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Gym class

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Atlanta was thinking about archie. She thought he was the cutest boy that ever walked the planet!!!! Of course she could never tell anyone!

But she loved to tease the cutie!!

She just finnished Lunch and had Gym next..and Archie was in her class.

She quickly changed into shorts in the change rooms and ran out into the soccer field. "I'm here Mr. Arez!!!" (Ares)

"Okay today we're doing Rugby, it's just like football but you pass backwards remember I reviewed this game to you a couple days ago!"

(Okay if your wondering what on earth rugby is, it's a boring game and really hard, it's like football and I hate it! I'm more of a soccer girl but they're almost same, i don't know why i just hate rugby i don't even know why i choose this game.)
"Now everybody get into a line!!"
He was calling out 1! 2! 3! 4! 1! to seprrate people into teams.

Archie looked at Atlanta who was a few people over beside him. he looked at her, she looked at him, they turned around blushing.

They we're on the same team and showed off really good skills.

Atlanta ran back and forth and passed madly she was trying to impress archie and it was definitely working. she ran super fast.

Archie was passed the ball and ran as fast as he could. he was trying to impress Atlanta and that was abviously working as well.

He moved passed people this way and that way. Their team was definitely winning. Soon it was just Atlanta and Archie playing as everyone on their team was huffing and puffing in the heat.

It didn't matter to Atlanta nor archie they had to keep playing and playing.

They could feel the rush through their vines it felt amazing, they felt excited and wanted to run their hearts out.

They soon won the game. Everyone was totally sweating and really red on their faces. Mr. Arez said to just jog around the track 16 times!!!! He didn't let his students give up.

There we're two tracks one on the gym and one above, you had to climb stairs to get there. Archie and Atlanta loved going there caz everyone was always too tired to climb up the stairs.

"We totally smoked that team!!!" Atlanta said.

"Yeah i know!" Archie said back.

They high fived.

They started running on the track.

"Race ya?" Atlanta said.

"Okay, and this TIME I'll smoke you!" Archie said back.

They started running.

They pushed harder trying to move their legs as hard as they could Archie trying to keep up with Atlanta. They ran side to side. Trying to move faster trying to go passed the other.

They started laughing. Archie was improving and they we're on their 10th lap. Archie was running out of breath but wouldn't let that stop him. he chased right after her. They we're now the exact same speed on finally finnished at 16.

Archie fell to the ground.

"Haha, Archie good job!! You've improved!" She punch his arm.

"Atlanta, I need a few seconds to catch my breath please"

"Haha, ok Arch."

She loved that cutie whn he was tired or mad.

She picked him up.

"here rest on my shoulder and catch some air while walking" Atlanta said with barely any sweat and hardly any air huffing and puffing.

They hopped down the stairs and met up with Mr. Arez.

everyone else was on their 7th or 9th. No one had any idea how they finnishe so fast. Some people thought they cheated, some didn't just wondered.

Mr. Arez refused all thoughs cause he knew the treal answer.

"Okay class dissmissed for you too!"
he pointed to Atlanta and archie.


That's the first chapter, there's way more coming!! I a sure you that!!!!!
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