief, and a few moments later they started up again. She felt like screaming in frustration, but then they'd hear and think she was in trouble or something. Or, worse yet, they'd realize she could 'see' them and completely misread the tone of her scream. Toph wasn't much one for social graces, but her friends thinking she was masturbating while watching them was a level of awkwardness a few notches about what even she was prepared to deal with.

She rolled onto her other side, growling softly as she clutched her temples and did her best to drown out the pulsing, rhythmic vibrations. It was going to be a long night.
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