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ShinKami oneshot

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Just a Shinso x Kaminari fluff oneshot There is mild swearing

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Shinso laid on bed. As always, he was super tired. Kaminari ran in and jumped on Shinso's bed.
"Hey!!" He laughed. Shinso looked at Kaminari.
"Hey." Shinso said, quietly.
"You look sad." Kaminari said.
"What, I'm fine, just tired." Shinso said. Kaminari put his arms around Shinso.
"Sleep!" Kaminari commanded. Shinso blushed.
"Why are you blushing?" Kaminari asked. Shinso hid his face with his hands.
"I have a major crush on you" Shinso said, embarrassed. Kaminari smiled and blushed, before pulling Shinso's hands away from his face a kissing him. Shinso blushed but, kissed back. Kaminari pulled away.
"Will you be my boyfriend?" Kaminari mumbled.
"Of course" Shinso said, putting his arms around Kaminari, and falling asleep.
"He's so cute" Kaminari thought to himself, and fell asleep with Shinso.
~Time skip next morning~
Kaminari woke up to Shinso poking him.
"Baby, wake up, your going to be late to class" Shinso laughed.
"Ughhhhh" Kaminari groaned. Shinso pressed his lips against Kaminari's, and pulled away quickly.
"WAKE UP" Shinso shouted.
"Okay, okay." Kaminari rolled over and sat up. Shinso put his arms on Kaminari's shoulders as Kaminari put his arms around Shinso's waist.
"I love you" Kaminari said.
"I love you too" Shinso said. "Now get ready so your not late for class, I want to be with you after class, and I won't be able to if are in detention"
"Alrighty" Kaminari said, getting ready for class.
~Time skip, after class~
Shinso sat in Kaminari's dorm. Kaminari grabbed Shinso's hand.
"Your coming to meet my friends" he said.
"Is there any point in trying to say no?" Shinso asked.
"Nope, your coming not matter what." Kaminari said. Pulling Shinso to Mina's dorm for the Bakusquad game night.
"Okay, bitches listen up. This is my boyfriend, be nice, or I'll hurt you!" Kaminari growled, trying to be intimidating. Shinso laughed.
"Your way too cute to scare anyone" Shinso said, hiding behind Kaminari, because there were people.

A/N: sorry, that was short but I couldn't come up with anything else. Hope you enjoyed I guess.
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