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Chapter 08.

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Gerard and Cloe are becoming closer each second. Too Close? Maybe so...Ray's having girl troubles. Life sucks sometimes but you GOTTA get thru' it.

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Gerard and Cloe have been closer than ever. To the point when they wouldn't care if they were in public.

As for Ray, someone has a crush on him. He knows it but he doesn't like her....

Melody starts to get jelous.

It was after school and everyone was just hanging out.

"So, you and Cloe are officially...a couple?" Jazz asked.

Cloe laughed. "Yeah." Gerard replied.

Jazz moved closer to Ray.

Ray looked at her in a confused way.

"Oh yeah...Cloe, we're still going horseback riding tomorrow...right?"

"Oh I forgot...I'm sorry. I was going to hangout with it okay with you Gerard?"

"No, no....go hangout with him. I can go with Jazz. Right?"

"I was going with my parents..."


"I don't do horses."

"I guess I'll go alone..." Melody muttered.

"Well, I gotta go." Ray said.

"me too." Jazz and Ray left together.

"Yeah. Lets go." Cloe said playfully.

"Ladies first."

Melody sat there alone. "I guess I'll go alone..."

Constantine walked up to her. "Hey Melody...Cloe ditch you for Gerard?"

"Yeah...I hate the fact that they're together...I mean...I was supposed to be with him..."

"Really...I could help you."


"First of all, I was destined to be with can't be that hard."


"Meet me at the horse stable tomorrow."

"You ride?"

"My favorite sport."

"Okay, bye!"

Constantie waved bye.

Gerard and Cloe arrived at an empty field. It was almost 9.

They sat down next to eachother.

"I am so glad that I wound up with you." Gerard said.

"I'm so glad that we found eachother."

They madeout. Cloe climbed on top of him. He was now laying down with Cloe laying down on top of him. They continued to kiss...they were interupted.

"Hello Cloe."

Cloe rolled off of Gerard only to find Constantine.

"What do you want?" She asked.

"I want you. Your body. Your lips."

"You perve." Gerard said. "leave her the hell alone!"

"I don't have to!"

"I'll call the police!"

"I'm not doing anything wrong! Is hanging out with my 2 best friends against the law?"

"He'll call for sexual harrasment." Cloe yelled.

Constantine grabbed Cloe and started dragging her away from Gerard.

Gerard found a rock and aimed for Constanties head. He threw it.

He let go of Cloe and fell.

Gerard took Cloes hand and led her to the dorm.

She sat shaking on the bed. Tears running down her face.

Gerard stroked her hair. "It's okay...he's gone." He said. 'For now at least.'
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