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Chapter 19.

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Two weeks. It's thanksgiving. Sorry I've neglected the only people who'll listen to me... well...other than:

My Boyfriend.

You read it correctly, folks. We're official. It's one of the coolest things in the world to be able to make-out with your best friend. Trust me. He's moved in. I didn't really see the point in him not living with me. We share a room, though, so Pete is totally freaked out, and looking for another place to live. We're not a So Pete has no reason to be freaking out. Nothing is talking him down, though. So I guess if he wants to leave, I can't stop him. I don't think he's mad, I think he just feels like it's his duty as a friend to leave us space for our relationship.

Okay, I agree that my relationship with Patrick is a big deal, but the space it's taking up leave plenty of room for Peter. It's weird how much I don't want to see him go. He's my big brother. I feel safer when he's there. I'm not worried, I guess. There's totally time to talk him out of it.

So, how am I spending my holidays? Well. Yesterday was thanksgiving, and I spent it with Patrick's family, because he did eventually get around to asking me if I would. My parents understood and were very happy for me. Thank God. His family, although quite an intimidating bunch (probably just to Me.), are pretty cool. His Parents are insanely funny. I heard lots of stories about my lovely boyfriend's upbringing, and they were exactly the kind of storied that constitute as a reason not to bring home a significant other. I had a great time. The food was delicious, and Patrick did his best to make sure I wasn't uncomfortable, but after 20 minutes with these people, it was almost impossible to be. His mom made me feel slightly embarrassed, but in a perfectly legitimate and not-weird way.

"So how long have you and Patrick been together?" I was helping her wash dishes while Patrick was taking a nap.

"About 2 weeks, officially. We've known each other for nearly 10 months. It's kind of gone by pretty fast." She opened the dishwasher, and I began loading.

"I really like you, Caroline, but I need to know. What are your intentions?" I laughed. She didn't know why.

"Sorry. It's just funny, because in the movies, which are sort of stupid to compare to reality, it's always the boyfriend being asked these questions. I mean, sure, I'm sure my dad will eventually get Patrick with them, but I never thought they'd be ask to me. I'm fine with the question, don't get me wrong." She closed the dishwasher and we made our way to the table to rest, and probably finish this totally weird conversation.

"I'm in love with Patrick. I don't really know if he's in love with me. In fact, I haven't told him what I just told you, and I'm a little surprised that I readily admitted it to his mother." She smiled. "But nonetheless, you requested my intentions, and that's it. To love him with my whole heart."

"He loves you. I can tell." She took a sip of water as Patrick walked into the kitchen yawning. He folded his arms and looked at me.

"Mom, will you excuse us?" She sat up.

"Of course." He had heard. Oh, no. This was not good. As she left the kitchen he sat down at the table, and played with the placemat.

"Caroline, you know there isn't a thing you should be uncomfortable telling me." I shifted in my chair. My number one sign of nervousness.

"Chill." I stopped moving. He smiled.

"I've known you for ten months, Caroline. And for 4 of those months, I've known that I was in love with you, but almost completely positive you weren't there yet. I guess I was wrong. I just wish I would have known before my mom did." I leaned over and kissed him. I was still getting used to that. No. That's a lie. I'm completely used to it.

"I didn't really know I was going to say that. My heart got in front of my mouth, and all of a sudden I was spilling my guts to your mother. Whom I'd met yesterday. I love you. You need to know that."

"Well, I guess you should know I love you back."

That was it. The first "I love you." Nothing too horrendously special, but simple and unexpected. One of the most welcome things that's happened over the holidays. Christmas is next. Good, Lord. He's coming to meet my family. Well. I'm tired. Signing off.

short and sweet, bitches. no worries. another chapter tonight.
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