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"Break, Enter, and Be Caught"

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An Eragon fanfiction, sorta, with different characters and Eragon is only metioned once or twice.

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Original Fanfiction

from the piont of veiw of Merek

"Break, Enter, and Be Caught"

The story teller, Marc, was telling about the legends of the Dragon Riders and Eragon their savior and his dragon Saphira. "...and so his legend is still alive and for all we know, he could be too!"
A young boy called out from the crowd, "But that was over one hundred years ago, how could he still be alive? It just isn't possible!"
"Ah," said Marc with a twinkle in his eyes. "But the riders had special powers that let them live forever just like dragons could. The dragons also had many other special powers too..."
I stopped paying attention at this part for I had other things on my mind; I was going to sneak into the castle tonight. I looked around for anything that I could steal to help me get into the castle with out anyone noticing.
I got up and walked through the market that was around for the week because the traders were in. I saw a rope that I thought I could use and went to reach for when a hand grabbed mine.
"Your going to have to pay for that know that right," said a tall beady eyed merchant with long brown shaggy hair.
"Well, how much does it cost? I need it just for tonight, you think you could just borrow it to me," I asked knowing that the merchant would probably say no but trying anyways.
"Do you know what this rope is made out of boy?"
"No, it looks like rope to me. Do you know what it's made of," I said grinning in the shadow of my scruffy black hair and glaring with my cold blue eyes, that most elves didn't have, knowing that the man didn't know either.
"Well, no but it was really expensive material, boy and I ain't renting it out to poor little beggars. Now if you aren't buying, get out!!"
I walked away slowly while browsing the other things for sale, when I looked back at the merchant, he gave me a cold stare that sent shivers up my spine. As I neared the edge of the trader's camp I thought that I could find a low area in the castle's wall that I could easily climb over.
I turned right and sped up my walking pace knowing the exact steps I had taken over twenty times the day before knowing the schedule of the guards. Islipped behind a tree as a guard passed by. I walked a few steps while off the path and then got back on speeding up my pace ever so slightly.
Then I saw a tree that I thought I would be able to climb up and jump over the wall from. Before I crossed the path I looked up and down it to make sure the next guard wasn't coming yet. I quickly got up to a branch that went right into the court yard of the castle. And I quickly took a survey of the surrounding courtyard before dropping down into it.
I stayed in a crouched position to make sure that no one was coming. Then I turned around to look at the wall and saw that there were vines running up to the top that I could climb when I was leaving.
I walked forward till I got to an alley way in the castle, before going into it; I took another quick look around. I walked slowly trying to muffle my footsteps on the stone floor. I found a dark corner where I crouched down and took out my map of the castle. After looking at where the jewels were and where I was and how to get there, I put the map away and started walking again.
Once I got to the room after dodging a couple of guards I looked around and then slowly went to a window moving as quietly as possible. Lifting myself up onto the sill of the window I looked into the room dismayed at why there were no treasures there. As I dropped to the floor I looked around more carefully and noticed I had somehow ended up in the weapons room.
As I was going for a door that would lead me to the rest of the castle the other door, the one leading outside, opened, and in walked a guard. The guard froze and was about to yell an alarm when I hit him upside the head with a shield I had found.
When I ran out, there was another guard who saw me and screamed the intruder call. I started to sprint trying to remember the way to get back. After avoiding several guards and having others chase after me, I finally got to the vine covered wall. Just as I was about to get to the top two guards grabbed my legs and yanked me off of the wall. The commanding guard was standing there along with a small group of soldiers. Then a looming shadow came from around the corner revealing the duke himself, and his daughter, Princess Adurna.
I swore under my breath. 'How could I have miscalculated my way,' I though to myself. Then I remember that I had entered the castle wall from the opposite way I had planned and round up on the other side of the castle.
"Sir, we found him in the weaponry room and he fled here," said the commanding guard.
"Was anything missing from the room," asked the duke with a concerned look on his face.
"No but one of my men was lying unconscious on the floor with a shield by his head. Men search his pockets incase he stole anything that we didn't see missing."
I stood perfectly still with my head down as the guards took everything out of my pockets asking stupid questions such as what's this or where did you get this and my favorite by far, what is this, when the were looking at stale piece of bread. Once they were done and reporting what they had found to their commander, I looked up to see the Princess staring and smiling at me. I looked at her confused and was about to smile back when the commander spoke out.
"Duke Adrian, we found a map of the castle in his pocket, he must have gotten lost for he had circled the treasures room. What do you suggest we do to him," making a gesture at his men to grab me to take me to the dungeons.
"No, he looks strong enough and her last guard was killed, he can be Princess Aurna's new guard, however first you must make him obedient to us. I don't want him to go killing off the people of my castle and the people I love," said Duke Adrian gesturing at the princess about the last part.
"Yes sir, we'll do our best. He should be ready in about a month. You have my word that if he steps out of line once, while with the princess that he will immediately be put right back into a cell. Take him to the soldier training cells men. Put him in the one with ... Shadow."
The soldiers made a square around me and took me back to the cells where I fell asleep quickly from all the excitement of the day.
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