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Chapter One: The Mission

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Sakura is an 18-year-old woman now. She is head of the Anbu to her Hokage as well as her being the best medic-nin in the world. Little did she know that was gonna change.

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Now I do not own the people or places but the storyline belongs to me the rating is because later on there will be smut and lemons so please know that I have warned you. This is my first fanfiction and I have seriously no idea where it's going to go a I don't have a plan I just go with the flow. another thing is my grammar isn't perfect neither is my spelling or punctuation so please don't judge. TvT ^_^ now on to the story!

Sakura is an 18-year-old woman now. She is head of the Anbu to her Hokage as well as her being the best medic-nin in the world. Little did she know that was gonna change.

Today was a normal day I got up at around 4:30 AM and went to the training grounds. I trained for about and hour before i went home and took a shower and went to work.
I barely walk through the room when a certain blode female bounces up to me. "Hiya Forehead!"
i sigh at her "morning Ino" thankfully Shizune walks out before Ino can go crazy over my plain-jane outfit. "Sakura, Lady Tsunade wishes to speak with you" Ino slumps down looking aggravated making us laugh. "Oh Kami-Sama what did I do now?" i ask sarcastically as Ino giggles at me. Shizune smiles kindly "nothing silly, she has a mission for you" the female pauses for a moment then continues "It's an Anbu mission so go-" before she can finish I am already gone. When I come back a few moments later, she shakes her head and says "you are the only female Anbu I know that gets excited over a mission, you know that don't you?" ino agrees willingly rmarking how the anbu uniform compliments my curves, but I pay them no mind as my head is in full mission mode. A part of me wonders what the misson is but I bury it as I walk to the Hokage's office.

Once I reach the door I knock softly receiving a "Come In!" from the boss lady.
I enter swiftly and kneel as is standard procedure. "Godaime-Sama, what is my mission?" I ask simply making the blonde shake her head. "always the 'lets get straight down to business' attitude, huh?" she asks playfully but I respond blank and respectfully; "Hai, Godiame-Sama" making the poor woman roll her eyes but return to her 'Business' stature. "Your mission is to-" she is cut off by a knock on the door. "come in" the woman orders irritatedly. the door opens for Minato, Kushina, Naruto, and Naruko to enter. "You asked for us to come because we are closely involved in this mission" Tsunade nods. "What mission, whats going on here, why did i have to wake up, i didn't even get my breakfast ramen" the blonde male idiot whines causing Naruko, Myself and Kushina to punch him. I swiftly return to kneeling but kushina grabs the collar of my shirt and pulls me onto my feet smiling. "this is more of a personal request than mission so chill out" i nod but remain in my tense stance. "Sakura I order you to change into normal attire and return back before I even consider telling you the mission details" Says the smirking lady Hokage. "hai Godaime-Sama" i disappear and reappear in about 3 minutes. when I return Kushina wraps me in a hug causing me to smile softly. "So what's the mission Shishou?" I ask with a little more animation in my voice. "It'll be a full month's worth of relaxation with Kushina if you don't stop being so tense, this isn't a mission It was a request that doesn't have to be fulfilled, okay?" i nod and sit down making the kage relax. She carefully looks at Minato who nods looking at Kushina who also nods then he begins speaking. "The twins were Kushina's second Pregnancy..." he sighs grimly as both Naruto and Naruko had shut up to listen as before that moment they had been trying to strangle each other. "our firstborn was-is Menma Namikaze, about a year after he was born we were told he was killed, but we have recently found out that he was not killed just kidnapped. we are assuming he believes we had abandoned him, but we haven't. He is a member of the akatsuki and also has another part of the nine-tails. I was Wondering If You'd be willing to help us bring him back" he finishes with a dark tone. after a few minutes of silence (mainly because the twins were too shocked to continue arguing) I decide to speak up. "can I have everyone's word that you won't interrupt me and try to argue with what i have in mind?" everyone nods as i glare at Naruto.

ANNNNNND CLIFFHANGER but don't worry I'm already working on the next chapter
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