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End Of The Childhood Slide

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Rocko, Heffer, and Filbert fight to stop the demolition of their favorite slide in the park.

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After the feature presentation fanfiction is over. Please stay tuned for a Paradise PD short.

Rocko's Modern Life Presents

A Narwhal Puppy Production

End of The Childhood Slide.

It was Thursday. The day was a mix of sun and clouds. In O-Town there was a newly elected mayor. The disembodied foot named Gordon won by a landslide and was soon sworn into office. Everyone in O-Town was cheering for him. Gordon came to the podium and make a speech.

"Good afternoon O-Town! I am Gordon your new mayor."

The audience cheers.

"As a reward to all of you who have voted for me to be mayor of this great and lovely town! I hereby declare O-Town has it's very own holiday!"

Rocko, Heffer, and Filbert were in the audience. Rocko was holding Spunky in the air. "See, that Spunk! That's our new mayor!" Rocko told Spunky. "Hopefully this special holiday will be a day you can dine in all the restaurants." Heffer says with excitement. "I guess it's true what they say. Every vote counts!" Filbert declares.

Gordon continues with his speech, "Without further ado, tomorrow which is Friday. Will be the O-Town Holiday. It is with great pleasure...."

When Heffer heard the words 'great pleasure' he stuck his hand down his pants, but Rocko slaps it away. "Sorry Rock!" apologized Heffer.

"...the new holiday in O-Town will be called Outside In Day!" Gordon said in his speech. The residents of O-Town cheered again. "What's this Outside In Day? A day for dentists?" asks Dr. Hutchison in the crowd. The Chameloeon Brothers say, "Is it a day where we take points away?" "Nope. Nothing like that. Outside In Day is a day where you can do whatever you want to! Stay inside and watch TV or go to your most favorite place in the world!" Gordon concludes in his speech.

As the residents of O-Town Cheer for Outside In Day, Rocko said, "Would you like that? A day where we can do whatever we want to!" "Hmmm, what do you think we ought to do for Outside In day Rocko?" asked Heffer.

"Oh dear. Oh dear. Decisions Decisions! Oh how I cannot decide what I want to do..." Filbert said stressfully.

"Well, we got a day to think about it." Rocko said. Heffer concedes, "Of course. Sometimes the best ideas come when we least expect it!"

"Oh fishsticks! I don't know what I want to do for Outside In Day? Should I go out. Or stay home with my wife Dr. Hutchison?" Filbert says.

Gordon says in his speech, "Good luck and God Bless O-Town! More importantly! Have fun on Outside In Day!"

Rocko, Heffer, Filbert and everyone else who listened to Gordon's big speech well went back home. Ed and Bev Bighead were walking back home. "Oh Ed! Won't tomorrow be fun!" Bev said with excitement. "Oh yes, Bev! Just you and me. And no pesky wallaby and steer neighbors to annoy us!" Ed agrees with his wife.

"If you can choose a place, where would you go for Outside In Day?" asked Bev. "Why not the zoo? We have such fond memories!" Ed says. "My yes Ed my love! That's the place where we had our first date! Then we took Ralph there..." Bev reminisced.

"You mean he's Rachel now, Bev." Ed reminded her. "Oh yeah. That's right. Well, anyway. Gordon is going to be mayor!" said Bev. "Oh indeed! He'll bring in jobs, raise taxes, higher the cost of living! He's going to make O-Town Great Again!" Ed said. Now Ed and Bev Bighead were looking toward going to the zoo on Outside In Day.

The next morning, the sun has risen over the city of O-Town. A beautiful morning indeed. Rocko and Heffer had decided to take Spunky to the local park.

"You know, Heffer. I never brought Spunky to the park." Rocko tells Heffer. "Yes you're right. Spunky needs to go see it. They do allow pets there." Heffer said. "Okay so the park it is! That is how we'll spend Outside In Day!" Rocko says. "Yeah! The park! And maybe while we're there we can go check out that slide we used to go down when we were kids!" Heffer said. "Yes, absolutely Heffer! Spunky will have so much fun on it!" Rocko declares.

The doorbell rings over 20 times. Rocko goes to answer it. Filbert is on the other side. "Hey, Rocko!" the turtle greets himself. "What brings you here, Filbert?" asked Heffer. "Still don't know what to do on Outside In day?" asked Rocko.

"Yeah, you both know me so well." Filbert said.

"Did you decide what where you want to go yet?" Heffer asked.

"You see, my wife Dr Hutchison went shopping with her friends. Leaving me here all alone. So, it is okay if I come with you where ever it is you guys are going today?" Filbert politely asked.

"Of course you can." Rocko tells him. "Oh great! Thank you so much!" Filbert says hugging Rocko tightly. "We are going to spend Outside In Day at the park!" Heffer said.

"We going on that slide too?" asked Filbert. "The slide is the main attraction. And that slide was the cornerstone of our childhood." Rocko said. "We had so many great memories on that slide, didn't we!" Heffer said. Rocko packs a cooler and he, Spunky, Heffer, and Filbert all go into Rocko's car to drive to the O-Town Local Park.

On the way there. A conflict has occurred. There was so much traffic. Even the Bigheads were caught in the crossfire. "Move it! Move it! My wife and I want to go to the zoo!" Edd shouted at the traffic. "Oh calm down, Ed! Everybody wants to go and do what they want today. What did you expect!" Bev concedes. "I didn't want to spend this day waiting in traffic. That's for sure!" Ed protested.

Rocko, Spunky, Heffer, and Filbert were anxious to get their preferred destination.

"Oh dear oh dear oh dear! You turn the page, and then you wash your hands......" Filbert shook nervously. Spunky even pees in the car because he too get anxious in the traffic. "Spunky! PHEW! Bad dog!" Rocko scolded Spunky who then whimpered.

"You know, Rocko. I kind of have a bathroom emergency myself!" Heffer exclaimed. "You should've gone before you left!" Rocko spouted off. Filbert looks at the cooler Rocko had brought, all the food and drinks that were in there were empty.

"Way to go! Out of food!" Filbert cries. "Heffer, did you have anything to do with this?" Rocko asked in suspicion knowing his steer friend was a food fanatic.

"Uhh, no Rock! Maybe it was the Food Bandit that's been going around!" Heffer said. "You know I don't believe you and..." as Rocko was about to berate Heffer, Rocko soon knew that he too had to go to the bathroom. "Oh clobbers! Now I have to pee!" Rocko cries out.

"I got it!" Filbert announces. "What is it?" Rocko asked. "How about we pee in these empty bottles!" Filbert suggests. "Great idea. "Everyone grab a bottle!" Heffer said. Rocko, Heffer, and Filbert all urinated in the empty bottles. Spunky then barks as he sees a road sign that reads "O-TOWN LOCAL PARK NEXT EXIT." "What is it, Spunky?" asked Rocko.

"YAP! YAP! YAP BARK! BARK WOOF!" Spunky chirps. Rocko was looking in the direction where the road sign was, Rocko reads it, "O-TOWN LOCAL PARK NEXT EXIT! Spunky! You're brilliant! We don't need to wait in the traffic! Good dog, Spunky!" Rocko complemented his dog.

"All right! O-Town Local Park here we come!" Filbert cheers. "I'm so happy! I can dance!" Heffer cheers along with his friends. "Hopefully, all that food you ate in the cooler will hep you work off some calories!" Rocko snarks. Driving away from the traffic, Rocko drives to the exit that leads to the local park. The Bigheads however were not so lucky.

Ed growls in anger. Bev said, "ED! Take it easy! You're scaring me! We'll be at the zoo in no time! Other people gotta live to you know!" "WHO CARES BEV! Stop lecturing me how I have to think of others, OKAY! You are not my mother!" Ed shouted. Bev says to herself, "I hate it when he gets road rage."


Driving down the exit. The O-Town Local Park was just five miles away. "Sure is great we don't have to wait in that traffic, hey Rock!" said Heffer. "You bet, Heffer. All thanks to Spunky! Shoo! That was a relief to be away from all that!" Rocko said. "Even Spunky agrees! Don't you Spunky!" Filbert asked the dog. "YAP! YAP!" As Rocko was just about to enter the local park. A police car was behind them.

"What in the world.....!" Filbert shouted in fear. "It's the fuzz! The Five-0! What could they possibly want!" Heffer yelps.

"Don't worry guys. Keep your cool I'll handle this one." Rocko says. The police car drives right next to Rocko's car. "All right, pull over." said the cop inside the cop car. Rocko does so. The policeman was a roach as he had a small notebook ready to write up a ticket.

"What seems to be the matter, officer?" asked Rocko.

"Why didn't you wait in that traffic like everyone else?" asked the Policeman.

"It was like this Mr. Cop...." Filbert said. "Address me as sir....." orders the Policeman.

"We are on our way to the Local Park." Heffer explains. "Yes, officer. We want to go to take advantage of Outside In day!" Rocko tells the policeman.

"Okay. I'll let you off what a warning and...." before the policeman can go on, he smells the urine that stank up Rocko's car. "Have you boys been drinking?"

"Uhh, no." Heffer said. "Can I have a taste of those bottles?" asked the policeman. "Of course you can. We respect the law." Rocko tells the policeman who grabs one of the bottles and drinks it. Heffer, Spunky, Rocko, and Heffer all look at the policeman in shock as he drank the bottle.

"Ahhhhh. Delicious! Tangy! Yum-ME! Mmmm! MMMM! All right! You're free to go!" and the Policeman. Rocko rides off and says, "No hard feelings officer." Finally, Rocko, Spunky, Heffer, and Filbert were going to the park as they had planned.

The policeman then realizes something off about the drink. "Hey, wait a minute......this is...PEE!! I DRANK PEE! PEE!" The policeman jumps in mid air with his eyes and tongue sticking out. Once he comes back down he says, "I'm gonna kill those little jerks!" the policeman yells as he broke the bottle in the street and drove off in his police car.

Rocko drove to a parking lot and parked his car. "Too bad we don't have any food in the cooler anymore." Filbert bemoans. "Don't worry. We'll stop by a Chokey Chicken on the way back!" Rocko assures him. "Yes! I knew we were going to a restaurant today!" Heffer cheers. "Only because you ate all the food!" Rocko reminded him. "It was the Food Bandit I swear!" Heffer protested.

Looking all around the O-Town Local Park. Rocko, Heffer, and Filbert were indecisive about what they wanted to do first. Seeing animals using the playground equipment.

"Well, this is it you guys! The highlight of Outside In Day." Declares Rocko. "Yeah! What do we do first!" said Heffer.

"Let's go jump roping!" Filbert suggested. "Sure! We can have Spunky jump rope!" Rocko agrees.

Soon after, Rocko and Heffer were having Spunky jump rope. Rocko and Heffer were standing on opposite ends as they were moving the rope up and down so Spunky can jump in the middle.

Rocko and Heffer sing, "Bubble Gum! Bubble Gum! In A Dish! How Many Pieces Do You Wish! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.."

Spunky was having fun jumping rope. Filbert walks off. "You guys go on without me. I'm going to go try to find our slide!"

"Sure thing Filbert!" Heffer said. "Spunky! Do you want to jump some more!" Rocko asks his dog. "YAP! YAP!"

"All right! Here we go!" Heffer says. Rocko and Heffer move the jump rope up and down as Spunky was now doing tricks as he was jumping.

"Teddy Bear! Teddy Bear! Turn Around! Teddy Bear! Teddy Bear! Touch The Ground! Teddy Bear! Teddy Bear! Shine Your Shoes! Teddy Bear! Teddy Bear! Read The News!" Rocko and Heffer sang as Spunky was jumping rope.

In a distance, Filbert sees the slide that was until a forest ranger who was a cat stopped him in his tracks. Then Filbert was talking to a forest ranger who was a cat, however the conversation they were having was silent. The fun was soon ending as Filbert was running to them as if he saw a fire.

"YOU GUYS! YOU GUYS!" Filbert yells.

"What's going on Filbert?" asked Rocko.

"It's our slide!" Filbert shouted.

"What happened to it?" Heffer asked.

"Come with me and I'll show you!" Filbert say.

Spunky, Rocko, and Heffer all run to follow Filbert. They were at the section of the park where their beloved childhood slide was. The horror is seen before them as they favorite slide from their childhood had police yellow tape all over it and a sign that reads, "DEMOLITION TODAY."

"Great Caesars Ghost!" Heffer exclaims.

"They're going to tear down our favorite slide!" Rocko screeched.

"You haven't heard the worst part. One of the rangers told me they're going to tear down the slide so they can build a tennis court for rich people!" Filbert yells.

Heffer, Spunky, Rocko, and Filbert all scream.

"Now Spunky will never experience the fun we had on our slide!" cries out Rocko.

"We need to do something about this!" Heffer suggested.

"Yeah, but what!" Filbert shouted.

"We came here to have a good time. Now it's turned into a bad time. I'll bet the Bigheads are having a better time than us." Rocko inclined.

At the O-Town Zoo. Bev was taking pictures of all the animals that were in cages. Ed was behind her holding a balloon.

"Oh look Ed! There's the seals! Now there's the lions, tigers, snakes! Oh my!" Bev cheered with excitement. "Quite the shutterbug aren't you, Bev." Ed said cynically. "Hmm, what else can I take a picture of! I know! The alligators! Come on!" Bev says.

"Glad you're happy." Ed said in a disgruntled voice.

"What's your problem, Ed?" Bev asked with disgust as she stopped taking pictures.

"We were in that traffic jam! Ruined my whole Outside In day!" Ed rants.

"Get over it now okay! We're out of that traffic jam now. Oh Ed! Remember when we saw the giraffes!" Ben exclaims.

"Now I do. It was right near that giraffe exhibit where we had our first date!" Ed says. "Now that's the spirit! Ed! Ed! The gorillas! We took Ralph to see them when he was a baby!" Bev says taking a picture of the gorillas in the preserve.

"You mean he's Rachel now." Ed corrects her in a condescending tone. Bev pauses, "Are you still upset about that stupid traffic jam?"

"Yeah I am!" Ed admitted. "But why?" asks Bev. "While we were in it, I saw Rocko's car and he took a shortcut out of the traffic while we were still there for the next 45 minutes!" Ed answers his wife.

"Well, forget about Rocko for a while. He was probably going someplace else. Let's just focus on us!" Bev tells her husband. "If you say so!" said Ed.

Bev and Ed looked at all the animals in the zoo. "Hey, we haven't seen the penguins or the polar bars yet." Bev says. Ed suddenly stopped in a fearful way "Polar...bears...." Ed says in a shaken voice. "Well, yeah. Polar Bears are in the zoo too. Let's go see them!" Bev drags her husband. "p-p-p-p-p-polar bears! Are you serious!" Ed says nervously.

"Are you afraid of polar bears?" asked Bev. "Never told anybody this but yes!" Ed said. "Whether you like it or not! We're going to see those bears!" "BWWAAAHHH!" Ed screams. "In order to face your fears you need to confront them dead on!" Bev says dragging Ed to the Polar Bear preserve. Ed begins to have a tantrum like a toddler.

Back at the O-Town Local Park. Filbert had a megaphone that was in his shell. Rocko, Heffer, and Spunky were by his side. "Attention O-Town citizens! This slide is going to be torn down and put in it's place a tennis court for rich people! This slide was a staple of our childhood. We want the slide to remain for many more generations to come! So we are going to protest for it to stay exactly where it is. This park is for middle class people like us! Who's with me!"

All the other animals in the park paid to attention. "Uhh, I suck at protesting." Filbert cries. "Now don't give up just yet Filbert." Rocko says. "You need to do something big to get their attention." Heffer said. "What am I doing wrong?" asked Filbert.

"You just need to up your showmanship!" said Heffer. "Heffer's right. Why not do a song and dance?" suggests Rocko. "Oh okay!" Filbert says. Spunky gets a saxophone while Rocko and Heffer get a guitar and drums. A rock and roll blues tune begins to play.

Rocko sings, "We have a story to tell so listen if you must..."

Heffer sings, "There is a slide in this park that's going to turn into dust...."

Rocko Sings, "If we do not save this slide now.....

Heffer sings, "Oh dear the end is near..."

Rocko and Heffer both sing together, "So join our cause right now and keep this slide near and dear!"

Filbert and Spunky join in the musical montage. Spunky plays the sax while Filbert plays a tambourine. All the animals in the park soon took notice and joined in.

Rocko and Heffer both sing, "Help us save this slide! Save this slide! We just can't let good memories glide! Help us save this slide! Save this slide! We just can't let good memories glide!"

Filbert says as he dances, "All right! Now we're in the groove!"

When Rocko and Heffer were about to sing some more about saving the slide, The Cat Forest Ranger who's name was Milky comes and stops the musical montage.

"All right! All right! Show's over! This slide is being torn down whether you guys want it to stay or not!" Milky demanded.

"No! We all have great memories about this slide!" Rocko shouted. "I meet my first crush on this slide!" Heffer said. "The first time I threw up and felt sick to my stomach on was on this slide!" "I was going to have my dog Spunky have some fun of this slide!" Rocko yelled out.

"Well, too bad! As the old saying goes, All Good Things Must Come to an End! Let the demolition begin!" yells Milky as he blew a whistle. Then a whole bunch of bulldozers were coming in the way of their slide.

"Come on everyone! Let's form a chain!" Rocko suggested. "Yeah, now you're talking, Rocko! Chain of defiance!" Heffer said. Spunky was barking at the bulldozers as they were slowly charging at the slide.

"This slide is going to become a tennis court! And there's nothing you can do about it! Now just go home! In the menatime, get over your childhood!" Milky demands.

Rocko, Spunky, Heffer, Filbert, and all the animals in the park now were joining the 'chain of defiance'. Rocko speaks out, "Today is Outside In Day! We chose to come here and have fun on this slide!" "Exactly! This slide isn't going anywhere!" Heffer said. "I stood up to a bully on this slide!" Rocko shouted. "Yeah, I ate my first Chokey Chicken Kid's Meal on this slide!" Heffer joins in. "Exactly! I am going to have my future children have some fun memories on this slide!" Filbert said.

Milky said, "Too bad! We all got to move on sometime! You all just can't keep living in the past! Bulldozers away!"

The Bulldozers were now moving a little bit faster. Heffer gulps in fear, "Boy, these bulldozers really mean business, do they!"


At the O-Town Zoo. Ed was still being dragged into the polar bear exhibit by Bev. "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! I don't wanna see any polar bears! Don't force me to do this! Wah! hah! hah! hah! hah!" Ed sobbed uncontrollably.

"We're seeing the bears and that's it!" Bev demands. Once inside the polar bear exhibit. The polar bears were behind glass in an environment that looked like the arctic. "See Ed. Nothing to be afraid of is there!" Bev assures her husband.

"Yeah, I guess..." Ed said. One of the polar bears has her eyes on Ed. The polar bear who was a female tried everything to break out of the glass. "Uhh, Bev. You might want to look at this..." Ed warns his wife. "Oh shut up, Ed. Stop acting like you're in that movie Ursidae Park." Bev tells Ed.

The female polar bear breaks out of the glass. Then she grabs Ed without Bev's knowledge. "Uhh, Bev! I need some help here please!" Ed asks. "Oh Ed. There you go again. They're behind glass and...." Bev says turning her head to see that the female polar bear has Ed in her arms.

"EEEEDDDDD!" Bev leaps in mid air with her tongue and eyes sticking out for a split second. "BEV! BEV! Help me! Help me! I was afraid this was going to happen!" Ed called out for help.

"You filthy bimbo! What do you want with my husband!" Bev shouts at the polar bear. "MMMMAAAAATTTTEEEE!" the female polar bear responded as she ran away with Ed in his arms. Bev chased after the female polar bear who was now holding Ed. "COME BACK HERE! COME BACK HERE! YOU BEASTLY BIMBO! He's my husband not yours!" Bev screamed at the polar bear.

"See! I told you so!" Ed shouted at Bev. "Don't worry! I'll think of something to save you!" Bev shouted. Bev and the Polar Bear were running out of the zoo. The polar bear even kisses Ed as she was running, "HANDSOME! HANDSOME!" "As Filbert would say, 'I'm nauseous!''' cried Ed.

At the O-Town Local Park. Rocko, Heffer, Filbert, and Spunky were holding their ground. "You're not going to give us, are you!" implies Milky. "No we won't!" Filbert said. "Not without a fight!" Heffer says. "Okay everyone! Repeat after me! SPARE THIS SLIDE! SPARE THIS SLIDE!"

"SPARE THIS SLIDE! SPARE THIS SLIDE!" the other animals joined in.

"Oh you're going to get all hippie about this, hey? Give it up! The 60's are over. This isn't Vietnam!" Milky shouted.

The bulldozers were closing in little by little. "If only we can stop those bulldozers." Heffer said. "Got any ideas?" Rocko asked. "You think of something! You're the smart one!" Heffer yelps. Spunky decides to step up.

"Oh look. I think Spunky is onto something!" Filbert says pointing to Spunky. Jumping from tree to tree. Spunky grabs ass much fruit as he possibly could.

"HA! That dog is a moron! If he thinks fruit can stop these bulldozers!" laughed Milky.

Spunky hands all the fruit from the trees and gives them to Rocko, Heffer, and Filbert. Also some of the other animals protesting as well.

"Commence fruit....and FIRE!" orders Rocko. Heffer, Rocko, Filbert, and all the other animals who were protesting were now throwing fruit at Milky and the bulldozers. "Try to hit the gas tank!" Rocko suggests. Some of the fruit that was being thrown at the bulldozers hit the gas tanks and 2 of the bulldozers broke down.

"You know, you can face some serious jail time for this!" Milky warns but no one listens to him. Then he finds himself being knocked to the ground by some of the fruit. "I heard of a rain storm! But a fruit storm!" laughs Heffer.

The polar bear who was still holding onto Ed was now being chased by Bev in her car. "MATE! MATE! MATE!" chanted the polar bear. Bev was driving after the polar bear and was trying to think of a way to get the polar bear away from her husband.

"Oh, if only there was some way to get through to that polar bear..." Bev bemoans to herself. "You better think of something soon, or else I'll be arrested for bigamy! Or is that polygamy?" Ed warns his wife. Bev then remembers she has an Alexa in her car.

"I got it! I'll ask Alexa what I can do!" Bev said. "It's our only chance." Ed said. "MATE! MATE! MATE!" polar bear kept chanting.

Bev tells Alexa, "Oh hey, Alexa! How do I get a polar bear away from my husband?" Alexa tells Bev, "Polar bears can understand sign language."

"Oh who do I know that can use sign language?" Bev wondered. "Sign language! I'll need a hacksaw or a crowbar for this situation!" Ed says. Bev soon recalls that she and Rocko had taken a sign language course at al adult ed class.

"I know! I'll get Rocko to help us! He and I took a sign language class at the Learning Annex!" Bev says.

"Rocko! That's the last thing I need!" Ed rolls his eyes. The polar bear soon began to get hostile and started pounding on Ed's head. "MATE! MATE! MATE!"

Back at the O-Town Local Park. The bulldozers were were moving away. Some more even exploded after having fruit thrown at them. The animals cheered as some of the bulldozers retreated. Milky runs away with his fist in the air.

"You haven't heard the last of me yet! I'll get you for this someday!"

Thanks to Spunky. Rocko, Heffer, and Filbert saved their beloved side from their childhood.

"We did it! We actually did it!" Rocko cheers. "Our slide is spared!" Heffer cheers along with all the other animals.

"Come on, people now! Smile on your brothers..." Filbert says.

"Everybody! Get together...." Rocko said.

"And try to enjoy this slide right now!" Heffer said.

Rocko kissed Spunky, "You saved this slide from destruction! And you are a real hero Spunk! I don't know what I'd do without you!"

Spunky barks proudly.

"So, who wants to go first...." Heffer asked everyone.

More trouble was about to lurk before them. Just as Rocko, Heffer, Spunky, and Filbert were about to get on the slide. The Polar Bear from the zoo was running around the park who was carrying Ed in her arms.

"MATE! MATE! MATE!" polar bear continues to chant.

"What in the blazes...." Rocko said in confusion. "Who is that polar bear and what does it want with Ed Bighead?" asked Heffer. The animals who helped keep the slide to stay where it is, were all staring in a vexed way.

Bev Bighead drives her car to the park where the slide was. She skids her car and stops it before she gets out.

"Rocko! This is an emergency!" Bev shouted.

"Oh hey. Mrs. Bighead. Why do you need help?" asked Rocko. "A polar bear has kidnapped my husband so she can mate with him..." Bev explains.

"Really why?" asked Heffer. "I wanted to do something special for Outside In day. So Ed and I went to the zoo. Then I took him to the polar bear exhibit..." Bev tells the story. "Here come the part where someone says 'and the rest is history.'" Filbert implies.

"What do you want me to do?' Rocko asked Bev. "Sign language!" Bev tells Rocko straight.

Rocko cracked his knuckles and ran after the polar bear until he blocked her path by having her cornered on a fence.

"Now listen here, polar bear...." Rocko said. Then he signs the words that are shown in caption, "YOU LEAVE Mr. BIGHEAD ALONE. DON'T YOU KNOW YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO MESS AROUND WITH MARRIED MEN?"

The polar bears gives in. Drops Ed Bighead. Then cries as she runs back to the zoo.

Bev cheers, "Hooray for Rocko!" "Just my luck. Had to get rescued by that disgusting wallaby neighbor!" Ed said. "Hey if it weren't for him, You'd be polar bear mate bait by now!" Bev shouted at Ed who then rolled his eyes. "All right."

Everyone cheers for Rocko. "Thank you! Thank you!" Gordon comes in her car and asks everyone, "How are you guys enjoying Outside In Day?"

Rocko, Heffer, Filbert, Spunky, and everyone else expect Ed all clamoured in agreement.

"Good! Because now that Outside In day proved to be a success. Now I'll extend it to Outside In Week!" Gordon announces. Then everyone erupted in cheers. Expect for Ed.

"GREAT! Another day at the zoo!" said Ed. "Forget the zoo, Ed. We'll find somewhere else." Bev says dragging Ed.

Tomorrow came and Rocko, Spunky, Heffer, and Filbert were all taking turns going down their beloved childhood slide. Spunky had the most fun.

"So Spunky how did you like the slide?" asked Rocko. "YAP! YAP! YAP!" Spunky barked in agreement. "Good! Because we're coming back tommorow!" Rocko told his pet.

"YAY! YAY! YAY!" Spunky barks again.

"Good old Spunky!" Filbert said. "Come on, last one on the slide is a rotten egg!" Heffer said. Rocko and Spunky run to join Heffer and Filbert on theirr favorite childhood slide.

The End....wait not yet!

The scene changes to Rocko and Heffer on a stage talking to an audience.

"Thank you! Thank you! You've all been a wonderful audience!" Rocko tells the crowd.

"We sure did have fun today, didn't we Rocko!" Heffer asked his friend. "You bet. Spunky really came though for us!" Rocko declares.

"Since our episode was a rather quick one....." Heffer said. "To extend it. Please enjoy this Paradise PD short!" Rocko said.

"Until next time!" Rocko and Heffer both say waving goodbye to the audience.


Paradise PD Presents

A Narwhal Puppy Production

Shot In the Gut

A/N: This takes place after Just About Fitz and Thester.

A caption reads: TWO WEEKS AGO.

The limo that the Kingpin Gerald Fitzgerald used was driving to the bad part of Paradise. The wooden cabin where Robby and Delbert resided. Inside were three of the Legion of DOOOOOM members. Thester Carbomb, Russian Mobster, and Brett DeMarco.

"Which one of us is going to deliver this houndstooth meth?" asked Brett DeMarco. "Not me," the Russian Mobster said, "Last time I made a deal with Robby and Delbert that Gina Jabowski bitch kicked my ass. One...two...three....four! Four times! HA! HA! HA!" The Russian Mobster says.

"Let me do it." Thester offers. "Yeah, go ahead, Thester. I don't want to deal with these hicks! Feel like I'm selling meth to those ones in Deliverance." Brett said in a snarky way.

"I'm second in command. You both stay here while I sell this meth!" Thester said.

Getting out of the limo. Thester causally walks up to the shack where Robby and Delbert lived. Knocking on the door. Robby goes to answer it. "I'll get it!"

The door opens and Robby was there. "Whatcha want! That's a Beastie Boys song. Did you know what?" Robby asked Thester.

"Pip pip cheerio! I'm here to sell you this houndstooth meth." Thester says handing Robby a box.

"All right! Awesome! Our meth is here, Delbert!" Robby calls out to his friend. Delbert runs and takes the box away from Thester who tried to remind them. "You're supposed to pay me."

Delbert opens the box. Thester walks inside expecting to be paid. Which was going to be a huge mistake on Thester's part.

"Hey, wait a minute...." Robby said. "This isn't argyle meth!" Delbert said in anger.

"Of course it is. Why wouldn't it be?" Thester asked. "We asked for argyle! Not this houndstooth shit!" Robby shouted.

"Oh no! I had no idea!" Thester whined.

"You gave us the wrong drugs you British son of a bitch!" Delbert ranted. Robby and Delbert both got their guns and was about to shoot Thester.

"No please! Don't kill me! It was an honest mistake!" Thester cries.

"Prepare to DIE!" Robby and Delbert both yell at Thester who got shot twice in the stomach. Robby and Delbert threw Thester out who was now staggering with two bullets in his stomach.

"Holy actual fuck! He looks like Lee Marvin at the end of The Killers!" BRett DeMarco declares. "This isn't good. The Kingpin won't like this! Thester got shot, 1..2....Two times!" Ha! Ha! Ha!" The Russian Mobster said in concern.


Luckily for Thester. He survived being shot twice by Robby and Delbert. However he had to be in bed for two weeks to recover under Dr. Functlicher's orders. Gerald Fitzgerald had been going into a frenzy about Thester getting shot and was determined to find out the truth. Not only that, Fitz thought Thester was going to get better. However Thester was getting better, but Fitz didn't want to believe it.

Every now and then during his recovery. Thester would yelp in pain. Which broke Fitz's heart. And made Fitz cry about how he cannot stand seeing or hearing someone he loves in pain.

Fitz, Brett DeMarco and Russian Mobster were by Thester's closed bedroom door. Fitz looked down at the floor, saddened and concerned.

"He is just not getting better...." fretted Fitz. "He seems to be to me." Brett implied. "Stop trying to convince me!" Fitz said.

"I've been watching him. He's walking a lot better. He's able to walk 1..2...3....4....5....6... Six steps! HA! HA! HA!" Russian Mobster said.

"He's only able to walk six steps! That's not progress! I just want him better!" Fitz cries out. None of the Legion of DOOOOM members liked how Fitz would always act overly concerned about anything.

Brett DeMarco said, "Look. His two weeks is almost up and Dr. Functlicher says to bring him back for a follow up. Will that make you feel better?"

"NO! I won't rest until I find out how Thester got shot and who's responsible!" Fitz said making a vow. "We told you a million times over and over it was Robby and Delbert who shot him." Brett DeMarco said with frustration.

"Yes, Brett is right. It was Robby and Delbert who shot him. We told you one...two....three....." The Russian Mobster then was cut off by Fitz.

"ENOUGH! I want answers as to why Thester isn't 100%" Fitz hollered at his henchmen.

"Want an answer, fine? Robby and Delbert shot Thester because he gave them the wrong meth apparently." Brett DeMarco said.

"I don't believe it!" Fitz screamed. "Who do you think shot Thester?" asked Russian Mobster.

Fitz eyed at Brett DeMarco and Russian Mobster in a spiteful manner. "I think one of you two did it!"

"But why? Why would we want to hurt Thester in anyway?" Russian Mobster asked. "We like Thester." Brett DeMarco said.

"You're both trying to fight with me!" Fitz shrieked.

"No we're not...." Russian Mobster said.

"You want to hurt Thester just to get at me! Because you both fucking hate me!" Fitz said. Brett DeMarco says, "Look! Tell you what. How about we go in Thester's room and see for yourself."

Fitz, Brett, and Russian Mobster walked into Thester's bedroom. He was in bed sleeping, and now was slowly opening his eyes. Thester was wearing lavender and mint green plaid pajamas.

"Oh no. It's worse than I thought. Poor little lackey." Fitz begins to cry. "We'll wake him up and you can see for yourself what progress he made." Brett DeMarco pointed.

Thester rose from his bed. He only sat up. "Hey guys. How are you today?" Thester asked.

"Fitz thinks you're in a bad condition. We're here to prove him wrong." Brett DeMarco told Thester.

"I'm very well. Jolly good actually." Thester said. "Hey, Thester sweetie." Fitz said.

"Get up from the bed." Russian Mobster told Thester. He does however, but slow and not too slow.

"He's going to need a wheelchair! Get back in bed, sweetie!" Fitz tells Thester.

Thester said, "OKay. Back to bed I go." "Did any of you see that? He can barely get up out of bed!" Fitz said.

"All right, fine. I'll give him some pharmacidals for his recovery!" Brett DeMarco said with a syringe in his hand.

"NO DON'T! You'll overdose him! He could die! Or start to hallucinate! That's a lethal dose you have there! Ever seen the movies Rush or Trainspotting?" Fitz exclaimed.

Brett injected Thester with the syringe. Thester yawns then falls back into bed and begins to sleep. "You fucking dumbass! Now look what you did! What do you think he is, a death row inmate!" Fitz shouted in anger.

"No. It'll sedate him and he'll wake up feeling refreshed." Brett DeMarco tried to convince.

"Allow me. I have a plan." Russian Mobster says. "What could you possibly do?" Fitz said with tears in his eyes.

"This is a little trick we did back in the Motherland of Russia!" The Russian Mobster said. "Oh please. Whatever it is. Please don't do it." Fitz begged wringing his hands.

"Just trust him, Fitz. He knows what he's doing." Brett DeMarco told the Kingpin.

Russian Mobster was going to put his hands on Thester's wounds. "No please! Don't do that! Don't do that!" Fitz continued to beg.

Brett DeMarco asked, "What are you going to do?" "This is what we call the Rasputin Touch!" Russian Mobster says. Fitz had sweat pouring from his forehead. "No don't. You'll make him scream! It pains me to hear from scream." Fitz cried.

Russian Mobster laid both his hands on Thester's wounds then gently pressed down. 'Rasputin Touch here I go! One...two...three....."

After the Russian Mobster counted, Thester felt the pressure of the Russian Mobster's hands on his wounds. Thester woke up and screamed treacherously as if he were being tortured.

"YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Thester screams sitting up in his bed. When Fitz heard Thester scream, he banged his head with his hands just like The Rain Man.

"NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" Fitz cries out. Thester gets up from his bed.

"Oh boy golly! I feel so much better!" Thester said happily.

"You did it. My drugs and your touch really saved the day!" Brett DeMarco said.

Thester leaps out of bed and walks over to Fitz who was cowering in a corner. "I'm all better now. Thank you, Brett and Russian Mobster." he said.

Fitz looks up at Thester who smiled at him. Thester and Fitz hug each other.

"Two weeks ago you thought Thester was on his last legs. Now look at him." Brett DeMarco tells Fitz.

"Yes, do you believe us now?" asked Russian Mobster.

"Okay, I'm convinced." and Fitz as he hugged Thester. They all walk out of Thester's bedroom. Fitz slaps Brett DeMarco and Russian Mobster in the faces.

"Hey, Fitz. Why did you do that?" asked Thester. "Yeah, we were the ones who helped him." Brett DeMarco said. "This is how you thank us?" Russian Mobster conceded.


The End

The Proceeding Has Been A Narwhal Puppy Production!

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