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Chapter 20.

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I just rang in the New Year with my fabulous boyfriend. Well. More like I rang in the New Year with my fabulous boyfriend almost 6 hours ago, but nonetheless, we're now a part of 2007. Officially, we've been together for 2 months. But unofficially, we'll say about a year. He says it. Not me. I don't know. The less I update, the more I realize I need to, because tons of stuff goes on. Sorry. We've got a lot of catching up to do.

Christmas went well. My parents didn't make Patrick viciously uncomfortable and they didn't give him any talks about keeping me out of bed or keeping my clothes on me or anything. Patrick probably would have died. We all know better. My Dad loved him. Seriously, and when he asked the infamous, "What are your intentions?" question, Patrick didn't skip a beat. He said he loves me, and we're just seeing where that love takes us.

I should mention that Patrick and I find ourselves fighting a lot. Our personalities clash severely. This is something we've really always known, but now more than ever, we have to work around those differences, and just be. They're obviously control issues that we can't get over, but we're trying. For each other.

Pete hasn't moved out. Of course.

"It's free housing. And it's better than living with my parents. Minus listening to sex. But I would rather listen to your sex than theirs." I pretended to throw up.

"Pete. Please stop talking." He laughed and ate his cereal.

"What are you doing while we're gone?" Oh, yeah. Patrick was about to leave for two months. Thank you Pete for making me remember.

"We're not talking about that. Thanks." I took away his cereal and threw it in the sink.

"I wasn't finished." I started down the hall.

"You made me sad, so I'm making you hungry. It's sort of fair." I kept walking until I ran into a familiar pair of arms.

"Did Pete make you sad?" I smiled into his chest.

"Yes. Kick him in the balls, please."

"Uh, no. He'll kick back. Patrick spawn are necessary, so this is your fight."

"Don't leave." I said, breathing him in.

"Caroline, you know I have to. You don't have to stay home."

"AP will most certainly not let me leave. I already have interviews and reviews scheduled for a lot of the dates you guys are gone. You know I can't cancel those. But right now, is a terrible time to think about this. It's New Years Eve day. Let's get dressed up an do something fun." What was I talking about? I hated dressing up, and I already knew we were going to William's.

"It's 11. I'm not getting dressed for another 7 hours. Go back to bed or something." I laughed and crawled under the covers. Patrick followed suit.

"I've seen the sun shine. I'll never get back to sleep." He put a pillow over my head.

"Sleeping. Not breathing. It's all relative, I guess." He put his head under my pillow and kissed me.

We woke up 4 hours later, leaving us not a whole lot of time to get ready to go to William's considering he was in Joliet for the evening, and we were in the middle of East Chicago.

"Oh my God. Get up, Caroline. We're going to be late." I shot up, and looked at the clock.

"How the hell did I sleep that much? Shit." I got out of bed, and headed for the shower.

"Let me shower first. I'm faster." I laughed, and grabbed a couple of towels from the closet.

"Patrick. Go steal Pete's shower." Not even I was brave enough to do that, and I knew it wasn't happening when Patrick followed me into the bathroom.

"Huh-uh. We're not playing this game. I'll take a quick shower, and let you know when I'm finished." I pushed him out and locked the door. Wait. Who cares if we're late? I immediately let him back in.

We arrived at William's an hour late, as I had predicted, but the putting-off of getting ready was fine by me. Patrick was fine with it too, I'm sure. We entered the Party hand-in-hand, and immediately got some food. I felt long, skinny fingers snake around my eyes, and knew immediately who it was.

"William." He hugged me.

"C.J. I don't think I've seen you since...November. Where have you been?" I pointed at Patrick.

"With him. Nowhere else." William smiled.

"That's precious. And disgusting. Why were you guys late?" Patrick entered the conversation just in time for this question.

"I forgot to get ready." I was the worst liar ever, and apparently, I was losing my mind. William look confused for a second, but probably picked up on what was going on by Patrick blushing stupid bad.

"Wait. I don't want to know. There's punch and stuff. Alcohol if you want it, Ceej."

"You know I don't." I said smiling. He hugged me, hit Patrick's hat off, and then walked away. I slipped my hand into Patrick's. We wandered around mingling with people for a couple of hours, when William stood on a table.

"One minute till, everybody." I couldn't believe that I was ending 2006 with the most amazing man in the world. With his hand in mine, we counted down the New Year. Our new year.

"10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1!!!!!!!" Happy New Year!!" The room went insane, but I barely noticed because Patrick's lips quickly covered mine. No one had ever kissed me at midnight. Not even Jake. It was a little hard to end the kiss, but we were forced to when approached by Pete. He looked pretty nonchalant.

"I have the worst timing in the world." He just looked at us.

"It's not like we had just started kissing when you walked over here." He shrugged.

"Guess not. Home?" I nodded. I wasn't tired, but I had my own partying to do. Patrick was invited.

Now, we're here. Almost 7 hours later. Patrick is asleep next to me, and I'm journaling. It's sort of the weirdest time to be doing this, but you're all curious. And you miss me. More later.
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