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"Day One's Training"

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From the view of Merek

"Day One's Training"

When I woke he didn't remember where I was. It took me awhile to sort out was real from what I had dreamed in the night. Then I remembered.
I swore under my breath knowing that I now had a month of gruesome training ahead. I turned over and noticed that I was not the only person in my cell. There was a person in the cot on the other side of the room. He had black hair with red streaks going through it. He seemed to be heavily asleep. I got off of the cot and went to the barred window. I looked out trying to get a better image of what the area looked like and looking for anyway that I could escape.
"It's no use; no one can get out of here and stay alive."
I jumped in surprise and turned around to see the person on the other cot looking at me.
"Excuse me," I said still confused on how the person knew what I had been thinking.
"No one has ever gotten out of here, alive that is. People have tried but to no avail, the guards around here are too tough and know exactly what we are thinking. By the way what's your name," the young man asked getting out of the cot and taking out some black armor.
I thought to myself that this must be the Shadow person they were talking about last night. " name's Merek. Is your name Shadow, 'cause the guards said they were putting me in his cell." I said sitting down on his cot.
"Yeah that's me. So, Merek, what are you in here for?" said Shadow, now polishing the armor he had just recently taken out.
"Well, I was caught trying to steel from the treasure room but somehow ended up on the other side of the castle in the weaponry room, and now I have a month of training. You?"
"Oh, I was forced into this by the soldiers, and so now I'm training to become one of them. Man I can't wait till the eggs get in, everyone is allowed go especially the people who are in the castle. Do you know exactly when they come in?"
"What is all this about eggs," I asked confused about the information I had just learned.
"You don't know about the eggs? Well then I'll explain it for you. People of all ages and races, elf and human that is, come from all around to touch the dragon eggs hoping that they are the one for the dragon. If you are chosen by the dragon egg then you become a Dragon Rider. Rumor has it that they are coming here soon, like in a month or so. So you will be here and watching over the princess when they come most likely and so you might be chosen, but me, I would have to fill out a form and hope I get chosen to venture inside the hall. I wonder if they will have any wyverns this year." Then Shadow fell silent. He seemed like he was thinking hard about something.
After a minute of an awkward silence, I got up and walked back to the window. I looked out it for a while until a guard came by. He took Shadow out and told me that he would be back for me in a little while.
For the first time, I took a long time to look around at the cell. The two cots were almost the only thing there. However there was also a desk, a chair, and torch on the wall. I went to the desk and opened a drawer. Inside was a bunch of papers that must have been for writing letters to people outside the jail. I sat down in the chair dismayed at how I could have gotten myself into this mess. I was one of the best thieves in Farthen Dûr, and I had been caught on my first actual robbery.
A few minutes after that the guard came back with some soldiers.
"You come with us, if try to escape you'll be killed," said the guard gesturing for the soldiers to get me and then to follow him.
After going through most of the castle, the guard turned left and the passage opened up into what looked like a battle field. "This is the training grounds. For a month you will be training here everyday for four hours and for two more hours you will be trained on your obedience. If you do not comply, you will be put into the cell for life and not the comfy one you were in before. Do you agree with the information I have just provided for you," said the guard.
"Uh, yeah, sure," I said a little confused on why the guard was asking me stupid questions like that.
"Well then, good. Shadow will be your training partner. He will teach you the ups and downs of the business. SHADOW!!!!!"
"Yes sir," said Shadow running up to them out of no where.
"You will be this boy's training partner, teach him the ups and downs and all that other stuff. Spar with him for at least four hours or at least teach him stuff. Then bring him to the obedience room on the south side of the castle after eating in the hall. Move out men," said the guard walked away with the soldiers right at his heels.
Shadow turned to me and started to explain everything I needed to know. After sparring for a long time, Shadow told me "Okay, it's been long enough, follow me."
Shadow started walking off, so I started to follow him. We made our way to the hall where we would eat. We walked through the heavy wooden doors and then got into a line serving food.
"This is where we will eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner," Shadow stated. "You walk into a line, wait for like thirty minutes, then eat your meal, made up of mostly dried meat, soggy vegetables, a glass of water, and soup that tastes like dirty dish water. Have any questions?"
"Uh only one, why haven't you moved up since we got in the line, 'cause now there is a huge gap in between you and the other people," I said.
"Uh...right sorry about that," said Shadow walking forward in line.
Finally we had gotten our food and then sat down at a table with about fifty other soldiers in training. There were both men and women of all ages there.
After finishing our disgusting breakfast we got up and Shadow started walking towards a narrow passage way that seemed to be lit up but by what I could not identify. We entered a metal door and then Shadow stopped. I looked around and found a man with no or very little hair on his head waiting for us.
"Shadow, you are allowed to go train again, and you, what is your name," asked the man. " name is Merek, and if you don't mind me asking what's yours?"
"Ah...Merek. I don't mind you asking and people around here call me Barec. You will begin your obedience training today with me. First of all...," said Barec as Shadow walked out. "How long are you supposed to train with me?"
"I think for two hours...," I said a little confused because I couldn't remember exactly how long I was supposed to train for.
"Ah...well then we better get started," stated Barec taking out a piece of parchment and looking over the words written on it in detail.
After two long hours of training on something I was already obedient to Barec dismissed me and gave me directions on how to get back to the cells. I went back to find Shadow resting on his cot.
"We should probably go and get a lunch soon before it takes us an hour to get to the front," said Shadow slowly getting off of the cot because he was tired from the training. We walked out and back to the hall. This time it only took us twenty minutes to get our lunch; after we ate we went back to our cell. We both fell asleep for about an hour and after just sitting on the bed for a few minutes, Shadow said, "Hey, want a tour of the castle?"
"Um...yeah sure, I guess," I said.
So after seeing almost every single room in the castle, we went to the hall for dinner. After that we went back to our cell and I quickly fell asleep, leaving Shadow up to ponder about his own thoughts....
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