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Chapter 2: The Beginning

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Chapter 2: The Beginning

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Naruto Uzumaki, a hyperactive and knuckle-headed ninja, lives in Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf village. Naruto struggles to find his place in the village. He strives to become the Hokage of Konohagakure. Naruto does all sorts of pranks to be acknowledged by his fellow people. However, he never makes it. He is continuously failing the genin exam due to his weak clone jutsu. Iruka has been very kind to him yet he never passes. He is a lone ranger.

He was sitting beside the river flowing beside the village hidden in leaf. Suddenly a leaf dropped on his forehead and when he touched, it transformed into a digital display. Naruto was shocked and he didn't Know about such technology so he has thrown away the digital display to water. Another leaf fallen on his hand, transferred into digital display then again transformed into a book. He thought someone was doing a prank to him most supposedly Kiba. He was not in a mood of reading as always so he did the same thing again. The total scenario was repeated again. it was almost like being caught in a genjutsu.

Therefore, Naruto was totally annoyed and opened the book. At first it was blank. He looked at it again then saw some writings, He started reading it, which said you can't be a sninobi like this. Naruto asked why. Suddenly his surrounding started to change. Suddenly he saw a furious nine tailed beast attacking Konoha. Someone with blonde hair with an overcoat written Fourth Hokage fought that beast and finally he and a red head girl finally saved the village by sealing a beast in a baby and in the process both of them died. Naruto was shocked by this scenario. Throughout the time some background voice was narrating the story and he found the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze and the red head Kushina Uzumaki was his parents and he had the nine tailed demon fox sealed inside him.

Slowly it all started to make sense why people hated him. He decided to believe the book though it was quite unnatural. He asked the book, who are you? The answer was, you will know when you are worthy of knowing. Then the book narrated again, this is a game for you which will be very connected to your real life and gaining strength. You can choose to enter and be the greatest shinobi ever or lead the miserable life of yours. Naruto wanted a shinobi very badly, so without any second thought he pressed enter.

He saw his alias coming on the book which was almost working like a movie screen. However, he asked what he has to do in the game to move forward? The book answered everything is almost normal except for one thing, SEX. Naruto had no idea what it is. He asked, what is sex? The book said, seriously? Then I will show you how you were born.

His surrounding started to change again and he appeared by the waterfall beside the village and he saw a red head girl was showering and a blonde was peaking at her. He recognized them Minato and Kushina. Minato was staring at where she was swimming, carefree by the waterfall, it was a beauty. Stepping out from behind the trees, he made his presence known to her, he did not wish to scare her. She stood up with her back facing him, she had no idea that being watched, she was just enjoying to the nice cool water. Minato breathed in deeply, trying to control his thoughts and his body's reaction. Trying to be as careful as possible, he walked into the pool and behind Kushina, wrapping his hand around her waist and holding her firmly.

She jumped feeling whoever holding her by her waist, she was good but this grip was better, she would get raped and she knew. Minato breathed in her scent and sighed blissfully. "A little jumpy?" Kushina froze hearing his voice, why was he there? At least she knew him and knew that she could trust him. "I thought you were someone else." She whispered back, she could feel her checks burn with embarrassment. She tried to wiggle out of Minato grip and get some clothes on but he would not let go. Felling her rub against him was something he didn't expect her to do, he groaned at the sudden friction. "Are you alright?" She was worried for him and then felt stupid when she felt the bulge against her backside. She had no idea that his intension was that and he knew how she felt. "Perfect."

He purred in her ear, she was driving him crazy and she didn't even know it. Tilting his head down, he licked the shell of her ear and started a trail of kiss down to her "Minato …" Kushina breathed. Minato smiled, he raised his hand and tilted her head back. Leaning in, he captured her lips and kissed her passionately, Kushina melted into the him with no hesitation she began to kiss back. As her mouth opened, Minato pushed his tongue into between her lips and kissed her more deeply, he had been waiting for this moment for sure. Breaking the kiss Kushina turned to face Minato and look at his eyes. They were glazed over and had a hunger look in them, she couldn't help but be enticed. Raising his hand to her check, he caressed her it and tried to ignore the lust that was building inside of him. Feeling slightly bold, she lowered her hand down to his genitals and then with her fingers.

Minato took in a sharp breath and stopped her hand. "Please don't temp Kushina." He warned her through gritted teeth, if she kept that up he wasn't sure if he would be able to stop himself. She had to honestly think about whether she really wanted this. All thoughts left her when she felt his hands caressing her breasts and gently kneading. Kushina's head fell back and he his hands continued their magic. Looking around, Minato was having seconds thought about being in the water, reaching down he lifted Kushina up and carried her to shore. by Minato she let out a small squeak and rested her head against his shoulder. Once they reached land, Minato gently placed Kushina on the ground and looked down at her. She could help but blush at the way Minato was staring at her.

Leaning in for another kiss, Minato let his hand driven to Kushina stomach and to her neither regions and stopped above her clit. "Am I allowed?" He let his hand stay on her clit until he was told to move forward, she shivered with anticipation, her hips bucked involuntary, the thought of what was to come taking over her senses. All she could do was nod to answer his question but, she knew that it would not be enough for him. Sighing in slight frustration, he pressed against her causing her to moan. "Answer me, please." He continued to press against her clit, making slight movements with his finger. Kushina was panting, trying to make herself give him her answer. "Yes."

She breathed, this was he needed to hear, he continued to stroke her clit and let his finger drift down to her folds. Not taking his eyes off of hers, he dipped his finger her folds and began to stroke. Kushina moaned as his finger dipped into her and moved in and out, the sensations were overwhelming her. Hearing her soft moans only encouraging him to continue more, leaning in Minato kissed her deeply and inserted a second finger inside her. Kushina moans loudly into his mouth and pant as Minato pushed his fingers in deeply. After a few thrusts with his fingers, her insides clenched against his fingers and she came, spilling her juices on his fingers and hand. Kushina nearly screamed as her fir orgasm hit her, she tried to catch her breath as she came down from the blissfully feeling that came with it.

Minato wasted very little time stripping himself of his clothing and moving on top of her. His member was painfully hard and felt like he could explode just by touching her outside. Finally coming down from her high she saw Minato above and naked as well. He placed himself at her entrance, looked down at her and smiled. "Are you ready?" She looked at him and shivered at the lustful look in his eyes, his normal blue eyes were darkened. Taking in a breath, she felt him at her entrance and closed "Yes." Kushina winced feeling Minato push into her.

"What's wrong?" Minato sighed and tried to remain still. "I'm afraid of hurting you considering …" She knew what he was referring to and raised her hips up slightly in hopes of encouraging him. Biting his lip, he looked down at with a look in his eyes. "Don't think, just feel." Pushing her hips up again in hopes that he would move or something, Minato sighed and pushed all the way into her depths and stayed there. It took a c seconds for her to adjust to this new feeling, she felt almost too full but knew that this feeling and the pain would go away. Nodding for him to continue, he pulled all the way out and pushed back in gently. She winced as he continued his movements, wondering how long the pain would last.

Sensing that her discomfort was not going away, Minato pushed him onto his elbows and lifted one of her legs to rest on his shoulder. Pulling back until he was almost out, he grunted and pushed back in hard, hoping to that he would hit that one spot. Kushina cried out as he hit that spot over and over again and arched her back. Not being able to hold back any longer, Minato starts to thrusts harder and faster causing Kushina scream in ecstasy. Her nails dug deeply into Minato's back, causing him to have red, bloody marks and she clawed him. His continued to thrust into her and she would soon climax, she never wanted this moment to end but it looked like it would very soon.

Minato could also feel his climax coming and slowed down his movement didn't want it to end, not yet at least. Kushina whined when he started to slow down and looked at him. "Why are you slowing down?" She breathed, she was so close and it was killing her to be this close. "I want to last longer." Deciding to take matters into her own hand Kushina wrapped both of her legs around his waist and start to thrust upwards, causing Minato to loudly moan and said, "Very well, if that's what you want." Not waiting for her to respond he shifted slightly and thrust as hard and as deeply as he can in her. Her back arched as the sparks of pleasure coursed through her, giving her no time in between.

With his final thrusts, she cried out as her orgasm hit her and hit her hard, her muscles clinched around him as she rides the one by one. She too was having a hard time catching her breath but she now welcomed it. Both of them had their orgasm together. Minato kissed her softly and Kushina rested on minato's chest facing the sky. Minato was playing with her boobs while his dick was still resting in her pussy.

The scenario started to fade and Naruto came back to reality and he was astonished by what he saw. In a sense he was happy as he was feeling something for the girls like Sakura but he didn't know what it was. But he was concerned no one likes to talk with him, how will he manage to have sex with a girl. The book said, for starter I will increase your sex appeal. Think of it as a beginner's advantage but it will go back to natural when you have encountered your first task. So pick your choice wisely and from now on keep this book with you, it will be in disguise, most importantly never talk about the game. Follow it and you will be greatest shinobi ever if you can complete the tasks. All of this came as a shock to him. The book said , ready to continue? He wanted see his stats first.

He saw Strength: 30, Speed: 20, Stamina: 40, Intelligence:15, Sex Appeal: 50(boosted), Ninja skill: 10, Knowledge:10, Courage: 15.

He swiped the page and saw Skill: None, Achievements: None, Perks: None, Collection: None, Weapons: Kunai & Star (Basic).

He was pretty disappointed in himself watching he stats though he started to believe all this can change. He was thinking which girl should he pick, there were so many attractive women and girls in Konoha. He did not have enough courage to ask out any of them. He was confused and decided to head for ichakuru ramen. It may help him to think clearly. He was hoping to see Teuchi. That man is a magician. Naruto reached their thinking of it and when he entered he did not see Teuchi rather he met Ayame, daughter of Teuchi.

Ayame was a slender girl with long, dark brown hair and large black eyes and fair skin. She was wearing a white robe with the sleeves folded, a sort of dark blue apron with ribbon ties at the top and a bright white bandanna. "Welcome back, Naruto-kun", said Ayame. It clicked on Naruto at that very moment, she was one of the very few people who was kindly with Naruto. He thought why not her. He tried to concentrate her sexual aura on her and ordered 3 bowl of ramen. It was almost closing time when Naruto entered the ramen shop.

He asked Ayame about her father, she said someone tries to rob their shop today and Teuchi was hurt. Ayame sadly described about the mess inside. Naruto took it as his chance though he was not confident though. He asked, can I help you Ayame-san? Ayame was feeling something different in Naruto, she accepted his offer. Naruto ordered some more bowl of ramen.

"Here you go Naruto-kun," Ayame said as she handed him another bowl of ramen and then went back to her duties. "Thanks Ayame Nee-chan," Naruto said happily then proceeded slurp up as much ramen as possible. "Wow, you're not finished? I already had another bowl ready." Ayame couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the boy, she would have seen him destroying the bowl and begging for more, perhaps he had a problem? "oh yeah!" Naruto said cheerfully and continued to eat his ramen, momentarily forgetting where his thoughts were occupied. "Okay, I'll leave this here for you." She put the other bowl of ramen in front of him and continued with her duties. Naruto continued to eat the bowl but then his thoughts came to the surface again.

"Uhhm Naruto-kun...? Are you staring at me?" He came out of his musings and noticed Ayame, who was still cooking, sporting a huge blush she stared at him in surprise. He didn't know what she was talking about, he was too out of it to notice anything, so he replied the only way he knew how "...What?" He asked dumbly. "Nothing!" She cursed herself for saying that too quickly. Maybe she was just seeing things? Ayame took a glance back and this time she knew Naruto was staring at her ass. She didn't feel offended by it but she was a little weirded out, he looked like he was out of it, he wasn't even touching his ramen, again,

"Naruto-kun, are you okay?" "...Yeah of course," he had to bite down a groan of despair, as soon as he heard, Ayame's sweet and melodic voice again. "Are you sure?" She came closer and noticed his second bowl of ramen wasn't even touched, she also noticed that his chopsticks were on the floor, must have been so out of it that he didn't even realize when they fell. She bent down and went a little further, under the counter, she grabbed the chopstick, but when she looked straight ahead of her she was met with a very unexpected sight, a bulge, a big bulge, between Naruto's legs. It did long to put the pieces together. "Yeah I'm pretty sure," He said cheerfully, even though he couldn't see her, she was probably looking for something on the floor. He was a bit start when he heard a bang and then a yelp. "Ayame Nee-chan?" He called cautiously.

"Yeah! I got your chopsticks!" She had hit her head under the counter in surprise. She felt so awkward. Naruto was horny...because of her? She has caught him staring at her ass twice. When did Naruto start noticing women? She quickly stood up, dropped the chopsticks on the counter, and scrambled to her work station. "Uhhm, thanks," Naruto said confusedly. Was it just him or was she acting strange? Ayame couldn't help herself. Naruto's treasure looked big and the thought of herself being the cause of it made her feel! She had never see anything that big before. She dated a lot of guys and had a lot of sex, which was okay but not fantastic, and she knew they probably didn't compare to Naruto.

She didn't know what came over her as she proceeded to flaunt herself around him whenever she could. Naruto couldn't leave Ichirakuru's like this, he was completely trapped and the image of a naked Ayame was making things worse. Naruto groaned, this was really bad, and the way Ayame was looking at him made him really nervous. Ayame saw the look he sent her and her curiosity finally got the best of her. She slowly walked to him then leaned over the counter, her ego felt boosted with the gasp that came out of his mouth, he probably thought she was going to kiss him, that adorable fool. She leaned into his ear and made sur could hear her, "Come to the back after shop is closed". Ayame went to the back of restaurant and it didn't take long for Naruto to make his appearance. "Now Naruto-kun, help with this dishes first" Ayame asked sweetly.

Naruto started to wash the dishes and thinking about how to seduce the waitress. Picturing her nude was giving Naruto a hard on. He didn.t know Ayame was watching him. She suddenly asked "what are you hiding Naruto-kun?"

Naruto was caught off guard with that question, he had no idea how to answer that and she knew it, but he did try with a valiant effort. "N-Nothing!" Naruto blurted out, this was so awkward for him. He knew she knew about his dick. "Move your hands away from your pants," Ayame said. "I can't Nee-chan," Naruto implored. "Move your hands away," Ayame said but this time she was serious. Naruto complied slowly, this was so wrong. Ayame took a moment to burn the image into her mind. "So what were you thinking about to make that?" Ayame asked in mock curiosity.

Naruto shut his mouth at the question, he did not want Ayame to think of him as a pervert. "Okay fine, be that way," she didn't mean to sound upset but she was too curious and Naruto was being difficult. "You!" He couldn't stop his mouth until it was too late. Ayame stopped and then looked at him, so she was right. She kind of felt giddy for having such an effect on him. "So... How come it's been up for so long?" Ayame asked. "Because when it gets up I can't get it down until...its satisfied. It's really painful right now," Naruto said with a blush of utter embarrassment. Naruto was really happy with this intelligence. Ayame was blushing too but at least now she had an excuse to see his dick. "...Take off your pants."

She waved off his incredulous look and continued, "You said it was painful and I can only guess it's because of those pants, take them off." Naruto hesitated, but quickly started to take his pants off when she sent him a look. He figured she meant his boxers too so he discarded them as Ayame's eyes widened when she saw his shaft in its full glory, she was right, none of her ex boyfriends came close. The thing was so big that Ayame couldn't help but think of the endless possibilities Naruto's dick could be put to use. God she was so naughty! She walked up to him and then got to her knees for a closer look.

Naruto had a beast, so young and he was already packing such meat, she had to down the perverted thoughts that were starting to surface. "Well I think I need to work," Naruto said hurriedly as he took a glance at the station. Things were getting too out of hand now. Ayame grabbed the dick in front of her. She had never seen something so big in her life and she wasn't going to pass up an opportunity like this.

But she did not want to rush it and said okay put off jumper and torso as well then get to work, it will help you to work smoothly with that thing so hard on, she smirked on him. Naruto played a simple trick their when he was working he pushed Ayame towards the water deposit and she was all wet. Ayame laughed secretly as if this as exactly what she wanted. However, she showed fake rage at Naruto and said, "what the fuck, Naruto? I don't have any dresses is here, now I have to work with my apron".

Ayame put off her clothes, wearing the apron. It was her turn to tease. She was cleaning other side of the room while the blond stare at her sweet bare ass, he felt his dick go harder from the sight when she sways and bend her ass. It is very hypnotic and alluring, it as if it's saying "Fuck me" to Naruto. "Oops" said Ayame as she accidently spilled hot broth on her apron clad chest. The broth causes the apron to go see through and soak her breasts until they are shiny, wet and tasty looking.

"Oh how clumsy of me" Naruto's face heats up when he sees Ayame's broth soaked breasts while she rubs them to wipe it off. Naruto licked his lips, Ayame is naked under her apron and she stilled broth all over her breasts. Then all instinct starts to kick in, he switched the sign from open into close and jump over the cover to pounce on Ayame. She yelped by surprise when Naruto pull down her apron and starts licking her broth soaked breasts and rub his erection on her exposed pussy. She moans as Naruto is licking her breasts clean.

Ayame took the pleasure and slowly got down taking the big dick of Naruto's in her hand, "You said that it needed to be satisfied for it to go down, you don't want to go out with a huge tent in your pants now do you?" She figured that was all she needed to say as she continued to stroke. "Oh fuck!" Naruto groaned out, his legs were shaking, why did it have to feel this good? Ayame paused and thought. The sounds Naruto was making were kind of...making her hot between her legs.

She focused more on the dick when Naruto groaned again, she had never done a blowjob before since all her ex boyfriends always stuck to just dick to pussy pounding, she was curious why people praised such an act. "Naruto-kun... I'm going to take you in my mouth," Ayame said and didn't even wait for his response as she proceeded to engulf the head of his co "Grra!" Naruto gritted out as he felt Ayame take him into her mouth. He momentarily wondered if Ayame had ever done blowjobs before. She slurped and coated the head of the dick with spit.

She had to admit, she didn't know if she could get the whole thing into her mouth, even half o seemed like a daunting task. She swallowed as much as she could, until it hit the back of her throat, she probably only took six or so inches. She felt so boosted when she heard growl in approval, so this was why girls liked to perform blowjobs, knowing how to please a man felt quite refreshing. She started bobbing her head up and down his shaft at a slow pace so she could adjust the length and girth, it was really hard to do so. After she got used to his size then she started to bob her head back and forth in earnest, slurping and moving her tongue around in order to increase the pleasure. "Oh Kami Ayame nee-chan, you're amazing," Naruto said as he put a hand behind Ayame's head.

Ayame continued to bob her head back and forth, she felt happy with the praise and tried to get more of him in her but she couldn't, so she concerned what she had and bobbed faster to get him to cum. She continued bobbing her head as fast as she could, but as time ticked away she realized that she couldn't get Naruto to come and it seemed that was getting used to the motion, and that meant the pleasure was started to dwindle. She removed her mouth from his dick and started stroking him so vigorously that her hand started to burn from the effort. Naruto grunted gratefully the change in pace but she knew that it wasn't enough. "How do I get it to cum?" Ayame asked herself as she continued to stroke Naruto's dick at a fast pace.

"I know how to Nee-chan." She was surprised that she thought out loud and he heard her. She looked up at him curiously. "How?" She asked. Naruto had a glint in his eye that made Ayame a bit wary, "Are sure you want to know?" "If it can help you to calm down then yes," Ayame said while staring it the dick she was still stroking, it wasn't even about helping out a friend any she wanted her prize. Naruto put both his hands on Ayame's head and the lined his dick by her mouth, "Thanks Ayame Nee-chan and please don't get mad at me," he seemed a bit remorseful and Ayame couldn't even figure out why. "Why would I-" her statement was cut off as Naruto thrust into her surprised mouth and pushed her head forward, forcing her to swallow more then was ready for. She gagged and flailed her arms around.

"Sorry Ayame nee-chan," Naruto said as he groaned in pleasure. This was the only sure way that he knew he could cum. Ayame didn't expect this but she did her best to try and relax her throat, try being the prominent word. She appreciated that he wasn't just fucking throat from the start and giving her time to adjust but her gags were still coming forth. "I think it will help if you can breathe through your nose." She wanted to snap at him, he wouldn't be so at ease if he was on the receiving end of a mass cock, she did start using her nose to get some air into her lungs but the massive cock wasn't giving enough space to breath properly.

"Oh Kami, you're so good at this! You're like a pro!" She guessed she could let him get away with forcing her to take his cock into her started using her tongue to lick as much of the shaft as possible, she guessed he took that as a cue to move on. "Try and bear with me Ayame Nee-chan because I can't hold back anymore," she didn't even know what he meant by that but she was answered with forcing her to take even more of the dick into her mouth. Tears were flowing from the assault but she did her best to remain strong.

"Here we go!" From there on he proceeded to screw her face into oblivion, shoving her head back and forth to meet his thrusts. He was like an animal as he focused solely on the task at hand, ruthlessly thrusting into her orifice, banging her head on his crotch, his balls making loud slapping sounds as they impacted harshly with her delicate chin. Ayame was struggling not to black out from the ruthless throat fuck. It was as if someone had replaced Naruto with a blowjob psychopath, the way held her head made him in control of every movement.

"Here it comes," Naruto said and gave Ayame her much wanted prize. Strip after strip of cum made its way into Ayame's throat and the waitress choked. It was so much that she thought she was going to drown; it was too much to swallow. As soon as he released her hair she removed herself from his member for some much needed air, allowing some of the cum to drip to the floor. " Wow, you really know how to use a mouth," she said it in the most sarcastic manner she could.

She licked the cum that she could then looked at him, he looked really guilty and she felt bad, she liked the face fuck, her pussy was dripping just from the experience. "Relax Naruto-kun, just warn me next time before you fuck my face," Ayame said as she walked up to him, then she kissed him passionately. Naruto was surprised when Ayame said 'next time'. Did that mean she liked it and wanted more? He was caught off guard when she kissed him and kissed her back with equal intensity, then pulled away when he tasted something funny.

"Still not satisfied?" It wasn't meant to be a question needing an answer but Naruto didn't know that. "No." he looked down. "Kami, you are going to be the death of me." She shook her head and then looked at him. "You're lucky I'm feeling so...heated right now, so I want you to lay down," she had already accepted her actions and she wasn't ashamed. She needed a good fuck and she couldn't think of anyone better. Naruto looked at her purposefully and he told her to lay down instead. Naruto looks around the kitchen all cleaned up except the bowl of ramen which was served to him last.

He made Ayame lay on the station when he put some of the ramen on her round boobs, some on her flat belly and some on her wet pussy as well. He poured some soup in her deep naval space and sprayed the rest on her body. She was burning with desire. Naruto started by drinking the soup from naval and followed by licking her body. While eating the ramen he ensured gentle bites on her clit and boobs. Ayame was burning and dying to take Naruto inside her. When he was done with the ramen he took a good look at her.

"Wow." He couldn't help it, Ayame was so hot, her breast was perky, her curves were so perfect, "Glad you like," She smiled at him and the crouched down and lined his dick to her pussy. She hesitated and then looked at him. "Do you want this had to make sure she wasn't fucking him without his approval. "Yeah," he immediately answered and then groaned when she impaled herself on him and took seven inches in one go.

Ayame had to control her breathing and her body so she didn't cream herself so soon. He was fucking huge! She thought if she just took him in, at once, then she could get used to the size, no such luck. She started to slowly move up and down. She moaned at the friction, this was way better than anything she had ever felt before. Naruto grunted when he felt Ayame moving up and down his cock, her pussy was a vice, he was struggling not to cum already and enjoyed this moaning. Ayame couldn't take any more than seven inches but she was made do it by Naruto. She started moving faster, quickly getting used to the thickness wanting release. She moved up and down repeatedly, her pussy was aching for more and she couldn't help but comply.

"Grr, oh fuck!" Naruto said when he felt her increase her pace. She was going faster but she still hadn't taken him in fully. He quickly put his hands each cheek of her ass then thrusted up into her, using her down thrust to his advantage. "Aaah!" Ayame screamed in pleasure and surprise when he penetrated her cervix. She experienced a mind numbing orgasm and flopped on top of Naruto as her body shook. Naruto wasn't waiting for her to get her wits back however as he wrapped her in a bear hug and proceeded to hammer into her with reckless abandon slamming his hips into her like a jackhammer, making her body jerk erratically because of the force of his efforts alone. His mouth was set in a snarl thrust into her with the speed and strength only a highly trained shinobi was able to achieve.

Ayame was screaming now, in his ear, as he banged her like a window in a hurricane. He was showing her no mercy as he made her pussy his own couldn't even think straight from the attack. Naruto continued to pound into her for thirty minutes but then decided to try something else. He lifted Ayame and himself off the floor and decided gravity to his advantage. He started fucking her while standing, she had no choice but to put her arms around his neck and hang on for dear life. His thrusts were vicious, brutal, dominating, she loved every single minute of it.

"Oh Kami! Fuck me harder Naruto-kun!" She couldn't help but give in, no man had ever fucked her this good. She briefly wondered where he learned to fuck so thoroughly, but then her thought was disrupted with another mind numbing orgasm. Her ass cheeks were becoming red from the relentless beating they were being subjugated to, Ayame just knew she was going to be sore when this was over, but fuck did it feel good! She was the one to start the process but Naruto seemed to be more determined in fucking the life out of her. Naruto decided to change tactics and dropped Ayame to the floor. He lifted her hips until her ass was in the air, her hands, breasts and head were still on the ground. He went behind her and put one hand on her hip and the other on her head. From there he proceeded to mount the poor girl from behind. Their hips made loud slapping sounds as they impacted brutally.

Ayame couldn't even retort that this position was a bit demeaning to her since she was so lost in the pleasure. Her voice was hoarse from the constant screaming. She didn't even mind that his hand was holding her head in place as he claimed her. Naruto snarled like an animal, he loved this position, it gave him so much control. He kept up with his dust gathering pace, pulling on her hip rough get deeper into her folds.

He was fucking her like a man possessed and showed no signs of stopping. She was a fucked up mess already. She didn't even complain when he took both her arms and forced her to arch her back as he continued to take new heights of pleasure, she was sure when all this was over she would be begging him for more. Naruto felt his release coming and blurred his hips, taking note that Ayame seemed like a rag doll with the way her head kept swaying everywhere never felt so proud of himself before. She knew she looked like a fucked stupid bitch, she knew it and didn't give a damn. All sense was gone and the only thing that was left was the pleasure She had cum a total of six times now and she could feel another orgasm approaching. "RAAAA!" Naruto roared as he unloaded in the ramen waitress. As soon as she felt his seed in her Ayame blacked out from her own intense orgasm.

Naruto took a moment to collect his thoughts and then looked around. He realized Ayame was out cold and couldn't help but grin. Naruto got up and cleaned the whole mess. By then Ayame got up and gave Naruto a gentle kiss and asked, "was it you first time?" Naruto replied positively and started to suck her boobs again. Ayame had no speech. Ayame could not get over Naruto so she asked him to stay the night. But Naruto was too excited to see what happened in the game. He kissed her good night and said before leaving, "till next time".

Naruto came outside and climbed a high tree and opened the book. CONGRATULATIONS. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. You have lost your Virginity, 200 points. He saw his level increased and all basic stats increase by 2 points. No skill earned as he is still not a sninobi. Achievements: had sex with Ayame, 100 points,

Then he turned to perk page,

1) Lord of Harem unlocked, requirements: lost virginity.

2) Food Freak (locked), requirements: have sex with Ayame twice, take Ayame to your harem.

He did not understand what was harem. No others perks were seen. He turned the page again.

HINT(REWARD): Go to the end of the jungle and learn the first jutsu you see on a scroll. It was a reward for completing the mission. Without any delay Naruto raced towards their and saw Mizuki and Iruka fighting. Before engaging he saw a scroll named scroll of sealing. He remembered the hint and saw the first jutsu and almost cried in frustration, it was a clone jutsu. However, he believed he could do it as his confidence was boosted because of the last mission. Suddenly he saw Iruka stabbed and he could no longer wait and shouted, "Kage Bushin No Jutsu". All of a sudden Mizuki was overwhelmed. Iruka knew anyone completing any jutsu from any S-ranked scroll makes him a sninobi. Naruto head the headband from Iruka and he was crying with joy. He came home and opened the book. CONGRATULATION, you have become a shinobi, skills available, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Bojutsu, Fuinjutsu and a lot more. He saw some skills like pick pocketing, welding, cooking etc. was their too.

Naruto went to sleep happily; his day couldn't be any better. He was excited to see what happens next.
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