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Chapter Three: The Confrontation

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Sakura Receives A very shocking visit on her way out...

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"I left and packed My things deciding to wait until midnight to leave as most people are sleeping and I didn't want to run into anyone. If I'm being completely honest I'm afraid of running into kiba... his family took me in just as much as shishou, hell Tsume makes me call her mom haha" I look at the time and notice that it's past midnight so I grab my things and leave the apartment making sure to grab my photo album and quickly shoving it into my bag. I decided to wear my Anbu uniform so I could sneak out unnoticed. On the way to the gate I hear someone behind me so I swerve and prepare to attack by grabbing a kunai. "Who's there and why are you hiding your chakra?" I ask loud enough to be heard, but not loud enough to wake anyone up. "Chill Sakura I just wanted to say bye and give you something, mom says you've earned it, and she understands why your leaving" Kiba says calmly as he walks onto the road. "what are you talking about?" I ask confused at his actions, though I relax and put the kunai away, turning the mask to the side of my face. The boy in front of me whistles, confusing me even more than before, but I understand the second I see Akamaru and a black wolf named fane whom I had become very personally close too, we were as close as akamaru is to kiba. "Under the authority of the head of the Inuzuka clan I hereby place upon you the crest of our Clan as well as entrusting the care of Fane Lupei in your hands, do you accept?" The brunette gets out with a forced formal tone than gives me a huge grin as I tackle him in a hug. "Yes!! Of Course Baka" after I get myself together he continues; "Then by the authority given to me by the head of the Inuzuka clan I place upon you our Clan crest and companion, Congratulations Inuzuka Sakura" This time he finishes with a pride in his tone before dragging me in for a quick hug then letting go. "Kiba- I-I I don't know what to say other than thank you" the dog boy smirks "how about coming back in one piece, fair?" i smile "fair" is the only response i give before disappearing with no more than a "goodbye"

[Kiba POV]

sigh "what am I gonna do with you, eh pinky?" he thinks to himself shortly after Fane also disappeared with Sakura. Akamaru barks almost like he had heard it, maybe he had who knows? Kiba turns and walks Akamaru back home delivering the good news!

[Kiba POV off]

[Author note]
Hi guys I saw i got a few fews in less than 24 hours!! Thank You I really appreciate it.
I Will try to post a chapter everyday on the week days but I unfortunately wont be able to post on the weekends. Plus!! if you could comment what you would like to see happen or what you think of my fanfic so far I'd love to hear it. I will try to respond as quickly as possible!

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