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Chapter 5: Land of snow: part 2

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Chapter 5: Land of snow: part 2

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Naruto carried the pink haired kunoichi to the ship to his room. She was still unconscious. Naruto brought out to things from his pocket. One black round object collected from Fubuki's dress and another hexagonal crystal.


Fubuki tried to attack the princess. Naruto took a handful of soil and used his transformation jutsu and turned it into the hexagonal crystal. He hid the real one to himself. Then Mizori captured the naked princess with the help of diversion of Fubuki. However, Fubuki was captured in the process.

#Flashback End

Naruto bound Fubuki. Used water to wake her up. He had to know about both the objects. The key to finding the princess is the crystal, that was clear to him. Team 7 or the movie crew didn't know that Naruto is back. They were trying to search the princess. Naruto walked up to Fubuki:

We're going to have a very nice conversation, but first introductions, my name Uzumaki Naruto. What's yours?"

The woman was flailing against the restraints to stab the orange colored ninja, "You can go to hell, and I'm not going to be telling anything." Replied Fubuki.

"Now that's hardly fair, I gave you my name as a sign of peace, you will give me your name…"

Naruto thought it is not going to work. He decided to change the course of action. She was already unclothed. Naruto slapped her with full force. Fubuki's face became paled from the assault. Naruto continued this assault on her whole body. After a few minutes there was no response in her body. She fainted. Naruto was so raged that he did not see her body till now. The sign of his hand was clear seen in her boobs, ass, face and back. Naruto was brutal but it did not work too. He went outside thinking of his next action. He decided to use his secret kit which he collected following the clue of the book. He went inside again and opened the box. He dressed Fubuki in his desired outfit.

Fubuki was in a pair of knee high leather six inch heeled boots with her legs forcefully spread apart and kept apart by a metal bar at her ankles. She had no underwear or top. She wore a pair of leather gloves that went up to her elbows but her arms were pulled behind her back and tied with a rope that came down from the ceiling making Fubuki have to bend over. She had a black blind fold on and an O-ring gag, forcing her mouth open.

On a nearby table, Naruto arranged a whole variety of sex toys but also a few whips and other things he didn't intend to use. "I'll look into those later." He muttered to himself as he looked inside the bag a bit more.

Naruto decided mixing the torture and pleasure and enjoy it to the fullest. Banging a kunoichi may win him some points.

Stepping forward, Naruto removed his clothes and put them in a pile so they wouldn't get damaged or ruined. His ten inches' cock was already hard because of the sight of the naked and busty Kunoichi in front of him. He moved closer to Fubuki and grabbed her pink hair feeling the silky tresses slide through his hands. He briefly w about how she managed to find the time to take such good care of her hair while also making sure she trained to be a strong Kunoichi. "Suck." He told her in a dominating voice as he could muster before removing the O-ring and stretching her mouth with his cock naturally.

While Fubuki couldn't see Naruto, due to the blind fold on, she could still hear him quite well. Her binding infused a fear in her and she did not forget the extreme beating also. She heard his order and felt her mouth get pushed open by his thick cock. She moaned from the thick taste of it, before she hollowed out her cheeks and began to suck on his cock. She mentally smirked as she wrapped tongue around his cock a few times, getting a loud groan out of the blonde.

Naruto allowed his head to loll back as his pleasure built. The woman before him was most certainly gifted. Naruto then grabbed her hair tight. This wasn't about spinning him around her little finger. He drove his hips forward, pressing her face flush against his groin, his sac resting against her chin as he felt her throat spa around his cock. To Fubuki's credit however, not once did she gag.

Naruto wrapped his hand tight into Fubuki's hair as he began to thrust forward into her mouth more. Wordlessly, he made a Shadow Clone to go look through what Fubuki had put out. Surely there had to be something simple enough to figure out, right? Much to both his and his clone's delight, there was something simple enough.

It was a leather glove with metal studs on the inside. Naruto and his clone both inspected the studs, and Naruto could feel that they were smooth and rounded, a ball bearing was sewn onto the glove several times. He handed the glove back to his clone that moved around behind Fubuki. Naruto's knees almost collapsed when the first hit came, Fubuki's throat had tightened up and the vibrations she made along his shaft from the moan/whimper were almost too much.

Fubuki couldn't believe the balls on this kid. He first drove his cock down her throat, something that had almost made her gag, but not quite. Then he makes a Shadow Clone to try one of the toys out on her. The slight sting in her ass told her which one it had been, and she had enjoyed it. She had felt her back arch, and she co help but let out a whimper.

Fubuki slid her tongue out and began to massage the kid's balls, mentally smirking at the feel of his tightened sac. He was about to blow his load, but she had a feeling the kid could go on much longer than one round.

Naruto felt Fubuki's tongue along his balls and gave a small grunt of pleasure. His fingers curled into her hair a bit more as he felt the hot pleasure mounting. He his length out to just the tip, his knee giving a spasm of pleasure as he felt Fubuki gently scrape her teeth along his cock. He felt her tongue lash across his tip and that was it. His orgasm washed over him and he filled Fubuki's mouth with his cum.

When he came down from the orgasmic high, and the feeling of Fubuki swallowing while his tip was still in her mouth, he slid his cock from her mouth and removed blindfold from her eyes. "okay, not bad, but I am not happy without answers".

Fubuki said as she looked up to him. "do you mind untying my arms and removing the metal pole keeping my spread? I'm ready to give you answers." Naruto couldn't help but let out a chuckle as he quickly untied the knot used on Fubuki's arms while the clone made short work of the metal pole. Naruto stood back and watched as Fubuki languidly stretched and moved to the bed and laid down on it stretching out and running a hand down her stomach.

Fubuki gave a grin as she watched both the original and the clone follow her hand down her stomach. She parted her pussy lips for the blondes with her index finger and her ring finger, running her middle finger along the glistening entrance. "Come get me big boys." She said.

Almost as if in silent agreement, the clone and the original moved to where they wanted to be. The clone straddled Fubuki's impressive bust, sliding his cock into valley between the globes of flesh. The clone let out a low moan of pleasure, feeling the soft but supple flesh against the length of his hot cock. He grabbed her breasts, pushing them further together momentarily forgetting about the glove, but when Fubuki didn't complain and lashed the tip of his cock with her tongue, he didn't even care.

The real Naruto decided to accept Fubuki's invitation. He moved between her legs and lifted her legs up a bit, locking them around his waist as he began to push his cock into the wet tight body of the snow kunoichi. He gave a loud moan of pleasure as he felt her tight walls grip the thickness of his cock. He was going to enjoy this, possibly more than he should.

Fubuki watched as the two moved, working with no real rhythm at all, but for now she wouldn't mind. She took the tip of the Naruto Clone's cock into her mouth began to suck on it, gently scraping the sides with her teeth as she also ran her tongue along the swollen head.

She then used her legs to pull the real Naruto in further, giving a soft groan of pleasure as the boy managed to fill her quite well. Fubuki felt Naruto's hands grab her hips and gave another louder groan as the boy started getting into the grove of and his thrusts became harder and faster.

Naruto gritted his teeth at the tightness and the pleasure he was feeling. He enjoyed the feel of Fubuki's muscular legs wrapped tight around him and had decided something to further Fubuki along. He grabbed her hips and started to pull her into his thrusts, which began to get more erratic. He moved one hand down and be rub at Fubuki's clit, watching her back arch and his Clone getting an even better work out of his cock.

Naruto then unwound Fubuki's legs from around his cock and grabbed her ankles lifting them up towards his Clone's head. From there he changed the positioning cock inside her pussy. While he could no longer thrust as deep, Fubuki felt much tighter around his cock, thus giving an illusion of being thicker than he was.

"Boss, I'm not going to last much longer." His Clone warned out. The sensations were getting to be too much for the Clone.

"That's alright, I don't think Fubuki can last much longer either." The real Naruto said as he picked up his pace, his thighs slapping against Fubuki's ass.

Fubuki sucked harder on the tip of the Clone's cock hearing what it said. Truth be told, the real Naruto was right as well. The new position managed to make the t Blonde's cock slam into her g-spot over and over. She didn't give it away besides the fact her pussy walls were almost milking his cock for his cum.

Fubuki felt that coil signaling her orgasm get tighter and tighter. It finally sprang loose as she let out a small scream of pleasure around the cock in her mouth, which also finally erupted. She swallowed down the cum filling her mouth as the Clone gave it to her.

The real Naruto grit his teeth at the feel of Fubuki's pussy clamped down on his cock. Naruto withdrew himself, hearing Fubuki whimper from the loss. Naruto then his clone back. "Fubuki, move over." The real Naruto said.

Fubuki rolled away watching as the clone of the blonde boy was moved where she had just been. Naruto then motioned for her to move on top of the clone. She straddled the Clone's waist and gave it a grin.

"Please don't pop me." The clone said looking up. He didn't want a premature disappearance because she got a little too rough.

"Oh I'll pop you." Fubuki said taking the thick cock into her pussy giving a low moan. "Just in a much more pleasant way." Fubuki then felt herself get pushed forward a bit, the second Naruto now behind her. "That's it stud, fill me good." Fubuki said looking over her shoulder.

Naruto took her words to heart. He moved for a better angle and pushed his slick cock into her ass. He noticed Fubuki gave a brief wince before she tried to help relaxing her muscles. It was a tight fit; especially considering the fact his clone was also filling her pussy.

Fubuki felt herself speared between both the cocks and was already breathing a little heavier.

"Give me a second you two." She said as she adjusted how she was balancing herself a little more. She also allowed her body to get used to the feeling of being She gave a nod to the two before she began to roll her hips, sliding one out and the other in.

Naruto watched as his clone raised his hips to meet with how Fubuki rolled her hips. Naruto grabbed Fubuki's hips and began to work his length in and out of her. H beginning to pick up speed and power, just as his clone was. Their pace was erratic, with no rhythm and no coordination.

Fubuki's breath got ragged and the real Naruto reached forward grabbing her breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers as he squeezed them. He enjoyed the way they filled and spilled out of his hand. While he didn't mind Ayame's smaller and pert breasts, he enjoyed the larger breasts a bit more. They were just so…awesome.

Unfortunately for both the Clone and the real Naruto, Fubuki couldn't take the pace. "please, stop!" she cried out but they didn't stop. She cried out loud, "While I don't mind pleasure, sex is a partnership. Please work together, so I'm not ravaged before saying anything to you."

Naruto and his clone looked to one another before nodding and beginning to work together better. While the clone was out, Naruto was pushing in. It left Fubuki feeling nice and full and better pleased.

Naruto grabbed Fubuki's hips and began to work faster. For every thrust his clone gave, he was already ahead. When his clone was sheathed inside Fubuki's tight a wondrous pussy, the real Naruto was sheathed inside Fubuki's ass. When the clone was half way out, Naruto was all the way out. It continued like this, being a half step ahead of his clone and it seemed it was a Rhythm Fubuki could work with.

Fubuki's eyes fluttered shut as she panted. The incredible pleasure racked her body, and it was clear body the clone and the real Naruto wouldn't last long with how tight she was. She leaned back into the real Naruto, pulling his head down so she could nibble at his neck. "I wouldn't last much longer." She said.

Naruto began to thrust faster, trying to get to be several steps ahead of his clone. He moved his arms to under Fubuki's breasts and grabbed tight, using the posit more leverage. He felt sweat drip from his blonde locks and onto Fubuki's skin. 'Whoever put me in this game, and made me level up by sex, is a genius.' Naruto thought as he kept working into Fubuki's ass which gave a few spasms every now and then.

"Please, Don't cum inside." Fubuki told both the boys as she rolled her hips with them more. "I'll take it all on my face and tits, just don't cum inside." She said. That coil getting tighter and she could feel the boys tense to try and not release inside her. She wanted to see just how good the blonde really was. She closed her eyes a gripped the bed where her hands ended up being. With a final scream of pleasure, she came arching her back and sheathing both cocks inside her fully.

Naruto pulled out of Fubuki's ass, and helped her off his clone. They both stood on the bed and stroked themselves off, to finish up. The real Naruto went first, his splattered across her forehead first before some landed on her cheek and he finished himself off on her tongue. The clone came second, releasing on her tongue then on her breasts stroking himself quickly.

Naruto was very pleased with this. He took her to the washroom and cleaned her and put her to bed again. Fubuki was overwhelmed by this pleasure and her loyalty transferred to that massive cock. Naruto put his hand on her breast and started to rub it softly and asked, "what is this?" showing the chakra armor.

"It is chakra armor, it is a hidden technology of the snow, it enhances the chakra both defensively and offensively, but none of us can use it perfectly. The perfect user's armor will be invisible protecting him from attacks and it will not have weak points like I had, it requires a huge amount of chakra to infuse it and the one you are holding is the latest model" Fubuki explained everything.

Without a second thought Naruto put the armor in front of him and suddenly an orange chakra was pouring in the round armor. Naruto didn't know what it was and suddenly a big lash happened and it was gone. Fubuki cried with joy, "you are the perfect user". The armor will save you now. You must be someone special.

Naruto was happy too. But he had more queries "What is the significance of the hexagonal crystal". She replied, "Nobody knows except Dotu but I heard that if anyone holds the crystal in front of the full moon it shows its hidden power." Naruto was a bit worried than he realized that, the night was full moon which was only two hours later. By this Naruto was again hard by rubbing her breasts. Naruto started to fuck her again.

Two hours later, Naruto was sitting at the deck of the boat while all other members were living at the coast. Fubuki was kissing his neck passionately while she was locked on her dick. Naruto brought out the crystal. The moon was shining in the sky. He tried to see the moon through the crystal and the miracle happened. He saw a platform surrounded by seven pillars emitting seven colors of light and all directed towards the platform. He saw a women being fucked by a man in whose body he lights were entering but the lady had a torso on which said the snow princess and the man had a torso written the perfect user. The whole story became very clear to Naruto. He asked Fubuki, "where is it?", she gave him the location and Naruto bound her and hid her in her room and started go towards the place.

He plans to go there before it's too late.
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