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Chapter 3: The Rules

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Chapter 3: The Rules

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[This chapter is to elaborate the current stats of Naruto and rules of the game, this is also a small prequel for the next chapter which will be coming very shortly. Please let me know do you want to see the stats upgrade at the end of every chapter or in between some chapters as a distinguished chapter.

Please do leave a review, your review is my inspiration.]

Naruto had a sound sleep after many nights. He was so excited for his future. He got up early. He did not have many plans for today except for the photoshoot for his genin form. He freshened up and saw the book beside his pillow. All of yesterday came back to him in a flash. He decided to take that seriously because it was only reason he became a shinobi. He opened the book to see the details of the game. He opened to check his current status first.


He understood he leveled up yesterday night after Having a tremendous time with Ayame. He still got a hard on only thinking about it. Then he turned over to the stats page.

Naruto Stats:

· Acrobatics: 22

· Chakra Control: 17

· Chakra Levels: 32

· Endurance: 22

· Intelligence: 17

· Luck: 22

· Reflexes: 22

· Speed: 22

· Strength: 32

· Knowledge: 12

· Courage: 17

· Sex Appeal: 22

· Scientist: 5

· Wealth: 10

He understood he had a long way to go to being a top level ninja let alone Hokage. He turned over to skills and he was almost frustrated, there is so many things learn. Some didn't even relate to ninja arts. However, he gone through all the skills.


· Archery: 00 points.

· Bojutsu: 00 Points.

· Earth Elemental manipulation: 00 points.

· Fire Elemental Manipulation: 00 points.

· Genjutsu: 00 points.

· Kenjutsu: 00 points.

· Lightning Elemental Manipulation: 00 points.

· Lying: 20 points.

· Medical Jutsu: 00 points.

· Ninja Master: 20 points.

· Ninjutsu: 20 points.

· Sealing: 00 points.

· Senjutsu: 00 points.

· Sexual Aura: 20 points.

· Taijutsu: 25 points.

· Water Elemental Manipulation: 00 points.

· Wind Elemental Manipulation: 00 points.

· Healing Factor: 25 points.

· Massaging: 00 points.

· Stealth: 10 points.

· Summoning: 00 points

· Crafting: 00 points.

· Haggling: 00 points.

· Knife Fighting: 00 points.

· Pick Pocketing: 00 points.

· Summoning: 00 points,

· Cooking: 10 Points.

· Forging: 00 Points.

· Medicine Making: 00 Points.

· Throwing: 20 points.

· Trap Making: 00.

After skills came the achievement page. It was not something very important to him as he still did not care about his accomplishment in details.


· Lost Virginity.

· Became Shinobi.

He turned over to the perks. The page was glowing, he understood this was the most important page. Naruto heard something about kekkai genkai and something else also. He did not see any of this there still but saw lot of locked parts. He only unlocked two which he could see.


· Lord of Harem (Naruto can start a harem now and include girls in his Harem).

· Food Freak (locked), requirements: have sex with Ayame twice, take Ayame to your harem.

Then came the trophies. Here also most of the options were locked. But he could see his trophy.


· Lady Killer: Had first sex; 200 points; sex appeal (+10 points), Sexual Aura (+10 points)

Lastly came the weapons and collectibles page. Lots of options were there. Sadly, Naruto had none. One collectible caught his eye, The Chakra Armor. He didn.t knew what was it. He kept it for learning later. As goes for the weapons too. After that Naruto goes to the Rules and read a few times to be clear about everything. He seemed focused for the first time in his life except the pranks.


· Ninja star and Kunai.

Collection: None.


1. For completing every mission points will be rewarded and level would be increased.

2. Hint will be rewarded for every missions and Mission objectives will be supplied before every mission but collectibles or side achievements will not be provided.

3. Points will be rewarded for any trophies and bonus points will also be rewarded.

4. Weapons and collections will increase different stats.

5. Perks will be the additional power obtained by the player.

6. Every day one learning scroll and one history scroll will be provided and player have to finish it.

7. Once a stage is completed it can't be repeated so play very carefully.

Naruto closed the book after reading the book and then he took an oath he will do whatever it takes to be the Hokage. Naruto had his breakfast and moved out to for his photoshoot. Then went to the jungle for his Taijutsu training. He started with the basics. He felt someone following him. He turned and saw Konohamaru who was secretly following him so he talked to the boy for not tailing him and continued his training until the night. Finishing his training he went to the ichakuru ramen and had his dinner. Ayame was there. He requested her to close the shop early and ordered a home delivery and winked at Ayame. When he reached home he opened the book and two scrolls came out to him. The history scroll was titled as the "SEVEN COULOURED RAINBOW CHAKRA" and the learning scroll titled as the "THE BLOODLINE LIMIT". He started reading them and he heard the knock on the door. He hid the scrolls and the book. Ayame was all over him again. After two hours Ayame fell asleep in Naruto's arm while Naruto's cock was resting in her pussy. He took the scrolls again and completed them. He saw an immense possibility. Bloodline limit was something which is obtained by born. But according to legend infusion of rainbow chakra in someone's body will allow to overcome that barrier. Naruto deposited the scrolls and too Ayame's boobs in her hand and thinking about the rainbow chakra. He didn't even know when he fell asleep.
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