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Chapter 07.

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"She's the blade and your just paper! Your afraid 'cause she's got you closer!"

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I'm really is Gerard. How do I know, I was reading another My Chemical Romance GAY story!!!!! THEY'RE NOT GAY! When I was talking with Gerard I told him about this and he got really pissed. Now I am no lier and I did seriousky talk with him. Also rumors are clear-Gerard is not married and he has no kids. He said to me just the thought of kids of his own...freaks him out. So thats it...but STOP WITH THE FREAKIN' GAY STUFF! Thank you. Also Gerard is not heartless he said he would want kids but he's afraid.

The Next day...

After last night...things weren't ever going to be the same. Gerard or Cloe didn't know whether or not it was going to be good awkward, or bad awkward. They had no choice but to take a chance.

Gerard and Ray were walking around campus. Cloe was with Jazz.

Jazz was the first to spot the dudes.

"Hey!" Jazz yelled.

"Jazz, no!" Cloe tried to stop her...but it was too late.

"Hello." Ray greeted. "And how are you today?"

Jazz blushed. "Good, and you?"


Cloe remained silent. The only noise she made was her gentle breathing. Which wasn't really a noise.

Gerard on the otherhand, has been trying to get her to talk.


Cloe switched her attention to Gerard.

"Are you okay?"

Cloe nodded.

"You're not...whats wrong?"

Cloe took a deep breath. "You know last night?"

"You're not pregnant? Are you? 'Cause I used protection and-"

"No. No. It's about my parents. If they found out I had sex before marrage..."

"You're very religous...aren't you..."

"I'm accually not. I mean. I'm catholic but...I'm not as religous as my parents."

"That must be hard..."

"They think I'm still a virgin."

"Before last night...were you?"

"Your gonna hate me for this but...I was in my last year of highschool."

"Wow...Last year was my first. You were young."

"I was being used..."

Gerard stayed silent.

"I thought I was in love but...I was being used for sex...I didn't know untill a month later."

Gerard looked at the ground, then at Cloe. "I would never use you."

Cloe smiled. "Thanks..."

"I'm sure everythings going to be fine. Your 19 years old. It's October. Your going to be 20 in..."


Gerard smiled. "April. So am I. But you can trust me on this. Nothing bad is going to happen...even if it does. Everything happens for a reason."
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