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Chapter 6: Land of snow: part 3

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Chapter 6: Land of snow: part 3

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Dotu was taking Kyoki to the secret place. She was wearing only an overall and the fake crystal was hanging from her neck. Suddenly she saw a crowd coming towards them and she saw Sandayuu leading the group. She started feeling hope again. When she was taken from Naruto's lap all her dreams were lost. Now she was seeing hope. Her eyes were searching for Naruto. He was nowhere near. Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke was charging forward.

Dotu decided to waste no more time. He ordered Nadare and Mizore to wipeout everyone. But Kakashi had it planned out. To defeat them he needs Taijutsu. Nothing else will work on them. Dotu moved forward with the princess. When he reached the place he saw the platform surrounded by seven pillars and when he reached the platform he saw the hexagonal shaped vacancy. He understood this the spot. Kyoki was bound so she could not do anything. Dotu took the crystal and suddenly his anger was sky-high. He shouted to Kyoki where is the real one.

No one Dotu's team was aware of Naruto as they never saw him. But he understood there is something mysterious, Kyoki was not courageous enough to change the crystal.

"looking for this?" Dotu saw a blonde shouting. Kyoki was laughing with joy. Dotu relieved his overall and Naruto saw a black armor same as Fubuki and he understood, he was not a perfect user. He attacked Naruto with all his might. He used Hyoton. But it didn't affect Naruto. He was astonished. Dotu attacked with Taijutsu and Naruto could not bear with it and fell. Dotu took over the real crystal and used it.

Dotu was hoping for some great weapon and also rainbow chakra. He was watching the pillars glowing in seven colors and he understood that the machine was a generator. He never knew the significance of rainbow chakra. However, he decided to try the prophecy of crystal. He lifted Kyoki and relieved her of the overall. He bit her nipple and he heard, move away, you bustard. Dotu left Kyoki there and ran towards Naruto to hit him. Naruto knew what to do.

He shouted, "Shuriken kage bushin no jutsu". Thousands of shuriken hit Dotu and his armor became damaged. Naruto knew that he won. He went towards the princess hugged her.

"Your country is free princess" Naruto ensured her.

"Naruto, you saved me again, how can I repay you?" she replied.

"I want the rainbow chakra princess and you know its requirements" Naruto explained with a smile.

Kyoki was dying to have him inside her. She blushed and said, "I am all yours, take me anyway way you want me"

With no delay Naruto moved towards her and cut his bond and placed her on the platform carefully. Naruto crushed her lips to his and began to grope and squeeze her breasts and Koyuki wrapped her arms around his back and returned the kiss while moaning into the kiss. Koyuki whimpered as Naruto pressed his hands on her ample orbs of flesh and began caressing them together. Koyuki lowly moaned at this and kept her hands on Naruto's back while he kneaded her breasts together. He sank his fingers deeply into the orbs of flesh and smothered them. Naruto smiled at Koyuki's lovely blushing face and rubbed the mounds together.

He squeezed them and planted his lips on her nipples. He suckled her tits as they began to grow harder from his persistent licking and she gasped at the pleasurable sensation as she held his head against her bosom while arching her back and pressing her breasts into his face, giving him all that she had to offer while urging him to continue.

"He really knows how to please a woman." Koyuki thought to herself as Naruto continued to pleasure her. She closed her eyes and whimpered as Naruto's lips worked on her aroused breasts. Naruto endlessly rubbed Koyuki's orbs of flesh and rubbed them together vigorously. He took his mouth off Koyuki's breasts and still kept them together as his tongue flickered them. Koyuki moaned as this while Naruto started licking her neck and continued to squeeze her breasts together.

Naruto's tongue smoothly rubbed on Koyuki's neck as he caressed her mounds and she gripped the platform as a result. He tenderly nibbled her neck and she moaned as his fingers massaged her orbs intently. His canines grazed on Koyuki as he buried his fingers into the mounds and groped them. Naruto began to rub them together again while started to teasingly brush his length against her folds.

Koyuki moaned at how stiff Naruto's cock felt on her womanhood and she began to grow wet from his teasing as her breasts were squeezed and his length prodded her folds. He kneaded the orbs of flesh and molded them roughly; completely enjoying the softness of them. Koyuki mewled loudly at this as Naruto groped her breasts lustfully and squeezed them. Naruto toyed with the mounds and swirled his thumbs around her erect tits.

Next, his member was directly in front of Koyuki's entrance and he still fondled her breasts simultaneously. The handsome blonde rubbed his length on Koyuki's womanhood as she turned wet on the inside from and Naruto sensed this. As she moaned, her legs began to quake with arousal and she began grinding her hips onto his almost begging him to enter her.

Naruto smirked at this as he continued to tease the lovely actress in an attempt to make her want him even more and Naruto finished licking Koyuki's neck after leaving a hickey. Next, he reached down and started rubbing his fingers on her folds. Koyuki moaned at this before Naruto lowered his head down to her pussy and spread her walls apart. He stared at the wetness inside of her and licked his lips as he kept rubbing his fingers on her folds.

Naruto began licking her clit as he wriggled his fingers on her folds and she whimpered at this. Naruto rubbed his fingers on Koyuki's womanhood and worked his tongue on her clit. The dark-haired woman's blush remained on her face as Naruto's tongue rubbed on her clit while his fingers brushed the spaces of her folds. The blonde man prodded his fingers on her womanhood and began to lick her folds. He traced them with his tongue and her insides became soaked. Koyuki looked down as Naruto licked her pussy and stroked her pussy before his fingers entered her body. The young actress continued moaning as Naruto's fingers rubbed against her insides and squirmed on her walls. Naruto brought his head up to Koyuki's toned stomach and began kissing her navel.

She squeezed her eyes shut and began to pant as Naruto wildly began to drag his tongue on navel and work his fingers inside of her pussy. With him kissing her stomach, his fingers brushed on her innards and the lustful smirk remained on his face. Naruto pressed his lips on the center of Koyuki's slender stomach and began smooching it intently. Koyuki's legs cringed as Naruto's lips kissed her stomach and he licked the highly toned area as he fingered her insides.

With his free hand, Naruto reached up and palmed Koyuki's perky breast. He sank his fingers into it as he began to grope it and his plan of doing so to make the snow actress wetter on the inside was succeeding. Naruto buried his fingers into the softness of the pliable orb and massaged it. Koyuki whimpered as Naruto groped her breast and rubbed his fingers on her insides.

He kneaded the orb of flesh and massaged it. Naruto kept digging his fingers into Koyuki's tunnels and brushed them against her warmth. Koyuki in an act of pure arousal and lust suddenly found herself fondling her other breast and beginning to sensuously rub her clit. The result was her levels of wetness rising and she moaned all the while as Naruto sank his hand into the softness of her breast

She wriggled her fingers on her clit as Naruto removed his fingers from her womanhood and spread her folds apart. He began licking into them and Koyuki moa slight protest when he removed his hand from her breast to keep her folds spread. Naruto licked into her pussy and his tongue swayed inside of her body.

Naruto tasted Koyuki's wetness as she groped her mound and brushed his tongue against her wetness. He rubbed his thumbs on her clit with her help and worked his tongue inside of her. Koyuki's wetness was tasted by Naruto's lustful tongue and she moaned loudly all the while. Naruto's tongue teased Koyuki's wetness and his tongue wagged against her walls.

Naruto's tongue slithered inside of Koyuki's crevices and licked her tunnels. Soon, Koyuki let out a final moan as she came onto Naruto's tongue and his tongue was surrounded by total arousal. Koyuki's fluids streamed out of her pussy and onto Naruto's tongue. He licked them as Koyuki panted and rested for a while.

The lovely actress then watched as Naruto put his lower body over Koyuki's chest and she smirked at him as she opened her mouth. She accepted Naruto's member as it entered her mouth and she squeezed her breasts on it. He moaned lustfully at the feeling as he began to pump his member into both her mouth and cleavage.

Koyuki's warm mouth lustfully sucked on Naruto's length as he ran it into her mouth and the dark-haired woman let out muffled moans. Koyuki held her breasts together on Naruto's cock and he thrust into the soft mounds. She swirled her tongue around the top of Naruto's length and sucked on it, enjoying his taste.

Naruto gripped the area next to Koyuki's shoulders and held onto it as he jetted his erection through her breasts. Koyuki squeezed her ample breasts together on Naruto's stiffness as it pounded into her breasts and he moaned at the softness of them. Koyuki worked her mouth on Naruto's length and soaked it with her saliva. She rubbed her breasts on his hilt and squished them together on it.

Naruto released the platform and gripped Koyuki's tits. He began to tweak them as he rocketed his length into her cleavage and kept his smirk on his face. The blonde rammed his cock into Koyuki's mouth and she let out muffled moans of pleasure as he toyed with her nipples. Koyuki smothered her breasts together on Naruto's length as her tongue smoothly licked the head of it and she moaned in ecstasy at the taste.

The warmth of Koyuki's mouth pleased Naruto as she kneaded her heaving bosom on his length and he moaned with lust. He palmed Koyuki's breasts and helped her stroke his cock with them. The mounds bounced on his length and jerked him off. Naruto's hilt was smothered by Koyuki's breasts and she continued to stir her tongue around it before it started twitching inside of her mouth.

She realized Naruto was about to release his semen and held her breasts together on his length. He moaned as his release neared and continued to charge his length into the actress's mouth. A while later, Naruto came into Koyuki's mouth and the release was so strong that her eyes grew large at how much cum was in her mouth. Koyuki gulped down as much semen as possible before Naruto removed his length from inside her mouth and she smirked at him as she stroked it a final time with her breasts, purring lustfully as he came onto her face as a result. He took his member from between Koyuki's breasts as he got off of her as she sensuously wiped the semen off her face and licked it off her fingers.

"Hey Naruto-kun." Koyuki said with excitement on her face, the rainbow chakra started to infuse with him. Naruto was so eager to open the book now. He was feeling awesome. He could now gain kekkai genkai. Naruto was happy that this happened. He planned to take both Fubuki and Kyoki back to Konoha.

Kyoki was waiting and Naruto nodded before forming a hand sign and the girl raised her eyes in amusement as a shadow clone appeared next to her.

"Didn't see that one coming, you are turning a princess into a prostitute." Kyoki said with an amused grin as she straddled the real Naruto backwards and she spread her legs apart before lowering herself onto his cock and her warmth took in his length.

Even with her hymen broken, Koyuki did her best to ignore the pain and bucked her hips. Naruto moaned as Koyuki worked her hips together to grind his hardness and she continued to blush while moaning in pleasure. She placed her hands on her knees for balance and wiggled her hips. He grinned and replied by sending his member up into Kyoki's innards. She turned her head and gave him a playful smirk.

Koyuki shook her hips on Naruto's erection and he smirked as he gripped her waist and began pounding into her harder. Koyuki mewled in pleasure at the change of pace as she slammed her lips against his and her tongue forced its way into his mouth.

Cerulean eyes shined against dark ones while Naruto vigorously rammed his stiffness into Koyuki's pussy and she noticed the clone standing in front of her. Koyuki smirked as she figured out what he wanted and she wrapped her fingers around the clone's stiff manhood. Naruto banged and thrashed his length into Koyuki's inner caverns as she continued to wiggle her hips to match his thrusts while she stroked the clone's length and pleasured both of them.

Her perky breasts bounced and jiggled freely while she pumped the clone's hardness. She brought her womanhood down on Naruto's glory and she moaned into his mouth as his tongue clashed against her own. "Koyuki-chan's good at this, it's almost like she's done this a thousand times before." Naruto thought to himself while holding onto Koyuki's small waist and his erection hit against her womanhood.

The clone moaned as the dark-haired woman pulled on his length while stroking the original's face. Naruto released Koyuki's waist and reached up to cup her breasts. She groaned as he started fondling them and the clone smirked at this. Koyuki broke the kiss with Naruto and started licking the clone's member.

First, she started off by licking the head of it and slowly stroked her tongue on the emerging foreskin. The clone grinned pervertedly as Koyuki stirred her tongue around him and blew on him. Naruto caressed and toyed with the lovely actress's breasts while rocketing his erection into her aroused tunnels. It rumbled her innards and she licked the clone's length in response before palming his balls.

She bounced them in her hand and opened her mouth. The clone placed his length inside and Koyuki began sucking on it. Her tongue rubbed on it as her saliva both drenched and added to the warmness it felt. The clone carefully thrust his hardness into her mouth and Naruto shot his erection into Koyuki's pussy.

Naruto's erection pounded into Koyuki's womanhood and his duplicate's hardness shot into her mouth. Her free hand stroked the second blonde's manhood as it charged forward and he groaned. Koyuki moaned as she felt Naruto's hardness beginning to grow inside of her warmth and her walls were becoming tighter due to his powerful thrusts and persistent groping of her breasts.

He gripped her nipples and lightly pinched her bobbing tits. She groaned at this while he lovingly smiled once more and laid back. Koyuki's ass smacked against Naruto's lap as he thrust his erection into her wetness and with the clone involved, the sounds of flesh clashing were louder than any of his previous rounds with the other two women.

Just then, Koyuki's pussy constricted Naruto's cock and she moaned as his cum filled up every inch of her stomach to the point of blasting out of her warmth. The second Naruto loudly moaned as his cock imploded inside of Koyuki's mouth and her mouth was once again turned into a pool of cum.

Both of the white substances drained out of her and dripped onto the bed. She groaned as Naruto and his replica freed their impressive lengths from her orifices and Koyuki and the two blondes rested on the bed for a moment to catch their breaths. Once they had caught their wind, Koyuki smirked as she got on her hands and knees and looked back at the two clones with that same naughty smirk on her face.

Naruto looked at the clone and nodded. The clone hungrily licked his lips and had a feral look in his eyes as he got behind Koyuki and began to tease her by rubbing his cock on her folds. Koyuki shivered at the feeling before the clone entered her and she moaned loudly as he gripped her hips and began to thrust. Koyuki moaned as she noticed the real Naruto in front of her, his manhood right in front of his face and Koyuki smiled before she opened her mouth and placed it over his cock to begin swirling her tongue on his erection. Naruto smiled and moaned in pleasure as he reached forward to cup and begin playing with her jiggling breasts.

The clone soon let go of Koyuki's hips and snaked his hands underneath her ample chest and began to assist the real Naruto in fondling the lovely actress's breasts. Koyuki yet out muffled moans of pleasure as her nails dug into the mattress and her body felt like it was on fire from the intense pleasure the two blondes were speedily giving her.

Koyuki's body rocked back and forth as the clone's member charged into her tightness and she continued to suck off the real Naruto's member. Koyuki bopped her head up and down on the real Naruto's member as he slowly and carefully thrust into his mouth. Naruto moaned as her tongue stirred slowly and teasingly on Naruto's member and the vibrations of her throat as she moaned from the clone pounding into her only added to the pleasure he felt.

Koyuki's eyes rolled into the far back of her skull in ecstasy as the two blondes continued tag-teaming her and with the pleasure her body felt, she felt as if she was going insane, her mind and will slowly slipping away into orgasmic oblivion as the pleasure she felt was slowly taking control of her senses from the clone's relentless pounding into her womb and the real Naruto's careful thrusting into her mouth with both of them still fondled her perky breasts.

The two blondes continued their sexual onslaught on Koyuki's body before her walls tightened on the clone's cock and she moaned as loud as possible before the clone released inside of her filling up every last inch of space inside her womb, and at that moment the real Naruto released into Koyuki's mouth and she gulped down his release as the two blondes pulled out of her and the trio rested on the platform.

Almost a few seconds later Koyuki was riding on the real Naruto's cock while the clone was thrusting into her mouth. But this time a third clone joined in on the fun and was currently thrusting into her ass. Koyuki's eyes were completely white and she felt like she was in heaven from the pleasure she was feeling from having all three of her orifices pounded into.

The first clone slid in and out of her ass, its thrusts hard and deep and the second began to thrust into her mouth. The real Naruto under her began to bounce Koyuki up and down a little bit, slowly finding a rhythm to the fucking they were beginning to give Koyuki. Naruto even grabbed Koyuki's perky breasts and squeezed them tight, digging his fingers into the soft flesh before he leaned up to suck on the snow actress's nipples.

Koyuki moaned a little bit, feeling the three blondes experiment and get into a rhythm. The feeling of her breasts began squeezed and sucked on felt wonderful. How her mind hadn't gone completely insane from the pleasure she was feeling, she didn't know. Koyuki pressed her hips both backwards and downwards in alternating fashion to try and get both the Naruto's to go a little bit faster.

She reached down with one hand and pressed it into the real Naruto's hair, forcing him to take more of her breast into her mouth. Koyuki felt a shudder go through her as she kept sucking on the second clone's cock. She gave a little yelp though as she felt her ass get smacked and she wiggled her hips a bit to entice another strike on her skin. She was not disappointed when she felt a hand strike her ass again.

The first clone grabbed Koyuki's shoulder with one hand and began to thrust harder and faster inside of her body, feeling her slowly getting used to the full feeling she was undoubtedly experiencing. It was good, he wanted to fuck her senseless and he was steadily picking up the pace to keep giving her the experience she deserved to have.

The clone in her mouth steadily fucked her mouth, giving her his cock like he would do at another hole and Koyuki had to keep a lot of focus on the clone to make sure she still sucked on the thick cock. The real Naruto under her was thrusting up vigorously, and Naruto could tell an orgasm was building inside of her.

Koyuki was breathing heavier, pushing herself back against the clone and the real Naruto more and more. Her eyes were closed and she could feel sweat slowly sliding down her forehead. She was getting closer to her third orgasm and something told her it would be more powerful than the previous two. She fondled the balls of the clone she was sucking on a little bit, reaching up with her free hand to do so.

Koyuki gave a whine of pleasure as she felt the blonde inside of her body thrusting against a particularly sensitive spot and she eagerly met each and every thrust head on to feel the pleasure of having that spot struck once more. She could feel it building inside of her, begging to be let out.

The real Naruto under her let out a loud moan of pleasure before he released inside of her, making Koyuki closed eyes open in surprise and pleasure. Her eyes went white and she felt like she had been hit by a runaway train as the three blondes released at the same time filling up all three of her orifices.

The two clones dispelled as Koyuki fell off of Naruto and onto the platform beside Naruto. The rainbow chakra completed its flow and the snow started to melt and it started to change into spring. Kyoki was mesmerized by the view. She again kissed Naruto.

"Put on the overall princess, everyone will be here soon." Naruto said.

Kyoki put on the overall and at the same time Sakura came running, "You did it Naruto, you did it." Kakashi and Sasuke reached their also.

Kakashi said, "It's yours to rule princess".

"Sandayuu, you will rule the Land of Spring, I am willing to advise from Konoha if Naruto takes me there."

Naruto was more than happy. So they returned their journey. Naruto came back home with Fubuki and Kyoki. Hiruzen Sarutobi, The Third Hokage had problems with that. He decided to deal with it after Naruto's next mission. Naruto knew in his mind, he started his harem.

At that night, Ayame brought dinner for all of them and Naruto had an awesome session with all three of them one by one. Three of them were sleeping in the same bed. Naruto woke up and opened his book.

CONGRATULATIONS You had sex with Fubuki +300 points, You had sex with Kyoki +200 points, You collected Chakra armor +50 points, You Infused Rainbow chakra +100 points. Naruto's leveled jump from 2 to 4. All his stats also increased. He turned over to check those.

Naruto Stats:

· Acrobatics: 22+10=31

· Chakra Control: 17+10=27

· Chakra Levels: 32+10=42

· Endurance: 22+10=32

· Intelligence: 17+10=27

· Luck: 22+10=32

· Reflexes: 22+10=32

· Speed: 22+10=32

· Strength: 32+10=42

· Knowledge: 12+10=22

· Courage: 17+10=27

· Sex Appeal: 22+10=32

· Scientist: 5+10=15

· Wealth: 10+10=10

He was happy with the improvements. He turned over to skill page.


· Archery: 00 points.

· Bojutsu: 00 Points.

· Earth Elemental manipulation: 00 points.

· Fire Elemental Manipulation: 00 points.

· Genjutsu: 00 points.

· Kenjutsu: 10 points.

· Lightning Elemental Manipulation: 00 points.

· Lying: 20+10 points.

· Medical Jutsu: 00 points.

· Ninja Master: 20+5 points.

· Ninjutsu: 20 points.

· Sealing: 00 points.

· Senjutsu: 00 points.

· Sexual Aura: 20+10 points.

· Taijutsu: 25 points.

· Water Elemental Manipulation:0+10 points.

· Wind Elemental Manipulation: 0+10 points.

· Healing Factor: 25+5 points.

· Massaging: 00 points.

· Stealth: 10+5 points.

· Summoning: 00 points

· Crafting: 00 points.

· Haggling: 00 points.

· Knife Fighting: 0+10 points.

· Pick Pocketing: 0+15 points.

· Summoning: 00 points,

· Cooking: 10 Points.

· Forging: 00 Points.

· Medicine Making: 00 Points.

· Throwing: 20 points.

· Trap Making: 00.

He fought with ice ninjas so his wind and water manipulation increased. He changed the crystal so his pick pocketing and lying also increased and his medical jutsu for saving Kyoki. He turned over the page to see the achievements.


· Lost Virginity.

· Became Shinobi.

· Has sex with a kunoichi.

· Has chakra armor and rainbow chakra.

He turned over and saw the weapons page.


· Ninja start and kunai.

He turned over to the collection page.


· Chakra armor (perfect user).

He turned over again to see the perks page.


· Lord of Harem (Naruto can start a harem now and include girls in his Harem).

· Food Freak (locked), requirements: have sex with Ayame twice, take Ayame to your harem.

· Rainbow man (Can gain kekkai genkai); requirements: have sex with Kyoki at the platform

· Chakra man (Can use the chakra armor regularly); requirements: have sex with Fubuki, collect chakra armor.




Naruto was happy that nothing was missed in this mission. He is waiting eagerly as he saw some perks which is yet to achieve and they are very powerful. He turned over to the trophy page last.


· Lady Killer: Had first sex; 200 points; sex appeal (+10 points), Sexual Aura (+10 points).

· Princess Hunter: Had sex with a princess; sex appeal (+10 points), Sexual Aura (+10 points).

· Bronze Harem: Started Harem and had sex with three women; sex appeal (+20 points), Sexual Aura (+20 points)

· Chakra Boy: Can use chakra armor. (Chakra: +20 points, Chakra control: +20 points, strength: +20 points, speed: +20 points).

· Rainbow boy: Have rainbow chakra (luck, courage, endurance, intelligence +20 points).

Naruto's level was near to upgrade. Soon he will reach to achieve upgrade in individual skills also. Naruto went to sleep happily surrounded by three beautiful naked ladies.
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