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Chapter Two: The plan

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again the rating is just in case because i like to go with the flow.

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Oki back to the story I know the other one was pretty short but i'm still new to this and i'm literally posting this on the exact same day sooo lol pls don't judge

Naruto looks at me like he knows what i'm about to say. "Naruto maybe you should go and wait outside" Minato says softly but I interrupt "no he needs to know what i'm doing so he doesn't try to hunt me down" the former Kage nods but places his hands firmly on Naruto's shoulders.
"Alright Sakura, let's hear it, and I know by the look in your eyes that none of us are going to like it so we will have to suck it up and deal with it, I trust your judgement and I will agree to whatever you have to say although there may be conditions" I nod and then begin with an analytical tone. "The plan will be dark, painful, but necessary"I explain before telling my story. "I am a Medic-Nin, and the head of the Hokage's Anbu. but I am threatened by Danzo, he has threatened to kill me multiple times as I threaten his position. Many of my friends have grown distant because I lost my parents and decided to play kamikaze brother was killed shortly after I joined the Anbu, and if it weren't for Minato-San I would be homeless I am a burden to most people, and I failed to save the kazekage from the Akatsuki. I am alone, so I am the perfect candidate for the akatsuki. I have gathered Information that they are in dire need of a Medic. I can deflect Ibiki's torture interrogation, as well as my addiction to physical pain, They won't be able to break me for information. The plan is I will join the akatsuki I will do what I want, I will be an S-rank criminal, I will be your enemy, but I will turn them good from the inside out and eventually I may, just may be able to return to the village. I am willing to take whatever consequences you deem worthy" I finish with a determined look, but i let my true look of anxiety show as I turn around very slowly to face Naruto. When I meet his eyes I am surprised to see pride and acceptance. Damn why does he have to do that to me! "Sakura-Chan I had a feeling you were gonna do something like this, my only condition is that when you come back because i know you will, you have to come back in one piece and alive or i'll never forgive you, believe it!" I hug him and whisper "thank you, & I promise" i let go and hug Naruko who is trying her best not to cry barely managing to calm her down but it didn't help that kushina was crying, so i snatch her into the hug finally calming those two down. Next I hug Minato because of everything he has done for me (and because he looked left out). Once I finish with the family, I ask them to wait downstairs for me which they do. "so It's just us right now" Tsunade says standing up calmly coming around her desk to stand next to me. "Shishou..." I turn around and hug her finally letting my tears fall. "what is it sakura? you know you can tell me" she says hugging me back. After a few seconds I pull away and wipe my tears away with my hands "Off the record?" She nods leaning up against her desk. "You know that when Sasuke left and my parent were killed all I had left was my brother, and then he died of an unknown illness I was alone I had no one and when you accepted me as your student, you took me in and fixed the broken pieces of my heart one by one. I'd never be able to forgive myself if I didn't tell you this now, but sigh every since the day you took me in I've seen you as my mother, you've certainly treated me as if i was your daughter and i-" Tsunade wraps me into a bear hug "shut up I love you too" this time both of us are crying.
After we calm down some I decide to warn her of something. "Shishou? When I join the akatsuki I am going to have to act as if I could care less if you were dead. I may end up saying horrible things But I don't mean any of them. at one point or another I will likely tell you that everything I've said in the past was false but its not, I love you and while I will end up saying and doing hurtful things i mean none of them okay?" she nods then hugs me one more time before I leave to pack.

"I hope you guys can forgive me..."

oop i'm working on the next chapter soon!
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