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Chapter 8: Land of waves: Part 2

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Chapter 8: Land of waves: Part 2

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Tazuna invited all of them to stay at their house but Haku. He couldn't believe Haku yet. He wanted to bind Haku for the night. Naruto was embarrassed by the proposal but Haku agreed to it. She knew the things she had done to this village. She gave all her weapons to Naruto.

Tsunami, Mother of Inari invited everyone for dinner. Kakashi and Tazuna was gossiping about Naruto and his actions in this mission. Naruto saved the land of waves one handedly. Kakashi was thinking about it in this mission. Naruto has evolved a lot. Sakura was astonished to see Naruto. It was the same Naruto who was crazy for her doing all stupid things all day long. Now he is taking all mature behavior and he got even better than Sasuke. She was little sad also that Naruto isn't giving her any attention. Sasuke was jealous and he tried to embarrass him.

"Show us something new Naruto, Hero of the waves." Said Sasuke.

"Hidden Mist Jutsu" Naruto wielded some signs. The whole room became full of mist. Tsunami was observing everything quietly. The confidence and manhood in Naruto impressed her. In her subconscious, she started to admire him.

Tazuna yelled, "It is the same as Zabuza"

Kakashi: How did you learn that?

Sakura: Naruto, Howwwww?

Sasuke: Impossible, you can't have done it, you loser.

Naruto smiled and said, it was not that tough. I have many more surprises. Just know that as long as I am with you, you are safe.

Kakashi was impressed by Naruto. Everyone started their dinner. They were talking about the bridge. Tsunami was also a great carpenter who could've built a home by herself but she stopped after her husband died. Tsunami thanked Naruto for saving the village. Her husband saved the village with his life so she was very grateful to him. Everyone finished their dinner and went to bed.

Naruto went over to the pool behind their house to take a bath. Suddenly Naruto thought of doing under water training. So Tried to reserve his chakra. It was almost midnight and Naruto started practicing after a long break. It was almost midnight. Naruto dove into the pool. Tsunami came to the pool. He didn't notice anyone as Naruto was underwater.

Tsunami was thinking about brave Naruto. He single handedly dealt with Zabuza. His confidence and courage was out of this world. Tsunami was little ashamed of the fact that thinking about Naruto makes her wet. Tsunami dropped her robe to the cupboard and came into the pool. Naruto thought the presence as hostile and attacked without any hesitation. He grabbed her by throat and locked her at the corner of the pool.

Tsunami was so scared and shocked that she couldn't even utter a word. Naruto saw the beautiful face in front of her and he felt sorry. His elbow was touching a fleshy region. He knew by the touch of it, it was her bust. Tsunami's stomach feeling the touch of Naruto's increasing dick. Naruto came into his senses and released tsunami and she tried to hide her breast with her hands.

"Sorry, tsunami san, I didn't expect anyone at this hour." Naruto said. Naruto used his sexual aura for the first time after Ayame.

"It's okay, I didn't notice you too. Actually it is good that I found you here, I didn't get enough chance to thank you for saving our village." Tsunami replied dropping her hands.

Naruto was very happy seeing the outcome of the aura. "How do you want to do it Tsunami-san?" He said.

Tsunami smiled and came towards him. Naruto hissed in pleasure as he felt Tsunami's soft hand wrap around his cock. His body jumped as he felt her give the head a kiss. He ran his hands through her black hair, watching her. She locked eyes with him before dropping mouth onto him, taking him halfway down almost instantly. Naruto gave a low groan, praying and hoping Kakashi and the others wouldn't wake up.

Tsunami sucked hard and deep on the impressive cock in her mouth as she moved her head deeper, slowly deep throating him. She got to about to eight inches she gagged but that didn't bother her. She had always been a horny naughty woman, just with Inari and the problems with Wave; she's had to repress all of it. reached between her legs and began to slip her fingers into her pussy as she pulled Naruto's cock from her mouth. She stroked him and kissed the tip again. "I you to pound my face Naruto-kun." She said licking the underside. "Don't stop for anything. Even if tears are coming out of my eyes, don't stop. When you need just do it down my little throat." Tsunami said.

Naruto's eyes grew wide at what she said. "Are you sure?" he asked wanting to make sure he didn't do anything she didn't like. When she smirked and kissed the tip of his cock again, he knew he had full okay. Grabbing her dark hair, he drove himself balls deep into her mouth hearing her gag and give off a sound of choking. He vibrated around him as she gave a moan from his forcefulness. He then began to work her head on and off his cock forcefully, even as tears began to come down her eyes.

Tsunami did her best to keep up with the insane forceful pace; she really did sucking and gagging on him and lathering his cock with her tongue. She loved to suck cock, but her first husband hadn't wanted to let her. The young stud in front of her now was practically demanding it of her and she fully wanted to feel his down her throat. Naruto was near to cum.

The only warning Naruto gave Tsunami was when his left hand grasped the back of her head, keeping his cock lodged in her throat. He then let out with his first burst of semen for her. Tsunami's eyes widened when she felt his cum directly into her throat. She felt the urge to cough, but his hand prevented her from pulling off him. So she just did her best to take it. She felt three or four very large spurts before his hand removed itself. She immediately drew back. She still received another spurt in her mouth as she drew back. She then was able to finally fulfill her urge to cough. Semen fell into the hot spring as Tsunami coughed out what she hadn't already swallowed. Naruto still gave two spurts, which didn't have the energy to reach her face, instead hitting her breasts.

He saw a cum coated Tsunami in the pool, with both hands pushing her big tits toward her face and licking the sperm the previous Naruto shot on them and said, "I need you in me, Naruto kun".

Naruto turned back towards her, and approached till he was just a few feet from her and commanded her, "Now show me how much you want it."

By this point she didn't even hesitate. This entire episode was causing her pussy to flood from being so aroused. She sat at the corner of the pool and spread her legs. Now her breasts and cunt were clearly visible to Naruto. One hand started tweaking her nipple and the other started rubbing her pussy. She then spoke in a seductive voice she never thought she would have done in a thousand years that night, "Please, fuck me. I beg you. Take your huge dick and shove it in me. Pound into me. Reshape my pussy around your dick. Make me scream your name in pleasure. I beg you. I'll do anything."

Naruto now smiled widely as he answered, "Well, who can refuse such a generous invitation?" He then moved at a speed that clearly indicated how much he wanted this as well.

He laid Tsunami on her back, and spread her legs to show her soaking pussy. She was breathing heavily in anticipation, her breasts jiggling each time. Naruto rubbed his dick against the outside of her pussy lips, drawing groans from both of them. Naruto then positioned his tip right at her entrance before he used his hands to grip her hips in order to make thrusting easier.

Naruto was quite gentle on this part. He took his time, slowly pushing himself into her. The head drew a soft hiss from Tsunami, so he paused for several moments before he started rocking back and forth. He inserted an inch into her before he retreated to the point his head actually popped out of her. He then moved back in, adding another half inch. He just stayed patient and slowly worked more and more of himself inside.

The last two inches had been difficult, and he saw that Tsunami had been feeling some pain. He had also hit her cervix a few times. Her vagina walls had immediately started lengthening to take more in, slowly took his whole dick. Resolved, Naruto started rocking. He spent half a minute of slowly thrusting his first ten inches in and out of Tsunami, loosening her up and waiting for her whimpers of pain to die down. Once they did, he started to slowly speed up. Tsunami's breaths started to gain inflections of pleasure, and soon she was trying to thrust back with her hips.

Naruto was now going at a quick pace. Not his quickest, but at a pace that forced him to control the pleasure he was gaining. Now that Tsunami wasn't so tight it was a challenge to stay inside of her he could appreciate it more fully. Her warm velvety walls were wrapping around his cock, seemingly massaging his length whenever he thrust in. Then grasping at it as he pulled out, almost as if not wanting it to leave their caress. Then there was the look on Tsunami's face. Although Naruto hadn't seen a lot of it, he just knew Tsunami was usually a calm and collected individual. So to see her current face was a huge turn on. Her eyes were glazed over with pleasure, and her mouth was hanging open, with squeaks escaping it whenever he thrust in. It was a face overcome with pleasure. Then there were her breasts. Each throat caused them to bounce up and down, almost hitting her in the face they were so large. Very sexy.

Naruto pulled out without cumming, deciding to let Tsunami come down from the high he had put her in. "We should also get back to our rooms. Anyone can come here" Naruto commented as he looked at the table.

"Alright. Just…Just give me a minute. I can't feel my legs," Tsunami claimed as she took in deep breaths.

Naruto grinned mischievously as he replied, "No need. You aren't going to be walking anyway."

Tsunami gave him confused look, but yelped as he picked her up. His right hand held her back while his left gripped her left ass cheek. He then showed his strength when he picked her up easily. Quickly lining himself up, Naruto thrust himself into her pussy. Tsunami moaned from her overly sensitive walls once again being penetrated.

"I'm just going to carry you. See, I still haven't cum. So I'm not exactly in the mood to get dressed and walk back to the room. So I'm not going to stop fucking you, but we have to get back to our rooms. So I'm going to carry you while still fucking you. It is perfect," Naruto told her with a gleeful voice.

Tsunami had wrapped her legs around his hip by this point, with Naruto lifting her up and then dropping her back down on his dick. So with was with difficulty that Tsunami managed to protest, "You can't! W-We could be s-seen."

Naruto didn't wait for her to finish. When Naruto walked through the entrance to the house, Tsunami felt humiliation run through her at the sight of the hallways. She was naked, with a man fucking her. There was no saying when one of the member in the house would come around the corner and see them. While the building still quite large, it was three hallways to their rooms. She would just have to be as quiet as possible, and hope the owners hadn't decided to start wandering around. Part of her noticed that Naruto suddenly felt bigger in her, indicating she had tightened around him, and that her arousal had skyrocketed from the thought of being seen.

Tsunami struggled as Naruto slowly walked through the halls. Having Naruto walk inside her was a totally different experience. It was shifting back and forth with each step, even with Naruto constantly lifting and then dropping her down on it. Her fear about being seen was also not helping. Both of them were causing her to rocket to new levels of arousal. Her juices were actually dripping onto the floor because she was so wet and turned on. It was making keeping silent very hard. She finally hissed, "Why are you walking so slowly?"

Naruto grinned as he replied, "Do you really want me to walk faster? You seem mighty turned on, judging by the trail we're leaving."

As they walked, Tsunami reached a point where she felt like cumming, but didn't. Instead they finally arrived at the door to Naruto's room. Naruto expertly opened the door with one hand while still fucking Tsunami, but made no move to go through the open door. Naruto pressing her against the walls and speeding up even more. Now he was going full speed, jack hammering in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Each thrust causing lewd sounds from her juices. The sound itself was arousing factor for both of them.

Tsunami screamed in pleasure at the new speed. It was too much. Her body was burning up. If she didn't climax she'd catch fire from being so hot. After twenty seconds, she finally reached the breaking point. Almost feeling like a lock broke or something, Tsunami felt her climax seize her. She couldn't hold in the loud high pitched squeal she let out. Tsunami felt his burning semen fill her. All she thought was that it was the most satisfying feeling she's ever felt in her life.

After a minute of climaxing together, Tsunami slumped in his arms, barely holding onto her consciousness. Naruto walked through the door, closing it with a foot. He then walked to the bed and none too carefully dumped Tsunami on it. She didn't seem to care though. She just laid there, with a small bit of his semen leaking from her pussy.

Naruto went to bed, pulled her close and hugged her. Naruto had sex with Ayame, Fubuki, Kyoki and Haku. But no one was experienced but tsunami. Naruto decided to increase his stamina to a very high level. Tsunami gave her a pro level pleasure. An Idea came to Naruto's mind.

"Tsunami chan, will you go to Konoha with me? I need to make a house. No one is better suited for it than you as I need special architecture for my new house." Naruto proposed.

Tsunami was worried about Inari, But Tazuna already decided to take him for a five year learning exercise. So she could have done nothing. As she was thinking Naruto was playing with her boobs and he suddenly twitched her boobs. Tsunami moaned and said, "I can't wait to have you in your full stamina."

"You are recruited as the official carpenter of future Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto". Naruto declared with laughter. Tsunami went up and approached to her room before anyone saw her. She had to inform Tazuna and Inari about her new job, Of course the carpentry part only.

Naruto opened his book. Before anything else came up an announcement. Nobody has ever endured this game even a day, thus many things were not up to date. So you may have few more trophies or awards for your previous accomplishments.

CONGRATULATIONS, you had sex with Tsunami +200 points.

Leveled up, New level:6

Stats level upgraded: Apprentice (All basic stats to 50, Manual input to stats available).

You have collected Kubikiribocho; Kenjutsu +60 points.

Naruto Stats:

· Acrobatics: 50

· Chakra Control: 50

· Chakra Levels: 50

· Endurance: 50

· Intelligence: 50

· Luck: 50

· Reflexes: 50

· Speed: 50

· Strength: 50

· Knowledge: 50

· Courage: 50

· Sex Appeal: 50

· Scientist: 50

· Wealth: 50

He turned over to skill page.


· Archery: 00 points.

· Bojutsu: 00 Points.

· Earth Elemental manipulation: 10 points.

· Fire Elemental Manipulation: 10 points.

· Genjutsu: 00 points.

· Kenjutsu: 70 points.

· Lightning Elemental Manipulation: 10 points.

· Lying: 40 points.

· Medical Jutsu: 00 points.

· Ninja Master: 50 points.

· Ninjutsu: 30 points.

· Sealing: 00 points.

· Senjutsu: 00 points.

· Sexual Aura: 40 points.

· Taijutsu: 25 points.

· Water Elemental Manipulation:10 points.

· Wind Elemental Manipulation: 10 points.

· Healing Factor: 40 points.

· Massaging: 00 points.

· Stealth: 15 points.

· Summoning: 00 points

· Crafting: 00 points.

· Haggling: 00 points.

· Knife Fighting: 10 points.

· Pick Pocketing: 15 points.

· Summoning: 00 points,

· Cooking: 10 Points.

· Forging: 00 Points.

· Medicine Making: 00 Points.

· Throwing: 20 points.

· Trap Making: 00.

He turned over the page to see the achievements.


· Lost Virginity.

· Became Shinobi.

· Has sex with a kunoichi.

· Has chakra armor and rainbow chakra.

He turned over and saw the weapons page.


· Ninja start and kunai.

· Kubikiribocho (Sword of Zabuza).

He turned over to the collection page.


· Chakra armor (perfect user).

· Kubikiribocho (Sword of Zabuza).

He turned over again to see the perks page.


· Lord of Harem (Naruto can start a harem now and include girls in his Harem).

· Food Freak (locked), requirements: have sex with Ayame twice, take Ayame to your harem.

· Like a boss 1, (requirements: Have sex with tsunami, recruit Tsunami); Have own carpenter.

· Rainbow man (Can gain kekkai genkai); requirements: have sex with Kyoki at the platform

· Chakra man (Can use the chakra armor regularly); requirements: have sex with Fubuki, collect chakra armor.

· Hyoton (Ice element): Haku's demonic crystal mirror technique included.

· Silent killer: requirements (Have sex with Haku, Defeat Zabuza); Hidden mist jutsu available





He turned over to the trophy page last.


· Lady Killer: Had first sex; 200 points; sex appeal (+10 points), Sexual Aura (+10 points).

· Princess Hunter: Had sex with a princess; sex appeal (+10 points), Sexual Aura (+10 points).

· Bronze Harem: Started Harem and had sex with three women; sex appeal (+20 points), Sexual Aura (+20 points)

· Chakra Boy: Can use chakra armor. (Chakra: +20 points, Chakra control: +20 points, strength: +20 points, speed: +20 points).

· Rainbow boy: Have rainbow chakra (luck, courage, endurance, intelligence +20 points).

· Bronze Harem 2: You had sex with Five woman. +100 points

· Anal Fetish: Had anal sex. +100 points.

· Civil bomb: Have sex with civil women. +200 points.

· Shadow Fetish: Had sex using Shadow clone. +200 points.

· Shinobi swords of mist 1: Collected one of seven swords of Shinobi swordsman of Mist. +100 points.

· Bloodline addition: Obtained first kekkai genkai. +200 points.

This points increased his level to level 7. He got additional 25 points. He added the total points to stamina. Now Naruto can endure much longer. Naruto was happy, Naruto was looking to hirashin, chakra chain and Sharingan. He wanted them. As well as he doesn't know Enma. But he has to manage Hiruzen to train him, but their relationship is a bit cold now. Taking Haku and Tsunami again will be drag. However, he will manage it somehow. He had three history scrolls to read. He could not complete them in previous days. They were about Three famous clans: Namikaze, Uzumaki and Uchina. He finished them and then went to sleep.

Next day they started their return journey and Naruto took Haku and Tsunami with him.
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