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Chapter 4: Land of Snow: Part 1

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Chapter 4: Land of Snow: Part 1

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Naruto woke up from his sleep with Ayame by his side. It became an almost daily schedule to him. But he was getting no more points for having sex with Ayame nor he was increasing his stats or level. He thought something different has to be done. He gone out to have his team training with his team seven consisting of Sakura, Sasuke and team captain Hatake Kakashi. The have completed some d-rank missions together but team chemistry was not so good. Sasuke and Naruto being too competitive all the time and Sakura always taking sides of Sasuke. However, Naruto tolerated her as his earlier crush. The young girls are in Naruto's future plan not in the present. When he reached the training ground Kakashi said,

"Guys, this is movie ticket for you guys as a reward for your accomplishments. Watch it then I have a surprise for you".

They were quite shocked from that generosity from Kakashi. However, they went to watch the movie and saw a beautiful princess fighting to save his comrades. Naruto was impressed with the girl's enthusiasm. After the movie they were criticizing the movie outside the theater and suddenly they heard the sound of horse shoes and within a blink of eye the princess Fuun of the movie showed up in real and she was chased by some heavily armed guards. Ninja's went after them to save the princess. They trashed all the guards but could not find the princess and Kakashi appeared on the spot.

"Stand down, they are not enemies" They are with the people who hired us for our next mission. So they followed the man leading the chasers to their studio. They came to know that it was a shooting team who will journey for the land of snow. However, Naruto was still unaware of that.

Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke were with the man who hired them, the director and someone else important in the film's making.

"So our mission as you know is Yukie Fujikaze or better known as Princess Fuun from her movies." Kakashi explained to two of his three shinobi.

"Guard her?" Sasuke asked

"Well not guard so much as escort her somewhere." Kakashi said

"You see this is the first Princess Fuun movie that will be abroad and our leading actress is a bit of a diva." Said the man who wasn't the director but was important

"Well, you, ninja sure are impressive since you took down our men and they were some pretty big guys." Said the director.

"Thanks." Said Kakashi but not really meaning it.

Sakura looked to her right and saw some pictures and landed on an interesting picture with some cliffs. "Wow those are some pretty big cliffs." Sakura said as she looked at some cliffs that looked to reflect the sky.

"That's actually the Rainbow Glaciers in Snow." Said a man's voice. Sakura turned around and noticed it was one of the actors from the movie and commented on it.

"Yeah we're going to be shooting a scene at the Rainbow Glacier Said the actor.

"Yeah Yukie's manager Sandayū actually recommended the place, he said it turns seven colors when it's spring time." Said the director.

"No that's not true, there is no spring in the Land of Snow." Said Kakashi

"Like ever, so it's always winter over there?" Sakura asked not believing a country could have winter all year round.

"Yep that's about it." Said Kakashi

"You're Kakashi right? From what I hear this won't be your first time going to Snow." Said the director of the upcoming film.

"That was a long time ago sir." Replied Kakashi looking down at the ground.

Some of the other cast members came over and started to talk about going to Snow and made a joke about Yukie running away since she found out she was go Snow and it was hard for them to track her down. Even it was hard for Naruto to find out where she was. At a distant corner in the village he found her drinking more than anyone he has ever seen.

"Oh so there you are princess, you are lucky I am not hitting you" Naruto spat out the last part.

"Oh really I'm lucky? You're the one that's lucky I have to be an actress this job is a joke, it's not as high and mighty as you may think it is on the inside, only the lowest of the low would want this job." Yukie said drinking some more sake.

Naruto stopped fuming but he still held a frown on his face. Right as the mystery man was about to leave Sandayū came running through the door with Sakura, and Kakashi following in that order. "Where've you been Naruto?" Kakashi asked

"Following princess here, chased her practically all over the village until I found her here wasted worse than anyone" Naruto said

"Um, 'princess'?" Kakashi questioned Naruto.

"Yeah that's what I call her, it just sorts of happened when I was chasing her and now I'm not going to stop calling her that." Naruto said turning back to Sakura giving her his famous grin.

"Miss Yukie our ship to the Land of Snow is about to set sail we must get going." Said Sandayū in a worried voice.

"No, I'm going to step down from being princess. I mean what's the big deal lead actress change from sequel to sequel and directors change every f-" Was Yukie response in her drunk state before being cut off by Sandayū.

"You can't do that, no one else on the planet can play the position, and if you back out this late in the game you'll never get back in this business." He said before gave her answer as calmly as a wasted person could.

"Who cares." "Huh, I was hoping to avoid this but I have no other choice." Kakashi said showing his Sharingan and putting Yukie in a genjutsu making her fall asleep.

They all board on the ship. Naruto was entrusted to guard on 24/7. Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke was posted in different part of the ship. Naruto was guarding the door of the Yukie. After quite a long time he heard the sound of princess waking up. She came out of the door and screamed like a possessed girl and ran back to her room.

She asked her maid, "where are we? why the ship?"

The maid answered, "we heading to the land of snow.".

Pin drop silence prevailed in the room for a few seconds and all of a sudden The princess asked to show her the washroom to take a bath.

The maid replies fearfully, "Sandayū asked the deposit your cloths before entering the washroom as he feared of you escaping again".

Naruto was quite astonished listening to that. Naughty ideas kept coming in his minds. Except for the mission being a C-rank Naruto was very happy that they were going to land of snow. He must discover the source of rainbow chakra and a way to harness it. Sandayū came checking on the princess. He entered the room and came out satisfied. Naruto had no idea what he saw in there. He was curious about Sandayū being so cautious to take the princess to the land of snow.

He suddenly asked him, "why are you so determined to take her to the land of snow? You are not even part the film crew".

"It's a long story, she is not a mere actress, she is he princess of the land of snow and rightful heir to the throne which is now forcefully taken over by Dotuo. Her name is Kyoki Kazahana."

At that Naruto saw ice cliff very near to their ship and almost at the same time he heard something falling to the water. Sandayū was gone by then.

The maid came out crying, "Naruto kun, Yukie Sama jumped from the ship through the window of her washroom".

Naruto started running without any delay to the side from where she jumped.

Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke started to check the ice cliffs and suddenly three ninja appeared on the cliffs.

"Welcome to snow country Hatake Kakashi, did you bring princess Kyoki with the hexagonal crystal?" said the ninja standing at the middle.

"Rouga Nadare, what are you doing here?" Kakashi said.

Sasuke and Sakura were astonished listening to this. Kakashi ordered everyone to get back to the ship. The ninja orders the ninja with pink hair, "Fubuki, Get the princess", "Mizore, Kill those two brats"

The ninja with a mechanical hand comes towards Sakura and Sasuke. Sasuke's kunai had no effect on him. Fubuki started flying by developing two wings at her back and yelled' "Hyouton: Tsubame Fubuki (Ice element: Swallow attack)". Some Ice birds started flying towards them as Sasuke yelled without any delay, "Katon: Goukakyuu No Jutsu (Fire element: Fireball technique)". Fire and ice was neutralized by one another. Fubuki tried again, "Hyouton: Huyoro No Jutsu (Ice element: Ice prison technique)" Ice was trying to imprison both of them. Kakashi saw and knew they could not handle it, so he ran towards them and yelled, "Suiton: Suiryuudaan no jutsu (Water element: water dragon blast technique)". It saved them but Nadare was angry at kakashi.

"Face me Kakashi, why are you fleeing like last time?".

He yelled, "Hyuoton: Haryuu Muuko (ice element: Piercing dragon Fierce tiger)". Kakashi countered it with water dragon technique. By then Fubuki left the scene. She was wearing the strangest black armor which seemed stronger than any other. Nadare again yelled. "Hyouton: Itsukaku Hakuegei (ice element: one horned whale)". Now it's time to get serious, Kakashi copied the jutsu which caused the island to shatter and Mizore also left the place by then. Kakashi's jutsu helped the crew to flee from that place and they weren't aware of the fact that Kyoki has already left the ship.

Naruto wasn't aware of anything happening in the cliff. He jumped to the sea to rescue the princess. He jumped at the exact same place where the Kyoki jumped. After diving a handful of distance he saw the princess and he sight was like a beautiful mermaid sinking in the ocean. Suddenly Naruto noticed there is no movements, he collected the body very quickly and immersed on the surface. He started breathing into her mouth and pushing her chest according basic accident survival training in the academy. Naruto's dedication awakened the princess. Her lips came very close to his lips. The arrogant actress started kissing Naruto. He was not sure of the reason, it may be gratitude, may be something else but he enjoyed it the fullest. While his hands were travelling around the breast of the princess he felt a hexagonal crystal and he was about to ask about it and he heard,

"I see the princess is having a very great time, I am sad to be an obstruction but did you bring the crystal?" said Fubuki.

Naruto could not recognize the female figure but was sure of her enmity. Naruto understood there was something mysterious about the crystal. The princess had nothing on her body except that crystal and a stranger comes and ask for it. Naruto decided to play a little game here. Naruto ran towards her and told, "leave the princess alone".

Fubuki laughed, "you fool, Hyouton: Huyoro No Jutsu (Ice element: Ice prison technique). Naruto dodged and suddenly heard the princess screaming. He turned around and saw a mechanical hand pulling the princess from a long distance. Almost at the same time Fubuki started flying with her armor and laughed at Naruto," what an idiot".

Naruto thought of using his latest technique from a scroll he found in the library. He Yelled "Shuriken Kage Bushin No Jutsu". Thousands of kunai was thrown towards Fubuki. Naruto was astonished to see nothing happening on that black armor and out of nowhere one kunai hit a round spot and the armor was also shattered and Fubuki became senseless. By then Mizori flew with the princess. Naruto relieved Fubuki of her cloths and taken her in for investigation.
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