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Fourth chapter in Merek, also from the point of Merk, eventualy the stories will be from other characters points of views, but not yet, alittle romance going on between Merek and another elf. do...

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The rest of the training went by quickly for me for I was always thinking about the Egg Festival which was coming up very soon. I was now on my way with Shadow to the departure zone. Today Shadow, the Princess, and I were going to be going to the place where the festival would take place; it would take two days to get there, unless they made a lot of stops. Of course that wouldn't happen because we would be traveling in a carriage drawn by the three fastest horses that the stable had.
When we got there, the princess, the Duke, and some guards were there to see us off on the departure. Shadow and I set our things down by the carriage's storing compartment so the guards could load them in. Shadow went off to the front off the carriage where he and I would sit, while I went around to the side.
"Take good care of my daughter Merek, and don't try anything foolish," said the duke giving his beloved only child one last hug before the journey and then lightly pushing her into my arms. I help her into the carriage before turning around to talk to the Duke.
"Don't worry sir, you have your two best swordsmen here to protect her, she will be fine. Is there anyone at the festival that I should give your greetings too?"
"Oh yes I almost forgot to tell you. Say hello to the keeper of the eggs, her name is Sabrina; tell her it is from Adrian, the Duke of Fathren Dür. She will understand."
"Yes sir, I will do that for you," I said then turned and got up on the seat next to Shadow. The first day was a long one wanting to get the biggest part of the journey out of the way, we had only stopped when the horses had needed a rest and to eat lunch and eventually settle down to make a camp and dinner.
As the stew was simmering on the fire, Shadow and I sparred. Adurna sat down and watched the whole thing as she was amazed at our skills. Shadow won because after a while I had gotten tired and was really hungry. After eating our dinners we settled down on our mats and fell asleep quickly.
The next day we get up early so that we could get to the Egg Festival early. After we ate our breakfast, we went on our way. It took most of the day to get to the Egg Festival. When we do get there though it is around dinner time and we settle down into another camp.
"I'm going to go and find this Sabrina person your father wanted me to go meet," I said as Shadow started to cook our meal.
"Oh Sabrina, well I would like to come and greet her as well, plus I know what she looks like and it will be easier to find her that way," Adurna said getting up from the log she was just sitting on.
"Okay that should be fine, what does she look like anyways," I said looking around at all the different people there, both elves and humans alike. "Like first of all, is she a human or an elf, and what color hair and eyes," I asked starting to walk into the crowd, Adurna holding onto my hand tightly as to not lose me in the chaos.
"Well, she is an elf, has black hair, and I think you're the only elf with blue eyes, so she has green. She normally wears tight black leather clothes," Adurna says, trying to look at the people around her but not getting a good look at anyone.
I pulled her deeper into the crowd. Eventually we got to the other side of the huge crowd and found a couple small camps there, we went through some of them and asked people if they knew where this Sabrina person was. Eventually we got directed to where she would most likely be.
That was when I first met her, she was the most beautiful elf I had ever seen, and I had traveled all over the Empire. She had black hair that came to just below her shoulders and gorgeous green eyes, more beautiful then any other I had ever seen.
I went over to her and bowed, she bowed back. At that moment I took her hand in mine and brought it up to my lips, lightly touching my lips to the back of her hand. "That was from the duke, Duke Adrian." At this she kind of pulled away and I let go.
Then Adurna came over and wrapped her arms around this beautiful elf. She held on for almost a minute before letting go.
"I have missed you, my sister."
"What! She is your sister, another princess," I said getting down onto my knees, shaking my head for acting so foolish.
"Yes I am and she should know better than to talk about me being a princess in public," she said lifting me by my shoulders, and taking us into her tent. "Adurna, it's nice to see you but I thought we came to the understanding that you would just refer to me as Sabrina, not Princess Sabrina or your sister. I came here to escape from all the royalty rules and now you're bringing them all back." She was looking at her younger sister with a stern yet gentle look. "As for you, who the hell are you," she asked looking at me with skepticism.
"Uh...I'm Merek, her body guard for the trip here, and the trip back and the whole festival it self, and probably more," I said, looking down not wanting her to see my face for I knew I was blushing.
"Are you an elf," she asked curious to know more about me.
"Yes he is, and he has blue eyes too," Adurna piped in, looking at me with sparkling green eyes.
"Well, Merek," Sabrina said tilting my head up to see my eyes. "You should probably take my younger sister back to your camp, unless you want to stay here, you know what never mind, I'll find you guys later and come and reset my camp up by yours." She then turned to her sister and gave her a hug, "Now take care of your self." After she said that, Adurna got up and walked to the entrance of the tent. I stood up and put my hand out for Sabrina to shake, instead she hugged me, "Don't even think about trying anything with my little sister."
"Don't worry; I don't like her like that, as a friend, more of an acquaintance." I kissed her on the cheek before we let ourselves out of the embrace. Adurna had not seen any of this or heard any of it either luckily.
"Come on Merek, I'm hungry lets get going," she said pulling me and then hanging on to my arm.
I took one last longing look back at Sabrina before we left. She was holding her hand to her cheek where I had kissed it. She was certainly beautiful.
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