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Gravity Falls: Three Summers Later

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Dipper and Mabel return to Gravity Falls

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DISCLAMER: I do not own Gravity Falls this is just a fan series based around three years after the show ends. There may be some kissing in here I don't know yet so just warning you. Enjoy the story.

It's December 1st the Year is 2016 and the ground is covered in a thick blanket of snow. In the forests of Oregon Two masked travelers are hiking up a hidden trail. Wearing heavy coats, Winter hats with aviator goggles, and very special looking scarfs. They appear to be one boy and one girl, with the girls long hair hanging behind her blowing in the strong winds. The boy trips on something he assumes to be a root, but when he looks again it appears to be something buried under the snow.

He goes to pick it up and when he does it appears to be a wind vain but instead of NEWS it says WHAT. Finally the boy says the first word throughout the entire walk "Looks like were close." He says holding up the vain, They continue walking for another five minutes before seeing a light. It was from a old looking cabin. The cabin had a sign but some of the letters were covered in snow so it read "ITORY ACK." The two approach the door

The girl tries turning the know but it is locked "Locked!" She says, "Don't worry I got it." The boy says as he approaches the door. He took a deep breath and started concentrating as he chanted under his breath. They than hear a soft but noticeable "Click!" As the door unlocks. The boy grabs the knob "You ready?" He asks the girl responds with a nod as he opens the door, Inside there is a middle aged man in a sweater with a black question mark on it, sweatpants, and a hat. He notices the door opening and looks to see whos entering, he sees the two masked kids and says "Sorry but the Mystery Shack is closed dudes." Just as he finishes his sentence a gust of wind blows moving the boys scarf. The man notices the symbol on his scarf, a pine tree just then the Kids remove their goggles and masks to reveal their identity's. The mans eyes go wide as he says in shock "Dipper Mabel?" The boy brushes a bit of brown hair out of his face as he responds with "Hey Soos."

MY SCHEDULING: Since I have to attend school and am getting in trouble a lot I won't be posting chapters on an even schedule.. I could post 3 times a week to once a month I wont know. As long as you enjoy this ne series I am happy Until the next post.
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