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Third chapter of Merek, hope you like it, I DO NOT OWN ERAGON OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT WE HAVE THAT IS METIONED IN THE FANFICTION ... at least i dont think i do lol jk

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From the point of view of Merek


When I woke the next morning I was very sore and almost couldn't move. Shadow came over and helped me up.
"Do you ever get to change your outfit here?" I asked looking at my torn-up loin cloth of a shirt and ripped in the knees pants.
"Oh yeah someone should bring a new outfit today. It will probably look exactly like yours did before it was ruined," said Shadow. "Man when are the guards going to get here? They're late today and they're never late. Except that one time where a fight broke out in another cell. But that's beside the point. Ah...never mind here they come," Shadow said as we heard foot steps coming down the hallway.
The guards let us both out and then one of them said to Shadow, "You will take him straight to the training grounds then you two will eat breakfast, after that take him to the main part of the castle and drop him off with the guards in front of the Duke's room, then go to Barec and tell him that Merek will be a few hours late today, or at least one. Then after he gets back to the cell take him to lunch, then back to the training grounds for another hour, after that you are allowed to wander around the castle until supper, which afterwards you must go back to your cell."
"Yes sir," said Shadow trying not to yawn.
As the guards walked away, Shadow let out his yawn and started to laugh, I just stared at him like what's your problem.
"Sorry 'bout this, but whenever they talk for long periods of time, the bore me which makes we want to yawn. And I am laughing because they are so stupid and I can never keep a straight face around them with their perfectness," said Shadow imitating a guard walking around all stiff legged.
I couldn't help it,and let out a small laugh and then an even bigger one after Shadow continued his imitation.
"Well we should get going so that we don't get the guards in trouble," Shadow said getting his stuff ready for the training.
"Wait wouldn't we get our selves into the trouble not the guards," I asked confused once again.
"Yeah we would, but its fun to blame it on the guards. Well lets get going, here carry the pack," said Shadow handing me a pack filled with training swords, training axes, training lances, and yes even training bows.
We headed out to the training grounds where we sparred on and off for about four hours. After that we made our way to the hall like yesterday and got there early. After eating the same meal as yesterday, Shadow guided me to a new part of the castle, a part that I had never seen before.
When we came to a huge wooden door adorned with jewels, Shadow stopped and said, "This is where I leave you, go to Barec when you're done in here. Ask for directions if needed. Then once you're done with your two hours with him, go back to the cell so I can eat lunch, I mean we can eat lunch." He said the last part with a little chuckle.
I knocked on the huge doors twice. They opened very slowly, for they must have been over fifteen feet tall. I walked into the room slowly, just far enough so the doors could close back.
"Come and sit down Merek, I have been waiting for you," said Duke Adrian in a deep voice that made me shiver. I took a seat, and looked around to see that I was in what looked like an enormous office filled up with books on bookcases just a few inches smaller than the cling.
"Welcome to my office Merek, how are your training courses going, good I presume," the Duke said, putting down his quill that he had been writing with.
"Um, uh, yes...yes sir," I said unsure of what to say exactly.
"So you don't look like such a bad kid, why were you stealing, your family must have had some money, didn't they?
"Uh," I said not willing to tell the Duke that I had no family because they were killed in a fire. "Um, I don't have a family, sir"
"No, what happened to them, you must have a relative somewhere," said the Duke with a puzzled look on his face.
"None that I know of, sir. My father and mother died in a fire at our house almost six years ago. And I hadn't known any relatives, at least none that lived close," I said remembering that I did have a relative that lived in Carvahal.
"Well then Merek, tell me your whole story," said Duke Adrian, getting into a better position.
"Well," I said and began my story.
"Thank you ever so kindly Merek, for coming to my office, if you ever need any help please come and talk to me, I will be more than willing to do anything in my power to help someone without a family, for I know how you feel, I lost my wife to a freak accident. Go now to Barec and follow the orders, given to you this morning, you do know how to get to Barec's, right?"
"Of course, sir. Thank you as well. I will be leaving now," I said getting out of the chair, and bowing to the Duke, and then walked out of the room.
I found my way easily to Barec's, for I had an extraordinary quality of remembering the way to get places. When v got there, all that I did was meditate with, Barec, since I was already obedient to the Duke and Barec knew that because I had told him my story the other day.
I left Barec's room and started heading towards my cell, when out of no where, Shadow comes and says "Hey Merek, this way, we can just go to the hall to eat right now, I'm starving and have been waiting for you for like ever."
"Okay, did they by chance bring any new clothes yet," I asked as they we around to go to the hall for lunch.
"I don't think so but we can go back to the cell before we train again. Oh yeah their is this awesome place where my soldier friends and I go sometimes, its awesome, I'll have to show you today," said Shadow as the food was being placed onto his plate.
We ate quickly and then left for the training grounds.
"Okay, we can take a quick break, besides, I think someone is staring at you," Shadow said bending over. I turned around and saw that the Princess was staring at me, even though her friends were talking to her, she seemed to be ignoring them.
"Why is she staring at me," I asked, as I turned around to face Shadow.
"How should I know, that was good enough training," said Shadow taking of his shirt off because he was so hot from sparring not stop for an hour.
I decided to do the same. "Are we going to go to that place now," I asked while looking over my shoulder to see if the princess was still staring at me, and sure enough, she was.
"What, oh yeah, come on this way," Shadow signaled for me to follow him. We started heading for a wooded area of the grounds. We walked for about a half a mile and then stopped in a clearing where a bunch of soldiers were hanging out. Shadow left me there, and goes over and starts talking with some of his soldier friends. I just stood there for a while, and then went and stood in a shadow of a tree and sat down and the base of it.
I surveyed the soldiers that were surrounding me; they all basically looked the same, shaved heads, and really buff bodies.
"So how are you doing," came a voice from beside me. I turned in surprise to find the Princess, right there sitting next to and talking to me.
"Uh, Princess Adurna, um...what are you doing here, I didn't even see you come over," I said, and then got up to bow to her.
"Oh please don't bow; it makes me feel different from everyone else. Secluded from everyone just because I have 'royal blood'. I mean how stupid is that," she said looking up at me in my mid bow.
"Oh, you should tell people then that you don't want to be bowed to Princess, or do you not like being called princess either," I said looking down to see her glaring up at me when I called her a princess. "I'm sorry. I'm just so used to calling you a 'princess'."
"Well, my father was telling me earlier that your skill in swordsmanship is just as good as Shadow's and he's the best swordsman around. And also Barec told him that you are already obedient to everything that he is teaching you. So you should be able to come soon to work for me," said Adurna smiling while looking up at me.
I sat down as my cheeks flushed red. "Yes, well I guess I'll be guarding you for the egg thing that's coming up soon then right?"
"Oh of course, even if you weren't exceeding in your training you would have, I need someone to escort me to the Egg Festival," she said turning to me and batting her eyes. "So how old are you anyways Merek?"
"Uh, I'm eighteen and what about you prin...., how old are you," I said blushing from embarrassment.
"Oh I'm fifteen, well Shadow is coming back over here, it was nice talking to you Merek, hope I see you again soon," she said and then stood up and gave me a kiss on the cheek. After that she blushed and turned away walking quickly to get back to her friends. Just before she gets out of seeing range I sees her turn around and then seeing that I was looking at her turns around quickly and urges her friends to move quicker.
"So I see you had a lovely conversation with the Princess, didn't you Merek"
Shadow had come over and was now lending a supporting hand out for me to use to get up off the ground.
"Uh, sure, if you want to call it lovely...," I said blushing once again.
We walked back to the cell and fell asleep quickly; we had been training a lot lately and were about even in sword skill, so most of the matches were called off due to the fact that no one would have won.
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