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Chapter 3: Enter The Commando

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Tom and Jerry land outside Suburbia and meet new freinds!

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Chapter 3
Enter The Commando

The fall was rapid yet slow for the cat and mouse duo, hurtling towards the ground at terminal velocity was something you would not expect to happen to a cat and mouse of all people, but yet, here they were.

"We're gonna die! Oh this is it, goodbye cruel world! I always hated you to some degree!" Yelled Tom as he and Jerry pulmeted towards the ground at high speeds.

"Calm down!" Yelled Jerry "As long as we aim for something to break our falls, we should be okay!"

"Like that giant pile of laundry below us?" Said Tom

He was indeed right, the two were falling towards a giant pile of dirty laundry. They fell right into the giant pile as the busted right through it and hit the ground with a large "THUD!". Tom and Jerry pulled themselves out of the ground before brushing themselves off.

"Ugh, gross." Said Tom "Next time we fall out of the sky at terminal velocity, make sure we don't land in a giant dirty laundry pile, ya got that mouse?"

"Yeah yeah, I got that pussycat." Said Jerry with a decently agitated look on his face. The two turned around and decided to head out behind some bushes. What they saw next, horrified them.

"Is that a giant wall?!" Yelled Tom as he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Jerry stood there perplexed, he had never seen a wall that big in his entire life!

"I mean seriously, why would he make a wall that big?! It's not like I can just climb it!" Tom proclaimed.

Jerry stood there, facepalming at his freinds stupidity. "Tom? No offense, but are you stupid or crazy?" He said in an unamused tone of voice.

"What do you mean by that?" Tom said getting his head on Jerry's level.

"It's best I show you." Jerry said turning Tom's head towards that wall. "By my estimates that wall is at least 20 feet tall and 40 feet wide, spanning the entirety of this part of Suburbia, at the top, spikes and Rocket Bots, we can't go over without the needed firepower to do so. We need to find those plants before it's too late."

Just then, there was a rustling from the bushes behind them. The turned around, clinging onto each other for dear life as they saw what was about to happen. They shut their eyes before opening them again to see… a walking talking stalk of corn.

They both let out an ear piercing scream.

"Walking talking stalk of corn! Kill it before it lays eggs!" Yelled Tom taking out a flamethrower

"Wait what?! I don't know what you two are talking about!" Yelled the stalk

"Tom, Tom stop! He's not trying to hurt us!" Yelled Jerry "This must be one of the varients Mayor Jones told us about before we got shot down!" He yelled pulling on his tail

"He's right! Names Commando Corn, nice to meet ya soldiers, at ten hut!" Said Commando Corn as he saluted the two

Tom threw the flamethrower away and quickly apologised "So sorry Mr Commando Corn sir. We're sorta just getting in to this whole scenario. We got shot down and we landed here not too long ago. Could you lend us a hand?" He said

"Yes, but it's not safe to talk here. Follow me." Said Commando Corn

The two closely followed the corn stalk until they came to a small shed.

"A bit small ain't it?" Said Tom

"That's the point, it's meant to draw away our enemies. By being inconspicuous." Said Commando Corn

He knocked on the door and let the two inside before following suit and shutting the door. The two were soon led into the main room.

"Ah Commando Corn, back from patrol early?" Said a mysterious purple rose

"Who the check are you?" Said Tom

"Names Nec'Rose of L.E.A.F and varient of the Rose class, nice to meet you both." She said

The two soon sat down at the table with the Frontline Fighters where they began to discuss the plan of action.

"So as you cab already tell, we're the help Mayor Jones told you all about. We came to help you save Suburbia, but there's one problem." Said Tom

"The wall." Said Commando Corn "Over 20 feet high and 40 feet wide, with Rocket Bots and Spikes at the top, it's obvious that we can't get over it, nor can we go through it. That's why we need your help to launch an assualt on Zomburbia and reclaim it. The only way we can do that, is if you do a favor for us."

"And that favor would be?" Said Jerry

"Captian Squwai and Scallywag Imp, they're are two biggest priority targets right now. Get rid of them, and we can take you to see Dave and get the rest of your mission there. What do you say?" Said Nec'Rose

Tom looked down and saw two options, Yes and No.


"We'll take the job." He said

"Good, now, get some rest you two, you have a long day ahead. Meeting dismissed!" Said Commando Corn

Tom and Jerry simply walked to the barracks, got in bed, and fell asleep. Meanwhile at Zomboss Manor, Zomboss was rearsing his speech for the Zombie graduates.

"And that us why, any and all future plants must be squished for the glory of me, Dr. Zomboss!" He said "It needs a bit more oomph to it, but right now, I need to check on something."

Zomboss rolled up to his desk and turned the intercom on. He spoke into it. "Attention all zombies, earlier today it was brought to my attention that the cat and mouse duo are still alive, if you find them, terminate them on sight. That is all." He said as he looked back at his script. "This is gonna take a lot of tries to get right." He said.
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