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Chapter 7: Land of waves: Part 1

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Chapter 7: Land of waves: Part 1

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Naruto woke up the next day. All of them were still in bed. He went to see the Third Hokage. It was the meeting about Kyoki and Fubuki.

"You need to send them back, Naruto." The old man said.

"it's not possible, I need them." He replied.

"Why do you need women in such an age? The villagers will also suspect your activity. I can't allow it in the village. If you want them, you have to make your residence hidden in jungle beside the village." Hiruzen suggested.

"I would need a very good carpenter for that, where will I get them in this moment? Naruto replied angrily.

"Your next mission is in land of waves, hire someone from there." The old man said and he called in Kakashi for details of the mission. They have to protect Tazuna along the way to the land of waves. They started the journey with the team 7.

On the verge of the Konohagakure two shinobi attacked them and Sasuke and Kakashi defended against them easily. But real threat came when Zabuza Momoichi showed up with his Kubikiribocho (One of seven shinobi swords of Mist). Kakashi explained the rouge ninja as an expert of silent killing. Kakashi opened his Sharingan. This was going to be an extraordinary Fight.

At a point Kakashi was imprisoned by water prison jutsu. Naruto's clever idea of transforming himself to demon shuriken saved Kakashi from the imprisonment. Sakura was astonished to see the change in Naruto. He was extremely good in every sector even better than Sasuke in some events. Kakashi started copying Zabuza. Both of them created the water clone jutsu and attacked each other. Zabuza the yelled, Water style: Water dragon jutsu. As did Kakashi. They were almost equal opponents. Naruto can't but intervene.

Naruto shouted, "Shuriken kage bushin no jutsu". Zabuza didn't expect that many kunai. He was wounded from the attack. Sasuke and Sakura was amazed by his improvements. Suddenly a masked face appeared. He threatened the team. Sasuke was jealous of Naruto and decided to fight against that masked face.

Zabuza said, "you are here Haku, now win is guaranteed".

Haku shouted, "Water Style: Thousand needle of death". Sasuke dodged it somehow. Then came the real attack.

Haku shouted, "Ice element: Demonic mirroring ice crystals". A lot of mirrors surrounded Sasuke and Haku started hitting Sasuke so fast that normal eyes couldn't even see it. Sasuke was near to death. Naruto was very angry but he felt there is no intent of killing. Naruto intervened. He used his special shuriken jutsu but it didn't work. Haku tried to attack him but it was not strong enough to beat his chakra armor. Suddenly his anger initiated a flow of nine tails chakra and Haku couldn.t cope with that.

Haku escaped suddenly with Zabuza. No one was able to follow but due to Naruto's training he was able to trace them so he followed them a long way.

A long way from the battle place Naruto saw a beautiful girl collecting medicinal herbs. Naruto got close to her and recognized her scents, it was none other than Haku. Her ice element amazed him. He decided to seduce her first.

He silently used a chop on her neck and she fainted. He lifted her and gone to abandoned house that he marked earlier. He took her to a room.

Naruto created two clones to set up silencing seals on the room while he pulled out a storage scroll. He really wasn't happy about her trying to kill him. So this was also an opportunity for him to do a few things he had always wanted to, use a few things he hadn't been able to yet. Either way, he was using Haku however he wanted to this night.

Haku came to in a daze. What had happened? Feeling her wrists restrained, Haku looked around. Her wrists were restrained between two pieces of wood. A Stock. She turned her head to see that besides her pink vest, she was still dressed. She was however bent partly over a table, and her ankles were also fastened down by something. The result was an uncomfortable position where she was being bent over. She could only raise her torso halfway up before the stock around her wrists stopped her. What the hell was going on?

"Good to see you are awake," a voice called out. She looked up to see a blonde with blue eyes resting on a bed. He had orange pants on, but was shirtless, showing a surprisingly muscled torso.

Her eyes widened as she recalled him.

"I'm going to fucking kill you this time," Haku snarled. In her mind it was clear. He must have been targeting her from the start. She finally snorted as she looked away, "You became an obstacle to my master's mission."

"Well that sucks for you then. See I wasn't really mad at you until you hurt Sasuke" Naruto told her sharply.

"Well that sucks for you. You can't do anything to me or else I'll be a less useful asset if you don't know where Zabuza is" Haku replied with certainty.

Naruto just snorted and claimed, "You think he fucking care. I told you, he was just using you for his advantage. He took you in because of your kekkai genkai. That's he is near and he will not try to save you. "

Haku felt herself start worrying now. If that was true, then she was in trouble. She had assumed she had simply been kidnapped. If that had been the case, then she would have been somewhat safe till she was rescued by Zabuza, he could hear her screaming that she knows. It also became a taste of faith.

Seeing her realize her situation, Naruto continued, "So you finally realize. You are at my mercy. Luckily for you, I'm not a savage, If you come with me and pledge your loyalty to me then I will go easy on you."

Haku stared in confusion for a moment before realizing what he had said before. She quickly exclaimed, "Like hell I'd do that!"

"Too bad that you really don't have a choice," Naruto commented as he gestured to her current position. He then continued speaking to the paling Haku, "If not to me, you will pledge your loyalty to my dick."

"If you touch me, I'll kill you," Haku snarled.

Naruto just shrugged and replied flippantly, "You were going to kill me before, might as well get some fun in the meantime."

Naruto then started circling the restrained kunoichi as he studied her. He finally commented, "You wear really unflattering clothing, don't you?" Haku just glared at him, so he continued, "Even without that ugly vest I took off, it is still rather unflattering. You have a really cute face and really beautiful hairs. Naruto tried to insult her but in reality he was flattered by her beauty.

"Fuck off!" Haku declared in response to his question.

Naruto shrugged and went behind her. His hand then strayed to her butt. Haku stiffened at the touch. Naruto's hand massaged one of her cheeks for several moments before he said, "I think I'll have to remove it all before I can get a better opinion of your body."

His hand then caught the back of her bluish-green skirt and pulled it down over her rump. She squawked at the action, but Naruto ignored her. He looked at her ass, but then had to pull down her fishnet stockings since they were in the way. With both her skirt and stockings pulled down just below her ass, Naruto could now look upon her panty clad ass.

"You may be one of those kunoichi look badass and drop dead sexy at the same time," Naruto easily stated as if he wasn't currently massaging her ass while she was being restrained in stocks. He then continued, "So now let's see what you got up top."

Naruto pulled out a kunai and started cutting her top off. Naruto rolled his eyes. She seemed to be quite calm despite him planning on ravishing her tonight. He ignored her though in favor of removing her shirt. He tossed away the scraps and looked back at her.

She wrapped her chest. Was it because she was on a mission or did she just dislike bras? He then moved on to the rest of her exposed torso. She was very slender. Basically as thin as she could get without being considered downright skinny. Her waist was thin, and her stomach was smooth. Naruto's hand slowly ran across her exposed stomach, drawing a shiver from her. It then alighted on one of the bumps being covered by the wraps. Damn, she really wrapped herself thick. Using his kunai again. Naruto cut away the wrapping around her chest.

Haku gasped as he finished cutting the wrappings covering her breasts away. After removing them, Naruto took the time to examine her chest. Without her wrappings she could be called large. Her small nipples were a brownish pink color, and were surprisingly already hard.

He positioned himself behind the bent over woman and then positioned his hands on her breasts. She stiffened, but didn't make any noise. Naruto weighted them and then squeezed them a few times to get a feel for them. Haku couldn't hold in a whimper when he tweaked her nipples. Hearing it, Naruto commented, "I guess you have particularly sensitive breasts? Good to know. I'll definitely take advantage of that fact."

Haku didn't reply, but her mind was running. Naruto definitely had experience. So far he was just giving her pleasure. When he had been massaging her butt earlier. His hand lightly tracing her stomach. Even his hungry and intense stare was sending shivers through her. Not to mention he was handling her breasts like an expert, and her breasts really were sensitive. That is why she made sure to thoroughly wrap them. It all was starting to turn her on.

Naruto just chuckled in amusement. He had detected the slight tremble in her body when he had lightly pinched her nipples when she had been talking. She was feeling it. Naruto punctuated his ending by running a finger in between her legs, and showing that her panties had dampened.

Haku simply reddened slightly and didn't respond. Naruto didn't care though and just chuckled as he slid backwards till he was looking at her ass again. His finger kept massaging the growing wet spot in her panties. After a moment his other hand grasped the back of her panties and pulled them down to right below her ass where they joined her skirt and stockings. He then bent down and lowered the three pieces of clothing down even further, till they dropped to her bound ankles.

He then used his crouched down position to look at her now exposed behind. Her bent over state gave him a great view of her toned ass cheeks, vagina, and even anus. She was clean shaved. Also, despite the fact that her outer lips were swelling due to her arousal, the opening was very tight and an untouched pink. So that indicated that she likely didn't even masturbate.

"Looks like you are surprisingly pure for someone who made the promise that you did earlier, even if you were lying. I'm looking forward to ruining this untouched pussy," Naruto said with a chuckle.

He then used his two hands to spread her outer lips, clearly displaying her untouched pussy to him. Haku could feel his gaze right on her most private area, and quickly protested in embarrassment, "S-Stop staring at me!"

"Alright, I'll stop just looking," Naruto said with a chuckle. He then leaned in and gave her a lick. Haku squeaked in surprise before managing to clamp her mouth shut. She just shivered as Naruto's tongue ran over her sensitive opening.

After thirty seconds Naruto pulled his head back. He never did like performing oral too much, but he could make exceptions occasionally. However, Haku had stopped reacting. He wasn't going to do this if she didn't even feel it. Straightening, Naruto started massaging her ass as he started speaking, "This is your last chance to apologize for what you did earlier. I'll be fucking you, no matter what, but it will decide whether I'm nice about it or not."

Haku didn't reply immediately. She had finally managed to prepare herself for the pleasure he had been giving her. There wasn't anything he could do to her that would make her forget her pride and apologize. So she told him stiffly, "I won't. You were in the way of my master's mission.

"I see," Naruto said regretfully. He then brought both hands down on her ass, hard enough that his hands stung.

Haku yelped at the flash of pain. What the hell? Why was he hurting her now? Her only answer was her ass being spanked again, drawing another cry from her. She had managed to prepare herself to endure pleasure, and now he was hurting her. It wasn't fair. She had been ready for him.

Naruto lifted his hands to her breasts, and twisted her nipples somewhat roughly. Haku whimpered at the slight pain. Naruto let go and circled around till he was in front of her head. She tried to glare at him, but it was weakened by the tears gathering in her eyes. Naruto ignored her though in favor of dropping his pants. He still had his boxers, but they were struggling to hold back his hard on. The boxers soon dropped to reveal his member to Haku. She looked at it shock and fear.

Naruto grabbed it and pumped it a few times in front of Haku as he declared to her, "I just want you to see this. I'll be using this to destroy your pussy and ass. I'm going to make sure to keep going till no other dick will ever satisfy you."

Haku listened to his words while looked at his large dick. Naruto raised an eyebrow when her head started to move towards it. It looked like she was going to try and suck it, but Naruto had to move away when she tried to bite it.

Naruto gave her a backhand in response. It was too soft to cause any bruising or swelling, but enough to hurt. He then told her, "You shouldn't have done that."

Naruto then moved around her till he was behind her again. He then rubbed the tip of his dick against her moist folds, drawing a few whimpers from Haku. Then with one thrust he buried six inches in her. Haku let out a scream of pain as Naruto felt his dick break through a barrier.

Naruto looked in shock as blood started flowing out of her cunt. A hymen? That is impossible. Like literally. The kunoichi lifestyle is too active and physically strenuous for a hymen to last. Maybe a green genin might still have a hymen if she really hasn't trained physically much, but a jonin level like Haku. It is about as unlikely as Naruto going a year without ramen. It just doesn't happen.

Naruto immediately demanded, "How is it that you have a hymen? It should be impossible. This explains why she screamed when he had thrust in. A hymen thick enough to take the rigors of a kunoichi lifestyle. That no doubt really hurt to break, not to mention he had shoved six inches of his thick tool inside her untouched pussy in one stroke. That probably hurt like hell.

Naruto frowned and pushed himself further into her as punishment. Haku gasped as she felt him push deeper into her. God, there was more! She already felt like she was being split in half. She was almost too scared to turn her head around, but she still did. She immediately regretted it as she saw at least four more inches outside of her. She just looked away and gritted her teeth as she felt depths she didn't even know she had been violated by the largest dick she had ever seen. Her fingernails cut into her palms as she felt pain from her inner walls being stretched more than she thought possible.

Naruto didn't even bother to be gentle as he pushed into her with his hands gripping her hips. The only hamper was how ridiculously tight she was. Naruto had never had someone this tight. His dick felt like it was being squeezed to death. Luckily he was literally rock hard, allowing him to continue muscle himself into her. At nine inches though the tip of his member touched her cervix. Naruto frowned slightly before he withdrew two inches. He then jabbed it in, with the tip once again hitting the cervix at nine inches, this time with much more force. Haku yelped when he did. Naruto ignored her though, instead repeating the action several more times with the same result. He could only fit in nine inches. Her tightness made up for the decreased amount he could fit in her. Naruto instead started to thrust steadily into her, with his dick pounding against the entrance to her womb each time.

Haku couldn't hold in the strangled cry as Naruto pounded into her. Her entire pussy was aflame from the discomfort and pain of being stretched so much and then being fucked so roughly. Every thrust also had his hips collide with her stinging butt cheeks. Not to mention the repeating flash of pain and pressure every time his dick collided with her cervix. He seemed bound and determined to fit himself into her womb, and at this rate he was going to succeed no matter how much pain it caused her. She was definitely going to be sore tomorrow.

The first few minutes were almost entirely pain as Naruto used her body, but Haku soon found a growing sense of pleasure from the friction between his thrusting dick and her inner walls. She soon couldn't hold in a scream as she felt herself climax. Her pussy clenched down around Naruto, who actually stopped thrusting.

Naruto had to stop thrusting when he felt her clench around him. It was so tight that even he couldn't keep thrusting. So he paused for twenty seconds till she came down from her high. He then spanked her ass and declared, "Look at you, cumming already, I'm not even trying to make it pleasant for you yet."

Haku was too exhausted to offer any protest. The smallest bit of pleasure mixing with the pain had been enough to send her over the edge. She did groan though when Naruto started thrusting again. She was still sensitive from the orgasm, and it was causing the pleasure he was causing her to rise again.

Naruto churned inside Haku with a grin. He lifted his right hand to her shoulder and pushed her torso down till her chest was pressed against the table. This new position allowed him to pound against her cervix even harder. He also sped up his pace, her tightness finally forcing his own release to approach.

Haku cried out as she was overcome with pleasure and pain. She felt herself once again orgasm, her walls tightening around his dick. Only this time he didn't stop thrusting, prolonging her orgasm.

Naruto snarled as he continued pumping, it taking actual effort to keep thrusting into the tight cunt he was buried in. He soon reached his limit and thrust himself as deep inside of her as possible, forcing his tip against her cervix. He managed to force it open just enough to ejaculate straight into her womb. Naruto stayed as deep as possible all through his orgasm, making sure to send all his semen into her womb.

Haku stayed in orgasmic high for several moments, but soon came down. She then felt the liquid heat inside her most precious area. Her head snapped around to see Naruto still buried in her.

Haku tried to calculate to herself. She never had to worry about this situation, since she wasn't allowed to engage in sexual relations with anyone. She wasn't sure if she was safe. She could be off as much as three days either way. She paled as she considered the possibility of becoming pregnant.

Naruto saw this, but didn't care. He just buried himself in her cunt once again, drawing a whimper from Haku. He then leaned forward to whisper in her ear, "This isn't nearly over. I'm not going to stop till you are fucked unconscious. Maybe not even then."

Naruto then straightened and started to thrust again. This time at a faster pace. Her pussy was soon making wet squelching sounds as he fucked her. Haku just tried to hold in her pleasured cries. After ten minutes, Naruto lifted his hands from her hips to her torso. He pulled her up as much as his restraints would allow. His hands then started fondling her breasts, causing her to let out pleasurable whimpers. Especially when he started tweaking and pinching her nipples.

Naruto kept it up for another twenty minutes, till he felt his balls tighten. He grunted out, "I'm about to cum."

"O-Outside. Please do it outside," Haku weakly begged him.

Haku tried to protest, but Naruto leaned forward and silence her by kissing her. As Naruto's thrusting reached his highest speed, Naruto used his tongue to force hers into submission. She could only whimper as Naruto jammed himself in her and started cumming, filling her with even more cum. As if one load hadn't filled her womb to the brim already. She could feel her womb expand slightly due to how much he was shooting inside her.

Naruto pulled out and let Haku drop onto the table in exhaustion. He walked around without a pause. He soon found himself by her face. He examined her as she tried to recover. Sweat was covering her forehead, and her eyes were already slightly foggy from fatigue and pleasure. Naruto grabbed something from a nearby table. He then put his fingers in her mouth. She tried to weakly bite him, but Naruto's fingers moved deftly. Haku soon found something keeping her mouth open as wide as possible. She then felt Naruto put a strap around the back of her head.

Naruto looked in satisfaction as Haku looked at him with confusion and anger, a ring gag keeping her mouth wide open. Naruto quickly told her, "Sorry, but I really don't want to risk you biting down on my dick. I had to buy that ring gag special in order to be able fit my dick through it. Now open wide, not you have much of a choice."

Naruto then grabbed Haku's head, ignoring her weak struggles. He rubbed his dick across her face briefly, spreading the mixture of their juices still on his dick across her face. He then aimed and inserted himself into her gaping mouth.

Haku gagged as his dick hit the back of her throat. Her tongue picking up the taste of her own juices, along with the semen that he had been churning her pussy with. She couldn't do anything though. Not with the ring gag keeping her mouth so open that her jaw ached. He kept a firm grip on her head, dragging her up and down his dick. Luckily he didn't seem to be interested in trying to make her deep throat him. Seems she spoke too soon, as his tip started pressing against the opening to her throat. Her struggles increased, but it didn't make a difference. He just worked her way into her throat. Her eyes were soon watering enough for tears to fall, both from the humiliation and shame of the position and the dick forcing its way into her throat.

Naruto groaned as he slowly thrust in and out of Haku's throat and mouth. She was surprisingly good at this. After the first few minutes she had relaxed her throat muscles, and started to use her tongue to massage the parts of his cock she could reach. Likely to make it easier for her and to get him to finish quicker, but that just made it more enjoyable for Naruto. It also allowed Naruto to fit his entire length down her throat and mouth after just ten minutes. Something that only a few girls had managed. That wasn't the end though. No, he was going to thoroughly enjoy this. So he took the next half hour and thoroughly enjoyed her throat around his dick.

All good things must eventually come to an end through, and he found himself ejaculating. He released the first two loads straight down her throat before he started to pull back. The third load filled her mouth. He then withdrew entirely. He purposefully aimed his dick in order for his fourth load to impact her left eye. Damn, that really was hot to do to someone. It was almost a sign of complete dominance. Like saying she doesn't have any choice where I cum on her. Moving on, the rest of his orgasm shot several more streams of his semen which covered parts of her face.

Naruto then took the time to admire the sight. Haku was breathing heavily as her head laid against the table. He had been sure to allow her to breath, but she was still no doubt short on breath considering he had filled her mouth and throat with his cock for about forty minutes. The ring gag keeping her mouth open also probably didn't help much. Her left eye was closed due to his earlier cumshot, and his cum covered much of her face.

Naruto shrugged and went to get a wet rag to wipe her face off. He really wasn't trying to be sweet or anything. Naruto just didn't like leaving cum there. Painting a woman's face with your cum is immensely satisfying, but having their face crusted with dried cum isn't nearly so hot. So it was simply a matter of choice.

Once he was finished, Naruto carefully extracted the ring gag from her mouth. This time she didn't even have the strength to attempt to bite him. She just carefully closed her mouth to rest her sore jaw muscles.

Naruto then went behind Haku again. His dick still had a bit of saliva on it, but most of it had dried by this point. Shrugging, Naruto sunk himself back into Haku's cunt. She let out a whimper as his dick invaded her sore and throbbing walls, but couldn't do anything to stop him. He'd already proven that by face fucking her like she was a doll for his pleasure. Luckily, Naruto wasn't interested in fucking her pussy again. He'd already unloaded two loads into her womb.

Instead he adjusted his now lubed up dick until the tip was then pressing against her anus. He then pushed in, drawing a gasp from Haku. To Naruto's great shock, the hole readily accepted his dick. Easier than he'd ever experienced during anal. The first six inches sank in the hot and tight hole before he encountered the resistance he expected.

Naruto laughed as he realized. He gave her a spank on the ass, drawing a yelp from her, before exclaiming, "I should have expected. You had to have your vagina be untouched perfection, but you still have sexual desires.

"I almost feel guilty. All that time and effort put into keeping you untouched perfection, and I ruin by turning you into my slut for a night," Naruto announced as he laughed. He then started sinking himself in further. He was now encountering the resistance he had been expecting, but even then it wasn't bad. His hips were soon pressed right up against her ass cheeks, burying himself in her completely.

Haku could help the pleased moans from escaping her mouth as Naruto worked his dick deeper into her. Compared to when he had worked into her pussy, this was heaven by comparison. Although he had managed to make her cum repeatedly, it had still been mainly pain with only a side of pleasure when he had been fucking her pussy. His size and her tightness had ensured that. Now that he was fucking a hole that wasn't completely untouched though, she was fully able to feel the pleasure he was giving her. She was feeling pleasure flood her brain, only feeling slight pain from how he was forcing himself into the depths of her ass she hadn't even considered trying to explore. When he finally fit himself into her, she came. It was in an entirely different league compared to her earlier pained orgasms. A pleasure filled shout came out of her mouth as she came. Thankfully, Naruto paused when she tightened around him and her pussy leaked juices, letting her come down from her orgasm. She felt exhaustion hit her, and her chest sank down against the table, her breasts and nipples squishing against the table.

Naruto started moving when she stopped cumming, pulling out till only two inches were left in and then thrusting all the way back in. This set a pace of slow, but powerful thrusts. Barely twenty seconds, Haku once again tightened around him. He once again paused till she came down from the high. Clearly her ass felt better than her pussy for her, even with the difference in experience the two holes had. So he chuckled and commented, "So your ass is your main erogenous zone, huh? That is going to make this very fun."

He then continued the same pace, except this time he didn't stop when she came again. He just kept going, enjoying the feeling of her ass repeatedly clamping around his dick. He kept his grip on her hips and steadily fucked the wailing kunoichi.

Haku felt like she was going to go so high she was never going to be able to come down. Each orgasm was drawn out and enhanced by Naruto's nonstop thrusting, and she was just immediately hit with another one when she did come down. It was a nonstop rush of pleasure. She heard screaming, and it took her a few minutes to realize that she was the one doing it. Even that thought was soon lost when another orgasm hit her.

Naruto was annoyed when he felt his limit approaching after just a few minutes. He had wanted to hold out at least twenty, but her ass really was heavenly in the way it clenched around him and tried to milk him. So he just thrust into her and released, painting her bowels white with his seed.

Haku had cum from it, but then collapsed afterwards since he had stopped thrusting. She was still conscious, but just completely exhausted. So Naruto took advantage and created a clone seamlessly. The clone quickly undid the stock holding her wrists down. Had Haku been coherent, she would have likely tried to use this opportunity to try and escape, but she as…well…sort of fucked senseless at the moment. So she didn't struggle as the clone took her newly freed wrists, pulled them behind her back, and then used a fluffy pair of handcuffs to keep them there.

When the clone let go of the handcuffs, Naruto grabbed them and pulled on them to force the still out of it Haku to straighten. Naruto had specifically bought fluffy, but still sturdy ones, so that he could do things like that without damaging the skin around the wrists. The clone then crouched down and undid the restraints around her ankle. With that done, the clone straightened. It looked at Haku lustfully before giving Naruto a pleading look. Naruto just shook his head, causing the clone to pout. Gangbanging with clones was always fun, but he didn't feel like it now. So the clone dispelled.

Haku had managed to somewhat recover by then, and soon realized that she was in a new position. She tried to move her arms, but they were being restrained by handcuffs. Her legs were free now, but she knew she was too weak to try and do anything against Naruto in this condition.

Naruto pulled on the chains of the cuffs to get Haku's attention. He then ordered her, "Walk to the bed."

Haku gulped since his dick was still balls deep in her ass, causing small flashes of pleasure whenever either of them moved. Clearly he wanted her to walk in this situation. Taking a second to prepare herself, she took the first step. She gasped as she felt how this caused the dick to rub against her insides. The entire room was just one large room. They had been doing it on the table of the kitchen section, so the bed was maybe fifteen feet away. That distance might as well have been fifteen miles to Haku though.

Naruto had to adjust his position once she started walking. He was a bit taller than Haku. So he had to crouch down slightly to not literally lift her into the air with his dick. This caused two more inches to leave her ass, but it still felt awesome to Naruto to feel her muscles and insides shift with each step.

That had helped Haku slightly, but it wasn't enough. Her legs felt like jelly from the previous orgasms she had and the pleasure spiking whenever she took a step. She would have no doubt fallen if Naruto wasn't taking part of her weight with his dick. She was only able to take a step every ten seconds in order to stop the pleasure from going too high. She managed to first ten feet, but she then got too reckless and tried to finish by going the rest at once. After the third step, an orgasm hit from the pleasure and her legs collapsed under her.

She was lucky Naruto managed to catch her by letting go of the hand cuffs and grabbing her waist. If she had fallen, his dick would have been painfully bent. He would not have been happy about that. So while he managed to hold her waist, the rest of her body collapsed as she orgasmed. It caused a somewhat awkward position. Naruto had hold of her waist, but that seemed to simply work as a fulcrum. Her upper body had fallen downwards, and so her legs had shifted upwards till they were going around Naruto's waist to stick out backwards.

Shrugging, Naruto tried to thrust in this new position. It would have been impossible if Naruto didn't have such a surprising amount of strength. He basically had to hold and move Haku in order to be able to thrust. It was lucky Haku was so thin. The new position though meant he was pushing in in an entirely different way as before.

Haku gasped as she felt him thrusting while in this downright awkward position. At least for her. She didn't have any control whatsoever. No part of her body was touching the ground in order for her to gain any sense of stability. She couldn't even extend her arms because they were still handcuffed behind her back. Every thrust also sent her body swinging, and she felt blood rush to her head from it being literally the closest point to the ground. She couldn't deny that she was enjoying it though. It felt like Naruto's dick was shifting her insides since they weren't naturally supposed to align this way. Weird sensation, but one that soon set off another orgasm.

Naruto stopped when he felt her orgasm. While this position felt interesting, it wasn't going to be able to set off his own orgasm. His arms were already sore from keeping her entire body in the air, and so he extracted his dick from her ass and roughly tossed Haku the rest of the way onto the bed. She laid there, gasping for breath from her orgasm. Naruto moved on the bed and lifted up her ass before inserting himself once again. He then started a faster, more furious pace.

Haku couldn't do anything but moan while taking it. Since her arms were still cuffed behind her back, she couldn't hold her upper body up. The best she could do was try to use her shoulder and the side of her head to prop herself up. That didn't help much since Naruto seemed determined to pound her through the bed. The repeated orgasms didn't help.

The faster pace started to test Naruto's stamina. He had been fucking her in that other position for a bit after all. Naruto wasn't ready to shoot again though. So he pushed his orgasm back by sheer willpower. He still felt the end approaching though. So he sped up even more as he used one hand to start spanking Haku. Every swat caused her ass to tighten around him deliciously, and her cheek was soon red with his hand prints. He switched hands and started on the other one. When he couldn't hold back the orgasm anymore, Naruto didn't even stop thrusting. He just grunted as he released while going.

Haku could barely feel the spanks when they started. Too much pleasure was running though her body for the pain to even register. So she only whimpered each time swat. She did however feel when he started releasing inside her. His cum was so hot she couldn't not notice it. It felt like her entire intestine was being filled with warmth. It would have no doubt set off another orgasm if she hadn't already been in the middle of one.

Naruto didn't stop for even a second after he finished. Haku was probably reaching her limit soon, and he still wanted to try out a few more positions before she blacked out. Not to mention cum at least once more.

So he extracted himself from her before rolling her over so that she was now on her back. He grabbed her legs and put them around his waist till she got the idea. He then carefully aimed and inserted himself into her ass again. He then started a slow, deliberate pace. He was going to take his time and enjoy this last time.

Since this was the first time she had any sort of control, Haku used this opportunity to use her legs to either pull him into her or the other way around. She couldn't really tell which with the pleasure fogging her brain. She really didn't have the ability to try and do anything else.

Naruto switched the position after ten minutes. Unwrapping her legs from his waist, he pushed them upwards. He was pleasantly surprised to see how flexible Haku was. He easily managed to push her legs up till her knees were touching her shoulders. He was now pounding into ass from directly above her. Now being face to face, Naruto could clearly see Haku's pleasure stricken face. It made him lean forward and kiss her without interrupting his thrusting. She moaned into his mouth while his tongue ravaged her mouth and wrestled hers into submission. He then pulled back, showing Haku even more out of it. He then moved his head downwards till he was level with her breasts. They were being pushed together by her legs. Naruto licked at one nipple before moving and doing the same to the other. He then latched his mouth over one and started to suck at it, drawing a squeal from Haku.

Haku now felt like she was trapped in a hell. Since Naruto had last cum, he had been preventing her from cumming. He seemed to be able to exactly tell when she was about to cum. Each time he would stop thrusting and started rotating his hips. Pleasurable, but never enough to push her over the edge. He would do this until the orgasm had abated. She just knew that the orgasm would be in a whole new league as before, but Naruto had made it clear that she wasn't going to get to cum until he let her. It was just another in a long line of ways Naruto was showing himself as the one in control.

After another ten minutes Naruto once again shifted position. Extracting himself once again, he rolled her over again. He pulled her till she was sitting on her butt with her back against his chest. He grabbed her legs and pulled them up till her knees her once again firmly against her shoulders. Hooking his arms under her, he then lifted her into the air. She was now bent in half with her ass hovering over the point of his dick.

Naruto slowly lowered her onto his dick, drawing a slow moan from Haku. Naruto actually felt like he was inserting more into the than before since he ass was stretched taunt from the position. So he slowly lifted and then dropped her on his dick, making sure to not let her cum. He then started kissing and sucking on her open neck. He made sure to leave a number of hickeys marking her pure white skin. He wanted a clear physical mark to show that he had completely owned her this night.

When Naruto felt his own orgasm approach, he once again switched position. He lifted her up and turned her body around with his dick still inside her. Once she was facing him, he moved till he was sitting on the edge of the bed with his feet on the ground. He then dropped Haku's legs. With her legs around his waist again and Naruto's hands firmly gripping her ass, Naruto started to thrust upwards into her ass. Knowing he couldn't hold on too much longer, Naruto leaned forward till his mouth was by her ear.

"Do you want to cum?" Naruto asked her softly while still thrusting into her.

Haku couldn't hold back the, "Yes, please. Let me cum."

"Then beg for it. Beg me to let you cum. Beg like the slut you are," Naruto ordered her. Haku almost did just that, but in a titanic struggle she managed to keep her mouth closed. Seeing her still defiant, Naruto sighed and then stopped thrusting. He then lifted her until his dick actually left her ass. He then told her, "Fine then. Seems you don't want to cum."

Haku felt like crying at that. How cruel! He was just going to leave her in this state. She could feel the orgasm just out of her reach, and she knew it would be the best thing she had ever felt. So now she had to decide between experiencing that orgasm and her pride. Despite the rational part of her mind screaming at her, she simply couldn't hold back her pleading to him, "Alright. I beg you. Please let me cum. Call me a slut. Call me a whore. Cum in me. I don't care. Just let me cum."

Naruto grinned victoriously at that. He then announced to her, "Okay, my little slut. I'll let you cum. I'll be sure to cum inside you again as well. Enjoy it like the whore you are."

He immediately slammed her down when he finished, with his dick slamming deep into her ass. He also yanked down on the cuffs behind her back roughly. Her back arched backwards, practically shoving her breasts in his face. He leaned forward and took one of her nipples in his mouth. He sucked on it strongly as he started thrusting into her ass as quickly as possible. Within ten seconds, Haku screamed as the orgasm he'd been delaying finally hit her. Naruto felt her tighten around him to an almost painful degree. He kept thrusting though as he felt his orgasm's inevitable approach. When he felt it arrive, he bit down lightly on the nipple in his mouth while burying himself in her completely. Once his ejaculation ended, Naruto released the nipple in order to breathe heavily.

He looked to see that Haku had fallen back lifelessly. Clearly she had blacked out from the orgasm. If it wasn't for Naruto's hold on her ass and the handcuffs, then she would probably have tumbled down backwards. Naruto did his best to swing her around till she was over the bed. He then let her drop. She slid off his dick to fall backwards. Her ass quickly closed up, but it still leaked some of his semen like her pussy. Naruto took a moment to enjoy the sight.

Two loads in her pussy, one in her throat and mouth, and three times in her ass. That was far more than he usually got with a single girl. The pure number of times she had cum while not falling unconscious testified to her stamina. Yep, she was definitely a good fuck. Not to mention he got to be more extreme then he usually is.

First he should clean up a bit. Haku had basically bathed his hips and junk in her juices when he'd been fucking her. Just like cum, it was better to clean it up before it dried up. So he stood and moved to the bathroom, leaving the fucked unconscious Haku exposed on the bed.

When Naruto came back Haku tried to growl at him, but couldn't rebut that. Muscles she didn't even know she had, been sore, mainly around her privates, and her body felt heavy. Seems the previous hours had taken its toll on her. All she wanted to do was eat a meal and then curl up to sleep for another twelve hours. She was in no condition to fight against him. Not to mention she was mainly a Ninjutsu expert, and so their close proximity was to her complete disadvantage.

Naruto laughed. "I am not going to do anything to you now. Take me to Zabuza, he has something I am interested in."

Haku was hesitating. Naruto helped her saying, "You screamed your heart out and I can sense strong chakra very near but Zabuza didn't show. I was lonely in my childhood so I know how you feel. Come with me and you won't have to be rogue ninja anymore. I saved one ninja in my previous mission. Naruto came closed to Haku and embraced her with a passionate kiss. Haku's naked body trembled. Haku agreed to take him to Zabuza.

Naruto opened the book while Haku went to freshen up. CONGRATULATIONS You had sex with Haku +300 points, New perk available;

Hyoton: Ice element (Have sex with Haku); Haku's demonic crystal mirror technique included. Naruto obtained the perk.

Silent killer: requirements (Have sex with Haku, Defeat Zabuza); Hidden mist jutsu available. Naruto obtained this per too.

Haku was coming out so he closed the book. Haku took him to the hidden place. Naruto yelled, "Hidden mist jutsu" Haku was shocked to see Naruto using this jutsu. Naruto collected the Kubikiribacho and killed Zabuza with it very easily. As he was wounded it was not a difficult task. Naruto carried Zabuza in front of Tazuna's house and Haku accompanied him. When Naruto dropped the body, his teammates, Kakashi and another beautiful lady came to the door. Kakashi and Tazuna shouted with happiness, "Naruto, The knucklehead ninja". Naruto laughed and announced Haku as her new friend. Everyone was startled but not shocked as they same thing happen with Fubuki.
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