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Chapter 2: High In The Sky

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The cat and mouse take to the skies!

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Chapter 2
High In The Sky

It was around noon and the sun was blaring down on our duo. Tom was less than amused with the current scenario, having to once again go to the recently claimed Suburbia, now titled Zomburbia, and take it back. Knowing that Zomboss, while a smart cookie, could also be pretty dumb if you caught his drift.

"How could someone like him do something like that?!" Tom yelled as he grabbed his face in frustration. He knew Zomboss was smart, but not that smart. But he knew that he had to have cheated. Somehow.

"He just got lucky, I guarantee you Tom, come the end of this, he won't be calling himself "Emperor Zomboss" ever again. That's a promise." Jerry said and gave him a pat on the back.

Tom never wanted to admit it, but Jerry was a good friend when they weren't trying to kill each other over the most stupid of things. He was a good mouse, they just have always had a very hard time getting along.

"Thanks Jer." Said Tom

"Hey come on you two! My private airship is about to take off! You don't want to be left behind now, do you?!" Yelled Mayor Jones

"Coming!" The two of them yelled

They looked at each other with giant grins on their faces.

"Last one there's a rotten egg!" Said Jerry

"You're on!" Said Tom

The two proceeded to race towards Jones' airship at blisteringly high speeds, once again, one trying to outdo the other. But of course, they crashed into each other at the end and landed face first onto the pavement. The two got up and groaned.

"Who won?" Said Tom

"I dunno" said Jerry " but we'll try again later and see who really won that."

The two proceeded to get up as Jones told them the whole shitick with Zomboss currently.

"Now that you two are finally here, I can give you some more detail as to how Zomboss conquered Suburbia. Buckle up, it's gonna be a long one." Said Mayor Jones

As the airship began to take off, Jones proceeded to explain the whole shebang to the duo.

"Alright, so here's how it went. It was a fairly normal day, until Zomboss attacked again, this time, he had an actual plan that worked, weaponizing his Imps with Z Tech from the future, he quickly overwhelmed us all, to make it even worse, the plants were soon called in and were defeated very quickly, including the new ones like Rose, Citron, and Kernel Corn. Zomboss turned them into bobbleheads using a special machine and locked them in special locations in order to keep them out of his way and sight. All of us had to flee to Dave's backyard, which didn't help much as Zomboss moved in right across from Dave. Now, what I need you both to do, is go to the seven locations I have marked on your map right here, and free the plants from their current states as quickly as you can, once you do, we can lead an Herbal Assault on Zomburbia and take it back from Zomboss." Explained Mayor Jones

Tom opened the file and read it out loud.

"The plants are being held in these locations. The Yeti Kings Freezer, The Seeds Of Time Castle, Dave Manor, The Destroyed Garden Center, The Destroyed Lab In Cactus Canyon, The Vanquished Mega Flower, and Moon Base Z." Said Tom "And in these locations are Chomper, Rose, Kernel Corn, Peashooter, Cactus, Sunflower, and Citron. Is that all? Seven plants won't be enough to take back an entire city."

Mayor Jones fell backwards in his seat, and explained "That's not entirely it, you see, Dave made special Plant variants in order to help find them. And if you fine them all~."

"That could give us a somewhat sizeable army to fight Zomboss!" Exclaimed Jerry

"Yes, exactly. But you two must be warned, Zomboss has made his own variants in order to protect the plants, you must find a way to stop them before you can challenge the hero guarding the plant." Said Mayor Jones

Before he could continue, something hit the plane and it started to smoke.

"What was that?!" Yelled Tom

"We've been seen!" Yelled Jerry

The plane got hit more and more times before the engine gave out and they went crashing down. Super Brainz hovered there, proud of his work.

"Super Brains to HQ, the cat and mouses only chance of getting into Suburbia has gone down!" He said.

Zomboss laughed "Excellent!" He grabbed a mic and continued "I want everyone on the lookout for those two in case they survived the crash!"

Zomboss cackled maniacally as he knew, he was going to beat them. And he was gonna beat them hard.
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