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Chapter 06.

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After the dance. Gee and Cloe get FUNKAY! I know. Chapter 6 is finally up...I'm sorry. I've been sick.

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Soundtrack to my day-"Waiting" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I hate my self...I truely do.

Cloe and Gerard walked out of the gym...making out. Only the kind you see in movies.

Their romance led to Gerard's car. Hell ya baby!

So they continued making out. When they stopped Cloe sat still and Gerard sat back.

"Holy crap." He said.

"Woo." Cloe pushed the hair off her face. "Wow."

Gerard nodded. There was a major awkward silence. Gerard coughed.

Cloe all of a sudden spoke. "The dorm?!"

"I'm with ya!"

They drove off to the dorm.

When they got there they did not hesitate.

Before they started Cloe made a quick note. "Condoms?"


So they began and I don't talk about sexual scenes but...yeah.

The next day...

Gerard woke up in his bed...with Cloe. Nobody else was in the room.

He looked around. "Holy crap."

Hearing this Cloe woke up. "Ummm...hey."


Cloe noticed that she was in nothing but a bra and undies. "You umm...sleep well?"


"Yeah, I did too..."

They talked for a while. After maybe 3 hours Cloe gathered her stuff and was out.
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