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17 | promises

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The plan goes into motion

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In Tiger Lily's wigwam, the three slightly reluctant allies sat around a map drawn on a large piece of deerskin. Hook and Wendy sat on one side and Tiger Lily sat on the other.

The plan was fairly straightforward. Wendy would go aboard the ship and while the boys were distracted, Tiger Lily, Kitchi, and Machk would sneak into the captain's cabin. Wendy would get Peter into the cabin alone, where the four of them would incapacitate him. Once he was dealt with, the pirates and the rest of Tiger Lily's braves would take the rest of the ship. All the boys would be tied up and brought to shore.

The only problem was Tinker Bell.

"She's just a tiny fairy," Hook scoffed dismissively.

"Fairies should not be underestimated," Tiger Lily said.

"I could distract her," Wendy said. "She hates me."

Hook sent her a questioning look.

"Jealousy," Wendy said simply.

He shrugged. "Alright, make sure she goes into the cabin with you and Pan."

"Once the ship is yours again, you leave immediately," Tiger Lily said. "before the Lost Boys make another attempt."

Wendy and Hook shared a quick glance, he raised his eyebrows slightly and she nodded. "Alright," he said, turning back to Tiger Lily. "That's what will happen."

Just before they left the village, Tiger Lily handed Wendy a leather pouch held closed with a drawstring.

"What is it?" she asked.

"See for yourself."

Wendy opened the pouch and found it full of pixie dust. She looked up in surprise. "Thank you."

"It will help you get aboard the ship easier," Tiger Lily said simply.

Hook had gotten his men together and they all made their way towards Mermaid Lagoon. After he had made sure all his men knew what they were doing, he fell a little behind and took his place beside Wendy. They both said nothing as they walked through the forest that was now dark and humming with all the sounds that accompanied the night.

At the edge of the water, Wendy took a small handful of the pixie dust and sprinkled it over herself. She looked back at the pirates and natives who were all hidden in the trees. As she glanced over at Hook, she felt her feet leave the ground for a moment, but then she was back on the ground. Then she turned towards the ship that lay at the mouth of the lagoon and thought of flying and sailing and having wonderful adventures.

She rose from the ground completely and, with a last glance back at the piercing blue eyes in the bushes, she flew over the still water towards the Jolly Roger.

As she approached the ship, she heard the chatter and laughter of the boys and almost turned back. But she kept going, reminding herself that they wouldn't be harmed seriously in any way. That was the deal with the pirates. Peter's clear laugh rose above all the others and Wendy waited for the tell-tale flutter in her chest, but it didn't come. Maybe what she'd been telling herself all this time was true, maybe she was really over him.

Taking a deep breath, Wendy landed quietly on the quarter deck. The boys were all sitting in a circle on the main deck, listening intently as Peter told them of some adventure that he had had. Taking flight again, Wendy rose above the ship's wheel and started to make her way down to the main deck.

It was Slightly who saw her first. "Peter!" he hissed sharply, pointing in her direction.

Peter, who had been sitting with his back to her, turned around quickly to see Wendy alight on the deck not too far from him. He was standing up with his dagger out in a flash.

"Who are you, grown-up?" he said suspiciously.

Summoning all the affection she once had for Peter, Wendy acted disappointed. "Don't you recognize me, Peter? I know I've grown up, but I'm not that different."

He narrowed his eyes.

Wendy stepped forward, causing Peter to hold his blade up closer to her neck. "It's me, Peter, it's Wendy!" she exclaimed.

Her name rippled through the whispers of the boys as they remembered her.

"Mother!" shouted the twins, nearly knocking her over in a hug. Soon all of them were around her, hugging her and clamouring for her attention. Even though her heart hadn't fluttered at the sound of Peter's laugh, Wendy realized that she had missed this, being the Lost Boys' mother.

Out of the corner of her eye, Wendy saw three shadows slide over the deck, and again she felt the pang of guilt. She forced a smile, they weren't going to get hurt. "It's so lovely to see you all again."

She noticed that Peter was standing a little ways away, Tinker Bell on his shoulder. She looked decidedly angry and he looked like he didn't know how to feel.

"Children," Wendy said quietly but firmly. "I need to speak to Peter alone, please." They all quickly backed off and Wendy walked to the door of the captain's cabin. Peter followed her and just before he closed the door behind him, Tinker Bell flitted in, just as Wendy had suspected she would.

"Peter," Wendy said, turning to him. "It's good to see you too."

"You grew up," he said simply.

"I couldn't exactly control it."

"You said you wouldn't."

"You said you'd come back."

He hesitated. "No, I didn't."

Wendy combed her fingers through her hair. "Now," she said.

Tiger Lily and Machk jumped from the shadows and each grabbed one of Peter's arms. Kitchi managed to trap Tinker Bell underneath a bed sheet and he held the opening tightly shut as Wendy quickly tied it up with a piece of rope.

Peter struggled against his captors. "Wendy?" he said, looking at her in dismay. "What are you doing?"

She could hardly look at him as she tied his arms and legs, the betrayal in his eyes was too much. Once he was secure, Tiger Lily and Machk set him down in a chair.

There was commotion outside and Peter tensed again. "Wendy, what-"

"They'll be fine," she said quickly. "They're not going to hurt them. They promised."

He snorted. "And you trust a pirate's promise?"

"More than I do a boy's one."

The door flew open and Hook stormed inside. "It's done, they're all tied up and ready to be brought to shore." He seemed ready to leave, but then he saw Peter, tied up and defenseless in front of him. His hook twitched and Wendy was about to step between them, when he turned to her, making Wendy's chest swell with pride.

"Everything ready here?"

She nodded quickly and Machk and Kitchi brought Peter and Tinker Bell out of the cabin, Tiger Lily following close behind. Peter looked between Wendy and Hook with a dawning realization.

"He has found himself a Wendy," he said so quietly that only the three Piccaninny tribe members heard him.

"Are you alright?" Hook asked once they were gone.

Wendy nodded, letting herself smile a little. "We did it."

Hook smiled as well, a real full smile that changed his entire face. "Yes, we did."
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