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Too Much Of A Fun Thing

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A sequel to Even Kingpins Get The Blues.

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This is a fanfic project me and my friend NarwhalPuppy were both working on! She helped me write this one! Also, some continuity from her fanfics are in this fanfic too. Who else is enjoying the third season of Paradise PD?! Although this fanfic isn't based on season three. If you're looking for Kevin + Gina stuff in it. Forget it. It's more like an alternate universe. So sit back and enjoy.

Paradise PD

Too Much of A Fun Thing

By: Hailey Sands and Toni Cervone

Chapter One:

At the Paradise PD Headquarters. Randall Crawford was drunk at his desk. Without him knowing it. Randall was watching a documentary about Greeks. Randall was too drunk to even notice. Another thing Randall didn't know was Frank Flipperfist and Thester Carbomb were spying on him.

Randall (slurring): Greeks! hick! That's where that mythology shit comes from! hick!

Frank Flipperfist (looking into the window): Psst. Thester. Check this out.

Thester (looks into window): I don't get what he's doing.

Frank Flipperfist: He's drunk and watching a documentary about Greeks.

Thester: You're right. I think I can hear it.

Randall: Oh here comes the part where they invented math. hick.

On TV: The Ancient Greeks not only invented mythology. They are responsible for the invention of math.

Frank Flipperfist: Did you hear that, Thester? The Greeks invented math.

Thester: Really? Never knew that.

Frank Flipperfist: Stay there, Thester. I'm going to do something so funny here.

Thester: Can I join too?

Frank Flipperfist: No! Don't move. Let me do this! You remember the Kingpins new rules for you.

Thester (rolls eyes): I know. I need to stay out of sight. (rolls up pant leg): Fitz even has me in ankle monitor.

Frank Flipperfist opens the window and takes a deep breath.

Thester: What are you going to do?

Frank Flipperfist: I HATE YOU GREEKS! Come on, Thester! Let's run!

Randall (gets up): Who the fuck said that! Who dares to ruin my Greek Documentary!

Bullet: I'll go out and look!

With Bullet chasing them. Frank Flipperfist and Thester ran as fast as they could. Randall's body gave out on him.

Bullet: Hey! What do you have against Greeks asshole! Don't you know they invented orgies?! Ahhh, forget it!

Randall: Son of a bitch! They got away!

Running to a bus stop, Frank Flipperfist phones Fitz.

Frank Flipperfist: Okay Fitz! We spied on the Paradise PD. It was just Randall watching a documentary about Greeks. You can come pick us up now.

Fitz: Good. Glad you were able to do your assignment. I hate to tell you this but you and Thester have to take the metro bus.

Frank Flipperfist: Really why?

Fitz: Our limo is in the auto shop it needs repairs. Take the metro bus.

Frank Flipperfist: All right. We'll do. Come on, Thester. We need to take the bus.

Thester: Aww. I only use that bus for fun. Not for work.

Frank Flipperfist: Well, spying on the Paradise PD should be fun for you.

Thester: It's not. It's labor if you ask me. Say listen. What do you have against Greeks? Are you racist or something?

Frank Flipperfist: Because they invented math. My father used to force me to do math homework everyday in second grade. His abuse lead to me flunking second grade. But that's okay.

Thester (gasps): You're fine with being abused?

Frank Flipperfist: My father kept me in line that way by kicking my ass! Taught me reality! Made me the man I am today!

Thester: Ever since I got kidnapped by Prop Cop, Fitz has me under a microscope. He's so terrified that something bad will happen to me.

Frank Flipperfist: Well, that's not my problem. Look. Here comes the bus now. Good thing I got some change.

Thester and Frank Flipperfist went on the bus. Once they arrived on the bus. They see Robby and Delbert. Anton, Preacher Paul's husband who's name is Chad. Bullet's ex-girlfriend Chasity. Also, Cooter Jabowski one of Gina's brothers.

Thester was thrilled to see Chad. He believes that he and Chad were destined to be friends. All because one day Chad told him he liked rick and Morty and Archer which were Thester's favorite adult cartoons. However, Chad didn't like Thester very much, he thought he was too annoying and immature. Chad's best friend was Anton whom he knew since kindergarten. Robby and Delbert were causing a ruckus. The bus driver didn't care.

Robby: Who wants to hear a joke? The penis and the vagina walk into a bar...

Delbert: Here's the shocking plot twist. The penis is Ben Stiller! Can I join in on this joke too?

Robby: Sure you can, Delbert! You can do whatever you want!

Thester (sighs): Someday, me and Chad will be like them. (waves to Chad): Hey Chad! How's it hanging?

Chad (sees Thester and responds in a deadpan way): Hey, Thester...

Frank Flipperfist (sees Thester step ahead of him): Where are you going?

Thester: Gonna go sit with Chad!

Frank Flipperfist (pulls back Thester): No you don't! You remember Fitz's rules. You must be by my side at all times so I can keep my eye on you!

Thester: Son of a bitch! (to Frank): You know you're not exactly nice to me when we get back to headquarters. All you do when we get home is pester me about those stupid FX shows Nip Tuck and Louie. Always trying to get me to watch them with you. Then you rip on me by saying, the movie 'Breaker Breaker' was a much better movie then 'The Lost Boys.'

Frank Flipperfist: It's just a joke. You know I like both the movies and music 1977 and 1987 equally.

Fitz was born in 1977. Thester was born in 1987. Frank Flipperfist every now and then likes to tease both Fitz and Thester about their birth years.

Robby and Delbert see Frank Flipperfist and Thester.

Delbert: Forget the Ben Steller penis joke. Get a load of the Jahovas Witnesses.

Robby (laughs): You're right, Delbert. They do look like church goers!

Frank Flipperfist (to Robby): If you must know, we are working for the Kingpin!

Delbert: Ooooh! We're scared.

Robby: Yeah, what does that make you? The Gangster Squad?

Delbert: They sure ain't The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that's for sure.

Thester: Can I at least have the aisle seat?

Frank Flipperfist: NO! You get the window. I get the aisle!

The whole bus erupted in laughter.

Chasity who was two seats down from Frank Flipperfist and Thester sees his ankle monitor.

Delbert: Let's all sing a song!

Robby: I know one! (singing): I'm a big kid look what I can do! I can wear big kid pants too!

Delbert (joins in the singing): And I can stick them up my ass!

Frank Flipperfist was disgusted with the outrageous behavior. Chasity still stares at Thester's ankle monitor.

Cooter: I know a commercial song! (sings): Do you believe in magic! And I hope you do! You always have a friend wearing big red shoes...

Frank Flipperfist (rolls eyes): Gosh I fucking hate these goof offs. At least we're more civilized type of criminals.

Thester: Wish I could be friends with them....but Fitz wouldn't let me.

Frank Flipperfist: They'll never like you. No matter what you do.

Chasity: Hey, everybody look! This dude has an pink ankle bracelet!

Cooter, Robby, Delbert, Anton, and Chad all gather around to see Thester's ankle monitor. Everyone laughs at Thester.

Chasity: Would you mind telling me why you have one?

Thester (yells in Chasity's face): None of your business! Go away and leave me alone.

Chasity: Pink ankle bracelet! Pink ankle bracelet!

Thester: I said GO!

Anton: Thester! You stop that right now!

Thester has always been jealous of Anton for hanging around with Chad. Thester gets up and starts hitting Anton repeatedly.

Frank Flipperfist: THESTER! THESTER! THESTER! QUIT! QUIT QUIT! It's not worth it!

When Thester was done pummeling on Anton, he hit Thester in the arm. Thester begins to cry.

Chad: Wow! That was cool what you did that that annoying British dude!

Anton: I hate him anyway. And I thought Kevin Crawford was a loser.

Chasity (runs up and down the bus): Pink ankle bracelet! Pink ankle bracelet!

Robby has a cardboard roll.

Delbert: Batter up!

Robby: Here's the pitch! (hits the cardboard roll on Thester.)

Delbert: And it's a high flying Brit!

Robby: I hit a homer, dude!

Cooter: That was hilarious! Check this out!

Everyone watches when Cooter sticks a crayon up Thester's nose.

Cooter: Hmm, minty hey!

All throughout the bus ride home. Chasity kept chanting 'Pink Ankle Bracelet'. Robby, Delbert, Anton, Cooter and even Chad were all degrading and belittling Thester Carbomb. Frank Flipperfist did nothing about it and ignored the chaos going around.

Chapter Two:

After the antagonizing bus ride, Frank Flipperfist and Thester both report back to the Dippin' Dots Building. Gerald Fitzgerald was sitting on the living room.

Fitz: Oh good, Frank and Thester you're back.

Frank Flipperfist: That bus ride was a nightmare! Rednecks to the left of me. Rednecks to the right of me.

Fitz: It's just until our limo is repaired.

Thester: Hope it's soon.

Fitz takes a look at Thester as he 'senses' some shit went down.

Frank Flipperfist: Hey, Fitz is your spidey sense tingling?

Fitz (crossed armed): Something happened on the bus. I can tell! And I want to know what it is!

Thester: I'll tell you what happened. Absolutely nothing. Furthermore I never want to ride that bus back from work ever again!

Fitz: Yes I know. You always say you use the bus to go to your fun places on Saturdays like the bowling alley, put put golf, and the skating rink.

Frank Flipperfist: Yes, Thester. You can drive. Why do you even need the bus?

Thester: It's more fun. I'm just going to go in my room and watch Forgetting Sarah Marshal. I've been wanting to see that for a while.

As Thester was about to go in his room, Fitz stops.

Fitz: NO! Not until you tell me what happened on the bus!

Thester: It was nothing, okay! Just another boring......

Fitz: I don't believe you.....besides, Frank said something about rednecks!

Frank Flipperfist: It was like fucking Deliverance in there.....and the unthinkable happened....

Fitz: Ha! I knew it! Tell me!

Thester: Frank doesn't know what he's talking about, Fitz. There were no rednecks.

Frank Flipperfist: It was like this.....

Right when Frank was about to tell about his and Thester's ordeal on the metro bus. Marcos Narcos walks in.

Marcos Narcos: Santa Maria! Your limo has been fixed.

Thester: Yes!

Russian Mobster drove the limo into the Dippin' Dots driveway.

Fitz: Your days riding the bus back from work are over. Thank you, Russian Mobster. How much did it cost?

Russian Mobster: It cost...100!....200!...300!....$400! (laughing)

Fitz: No big deal. That like a drop in the bucket to me. (turns to Thester) Now back to you. Tell me what happened on the bus?

Thester: You know. Ever since you rescued me from Prop Cop you've become a helicopter Kingpin on me. Always checking up. Always calling me on my cellphone every five minutes.

Fitz: What does that have to do with this conversation? Why are you talking about Prop Cop for? (gets a glass jar with Prop Cops head inside) He's long gone dead. Killed the bastard myself for what he did to you.

Frank Flipperfist (laughs): Antonio Bandaras movies are a great inspiration!

Marcos Narcos (sees head in a jar): From that Zorro movie he did, right?

Fitz: Right.

Thester: Like I was saying.

Fitz: Saying about what? The metro bus.


Fitz watches as Thester runs into his room to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Frank Flipperfist: You really have to cut the apron strings off him.

Fitz: No! Never! If I let Thester out of my sight for one minute, he'd get kidnapped, arrested, possibly deported!

Frank Flipperfist: You're smothering him, dude. Anyway since Thester won't tell about the bus. Then I will.

Chapter Three:

The next day, Fitz was thinking about what Frank Flipperfist has said to him about smothering and being so protective of Thester. Frank and Thester were on their way this time in the limo to do a drug sell. Going out of the limo and now at a nearby park. Thester sighs as he sees Robby and Delbert throwing and catching a ball.

Thester: Really wish Fitz would let me go alone instead of always with you!

Frank Flipperfist: He sends me with you so I can look after you!

Thester: How come they don't need to worry about that? But I do!

Frank Flipperfist: They terrorized the ever loving shit out of us.

Thester: No, it's not that. I just wish Fitz and I can be like them. (watches Robby and Delbert)

Frank Flipperfist: Why would you want to be a trashy redneck?

Thester: That's not the point. Look at Robby over there. He lets Delbert do whatever he wants.

Frank Flipperfist: Part of being friends is to have boundaries. You just can't let a friend do whatever it pleases. How would you feel if I let Jerry do whatever he wanted?

Thester: So what? I want Fitz and I to have what they have! (points to Robby and Delbert)

Frank Flipperfist: You just have to accept it. You don't want to get kidnapped again. It's good to have someone look out for you the way he does.

Thester: Accept it? Why should I? I'm just so tired of Fitz hovering over me all the time. (cellphone rings): Great. (rolls eyes) That's him right now checking up on me.

Answering his cellphone, sure enough. It was indeed Fitz.

Fitz: Thester? Are you okay?

Thester: Don't worry. I'm fine. Dad!

Fitz: Oh come on, now. Say listen. You know. I think maybe you were right yesterday. Perhaps I have been too overprotective of you lately. It's just like I like you so much and I don't want you to get hurt.

Thester: I know.

Fitz: I was thinking. We're going on a trip very soon.

Thester: Really where?

Fitz: To a midwestern college town calling Bowling Green Ohio.

Thester: Sounds great. What are we going to do there.

Fitz: Sell our meth to college students of course. I'm going to let you come.

Thester: Really? Thank you!

Fitz: And I realize I have been smothering you too much. Once we're in Bowling Green, I'll let you go alone when you sell drugs. Deal?

Thester: It's a deal.

Fitz: OKay thanks. Bye.

Thester: Bye. (hangs up cellphone) We're going to Bowling Green. Fitz is going to let me sell meth alone.

Frank Flipperfist: He's letting you go alone?

Thester: No he's coming too. Wow! Bowling Green! College town! That means parties and fun! Whatever shall I wear?

Chapter Four:

Gerald Fitzgerald made the announcement about the trip to Bowling Green in the command center.

Thester: We have some splendid news, tell them Fitz. Oh and good news. I finally got my stupid ankle monitor off!

Fitz: We're going to Bowling Green. We leave on Friday.

Pat Robertson: I won't be able to go. I have a book tour for the 700 Club.

Fitz: OKay, I understand. However, only three of you can go with me.

Pedro Pooptooth: Who are you going to choose, Puto?

Fitz: I choose, Thester. You Pedro, and Russian Mobster.

Frank Flipperfist: What should the rest of us do while you're gone?

Fitz: You Frank, you stay here and watch over the Dippin' Dots Building.

Marcos Narcos: Dios Mio. We'll do a great job watching for the place!

Russian Mobster: What are we going to do in Bowling Green? It's one, two, three, four, five! Five states away from us! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Fitz: We are going to sell our meth to college students there. That's why. Turns out college students love to experiment with drugs.

Frank Flipperfist: Yeah, that's the truth. While you're gone Jerry has a birthday coming up. So I will plan for a birthday party for him.

Marcos Narcos: Santa Maria! I'll help with the decorations!

Fitz: That's good, Frank. Our flight leaves Friday afternoon. Stay sharp everyone!

Thester: Thank you for including me on this trip, Fitz.

Fitz: Anytime. Guess I got too overboard with watching over you. Won't that that again.

Thester: I know. You even followed me into the bathroom.

Fitz (holds Thester's hand): Things will be different this time. I promise.

Frank Flipperfist: Overboard? Guess what year that came out! 1987! (laughing) If you ask me the movie Saturday Night Fever was a way better film! 1977 had more cool things, that was the year Fitz was born....

Fitz (shouts at Frank): All right you! I had enough of this shit from you! Stop ripping on Thester for being born in the late 1980s!

Frank Flipperfist: Thester is a millienial. I can't stand them!

Fitz: That's no excuse.

Frarnk Flipperfist: Fine! Don't have to take it so personally! Sheesh! Right Jerry?

Jerry: (gurgles)

Thester: I'm glad Frank isn't coming on this trip.

Fitz: No he won't. Pedro, Russian Mobster and Thester. Come with me to the grocery store. Going to get travel packs.

Chapter Five:

The week went by really slow. Waiting on the anticipating trip to Bowling Green. Almost as if Friday would never come. Friday has finally come. Thester was in his bedroom packing for the trip. He was bringing all his favorite clothes with him. Thester had packed a Family Guy shirt, American Dad swim trunks. A Slenderman shirt and a Pennywise shirt and some jeans. Fitz walks into his bedroom and is shocked to see Thester wearing a baseball cap, Rick and Morty Pickle Rick short sleeved blouse opened in front that revealed a shirt with Archer on it. Thester also had on Vans sneakers.

Fitz: Damn! You're wearing that! Put on something nice. So you'll look more respectable in the criminal community.

Thester: You told me you weren't going to control me, anymore.

Fitz: College kids will be impressed if you dressed up.

Thester: But I don't want to dress up. What am I supposed to wear anyway?

Fitz (shows Thester his clothes he usually wears): Love seeing you in these. Perfect for every occasion.

Thester: Just let me wear what I want to! Please.

Fitz: Well.....all right.

Going through Thester's luggage Fitz sees swim trunks.

Fitz: You don't need this. We'll only be there for three days.

Thester: You never know. Maybe we will go swimming.

Taking a step back, Fitz decides to let Thester think for himself.

Fitz: Tell you what. Go ahead and have fun on the trip and wear what you want. Our trip should not be all serious business. We'll have some fun too. If you'd like to look like you walked off the set of Lords of Dogtown, I'm okay with that.

Thester: You're awesome Fitz.

Fitz: Let's catch our flight.

When Pedro Pooptooth, Fitz, Thester, and Russian Mobster all piled into the limo. Frank Flipperfist drives them all to the Paradise International Airport.

Chapter Six:

The flight from Paradise Georgia had landed in Bowling Green Ohio. Fitz rented an RV. Now, Fitz, Thester, Russian Mobster, and Pedro Pooptooth were on their way to the midwestern college town. Getting settled into their motel room. Fitz explains his plans. With a map of Bowling Green taped to the wall.

Fitz: Russian Mobster, you will sell our meth at the metropolitan downtown area. Pedro, you will sell our meth at the state park. Thester, you will sell our meth right inside the college. Any questions? Good! Go make some money!

Right when Thester, Pedro, and Russian Mobster were about to leave, Fitz has something else he wants to say.

Fitz: By the way.....this includes you, Thester. When you are done selling the meth, report back to me at once. CAll me any chance you get!

Thester: You can count on us. Come on guys! That meth isn't going to sell itself. (giggles)

Russian Mobster drives the RV while Thester was on his cellphone texting. Pedro Pooptooth was the first to be dropped off at the state park. Russian Mobster drops Thester off at the college. Afterwards, Russian Mobster
drove to the downtown area. Thester was delighted to see the college that was before him.

Thester: Wow! This takes me back to when I was in community college when I first set foot in America. Oh the fun I had.....

Just as Thester was about to reminisce about his community college days, it was interrupted by an image of Fitz.

Fitz: When you are done selling he meth, report back to me. Call me any chance you get.(image pops)

Thester rolled his eyes as he entered the college with his meth supply in tow. Entering the college, he sees many students walk around.

Student #1: I just scored last night...

Student #2: Big deal, I fucked 10 cheerleaders.....

Thester (to himself): I'm going to defy Fitz. So tired of him and his stupid ass rules.

Walking around carrying the meth supply, Thester was stopped by a group of men who appeared to be a fraternity. Their leader walks up to Thester.

Leader: Hey there, little boy? You lost?

Thester: No at all. I'm here to sell whatever it is in this box.

Leader: What is it? Pussy little cookies?

The Frat Members: (laughing)

Thester (scoffs): In your dreams, buddy!

The leader and the frat members who's names were Scott who was the leader. Josh, Isaac, Kyle, and Daryl. They all looked at Thester.

Isaac: You're not a cop, are you?

Thester: Absolutely not.

Josh (sees Thester's blouse): Fucking awesome. You into Rick and Morty?

Kyle: Aww sweet! (sees Thester's shirt) He likes Archer too! We love those cartoons!

Thester: do?

Daryl: Yeah man! They're the best.

Thester: You guys want to hang out!

Scott: Not until you tell us what's in the box.

Thester: It's meth!

Scott: Well, dude! You've come to the right place. I'm Scott. The leader of the fraternity! This is Josh, Isaac, and Darryl.

Josh: A meth dealer! We were wondering when you were going to show up!

Kyle: You're cool! You're coming with us!

Scott, Josh, Kyle, and Daryl all lead Thester to their dorm room.

Thester (thinking to himself): Now I'm really going to defy Fitz now! (evil grin)

Chapter Seven

Scott, Josh, Kyle and Darryl all invited to their dorm room.

Josh (pays Thester): Here the money for your meth.

Thester: Oh thank you.

Scott: So you ever been to college.

Thester: Community college to be exact. Boy did I love it. Had friends just like you guys. They introduced me to a lot of fun things.

Kyle: What did you study?

Thester: To be a lab technician at a hospital. But that didn't stop me for partying!

Darryl: Dude! This is the best meth ever! You are awesome! What is your name?

Thester: Thester Carbomb.

Josh: Radical name!

Scott: Let's hear it for Thester Carbomb! Who gives us the greatest meth in the world!

Josh, Darryl, Kyle and Scott (chanting): Thester! Thester! Thester! Thester!

For the first time in a long time, Thester felt free.

Thester: If only Fitz can see me now.

When Scott, Darryl, Josh, and Kyle were done chanting. They ask Thester a few questions.

Kyle: So, Thester. What is your boss like?

Josh: Yeah, is he like a kingpin or something?

Thester: Oh yes he is. He treats me like I'm a little kid who always needs to be shielded from the outside world.

Scott: Dude! That's nasty.

Darryl: Must have you on a tight leash, hey?

Thester: You bet. This one time I got kidnapped by some crazy wannabe cop. Then when my boss kingpin rescued me, he put me in an ankle bracelet so he can track me where ever I went.

Josh: That guy sounds like a total asshole.

Darryl: What did that cop do to you?

Thester: Tied me up and gagged me.

Kyle: Gosh! Since when do cops kidnap people?

Darryl: What kind of cops do you have in your town?

Scott: Where ever you live I feel sorry for you.

Thester: You won't believe what else the kingpin has done to me since then. This kingpin I work for even followed me into the bathroom and stands by me when I urinate.

Kyle: Shit! That is fucked up!

Josh: What else does he do to you?

Thester: Anytime we walk into a building he grabs my arms and drags me inside with him. Sometimes he even comes out of nowhere, picks me up and carries me back home.

Scott: Geez! If some dude did that to me. I'd kick his ass.

Kyle: So, Thester. Would you like to party with us?

Thester: Yes! Yes I will!

Darryl: ALL RIGHT!


Thester: Where is this party? Is it here?

Kyle: No way. It's at the Coors Light Water Kingdom in Oxford Ohio!

Scott: We're going there right now!

Thester: Take me!

Kyle: You're invited!

Thester follows Scott, Kyle, Darryl and Josh to Scott's car. Now Thester and the fraternity he befriended were on their way to the Coors Light Water Kingdom in Oxford Ohio.

Josh: Wait until you see the waterslide Thester!

Thester: Oooh! I can almost feel it now! Good thing I brought my swim trunks!

Chapter Eight:

Russian Mobster and Pedro Pooptooth were selling their meth. Unlike Thester who was able to sell his supply really fast. It took a longer time for Pedro and Russian Mobster to sell. They've kept in touch with Fitz via their cellphones.

Fitz: Excellent you guys. Knew I can count on you.

Russian Mobster: So far I've only sold 1...2...3...4...4 cases of meth! HA HA HA!

Pedro: I only sold 2.

Fitz: Stay where you are and keep working.

Russian Mobster and Pedro: Right Fitz! (hangs up)

Fitz (hangs up cellphone and goes to call Thester): Let's see what Thester is up to.

Dialing his cellphone to reach Thester. Fitz hears it ringing on the other end. It kept ringing over and over.

Fitz: Damn! Where are you, Thester?

Trying again, Fitz calls Thester on his cellphone. Still no answer. Giving up, Fitz sadly hanged up his cellphone.

Fitz: Thester? Where could you be? Before you left I told you straight up to keep in touch with me. Don't you ever listen to any rules? (buries his face in his hands)

Meanwhile at the Coors Light Water Kingdom at Oxford Ohio. Thester had arrived with Scott, Isaac, Josh, and Darryl. Everyone was in their swim wear. Thester was wearing his Family Guy shirt with Brian and Stewie on it. And his American Dad swim trucks that had Stan and Roger on it.

Thester: Is this the Water Kingdom?

Scott: Totally, dude!

Thester: I like it!

Darryl: Let's hit the water!

Josh: Can't wait to try out that water slide.

Isaac: Last one in is a rotten condom!

Thester (running in front): Hold on tight! Here we go!

The Neon Trees Lessons in Love plays as Thester, Scott, Darryl, Josh, and Isaac all took turns randomly going down the water slide.

Scott (going down the slide): Surf's up!

Isaac (going down the slide): I'm going to get laid here!

Josh (going down the slide): Rad!

Thester (going down the slide!): Blow it out your ass, Fitz!

Darryl (going down the slide): This is awesome!

After they all went down the slide, they wanted to go again.

Scott: Anyone want to go again!

Thester: Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh dear God yes! A million times yes!

Isaac: Let's do it, bitches!

While they were waiting in line again to go down the water slide, Josh asks Thester a question.

Josh: Dude, who's this Fitz guy? Your boyfriend.

Thester: That's the stupid kingpin I work for.

Isaac: He doesn't deserve you!

Scott: Better hope he doesn't find you.

Thester: Don't worry he won't. He has no idea I'm here with you guys! (laughs)

Josh: Yeah that's the spirit!

Isaac: It's my turn again!

One by one, Thester, Scott and the rest of the fraternity went down the slide again and again.

Scott: (lands in water after sliding down): THIS IS THE FUNNEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

Thester (lands in water after sliding down): I'M NEVER GOING HOME! FUCK PARADISE GEORGIA! I wanna stay here in Ohio with you guys!

Isaac: So you shall! In fact. We'll make you an honorary member of our frat!

Josh: Want to know what we should try?

Scott: What do you have in mind?

Josh: Let's drink beer while we slide down again.

Scott: Ooooh! We gotta do that!

Darryl: It's on bitches!

Isaac: Beers are in the coolers!

Getting the beers from the coolers, each of them has their own bottle.

Scott: First, I want to propose a toast.

Darryl: To who? For what?

Scott: To Thester Carbomb. For giving us that super awesome meth and for wanting to have fun with us.

Thester: Oh! I don't know what to say. I'm so honored! You know Fitz never lets me go to places like this. Everytime we go out it's always doctor's offices or the car dealership.

Isaac: Know what? To hell with Fitz!

Darryl: If he comes looking for you, we'll kick his ass for you!

Thester: I'd be delighted!

Scott, Darryl, Isaac, and Josh: To Thester!

Thester: Thanks for the toast, guys! Now that slide isn't going to slide itself now is it!

Scott: Back to the slide!

Josh: Woo hoo hoo hoo!

As Thester and everyone else was going back to the slide, they drink the beers as the slide into the water. Thester had never felt so much freedom before. Thester was relieved that he committed this act of defiance against Fitz and his overprotectiveness.

Chapter Nine:

At the motel room, Russian Mobster and Pedro Pooptooth had sold only half of their supply of meth. Fitz was there too. With a grim look on his face.

Russian Mobster: I always dread that look.

Pedro: Hope you're not disappointed that we only sold half our supply.

Fitz: No it's not that. At least you two were responsible enough to check in me. Besides, we have two days left here.

Pedro: So, what's the problem. Puto.

Fitz: It's Thester. I tried to reach him and he would not answer his cellphone.

Russian Mobster: Is there any way we can find out where he is?

Fitz: I knew I should've left that ankle monitor on him! Removing it was a huge mistake.

Pedro: Did you get the idea from that Shia LeBouf movie Disturbia?

Fitz: No not from there. It's just that ever since Thester got nabbed by that mother fucker Prop Cop. I've been so overly cautious about him. I don't want him to go missing. Who knows where he could be now.

Pedro (goes to TV): How about we watch some television.

Fitz: NNNNOOO! How can you think about tv at a time like this?

Russian Mobster: It's not like we're going to watch a Netflix show. We'll just watch the local news. It's on channel 2..3...4...5...6...7! Channel 7! HA HA HA!

Fitz (sighs): Thanks for trying to make me feel better with your counting. You know, maybe you're right. The local news might know something.

Turning on the TV there was the local news. A news reporter named Harry Goodwin was reporting live from the Coors Light Water Kingdom in Oxford.

Harry: I'm reporting here live in Oxford. There appears to be a water park where college students hang out. (sees Thester) Oh here comes one of them right now. Hello sir. Got something to say about this place?


Harry: Well, heh heh. That was interesting. Back to the studio.

Fitz (yells at the TV) JUST WAIT UNTIL WE GET HOME YOU ASSFUCKING TADPOLE! (turns off the TV.)

Russian Mobster: Well, what now huh?


Pedro: All right.

After a moment of silence.

Fitz: I'm going to Oxford. You two stay here and sell the remainder of that meth.

Pedro: Aie Aie! Puto! As the pirates would say.

Chapter Ten:

Now on a mission. While Pedro Poooptooth and Russian Mobster were going around Bowling Green Ohio selling meth to college students. With determination and vigor. Gerald Fitzgerald was driving like a maniac to Oxford Ohio where the Coors Light Water Kingdom event was taking place.

Fitz: When I get my hands on that Thester I'll.......(breathes out angerily)

Arriving there, Fitz goes around with Thester's picture asking random people if they had seen him.

Fitz: Have you seen this man?

Party Goer: No, have you fucked him or something?

Fitz punches out the party goer who insulted him. Then Fitz goes from one person to another. Nobody has been him. Fitz calls Russian Mobster and Pedro Pooptooth on his cellphone.

Russian Mobster: Did you find him?

Fitz: No not yet! Where the fuck could he be?

Pedro: Got some good news, though.

Fitz: Really? I sure could use some.

Russian Mobster: We both sold 1...2...3...4..5...6...7...8....9....10! 10 bags of meth! (laughs)

Fitz: That's good to know.

Pedro: All the meth we brought here are all sold.

Fitz: Awesome. You both did your jobs good today. Now we got another problem. And his name is Thester Carbomb.

Russian Mobster: Now that we're done selling meth we can help you look for him.

Fitz: All right then. Went around and asked each and every one of these drunken party motherfuckers if they had seen him. None of them. I mean, we saw him diss me on the news.

Pedro: He said he wanted to stay. So maybe he left and found a place to live.

Fitz: He's not staying in Ohio. Not if I have anything to say about it. I'll drag him back to Georgia by his penis if I have to.

Russian Mobster: Are you coming back to Bowling Green?

Fitz: Yes I am. Meet me at the Downtown Metropolitan area.

Pedro: Okay puto. We'll be there.

Fitz: Thanks, bye.

Going back in the RV, Fitz drives back to Bowling Green. Now even more desperate to find Thester.

Chapter Eleven:

At the Bowling Green University. Thester was playing beer pong with Josh, Scott, Isaac, and Darryl.

Josh: Woo hoo! You're a natural at this, Thester dude!

Thester: Wow! Thank you!

Isaac: No thank you because we beat out rival fraternity!

Thester: This is the happiest moment of my life. I hope never ends! It's like I'm back in community college!

Scott: It doesn't have to.

Thester: Unlike my friends back in Georgia. You guys treat me with respect. Those asswipes I used to hang around with treated me like a little boy. Most important. You shows have really shown me a great time!

Darryl: We're flattered dude. In fact....we have an idea.

Josh: Why don't you enroll here at Bowling Green?

Thester: Really? You mean it!

Isaac: Yeah, man! That way we can hang out and have fun everyday!

Thester: I'm in! Where do I sign!

Scott: Just check in with the dean and pay your tuition.

Thester: I can get a job around here. Always wanted to work in a landromat. To hell with my old life in Georgia working as a lab technician and being friends with a stupid kingpin!

Darryl: You don't need that shit in your life!

Josh: We'd love to have you here. So that way you can help us win games like beer pong.

Scott: Whoever this Kingpin is. He sounds like a piece of shit!

Thester: Trust me he is.

Isaac: If we ever meet him. We can beat him up for you!

Thester (laughing): I'd like nothing more.

Josh: What does he look like?

Thester: You'll know him if you saw him.

Darryl: This kingpin dude sounds like a very toxic person.

Scott: You're way better off without him. You don't need people like that in your life. You deserve better.

Thester: You guys make me feel so validated. Everytime I complain about the Kingpin to his friends, they tell me that I'm the problem and the Kingpin is good.

Isaac: Since when is a Kingpin good?

Josh: Good question. Last time I checked Kingpins are criminals.

Thester: I know, right. Now if you'll excuse me. I'm going to check in with the Dean to see if I can enroll here. Then I'll join your frat.

Scott: As Jon Lovitz once said, "Yeah, That's the Ticket!"

As Thester was going to meet with the Dean. A knock was heard at the door. Darryl goes to answer it. On the other end was the Dean of Bowling Green University. He was known as Dean Marshall.

Dean Marshall: All right Frat House. What is fuck are you guys up to!

Scott: Just cramming for finals, Mr. Dean sir!

Dean Marshall: Bullshit! You've been partying. (eyes Thester) Who's this loser?

Thester (walks up to Dean Marshall): Are you the Dean here?

Dean Marshall: Yeah, and what do you call yourself you piece of shit?

Thester: My name is Thester Carbomb. I would like to enroll in your university.

Dean Marshall: The answer is..........NO! We don't allow your kind around here.

Thester: But I have prior college experience sir...

Dean Marshall: Doesn't fucking matter! You need to eat, breathe, and sweat good grades to enroll into this university. You just don't waltz into the doors and say I want to come here! It doesn't work that way!

Josh: Oh come on! Enroll him! Let him stay!

Dean Marshal; (points to the door): Get OUT!! Don't you ever darken the doorways of Bowling Green Ohio ever again.

Thester walks out sadly. Scott, Darryl, Isaac, and Josh say their final goodbyes.

Dean Marshall: How dare you bring in some outsider and have them party with you. What did I say about inviting outsiders...

Feeling dejected. Thester exited the Bowling Green University building.

Thester: I really wanted to stay....I don't want to go back to Fitz and his Legion of DOOOOOM.

A thought bubble formed above Thester's head.

Thester: Maybe I don't need a frat to have fun. I can have plenty of fun by myself! And I won't go back to Fitz and his Legion of DOOOOOM. Fitz can take his Legion of DOOOOOM and stick it up his ass!

In the Downtown Metropolitan Area, Russian Mobster, Fitz, and Pedro Pooptooth searched high and low for Thester. Walking one mile away from the Bowling Green University. Thester sees a State Fair before him.

Thester: Oh boy! Cotton candy and roller coasters! Here I come! (runs to the fair)

Chapter Twelve:

Fitz, Russian Mobster, and Pedro Poooptooth drive around Bowling Green in the RV in hopes to look for Thester.

Russian Mobster: No sign of him anywhere.

Pedro: I don't see the puto myself. He's usually so easy to spot.

Fitz: Keep trying! Can't you see how nervous I am! Oh, what if some cop like Randall Crawford got ahold of him! (sobs) This is like Prop Cop all over again...

At the state fair, Thester was in line to ride a roller coaster. Thester was having the time of his life. After he was done with the roller coaster, he tried the merry-go-round and the ferris wheel. Taking a break in between rides Thester gets himself some lunch which consisted of a hot dog, coke, and potato chips. Done with his lunch, Thester was ready to try out more rides.

Thester: Wow! What should I go on next? (sees bumper cars) Perfect! I'll pretend like I'm crashing into Fitz! Overbearing son of a bitch Fitz!

As he was on his way to try out the bumper cars, Fitz was driving in the RV and he sees the state fair.

Fitz: A-ha! I bet anything Thester went here!

Pedro: That's our best bet here.

Russian Mobster: He never shuts up about theme parks.

Fitz: Exactly.

Thester rides the bumper cars, unaware that Fitz was on the prowl trying to look for him. The next ride Thester wanted to try out was the Alpine Slide. As Fitz was trying to enter the fair, a ticket salesman stops him.

Ticket Salesman: Sorry, you can't go on unless you pay for a ticket!

Fitz (punches the ticket salesman): FUCK YOU! Come on guys! We got a Thester to catch!

Russian Mobster leads the way as Fitz and Pedro enter the state fair. Thester was now on another ride called The Brakedance. Then Thester went on the Drop Tower. Looking all around Fitz, Pedro, and Russian Mobster were calling out his name.


Pedro: THESTER! Where the fuck are you puto?

Russian Mobster: THESTER! Get your ass over here at once!

Thester just kept going from one ride to the next. Now he was on the flying scooters. After Thester went on the Freefall and then the Hurricane. Spending over three hours trying to spot Thester. Fitz finally sees him getting off the Hurricane ride.


Thester (to himself): Well now I'm done with this place. I'll be back tommorow! Now let's get back to stupid Fitz. Hey, wait! I decided I have going to leave Fitz.

Fitz now had a plan.

Russian Mobster: Hmmm, you look like you're scheming.

Fitz: I am. Okay now Thester is done with the park. So what we're going to do is sneak up on him when he least expects it.

Pedro: Can't wait to see the look on his face! (giggles)

Russian Mobster: You would not believe how out of breath I am trying to call for Thester.

Fitz: You? How do you think I feel?

Russian Mobster: I must've called him like 1...2...3....4...5...6....six times! ha ha ha!

Back at the state fair. As he was leaving, Thester decides to plan out his new life in Bowling Green. Or so he thinks.

Thester: All right. First thing I'm going to do in enroll in that college so I can join that fun frat! Then I'm getting a part time job at a laundromat...

Chapter Thirteen:

Hiding behind a dumpster, Fitz was waiting for Thester. Pedro spots the baseball cap that Thester was wearing.

Pedro: Okay there he is!

Walking by the dumpster Thester was looking into the sky. Before he knew it, he was grabbed by the Russian Mobster.

Thester: YIKES!

Now Thester was face to face with Gerald Fitzgerald.


Thester: Uhhh, selling meth to college students?

Fitz: No you weren't!

Thester: Where do you think I went? I already sold my supply at the University very fast.

Fitz: If you already sold you supply, why didn't call me and contact me when you're done. Like you were supposed to!

Pedro: We also know you went to some water kingdom in Oxford, Puto!

Thester: How did you know that?

Fitz: We saw you on the local news, dumbass! Why did you diss me to that news reporter!

Deciding to confess. Thester tells Fitz everything.

Thester (sighs): All right. You deserve to know the truth. After I sold my supply...

Fitz: Yes....go on..

Russian Mobster: We're listening.....

Thester: A made friends with a fraternity. They were so grateful to me for giving them that meth. So they invited me to out with them. I had the time of my life!

Fitz: You went behind my back and partied with a college fraternity!!!!

Thester: Yes! Yes I did! It was the best thing in the world that ever happened to me! They treated me like I was one of their own. And you, you treat me like a toddler!

Fitz: They weren't your friends! They used you! Just like Chad back in Paradise uses you!

Thester: According to you every friend I had aside from you "used" me. Now is the time to say goodbye. Because I've decided to stay here. Just like Kimmy Schmidt stayed in New York!

Fitz: Oh you want to live here in Ohio? Let's see how you like it when the cold endless harsh winter comes. After living in Chicago I know all about winters in the Midwest!

Thester: I might as well just come out and say it. I just wanted to go against you for once! For the past two weeks you've been following me around any way you could. You promised you were going to give me free reign when we came here until you told us to call you when we were done selling our drugs.

Fitz: That does it! Because of your act of defiance. We thought you'd been killed!

Pedro: Yeah we thought the worse.

Russian Mobster: We thought the cops got you.

Thester: OKay all right! Sorry! OKay! It won't happen again!

Fitz: Damn straight it won't happen again. Once we get back to Paradise I'm gonna....

As Fitz was going to read Thester the riot act. A car drives by them and throws a beehive that lands on Thester. Inside the car was an middle aged man.

Man in Car: Be sure to give this beehive to my fucking bitch wife!

Thester screamed as he was being stung by the bees. There was nothing Fitz, Russian Mobster, or Pedro Pooptooth could do about it. Thester collapsed into a deep sleep after he got stung by the bees.

Fitz (quivering): Oh no.....oh no......(screams at the sky): NNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Chapter Fourteen:

Fitz, Russian Mobster, and Pedro Pooptooth now found themselves in the waiting room at the local ER in the Bowling Green Hospital.

Pedro: The doctor will come at any minute now.

Fitz: Damn! How can Thester do this to me? Ever since we came here, he's been acting like a reckless teenager.

Russian Mobster: It's not Thester's fault all this happened.

Fitz: Of course it is! If he had just called me after he was done selling our supplies, none of this would've happened!

Russian Mobster: You know, Fitz. For the past 1....2... two weeks....two! ha ha ha! Well anyway as if I were saying. I've been observing you and Thester.

Fitz: What do you know?

Russian Mobster: It's your fault Thester broke away from you in the first place. Its like you see Thester as your bad little son!

Fitz: What are you saying?

Russian Mobster: I may just be a comic foil criminal who counts all the time for laughs. But, I did not like the way you've been hovering and watching over Thester for the past two weeks.

Pedro: Know what? I agree too. You promised him freedom when we came here. Then he felt like you were putting limitations on him when you told him to call you when Thester was done selling the drugs.....

Fitz: Great! Now I gotta hear it from you now? Who knows what Thester is going to say now!

Pedro: It's like you think you can sense whenever Thester is about to be or is in trouble that....

Not wanting to show his true feelings of guilt. Fitz has a outburst.


Pedro: I won't not blame Thester one bit if he dumps you after this trip.

Russian Mobster: Yes! I agree! If you keep treating Thester the way you do. You'll be alone and miserable for 10...20...30...40...50! Fifty years! ha ha ha!

The doctor comes out.

Russian Mobster: Good news, doctor?

Doctor: We had to fill him full of antivenom. The patient experienced anasphaltic shock. He's responding to the anti venom. Just keep giving it to him for five days and he will be fine.

Fitz: Thanks doctor.

As soon as Thester was released from the hospital. Fitz, Thester, Russian Mobster and Pedro Pooptooth all went back to Paradise on the next flight out. Thester slept the whole way home. Once they all were back in Paradise. Thester was doing well after his bee sting ordeal. He was sitting on the couch and playing with his cellphone. In the meantime, Fitz thought really hard about what Russian Mobster and Pedro Pooptooth told him how he was treating Thester. Fitz enters the living room.

Fitz: Uhhh, hi Thester.

Thester: Oh hey.

Fitz: What are you doing?

Thester: I'm on a Rick and Morty Message Board commenting on an episode. After I'm going to the Archer message board.

Fitz: What's your username?

Thester: Goblindog87.

Fitz: Cool. Like the year you were born.

Thester: You mad at me?

Fitz: No. I admit I was's just that. I treated you the way I did was because I care about you so much. And I don't want to lose you. Almost lost you twice already in a fortnight!

Thester: I know. You know something. Guess, I was wrong too. You were right. I should've called you when I was done selling.

Fitz: No, that's okay. In fact, now that I think about it. I kind of admire you for what you had done.

Thester: You do?

Fitz: Of course. It proved to me that you can really can make your own choices, take care of yourself and function in the world alone.

Thester: Wow. Thanks! Awesome! That means so much to me to hear you say that.

Fitz: So, from now on, I won't have Frank follow you around no more. If you want to go someplace by yourself. You can go.

Thester: You're the best Kingpin ever. Really sorry I made fun of you to that news reporter.

Fitz (laughs): Maybe I deserved it.

Seeing that Thester is almost recovered from his bee stings. Fitz has Thester lift his shirt.

Fitz: Damn! That anti venom sure worked for you. You're almost better.

Thester: I know, right. (puts shirt down)

Fitz: But you still need to rest for a few days though.

Thester: OKay I know. (laughs)

Fitz: Since you are resting. Shouldn't you be in bed.

Thester: Now that you mention it. I do feel a little cold.

Fitz: Then why do you have a bed? Why do you have PJs? I suggest you get in both.

Just when Fitz was about to take Thester to his bedroom. Frank Flipperfist bursts into the room.

Frank: Hey does anybody want to go to the bowling alley! Jerry's birthday party is today! Marcos Narcos helped with the decorations.

Thester jumped at the chance to go. Fitz tried to stop him.

Fitz: Thester, wait a

Thester (joins Frank): I'm there!

Fitz watches as Thester departs to join Frank for Jerry's birthday.

Thester: Bye Fitz! See you later!

Fitz looks all around the Dippin' Dots building. All of his Legion of DOOOOOM members had gone to do drug deals in Diamond City. Pat Robertson was still on his book tour.

Frank: You coming too, Fitz.

Fitz: No that's okay. (sighs) All alone. Nobody around to talk to. (snaps fingers) I know! I'll go work for the Paradise PD for a while!

Chapter Fifteen Conclusion.

At Paradise PD Headquarters in the command room. Randall Crawford was giving an assignment.

Randall (sees Fitz): Well, well, well. Looks who's back at work. Where have you been?

Fitz: Oh uh, family reunion.

Kevin: Great to have you back Fitz.

Dusty: We missed you!

Gina: That must've been one long family reunion. Probably one for the record books!

Randall: All right enough of welcoming back Fitz here.

Gina: So, who are we going to bust today?

Bullet: We just got word that Robby and Delbert are going to rob the Bowling Alley.

Fitz's eyes grew wide with fear.

Randall: What's wrong with your eyes there, Fitz.

Fitz (jumps from the table): I want on this case!

Stanley: Go ahead and send him. Hopefully he'll be killed! Never liked that sumbitch! Now I need to catch up on my Zzzs!

Randall: All right, Fitz. If it means that much to you go ahead!

Fitz runs out of the police department as fast as he could. Then Fitz jumps onto a motorcycle and heads towards the Bowling Alley.

Bullet: Huh. What's gotten into him.

At the Blowing Alley. Frank and Thester were having a party for Jerry. Frank was lighting the candles.

Frank: Wow! Jerry! You're the big 1-3!

Jerry: (gurgles)

Thester: I know! Where has all the time gone!

Frank and Thester (singing): Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Jerry. Happy birthday to you!

Thester: Make a wish!

Jerry blows out the candles and Frank gives him a pile of presents. Robby and Delbert break into the Bowling Alley with excessive force.

Robby: This is a stick up.

Delbert: Anyone move they get hurt!

Fitz (riding the motorcycle): I know I promised Thester he can do things on his own. But at least I can save him from danger!

Robby: Now the first thing we want are those presents!

Frank: Those presents are for my son you cocksuckers!

Delbert: Well there our ours now!

Robby: We also want those bowling pins too!

Delbert: So we can sell them on the black market.

Thester runs and hides but doesn't know where to go.

Frank: Thester, go hide in the non binary bathroom.

Thester: Right.

As Robby and Delbert try to rob the bowling alley. Thester was hiding in the non binary bathroom. Frank tries to stand up to him.

Frank: Don't you realize you're robbing a kid's birthday party? What's the matter with you?

Robby: Shut the fuck up! We'll rob where ever we want!

Delbert: If we want to rob a kids party at a bowling alley so be it!

Jerry was scared. Before Robby and Delbert could do any more damage. Gerald Fitzgerald comes up from behind them and knocked their heads together.

Fitz: That had a nice 'ring' to it. (laughs)

Frank: Wow Fitz! You saved my son's birthday party.

Fitz: Anytime. Now where's Thester.

Frank: In the men's room.

Fitz runs to the mens room assuming Thester is inside. Frank enters the non binary bathroom.

Frank: Fitz is here. He's looking for you.

Thester: Oh shit! He promised. Keep me in here until he leaves.

Jerry squeals because he felt that everyone abandoned him on his birthday. Fitz was in the men's room. He assumed Thester was hiding away.

Fitz: Thester. I know you're in there. Hiding away in the stall. Just want you to know that I was worried you were in danger. But I stopped a disaster from happening. You're safe now. So you can carry on.

Walking out of the men's room. Fitz goes back on his motorcycle and carried Robby and Delbert over his shoulders. Fitz leaves to go back to Paradise PD Headquarters.

Frank: Okay he's gone. You can come out now.

Thester (gets out of non-binary bathroom): Thank God. Now let's get back to that party!

Frank: Party is back on!

Jerry cheered when Frank and Thester came back to celebrate his birthday. Frank, Thester, and Jerry even played some rounds of bowling. The party lasted into the night. When Jerry's birthday party was over. Thester went back to Dippin' Dots. Fitz was in the command room waiting for him.

Cage the Elephant's Goodbye plays.

Fitz: Hey, Thester. Did you have fun at the party.

Thester: Oh yes I did.

Fitz: Good I'm glad.

Thester watches as Fitz pours some lemonade for him. Fitz secretly puts some sleeping pills in the lemonade.

Fitz: Did you hear I beat the shit out of Robby and Delbert today?

Thester: Frank told me all about it. You really kicked ass.

Fitz: I did it because I thought you were in danger. I thought Robby and Delbert were going to rape and kill you.

Thester: But I hid away in the bathroom. So I was okay. (drinks lemonade)

Fitz: That proved to me you can think for yourself.

Thester: Yeah, I could couldn't I!

Fitz: You look a little thirsty. Drink all you want.

Thester: Jerry had a fun birthday party.

Fitz: Yes I heard.

Thester drank the lemonade and began to feel tired. Thester begins to yawn.

Fitz: You must be tired.

Thester: Yeah I guess. I want to go to bed.

Fitz: Agreed. You had enough fun. In fact you had too much of a fun thing.

Thester: (yawns): Goodnight, Fitz.

Drinking all the lemonade. Thester collapsed on the floor. Fitz sees Thester fall asleep. Fitz then carried Thester into his bedroom to put him in bed.

Fitz: Even though I'm letting you make your own desicions. I'll still rescue you from danger. Sleep tight. My dear sweet Thester.


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