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Tom and Jerry: Subrubia Showdown

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Dr. Zomboss has taken over Suburbia! Can Tom and Jerry set things right before it's too late?

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Chapter 1: The Story Starts!

A thick layer of purple and green smoke covered the streets, while everyone in this town was being evacuated to any unknown location, a mysterious figure loomed over his screen and slammed his fist on the desk, clearly fuming.

"Oh the undead-humanity! All of our brains are running away!" He screamed as he slammed his fist on the desk in absolute anger.

Going to scratch his temple, he stopped halfway through, forgetting he didn't have one.

The figure in question was none other than Dr. Edgar George Zomboss, or in this case, Emperor Zomboss.

Why did he give himself the title of "Emperor" you may be asking?

Well, it's very simple.

He had finally won, weaponizing his Imps with technology from the future, he had managed to turn the tide of battle in his favor by finally crushing the weeds as he called them.

As he sat there relishing in his recent victory over the plant offensive, he wondered where his elite zombies actually were.

"Huh, where are those idiots? I should be getting ready for my inauguration as Emperor of the zombies by now." He pondered to himself.

Just then, his holo communicator goes off.

"Just on cue, Super Brains! How's it been going? Have you rounded up all those weeds like I told you to?" Zomboss stated profusely.

"Yes boss, all of the plant offensive have been rounded up and locked in special cages in each of the areas we conquered. Just like you asked!" Said Super Brains.

"Perfect, now on one can stop us from achieving our goal, of all you can eat brains!" He cackled.

Zomboss howled with laughter as meanwhile, the mayor of Suburbia, along with a few other citizens, were at the door of the mayor's front door of the next town over.

"C'mon brother! You have to have left the key somewhere around here." Said the mayor of Suburbia. "It's not under the mat."

Just then, the mayor opens the door to see his brother there. He stands there with an unamused look on his face as his brother falls on his face.

"What do you want, Jones?" Said the mayor.

"Oh Nick, it's horrible! Suburbia's been taken over by Zombies! He weaponized his Imps, the plants went down in no time flat! Oh it's horrible." Screamed Jones.

"Oh calm down, come inside, I'll get you something to eat, and I've already heard of the incident from Crazy Dave, he told me the whole shebang. Right now, I'm currently, trying to find someone that'll get your city back. In fact, I've already sent a message to the two I had in mind."

Meanwhile, a bird messenger is seen carrying a special message towards a house out in the suburbs of the town. A brown mouse sees this and talks to the bird.

"Hey!" He said "If you wanna talk to someone, then go inside, I'm busy with hanging up clothes, after our little squabble yesterday."

The bird flies inside and heads towards the shower where it goes inside, the bird suddenly comes out of the room and smashes into a wall. A blue cat walks out of the room after turning off the water.

"Don't you know it's rude to walk in on someone in the shower Tulio? At least peck the door first." Said the blue cat.

Tulio slowly rocked himself up and spoke "Forgive me Tom, but this was an urgent message from the mayor himself." Said Tulio

"Jones took off too much of a loan again and forgot to pay it back?" Said Tom in a not surprised tone of voice.

"No, amigo, it's much different, come down to city hall and he'll explain everything there. Ciao!" Tulio said as he flew off.

Tom grabbed his tail and wringed it out. There was something he had always not liked about Jones, he was fine as a person, as a mayor of his own town on the other hand? That's where Tom had issues with him. Whether it be it was attacked by zombies every week so something else, you could bet a bottom dollar that Tom and Jerry would have to clean up the mess he caused afterward. Still, Tom couldn't help but feel sorry for him, Jones was trying his absolute hardest to be a good mayor and he just always failed at it.

"Jerry! We gotta go to city hall!" He yelled

"What? Why?!" Jerry yelled from outside

"It's about Jones!" He yelled again

Jerry groaned "What did he do this time?!"

"That's just what we'll have to find out. C'mon Jer." Tom said as he walked out the door.

The two eventually made it to city hall where Jones gave them the entire rundown. Tom and Jerry stood there speechless.

"He won?" Tom said in utter shock.

"By weaponizing his Imps?" Jerry said, also in utter disbelief.

"Yes, and now he has plans to assign his new zombies to other parts of the world. If he isn't stopped, we could be living in a world filled with zombies!" Said Jones

Tom and Jerry stood there in utter horror, Imps were already bad enough when they were being thrown at you at at least 30 miles per hour, or at least that's how it felt to them, but living in a world of them? That's where they drew the line at Zomboss' schemes.

"He is so going down." Tom said with a fire in his eyes.
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